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animefangirl2014 chapter 40 . 10/22
OMG! I have been waiting for this chapter forever and it definitely did not disappoint! I loved how Yamamoto was becoming aware of his attraction to Gokudera and how you made Bel slightly creepier by adding in the perv factor (I can't stop imagining Bel trying to perv on Gokudera in the future for some reason...). This chapter not only made me relive all my emotions from when I actually watched the anime episodes, but made me wish that this was what should have happened! I honestly cannot tell you how much I am waiting for the next chapter and how excited I am for it XD
NanaliJoci chapter 39 . 7/5
;) who wouldn't enjoy man handling Gokudera. No need to be shy. Enjoy.
Yas Gokudera of course your man is going to defend you. That's so Yamamoto wanting to protect him from any harm, he cares. Hahah I was totally waiting for Gokudera's entrance with the style of close he wore. It was the first time I found him D: mesmerizing. Even Yamamoto couldn't stop staring that pervert Hahaha remembering the wet dream from before. I'm so glad you updated I actually thought that maybe you were really busy and stuff happened and I'm glad I was right. You totally made my day when I saw that you updated a new chapter. Can't wait for the next few chapters because it's gonna be intense.
sunahiel chapter 39 . 6/30
Hello! Gosh I almost let out a cry when I got the notification for this chapter. You are back! With another fantastic chapter! I'm really glad you finally wrote it and I hope everything is alright for you. I can't wait for Gokudera's fight! If Yamamoto is starting to acknowledge what is going on between them, he will get furious at how suicidal Gokudera will act towards the end. I also wanted to say something, you almost made me cry when 25yo Lambo came out and that Gokudera realised they were all dead 20 years later at the freaking age of 35 (or less for Tsuna...) When I first watched the anime, back then, I didn't really realise how sad and nostalgic Lambo was but now, gosh, I teared up a little.I'm not ready for the Future arc. Anyway, I wish you the best for the next chapters, you are really brave and determined to end this story and I want to thank you because I also read and watch for the second time this amazing manga and anime at the same time. So yeah, keep up the good work and see you next time! Fighting!
Ethelwyn chapter 38 . 4/26
This time I'm super late, but at least I managed to read this before the next chapter is out. Hooray for me! XD For the sun ring battle I must say you captured Lussuria's creepiness very well and his ridiculousness. Also you displayed very well that in all his glorious ridiculousness, Ryohei pulled through for the team. When he's in his element, he's a great fighter and more than just fair.
What I liked most about this chapter though, of course was the conversation between Dera and Yama on their way to the lightning ring battle. Yama laid down some truth on Dera there XD No really, there were very wise words there, even if Dera can't take them all to heart and just change. But that's what I liked the most, it's that Yama didn't expect him to change. He just wanted the other to listen. Not the gayest conversation ever, but close, hahahahahahaha X your rainbows! Very nice XD I'm definitely looking forward to the lightning battle and what's your take on Dera's thoughts on that. We know, how he likes to make everyone believe he hates the Stupid Cow, but Storm and Lightning are brothers! Hooray for Lambo! XDDD Good work as always and thanks for sharing, Sweety!
NanaliJoci chapter 38 . 3/27
I went all fangirl with the fact that Yamamoto wrapped his arm around Gokudera's neck for the group huddle, even the smallest things count. Hahaha Gokudera blushing is so cute ;) !
Well someone lives in denial, poor Yama feels uncomfortable with how blatantly Lussuria(?) shows his preference. So naive still and not ready for that world yet.
Oh my gosh why is Gokudera giving such a cold look :( my poor baby doesn't like it. Ohhhh he gets happy knowing Gokudera walking with him awww.
Omg they are talking like civilized people I can't believe you did that I'm so happy. Gokudera asking Yama out lol the world would end.
:D I'm so glad you are still updating this story keeps getting better and better. So close to their fights it's gonna be awesome. I don't mind how long you update as long as you don't give up :3!
NanaliJoci chapter 37 . 1/7
Oh my gosh, this was the best gift I have received. You had finally updated. Even just them thinking about each other is good enough. Yamamoto is starting to ;) think naughty. Lol, I can't wait for their matches to start. Awww Gokudera is blushing of course Yamamoto cares about him. I felt like this chapter was fluffy. Even if the only interaction they had was in the end. Confession: I took so long to read it because I don't know when the next update will be. So I tried holding it off. As always I'm so glad you are still writing for this story, it's amazing.
AquaAurion chapter 37 . 1/4
I'm super pumped for the ring battles! w
I really like the extra details you put into the chapters, since they help explain parts that are unclear in the manga.

Looking forward to the next chapter! D
Ethelwyn chapter 37 . 12/27/2015
Although it took me a few days once again, I'm not as late reading this as usually, yay! XD This was a very action packed chapter but with so many emotional moments! You were really great at displaying the emotional change in Tsuyoshi. He's sooooo bad-ass now 3 Loved it and loved Yama's reaction to the change in his dad's behavior. Of course I felt sooo bad for Dera! Every bomb that hit him, I felt with him. He's such an idiot. He thinks he understood the problem, but he still doesn't. And once more your description of Lambo is just so funny. Dera is soooo annoyed. He's still utterly oblivious to his connection to the stupid cow XD I'm so looking forward to Lambo's fight! And of course I loved Yama's special dream. It was neither the excitement about the fight, nor some coinicident, Yama, it was Dera's hairpins that turned you on XDDDDD Loved the description of the dream itself and Yama's reaction, the way he tried to deny what was really going on, although he obviously already has an inkling of the truth 3 So cute!
Once more, great work you did here, Sweety. And as usually, Thanks for sharing. Keep up the hard but good work!
crossover chapter 37 . 12/23/2015
hello, i just new reader...i like your fic...i want to review so that i could give support to you to continue this fic... i just that i to thinking rather than tsuna with yamamoto or tsuna with gokudera... i felt that yamamoto and gokudera (8059) the best pair and i actually never try to read yamamoto with anyone else or gokudera with anyone else (ah..but if gokudera with hibari somehow i find it interesting too because their relationship is like their always owe each other, like to ashamed if other help them but they still try to repay the other and this become cycle...but yamamoto with hibari ..never though of that...still the best is yamamoto with gokudera)...and when i find this fic i felt elated. but i find some question in my mind.. 1. when finally gokudera finally admited within himself that yamamoto were sincerly want to befriend him? not just acknowledge his power but trully as nakama or friend 2. when those feeling began more than platonic? 3. when finally yamamoto consider this actually not a game but seriously mafia 4. when yamamoto finally realize his feeling actually more than platonic? 5. is there really be 8059 at all until the end of manga or anime or this chapter that not platonic or even platonic? when that happen?...actually i somehow thinking the answer myself...i don't know if you felt the same as me tough but i just write it down..1. i think is in future arc when gokudera punch by yamamoto about his attitude want to take care gamma by himself...and he is worried about yamamoto condition after that he actually asked about yamamoto condition than when he know yamamoto is safe he trully felt happy and relieved and than his tsundere took over.. after that yamamoto actually hear about gokudera childhood and the hardship he's going through and when to cheer gokudera up through his cooking even though gokudera not know that yamamoto hear it and when they separate in irie shoichi base because the base moved ..gokudera actually hand over his hand to yamamoto and when ryohei pull gokudera hand he still stubbornly over his hand to yamamoto until the last minute so that he can reach his hand even though his hand can be cut down..and yamamoto just smile like ooh you finally show you really care but is okay i trust you and you must trust me too and see you again later ..i don't know this moment show up in manga or not because i read manga after the game choise but it really felt like 8059 moment...2. if i want to imagine maybe he start feeling different about yamamoto is in the future when yamamoto sacrifice himself to hold up the real storm funeral wreaths and is still denying his feeling until shimon arc when yamamoto really close to die if not because byakuran skill...why? i think that because character like gokudera is fast regarding changing feeling when he allow someone to enter his teritory (heart) just like how quick he feel for for yamamoto i think he quick but because he tsundere, he in deny until yamamoto almost die...thats my scenario.. varia arc he already realize this is not just a game anymore and in future he already sure but he still take that attitude after that because he has duty to light up mood and just to rile up gokudera because yamamoto TYL actually understand about mafia and able to explain it normally to other about situation...i mean after he himself experience about going into future himself there is no way he is still believe this is just a game ...kyoko who always oblivious about situation and haru that has wild imagination can understand..and he himself to know about hibari and ryohei from TYL...there is just no way he's not realized...4. i actually don't know and has difficulty imagine he can realize that what he's feeling not platonic anymore...i just can tell that he can't realize it himself unsless someone told him that what his feeling is...the one who can tell 1. reborn of course (he know about Lal feeling to colonello 2. Bianci (indirect way like ..."i never hand over hayato to you") (he actually have insight about that kind of feeling) 4. haru (has wild imagination about love so she must be know and maybe potential rival because i think tsuna still with kyoko and that left haru herself)..5. i can't imagine when they really become couple i leave it to you...what i know their TYL self already item i think... so maybe TYL later or after representative battle or after simon arc..sorry i blaber so much ...hope you continue write this until finish...good luck ..i send you cookies \(O)/
whatyouexpect chapter 4 . 11/4/2015
Another wonderful chapter. I love this one too Hahahaha Yamamoto still innocent as usual, pretending they were toys XD I love how he dodge all weapon that Reborn threw at him. And when he saved Tsuna! Yamamoto really have amazing reflexes XD
You're rght, when Gokudera said about good job, his face seems drooling over Yamamoto XDD
Owwww, they kissed again! So cute x3 I want more huahahahaha
Again, thanks for the story, dear. It's really amazing and fun to read.
whatyouexpect chapter 3 . 11/4/2015
Ahahahaha this chapter is funny. Lambo never fails to entertain me XD I mostly laughing all the way for Lambo and Gokudera reaction toward Bianchi. Then ten year bazooka's smoke is in pink colored, it's cute. Why Gokudera dislike it? Ahahahaha maybe he allergic because pink remind him of Bianchi cooking :D
The teather really make me doki-doki XD Oh Yamamoto so sweet...
whatyouexpect chapter 2 . 11/4/2015
Wow, just wow! You sucessed for make me crying. This, this is amazing! Oh, Yamamoto, I know every smile you make is a fake before you meet Gokudera darling mwahahaha XD
I was drowned by this chapter into the deepest part of Yamamoto's heart. My heart flinch to know his sadness, his true feelings about world. Despite his appearance as happy Yamamoto, he is really good covering his real emotion and this make me sad. I wish the time you can freely express your emotion will come, darling XD Yes, when Gokudera in your side 3
Yamamoto kissed Gokudera ~fainted~ Oh dear! Is it canon in this fanfic?
Thanks for this chapter, I will go to next one
whatyouexpect chapter 1 . 11/4/2015
Wow, as expected from Gokudera's mind XD And he already had his eye toward Yamamoto since the first time, omg! I love it so much. I can't hold my laugh when Gokudera say 'The end of me', this reminds me of the anime version and I can't stop laughing when seeing Gokudera's face XD Yamamoto too, he is still innocence and thought Gokudera's bomb as fireworks, I wonder if he actually know the truth since the beginning but he playing dumb XD
I can't wait to read next chapter~ *run to chapter 2*
Ethelwyn chapter 36 . 10/13/2015
VOI! Hahaha, once again, I'm late reading this chapter, but I'm glad I finally got around to it. Although he's a superbi-a-tch at first, I was still fangirling when I read the first 'VOI!' XD Squalo! Finally the real action begins, and even though I know it's hell to write, I'm very much looking forward to it. Like you promised soooo many 8059 moments. And of course there had to be hole for poor Yama to drop into, once he felt happy with how things were going between him and Dera. The photo scene was pretty mean, but so utterly typical of early Dera, it fit perfectly, Sweety, even if it broke Yama's heart once again. It's not yet going to be, Yama-Honey, but you just have to keep trying!
I very much liked how you portrayed Yama close to depression but how he had learned to fight this feeling and the reasons he could do so. He understands that he has friends who'd miss him if he did something stupid!
The other thing I liked a lot was the way you were building up to Gokudera's utter stupidity. It hurts me to see him go down that path again, but you're building up nicely as to how he ends up at his desperate and crazy mindset. In that way, he's as stupid as Yama was before. You did a great job, once again, Honey. And as always, thanks for sharing.
sunahiel chapter 36 . 9/29/2015
My heart broke into pieces when Gokudera torn off his photo. Gosh I wanted to kick him for hurting our little Yamamoto. Like you said, he have a long way to go before becoming his friend (or more haha. I won't talk about that yet, only on time).

Anyway, I wish you all the best for the next chapter. That amazes me how you are passionate with this fanfiction. I can only support you by sending some reviews but I hope it helps you. And I want to thank you because I can re-read the manga and re-watch and the anime gradually, I know whenever you post how much I miss each character and this fantastic plot. (The Varia's arc is like one of my favorite, I'm excited like hell!) So thank you, I'm supporting you and am waiting patiently the next chapter.

See ya!

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