Reviews for flames & smoke
overstreets chapter 1 . 3/21/2012
I love this, I don't even ship mollyiiteddy but this fic may have converted me. I just really love your molly and teddy and how they couldn't live without each other.
keep my issues drawn chapter 1 . 2/28/2012
Ohmigosh, Rach, this... this was just so flawless and I hate you for making me ship this pairing... It's just completely flawless, and let me sob, okay?

I really no caps fics, and you just write them so perfectly, and I really loved this.

The plot was really good. I loved how maybe it was never going to happen in the mortal world, but if there is a life after death then Molly & Teddy could be together. I loved the notes they left.

This was just flawless. &hearts
skwirl chapter 1 . 2/22/2012
omg are you serious omg seriously are you

why even how i can't i'm sobbing stop it rachel STAHP IT





i actually love you so much right now there are legit tears on my face i want to hug you and lick your face and just i can't.

ok come here let me kiss you

okay okay here i'll try to explain my feelingz~

"it seems she's forgotten how to care."

this, this at the very beginning. is such a powerful way to open your piece and i also like that it's not exactly at the beginning and we get a bit of background and like, i adore the start to this piece okay.

"she doesn't care, usually. okay, she does care-a lot. but girls like her, they don't show weakness. "

flawless way of explaining her character here. i feel like after this one line, i can picture her perfectly.

"she doesn't want answers because answers screw everything up."


"they crash and burn, flames and smoke and all of that."

this is one of those lines that i am 100% in love with for reasons i can't even put into words okay

"she realizes something as he's fifteen steps into walking out of her life."


and then just the death and the teddy he doesn't know what to do and like WHY DID YOU MARRY VICTOIRE YOU ABSOLUTE IDIOT and i'm sobbing again I'M AN EMOTIONAL PERSON OK i can't this is beautiful this is perfect this is just exactly like i can't even explain i love it so much and if i could favourite it 3204823509 times over then i would do that.

i heart u 5eva