Reviews for The Aby of Darkness
Cyndera Dracona chapter 13 . 10/28/2016
Awwwww, poor sparkling...
Cyndera Dracona chapter 12 . 10/28/2016
Her name is Ratchet!? What in the name of Primus!? I can feel the Pit mourning.
Cyndera Dracona chapter 11 . 10/28/2016
Stupid Sunstreaker. Sunshine, you got some thinking to do. Okay, so I'm sadistic and evil, and I enjoy watching the prolonged torture of others, but I actually feel sorry for the mech. He's never met someone who doesn't want to interface all day and all night like he does, and the whole thing is just an astronomical misunderstanding on his part.
Cyndera Dracona chapter 9 . 10/27/2016
Egotistical, sadistic, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, illustrious, golden.
Cyndera Dracona chapter 8 . 10/27/2016
When I saw the words 'one hundred thousand credits' I spluttered. When I saw 'Megatron' I almost had a fragging heart attack.
Cyndera Dracona chapter 5 . 10/27/2016
I kinda feel sorry for Sunny. He's so desperate for a good overload but he just can't and won't find it amongst the cities of pleasure bots despite their training. It's starting to annoy me now, and I'm not even a Mech or Sunstreaker.
Cyndera Dracona chapter 1 . 10/11/2016
Love it.
Bullseye from a mile away.
Obvious scenario.
Just enough smut to satisfy perversions.
Jealous for the pleasure bots like you would not believe.
Dark Sideswipe is good. But I've seen way darker. How dark can you go? That, is the question.
See ya 22 chapter 13 . 5/10/2015
Ok so this is a Ratchet/Sunstreaker pairing? And Ratchet was a femme who turned into a mech?
gemava chapter 5 . 12/13/2014
for some reason my laptop wont let me review on your last chapter, oh well it was awesome gotta love sunstreaker.
i look forward to reading more sunny fics from you, you easily write out what i think is an awesome sunstreaker character.
fear4everleading chapter 13 . 4/2/2014
When are you going to post And Together We Rise? I really like this book and hope you are able to put it up soon. Keep writing
Grifen345 chapter 13 . 1/22/2014
Please continue this! This last chapter was by far my favorite and simply must e continued. Though I do have a question. Where on Cybertron has Sideswipe been all this time? He's Sunstreaker's freeking twin! How did he not get any mention until now? Still, that's beside the point. He's here now so please continue!
Sunstreaker29 chapter 1 . 3/9/2013
Was Sideswipe ever involved in this story at all? and were both Sunny and Sides twins at the time this story was written?
Faecat chapter 13 . 2/7/2013
Well, first off I'd like to ask where the sequel is.
I really enjoyed this story about Sunstreaker's questionable past and why he is the way he is. I was disappointed that we never got to see the fight between Megatron and Sunstreaker, but I understand that isn't where the focus was for this one. The bit about Ratchet being the one Sunstreaker raped wasn't surprising to me...mostly because its exactly what I would have done. However I would have loved Ratchet to catch wind of is youthful reprogramming; though I also understand that it was created to NOT be seen by anyone. Still that moment in time would have been priceless.
As a side note may I suvgest you do a similar story for Sideswipe? Not the same story obviously, but one that shows what he was doing while his currently estranged twin wrestled with both inner and outer demons. dI'd love to see your take on that.
Overall, great fic.
Kokua Aviatrix chapter 10 . 1/27/2013
Ooo Karma's about to bite and boy are it's teeth huge
Kokua Aviatrix chapter 8 . 1/27/2013
Brilliant fight scenes
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