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MKDemigodZ-Warrior chapter 100 . 7/20
I kind of expected you to switched the Mid range to the Crusader's/Knight's Lance. Eh, Oh well.
samwolfenstein chapter 88 . 7/15
Should've been Patton vs. Rommel. That would've been a much, much greater challenge to Patton, and an intense, closely-matched round that would be interesting to read. I'd probably have to give it to Rommel, though, in the end. Wouldn't be my decision, anyway.
Guest chapter 100 . 7/11
This story is one of your best. I loved every single battle, and even though I have to deal with this, all great things must come to an end. I hope you'll do well in your future stories.
James Frederick chapter 11 . 7/1
I'm sorry but this was entirely not realistic
El Alamein chapter 100 . 6/30
Firstly, thanks for the shout-out... wasn't expecting that, especially not after my biggest contribution to your blog was a long-winded fanboy rant about Bernard Montgomery (by the way, two years after the fact... I chilled out about it. There are other cool generals out there too).
Secondly, I would like to formally reissue my invitation for you to join the Deadliest Fiction Wiki., which would benefit greatly from your knowledge and presence. We host battles with both real and fictional warriors and our community engages in spirited debates, Wiki-wide user warrior tournaments, and more. Sorry if this seems like a shameless plug or something-I'm just hoping you'd consider joining, as it's a lot of fun. Think it over! I hope to see you there sometime!
Thirdly, well done. I strongly disagree with that last outcome (Edward's 1000 year technological advantage plus his ranged superiority with the longbow would be way too much for Hannibal to ever overcome) but, hey, it's all in the spirit of good fun. Y'know, it's weird, I had your page bookmarked on my old phone and then forgot about it after the host battle royale, figuring that was the end. Fast forward to last week and I mess up my new phone... long story short, I reactivate my old phone, see my old bookmark, and revisit your blog right when you return. Talk about timing, eh? Well, anyway, I also found your Death Battle stuff, so at least I have a little bit more of your work to get through before it's truly over.
Good work, really. You've earned a fan. I enjoyed this thoroughly and it's actually surprisingly sad to see it end.
Zivon96 chapter 100 . 6/29

It seems like just yesterday I was the first person to review this story and tell you something you already knew, now, years later, I've had the honour of being a part of this for so long. It's hard to believe it's over now, but all good things must come to an end.

But is this really over? I say it isn't. After this story began, several others sprung up, with so many of them saying they were inspired by you, myself included. So, while this story itself may be ending now, the story you started on February 4, 2012 still goes on, as your fellow authors continue the proud tradition of numerical and logical considerations of who would win in a fight, whether the combatants be real or fictional.

Now, on a slightly less serious note, I think it's time for a highlight reel of what I think were the best moments of this story in chronological order:

Hannibal's victory over Rome
Miyamoto Musashi mooning Guan Yu
You joining my story
Vampire slaughter
My first wrong prediction in Back For Blood
The whipping boy's victory
"Die landsknechte sind hier!"
Zombie werewolves!
France wins! Fatality!
The Incan took the wrong shekels...
Elephant vs zombies
Holy Roman Emperor's last stand
Hannibal and Genghis' bro moment
America wins! Fatality!
Balls of steel
"Alright chums, let's do this LEEROY JENKINS!"
Caligula gets what he deserves
"All your America are belong to us."
Student vs idol
Elephant crash
The French Ragequit
Ancient catfight!
China wins! Fatality!
"I am your father!"
Lee wins! Fatality!
"Blut und eisen."
Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee
"Trevor did what?!"
"I LOVE doing that!"
"How did I end up in Wisconsin anyway?"
Yes. She is dead. Deal with it.
A promise fulfilled
"Ayo gurkhali!"
Deutsch Double Kill!
One final battle, a champion reigns supreme...

And with one final battle, this tale does come to a close, but the story continues. It's been an honour and a privilege to be a part of this. Thank you for all these years of entertainment and friendship. It's hard to believe one simple story of two historical figures fighting to the death could lead to one of the most infamous (or at least we should be) team ups in fanfiction history.

So, here's to Deadliest Warrior, to all the warriors, both winners and losers, and to the future!
theDarkRyder chapter 100 . 6/29
An incredibly well written send off.
PFC Rice Man chapter 80 . 6/27
Dammit DAM. Now I have to look through all your chapters to see who will battle the Landsknecht. :)
MKDemigodZ-Warrior chapter 98 . 6/26
I totally knew it!
El Alamein chapter 97 . 6/26
Awesome stuff! Glad to see that you are back to writing more battles!
PFC Rice Man chapter 97 . 6/25
Good stuff
MKDemigodZ-Warrior chapter 97 . 6/25
Knew it!
Subham Swain chapter 53 . 6/25
Maharana Pratap
Bodacious Fuzz chapter 3 . 6/10
Wow, You truly thought this through.
I believe this could have made out an actual episode of the show.
puzzykat chapter 91 . 6/7
Kkk went under the radar after fbi was after them hells angels are ayran brotherhood mob also all nazi they are all the same there are still professional people as members politicians teachers lawyers all walks of life European ayran brotherhood they are all one
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