Reviews for Harry Potter and the Weasley Seer
Smartyul chapter 43 . 5h
This was pretty amazing. I ended up going through everything in a single day, and I don’t regret it at all. The ending was perfect and the series of events that escalated was amazing too. Thanks for this.
Fire Tempest chapter 43 . 7h
Very impressive - thank you for the story.
Sheelahdog chapter 39 . 19h
I still have hope!
Sheelahdog chapter 32 . 19h
That teletubbi curse! I keep coming back to it. Bwah ha ha!
Sheelahdog chapter 38 . 19h
Ooh, is Dumbles going to become a Phoenix? I want that and not what it seems.
Sheelahdog chapter 32 . 23h
I almost didn't read this Omake. I was worried about dark stuff. But this was fantastic. Sybill Trelawney defying Voldemort and besting him! Very satisfying.
Sheelahdog chapter 26 . 5/14
I like your cracky omakes.
Guest chapter 36 . 5/14
How could you make us choose which one to die? Monster.
I guess you give up arthur...
I'm such a hypocrtie!
Shinki chapter 43 . 5/13
Snape is magical Gordon Ramsay?
Melnorath chapter 42 . 5/13
After reading the whole story, I get lots of mage RPG vibes.
The motif of belief powering magic and changing reality feels like it was inspired by it though, of course, only the author truly knows what inspired and guided them to this result.

A wonderful story in my humble opinion, written by someone who knows what they are doing to an extent greater than mine in the field of story telling.
Sheelahdog chapter 18 . 5/12
Hahahahahaha! Squib blood! What will all his followers think of that? Ha!
Sheelahdog chapter 15 . 5/12
This omake is hilarious.
Sheelahdog chapter 16 . 5/12
Well that took a turn for the dark.
Potter Abducted by Penguins chapter 6 . 5/12
I just cracked up when I read the very last sentence of this Omake! I love it!
SerendipitousPixel chapter 43 . 5/12
A really enjoyable story, thank you! I think it's the only powerful Harry story I've enjoyed, and definitely the only Harmony one I've ever been able to stomach. I love how you portrayed all of the various characters, as well as the unique world building
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