Reviews for Papa Don't Preach
Fred's fanatic chapter 14 . 4/7
They have two gorgeous healthy children plus adoption
Is absolutely a magical option that they would both
Think would be wonderful never apologise for anything
To do with your brilliant writing as your absolutely
One hundred per cent fine with random and
Weird at any time and I'm loving your stories so why
Think that your fans are putting up with such heart warming magnificent enchanting marvellous writing
That would have jk Rowling beaming with prid e from
One dedicated Harry Potter fanatical fan from Australia
You've done the entire potterfanatics extremely proud
So congratulations an Olympic gold medal belongs to
my love Elizabeth skinner God bless you
Fred's fanatic chapter 13 . 4/7
Harry Potter will live forever in our hearts and minds
I'll never stop reading my hPa books or watching my
DVDs and I've seen the video and cried plus laughed
Although I'm in agreement with scorpions about the
Wedding being sooner it will be exceptionally beautiful
Plus professor mcgonagall will be there in her wedding
Outfit classy. Harry Potter is the only Escape any fan
Needs I'm turning fifty six and still love everything
To do with the Harry Potter franchise God bless
Daniel Radcliffe Emma Watson etc and jk Rowling
And please keep them safe and yourself as well
You're truly remarkable carryonelizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 12 . 4/7
Yes those names are very cute indeed however does
Olivia have a middle name similar to Nicholas plus the
Shirts are marvellous plus having the Sabines in is
Absolutely delightful Blaine was better than either
Crab be or ghastly Boyle were although everyone's
Now friends when they're parents were enemies
The tables have come full circle isn't it great even
Though it took awhile,I'm a soft touch I just adore
Happy endings with new born baby twins being born
It's enchanting plus a beautiful wedding thank you
So very much for a truly magical brilliant story.
Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 11 . 4/7
First of all im preferring Cassiopeia and nicky as Olivia
Could be her middle name however professor
Mcgonagall could never stay angry at rose or scorpions
For long they're favourites just like their parents except
For Ron whom was a joke even with Sirius and Remus
Whom preferred his brother is just so very
Happy it's wonderful to see I love the malfoys except
For draconian ugh father plus a valentines party sounds
really loving the name Cassiopeia more
Than Olivia it's magical yet unique like rose and
Scorpions your feeling better after such s
Very hot day .youve going along spectacularly well
And creating a uniquely mesmerising heart warming
Story I'm loving skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 10 . 4/7
I'm very torn however I love the names of Olivia for
A girl and Christopher for a boy as with their middle
Names that's extra magical abilities from both parents
Families but I agree with scorpius their children should
Ha be unique names to set them apart from the crowd
Plus constellation names can get old very quickly indeed
It's a new generation so why not start a trend although
I'll always love the names Fred, George, Fabian,Gideon
Those names are very uniquely special in hog warts
History. Your thoroughly an exceptional brilliant unique
Writer whom loves the Harry Potter universe thank you
So very much for writing an excellent story. Elizabeth
Skinner I trust your judgement.
Fred's fanatic chapter 9 . 4/7
Hi could you please have the babies be two twin girls
Whom are gorgeous mischievous redheads with scorpius
Bluer than blue eyes his determination plus Fred and
Georges pranking devilish sense of humour as boys are
Great yet they need twin girls to make things even
And balanced although their uncles will spoil them
Yet my parents always said you cannot spoil thoroughbreds ever besides Molly would cherish another
Girl in the family although she loves her sons so would
Rose tinny hermione Astoria plus Draco etc. you've done
Magnificently with an outstanding story that should win
So many fan fiction awards for originality utterly great
All my love Elizabeth skinner.

Fred's fanatic chapter 8 . 4/7
Well this is strange Molly whom is usually so warm and!
Motherly has turned on her favourite grand child which
Doesn't make sense unless when she was at hog warts
Luscious malformed got her pregnant as part of a bet
Among his evil twisted friends then dumped Molly whom
Could t tell her twin brothers they would've killed him.
Luckily Molly adores her ions whom can talk her around
Into being happy for this wonderful couple eventually
But I veloved this chapter you have an amazing talent
For describing potter characters jk Rowling would be
Very proud of you although I don't think that lucius is
Luscious I'm having trouble with my keyboard on my
iPad he's a n utter snake unlike Draco. Your brilliance
Shines through every time like a skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 7 . 4/7
You haven't failed anyone so please start smiling you
Have achieved quite a lot for one so young it's truly
Remarkable not everyone is born with this storytelling
Trait you've been blessed enjoy your summer vacation
Where ever you go. I've always believed that Ron has
Been both jealous and scared of Draco Malloy he mightve been a spoilt prat at school yet his mother saved him finally making Draco a worthwhile wizard
Plus her ions doesn't hate him and he said that vile
Word mud always had a soft spot for her ions even though he thought that Fred would be suited
Her. Better this is getting more exciting with every
Single chapter I'm hoping you'll be writing more as
It's absolutely magnificent thank skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 6 . 4/7
It's fine although I'm hoping you can recover from this
Bout of flu as seven might be your lucky number and
You hopefully won't be ill any more anyhow break a
Leg you'll be knows which is
Tremendous news in two regards rose kept her word
To Harry plus rons terrified of angering her ions
His family adore her yet tolerate him he's not Fred
Weasley. It's full steam ahead this baby is going to
Be so loved and protected plus gorgeous actually
Draco s reaction might surprise some but I think
He'll be over the moon with happiness I've always
Liked Draco he's only done great so far
I'm going to love your titanic storyline if it's as wonderful
As this marvellous story and I didn't like the movies
On the titanic yet your exceptional writing ability has
Got me wanting to read more from
Skinner an Australian Harry Potter fanatic.
Fred's fanatic chapter 5 . 4/7
I'm not worried about the wait and I'm glad you enjoyed
Your holiday and the musical must be great if your in it
So have lots of fun doing starting to panic again
So the breathing exercises could come in to help her
Relax and unwind before telling her understanding
Brilliant mother whom will help these exceptionally
Young lovebirds overcome anyone in their way of
Being very happy no one got the better of her ions
Granger the brightest witch of her age Sirius said that
And Remus again it's totally amazing yet
Confusing in a truly inspirational thought provoking
Way as I just love it and the titanic story with dramione
I'd love to read that story although could they survive
It please thank
Fred's fanatic chapter 4 . 4/7
How absolutely exciting Harry's arrived as he was
Quite a bit suspicious yet know everything's going to
Be fine as he can calm down Ron whom needs to
Grow up and cease. Being a rude prat for once also
Harry no longer hates Draco wise wizard that he is.
There had to be a reason rose was so scared and
Her ions was a favourite of mine so ill admit to shedding
A tear or two yet I'm happy again,thank you it might
Be your first fan fiction yet I'm thinking you've got a great future ahead for yourself whatever you choose
To do this story goes beyond just loving Harry Potter
Your a tremendous storyteller it's a gift congratulations.
Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 3 . 4/7
Rose should've told scorpions when she found out
Instead of worrying about her father now he's hurt she
Didn't trust him enough and its pouting time which
Won't last that long as albums is his. Best friend
Similar to Fred and George weasley were, but instead
Of losing her temper rose has to relax and come clean
Over everything plus a night out at their favourite
Restaurant to make amends for being stupidly scared
He'll always forgive rose thankfully please don't worry
About how long this exceptionally magical Love story is
Wonderful I'm skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 2 . 4/7
This is great however I'd tell both hermione and Harry
Plus ginny at the same time then Ron cannot call
Either of them any filthy names as they'll be surrounded
By love and understanding relatives whom scare Ron as
He's a snivelling coward. It's smart to get lily and albums
Knowing everything also as they've got such good
Friends at hog warts plus Scorsese are in love and
Adore each other so pregnancy is fine look at Harry's
Parents no one else existed for the except Harry true
Love conquers all. Your doing remarkably well and it's
Thoroughly enchanting with lots of exciting lines.
Eliza Beth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 1 . 4/7
For someone whom is new to this you've done an
Absolutely brilliant story that has united these two
Families in such a wonderful way through love except
Ron wants to be a childish petulant bully whom holds
A grudge ,which is why I always favoured Fred weasels
With hermione although rose and scorpions will have
Her uncle Harry on their side so she should be smiling
And happy quite soon as the magic flows over her
Making rose enchantingly fiery yet a truly
Magnificently talented writer thank skinner
ShadowTabby chapter 10 . 10/14/2016
I know it's too late, but Avery and Liam!
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