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Ethelwyn chapter 41 . 3/13
Yeah! I managed to get through this chapter in a decent time frame! ;D Man, I had totally forgotten about Gokudera the mummy XD That was bad for Dera, but very funny for me. Romario is as bad with first aid as his boss is without his crew XD As usual, you did very good in the desciption of the action scenes. Yama's believe in his dad's words was also explained very well. He never wavered. And of course he was so cool. You were able to show how much of a sword genius Yama is. He doesn't even realize it himself, of course, which makes him all the cuter XD It was also cute how Gokudera always tried to justify his fear for Yama with the fact that they all were going to die if he lost. And when that wasn't enough, he tried to push it on Tsuna and how sad he would be, if Yama died. But in the end, he kind of knew that he actually feared for Yama's life himself. I'm still glad I know Squalo didn't die, though. He's crazy, but I still like him XD Anyway, good work as always, Sweety and thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work!
animefangirl2014 chapter 41 . 2/23
OMG I can't even explain how excited I was when I saw that you had updated! And this chapter did not disappoint. I loved how in depth you went with Gokudera's thoughts and how you described the fighting scene in such detail. I know it's 8059 endgame but I just can't help feeling so impatient (although considering the chapter sizes it's well worth the wait). It's a bit (very) early but I'm excited to see how you write out the Future Arc because as extensive as it is, there is so much YamaGoku potential there that I'm sure you are going to bring out to its fullest! I'm probably going to read this whole fic again while I wait for the next update XD
NanaliJoci chapter 41 . 2/22
Was that jealousy hmm, lol i cant believe Gokudera felt bothered by dino appearing rather close to yamamoto. of course he would grab you first ;). omg i freakin love when yamamoto gets serious, im glad gokudera feels slighlty disturbed. it shows he dont fully know him. the cutest thing ever, blushing cause his boyfriend won. i wish they were together hahah but a girl can dream. Lmao i guess i wasnt the only one who noticed the hand thing, im sensing a fetish. As always im so glad u havent stopped updating this amazing story. i wont ever give up on this story. this totally made my day though i should be studying c:
Guest chapter 40 . 1/9
I love your story, its fantastic and I wish for it to continue till the very end
Ethelwyn chapter 40 . 12/8/2016
Yay! I managed to read this before you got the next chapter online ;) Of course I loved Yama's reaction to seeing Dera's entrance here. He was hot and Yama acknowledged that in the best way, even if he still doesn't understand himself XD Of course I felt pretty shitty for Dera throughout the whole fight. You definitely managed to highlight just how deranged Belphagor is and how Dera's only chance to win against an opponent like that would be to not care about his own life. Good thing Tsuna and Yama do care! And of course I just loved Hibari's bad-a s s return. He just doesn't care who stands in his way, they all just get bitten to death if they damage his school, hahahahahaha. I'm really sad Dera still can't see and understand Yama's feelings and only reacts to Tsuna caring about him, but luckily that will change in the future even if that future is still far, far ahead. But you're doing a great job of showing Yama's feelings grow at least. Good work as always, Sweety, I'm amazed you can still keep going. And of course, thanks for sharing!
Yoshi333 chapter 40 . 12/3/2016
Well I've just spent the past week reading all fourty chapters of this extremely long fanfiction. I would just like to say I think your descriptive writing is amazing and you capture the characters perfectly. I'm glad the story is finally starting to see some more obvious signs of 8059 now, I love slow burners but this story is really slow ( my only criticism really, but I understand you are trying to blend the romance aspect into the actual story). Can't wait until the next chapter.
Ethelwyn chapter 39 . 11/28/2016
This took me an eternity to get to and I'm really sorry about that. But yeah, I finally read it. Of course I liked it, like I always do! I know how hard it is for you to write positively about Lambo, but you did really well. He's a cry baby, but we know he grows up to become awesome ;D That's something I found very interesting and something I never realized. You called adult-Lambo's style a mix between Gokudera and Dino. I never even thought about it, but it makes soooo much sense, that Lambo would style himself after Dera. Brothers Storm and Lightning! Yeah! XD I liked how Dera had some real guilt issues about not helping Lambo when he should have and also the way you described the disfunctional relationship between Dera and Shamal. I kind of like the crazy pervert, but I do understand why Dera hates him most of the time XD The best thing about this chapter was of course Yamamoto's thoughts on Dera. His anxiety for his friend as much as his more carnal desire fantasy thoughts XD Dera is just hot, yeah! Good work as always, Sweety and thanks for sharing!
NanaliJoci chapter 40 . 11/9/2016
When I saw this update a while ago I went crazy because it's been so long I honestly thought you gave up. This made my day, since I finally got the time to read it since I couldn't before because of exams. I'm so happy with this chapter it brought a smile to my face cause after all today was a really bad day for me as an American waking up and realizing that there are Americans who are stupid enough in choosing this guy as a president, a guy who's racist, homophobe, makes fun of disability people, hates immigrants and want us out, hates Muslim etc. I can go on but enough rambling. I couldn't stop screaming because Yamamoto is finally really questioning himself though he still confused. Hahaha he got aroused xD by looking at Gokudera, even I did when I saw that episode before cause he looked so beautiful I wouldn't mind taking him instead of Yama. But I won't cause I'm nice like that. It was too funny though when Gokudera was like is this dude really aroused, I can't believe Belphagor, that is disturbing. Another thing, I don't know if it's my fangirl radar malfunctioning or did I pick up on some implied D18...don't know whether that was intentional or I'm over thinking hmmmm. Amazing chapter by the way, I can never get enough of this, and I hope you continue to write.
animefangirl2014 chapter 40 . 10/22/2016
OMG! I have been waiting for this chapter forever and it definitely did not disappoint! I loved how Yamamoto was becoming aware of his attraction to Gokudera and how you made Bel slightly creepier by adding in the perv factor (I can't stop imagining Bel trying to perv on Gokudera in the future for some reason...). This chapter not only made me relive all my emotions from when I actually watched the anime episodes, but made me wish that this was what should have happened! I honestly cannot tell you how much I am waiting for the next chapter and how excited I am for it XD
NanaliJoci chapter 39 . 7/5/2016
;) who wouldn't enjoy man handling Gokudera. No need to be shy. Enjoy.
Yas Gokudera of course your man is going to defend you. That's so Yamamoto wanting to protect him from any harm, he cares. Hahah I was totally waiting for Gokudera's entrance with the style of close he wore. It was the first time I found him D: mesmerizing. Even Yamamoto couldn't stop staring that pervert Hahaha remembering the wet dream from before. I'm so glad you updated I actually thought that maybe you were really busy and stuff happened and I'm glad I was right. You totally made my day when I saw that you updated a new chapter. Can't wait for the next few chapters because it's gonna be intense.
sunahiel chapter 39 . 6/30/2016
Hello! Gosh I almost let out a cry when I got the notification for this chapter. You are back! With another fantastic chapter! I'm really glad you finally wrote it and I hope everything is alright for you. I can't wait for Gokudera's fight! If Yamamoto is starting to acknowledge what is going on between them, he will get furious at how suicidal Gokudera will act towards the end. I also wanted to say something, you almost made me cry when 25yo Lambo came out and that Gokudera realised they were all dead 20 years later at the freaking age of 35 (or less for Tsuna...) When I first watched the anime, back then, I didn't really realise how sad and nostalgic Lambo was but now, gosh, I teared up a little.I'm not ready for the Future arc. Anyway, I wish you the best for the next chapters, you are really brave and determined to end this story and I want to thank you because I also read and watch for the second time this amazing manga and anime at the same time. So yeah, keep up the good work and see you next time! Fighting!
Ethelwyn chapter 38 . 4/26/2016
This time I'm super late, but at least I managed to read this before the next chapter is out. Hooray for me! XD For the sun ring battle I must say you captured Lussuria's creepiness very well and his ridiculousness. Also you displayed very well that in all his glorious ridiculousness, Ryohei pulled through for the team. When he's in his element, he's a great fighter and more than just fair.
What I liked most about this chapter though, of course was the conversation between Dera and Yama on their way to the lightning ring battle. Yama laid down some truth on Dera there XD No really, there were very wise words there, even if Dera can't take them all to heart and just change. But that's what I liked the most, it's that Yama didn't expect him to change. He just wanted the other to listen. Not the gayest conversation ever, but close, hahahahahahaha X your rainbows! Very nice XD I'm definitely looking forward to the lightning battle and what's your take on Dera's thoughts on that. We know, how he likes to make everyone believe he hates the Stupid Cow, but Storm and Lightning are brothers! Hooray for Lambo! XDDD Good work as always and thanks for sharing, Sweety!
NanaliJoci chapter 38 . 3/27/2016
I went all fangirl with the fact that Yamamoto wrapped his arm around Gokudera's neck for the group huddle, even the smallest things count. Hahaha Gokudera blushing is so cute ;) !
Well someone lives in denial, poor Yama feels uncomfortable with how blatantly Lussuria(?) shows his preference. So naive still and not ready for that world yet.
Oh my gosh why is Gokudera giving such a cold look :( my poor baby doesn't like it. Ohhhh he gets happy knowing Gokudera walking with him awww.
Omg they are talking like civilized people I can't believe you did that I'm so happy. Gokudera asking Yama out lol the world would end.
:D I'm so glad you are still updating this story keeps getting better and better. So close to their fights it's gonna be awesome. I don't mind how long you update as long as you don't give up :3!
NanaliJoci chapter 37 . 1/7/2016
Oh my gosh, this was the best gift I have received. You had finally updated. Even just them thinking about each other is good enough. Yamamoto is starting to ;) think naughty. Lol, I can't wait for their matches to start. Awww Gokudera is blushing of course Yamamoto cares about him. I felt like this chapter was fluffy. Even if the only interaction they had was in the end. Confession: I took so long to read it because I don't know when the next update will be. So I tried holding it off. As always I'm so glad you are still writing for this story, it's amazing.
AquaAurion chapter 37 . 1/4/2016
I'm super pumped for the ring battles! w
I really like the extra details you put into the chapters, since they help explain parts that are unclear in the manga.

Looking forward to the next chapter! D
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