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DowLane chapter 39 . 5/6

Before starting this chap, I wanted to skim the first few chapters at the start and the end to refresh some of my memory of the story. Ahhh! I’m blown away at how far you’ve come as a writer. The difference from the sweet short chapters at the start to that heart-wrenching chapter 38 made it look like the story was written by a completely different person between start to finish. And that’s not even taking into account how much more you’ve improved through writing GYWM over the years following. Your growth is inspiring.

Even then, the earlier chapters showed your potential and, having read a lot of Harmony fics in the past, I do remember thinking this story to be one of my favourites. I think it’s because you’ve got the characterizations down (something you just EXCEL at), especially with Hermione, with her thoughts, feelings, concerns, insecurities, her love for Harry. I remember enjoying reading the events of canon through Hermione’s perspective so much (never read past HP book 4 partly because of this probably lol) because she’s so thoughtful and she cared a lot about a lot of things. It made it so easy to empathize with her.

The memoir parts were also really well done. Very emotionally charged and angsty, but it never went overboard and it made Hermione more relatable in many ways. Her changing that very first line in the end was so cathartic because it showed how much Hermione had matured. Even more so than the one who wrote those letters as a memoir about her even younger self. Showing that growth never stops, and neither does one’s view of love. It was so good lol idk.

Speaking of the ending—onto the final chapter! I know Ajax had his hand in much of this as well, so props and thanks to him for helping conclude this story.

Everything about this chapter was amazing. First, I loved the narration. The little actions like when Hermione was waiting at Ron’s door were so visual and relatable, it was easy to feel all the different moods in between each scene. Of course, the dialogue was perfectly written too. As painful as a lot of the interactions here may have been for the characters, it was always delivered realistically and believably. Plus, they made the lighter moments extremely refreshing and well-earned.

I could really feel for the characters here. Molly’s understanding, Ron’s anger and acceptance, Hermione’s guilt and fear and love, Harry’s longing for family. All human and written beautifully.

Tbh, I was so giddy the entire time Hermione was trying to confess to Harry, and MAN was the suspense insane! It definitely didn’t disappoint tho. It was perfect how it played out, especially with the theme of unrequited love and the long wait they had to endure.

Thanks for finishing this story. I know it was planned to be much longer, but it was all tied up in a nice, satisfying conclusion. *claps*
MMXXXIII chapter 39 . 4/7
Thank you for coming back to finish this fanfic. Truly a great POV work. I thought your Hermione's emotions felt genuine and her characterization so faithful to canon. It gave us such a believable look into her perspective of the canon events and your version of post-war moments.

I wish we had more time with Harry and Hermione, but I understand that this last chapter was you tying up the loose ends to give us readers a resolution. Even though it happened in one brief conversation, it didn't feel rushed or contrived, but felt very much like how it could have happened with Harry and Hermione.

I loved how you ended the story with them facing others and their future with mutual understanding, and finally, her amending the first memoir entry some time later. I like to think this is many years from that night, when they are both secure in the belief that love indeed has been and is beautiful for them.

Thanks for sharing!
Lupy the White Knight chapter 39 . 3/19
A birthday surprise,
To delight a dear friend,
I hope to devise,
A poem review of what she penned.

In her bed she lay,
Like a prisoner she felt,
But it was finally the day,
The shackles of Grimmauld, unbelt.

Slow to start,
When without warning,
Angry portrait tirade, impart,
No, it was not a smooth morning.

Back to school,
With a slimy pink toad,
Who is really quite cruel,
As she began to goad.

He’ll be a good leader,
Of that she is sure,
But instead the bleeder,
Says they are not inured.

Two weeks gone by,
As they work on their essays,
She heaves a great sigh,
But her idea, he will appraise.

A letter to home,
To say how she feels,
Through their things did Filch comb,
As they head for their meals.

A meeting, they attend,
And accusations they face,
Just to study, they pretend,
And they cut to the chase.

Two secrets discovered,
So she went for some air,
From confrontation, she recovered,
Quite the miserable affair.

A room had been found,
And the meetings began,
Spells flying around,
And they have a game plan.

A class observed,
A new creature to see,
Much criticism, undeserved,
And a sentence said unthinkingly.

A new Gryffindor seeker,
A discussion of feelings stewing,
Harry returns having kissed her,
And in Hermione, jealousy is brewing.

Their absence she noticed,
A note, she was given,
She rushed away with new focus,
And bad news was heard, unbidden.

A new subject he must study,
While pretending he’s behind,
With Cho he gets cuddly,
And his dreams malign.

A mass escape,
A romantic holiday,
A ruined day,
And a phrase that made Hermione’s day.

She came to a realization,
Her heart began to flutter,
Awaiting the publication,
Hoping to raise his reputation from the gutter.

The interview was banned,
Opinions began to change,
And Dumbledore was canned,
After a class on the Patronus was arranged.

The school got a new regime,
While Harry’s relationship fell apart,
Hermione and Ginny let off some steam,
Their discussion, a misunderstanding it did impart.

The twins grand exit and a quidditch final,
Hagrid reveals his secret brother,
The impending OWLs cause a studying trial,
And McGonagall attacked, causing a tester to stutter.

A nightmarish vision and a frantic communication,
Leads them on a desperate rescue mission,
Things go awry and the last she remembers is his expression,
Sirius gone, by her bedside Harry curses his decision.

Summer once again as she catches up with her parents,
But all too swiftly she must depart for safety,
Conversations with Ginny, different yet also with recurrence,
And Harry’s arrival used to help wake the lazy.

A bout of jealousy and a realization of perfection,
News of the new teacher and a prophecy of the future,
OWL scores are here and a moment of depression,
Relaxing over summer and a secret conversation over a rooster.

Back to school for another year,
Renewed popularity and a potion competition,
Hermione explains the reason they all leer,
And they exchange a brief bit of flirting after a mishap with one’s cognition.

Harry avoiding parties and Hermione causing misunderstandings,
A run in with Mundungus and the Hand of Glory,
Their conversations devolve, into arguments by their endings,
So Hermione decides to bottle it in as she writes a story.

She made a decision to get over him,
To Ginny for advice, only to find dread,
An event, mis-seen, and a friendship seems grim,
And the look in Harry’s eyes, she can’t get out of her head.

They remain mistaken of her feelings,
As event after event prevents her from asking Harry,
Time at the party spent avoiding her partner, most unappealing,
Back home for Christmas, and a book with her mother which always made her merry.

Hermione and Ron angry, their feud still persisting,
When a brush with death puts it all in perspective,
And Harry falls after McLaggen’s insisting,
The trio’s friendship repaired after the near-deaths it was subjected.

Hermione filled with worry, and Harry knows something is wrong,
A conversation with Ginny, and Hermione can’t help wishing she felt differently,
And just as Hermione started feel better, a kiss means her bad mood will prolong,
The castle invaded, Dumbledore gone, and everything changed consequently.

Her parents gone, after a hard made decision,
A plan in place to leave Privet Drive,
Eventually it is followed, after much derision,
And a wedding occurs, before they must run to stay alive.

In Grimauld place they reside,
They hatch a plan to invade the Ministry,
But when it goes sideways they are forced to hide,
And sometimes, it seems Harry and Ron don’t think too differently.

Their minds, the horcrux was affecting,
An argument began, things which can’t be unsaid,
The sword at Godric’s Hollow, or so they are guessing,
A battle, a wound, and clearing the air to avoid regret.

A break from reality, their life on the run,
First laundry and strawberry, then a much needed haircut,
Before long a discussion of light hearted fun,
Turns into a story of how Hermione once was a target.

Ron, returned, but all is not yet well for the trio,
The promise broken, their fundamental trust changed,
A trip to Xeno in hopes of finding some much needed info,
The taboo broke, captured, and Hermione suffers under the care of the deranged.

Escaped, hurt but alive, it’s not until she’s alone with Harry that she has a breakdown,
Through his comfort she returns, self-hatred transformed to Mudblood and Proud,
A revealing conversation with Luna, and Hermione is left with a thoughtful frown,
The bank break in, another horcrux down, and return to Hogwarts, they are unbowed.

One to find, Harry goes to search, while Ron and Hermione delve into the chamber,
A fang retrieved, a cup destroyed, a diadem found and a a flame begun,
Too many dead, and a purpose found, Harry heads to the forest to act as the savior,
Though thought dead, they will still defend. Back from the dead, it was finally done.

The war had been won, but for those lost, they still grieve,
After Fred, the Weasleys all struggle,
Hermione and Harry, her parents to retrieve,
And with Harry’s aid, there is far less trouble.

Harry met her parents at last, and talked all through dinner,
Afterwards on a walk, they finally unwind some as well,
And after a kiss and some grilling, her parents watch with a glimmer,
They talk some more, and Hermione can feel her emotions swell.

Back from Australia, and unpacking antics follow,
The Weasleys are doing better, and the trio is back together,
After some light-hearted banter, Hermione helps Ron wallow,
And for once they can look forward to a future without a tether.

After sharing her tale, Hermione’s father gives Ron the cold shoulder,
Before long Harry’s birthday arrives, and fun is had as with Teddy, Harry plays,
When the party is over and after some banter, Ron reveals how his feeling smolder,
His feelings unrequited, and after seeing his pain, she decides not to feel that raze.

Some time has passed, and Hermione returns to clear the air,
After a heartfelt talk and back to friends, Ron tells her that it is doable,
Hermione and Harry go out to talk, with delay after delay, ‘til finally does she share,
Her feelings returned, Hermione realizes it is not can be, but that love is beautiful.

Once again Happy Birthday, dear Tal,
I hope your day is a great one, pal,
And though the rhymes weren’t always that great,
I’m just glad this poem wasn’t late.

Okay, end of the poem for real now. I had this idea of doing a poem of A Memoir for your birthday because you liked the ones I did of Grow Young With Me. I decided I’d do a stanza per chapter, but I kinda underestimated how long some of the chapters were and it got kinda hard trying to cover the most important points in just four lines, so the flow is all over the place, but I also didn’t want to change the style of the poem halfway through… let’s just ignore that the concluding stanza is AABB instead of ABAB like the rest of the poem, the lines just made more sense in that order.
I hope you have a great birthday, Tal! Also, I’m sorry it took me so long to get around to reviewing this story too, but I did do it eventually!
Love you Tal,
MerlynPotter chapter 39 . 3/5
I was shocked to get this notification, but not disappointed! I don't even read Harmony fanfiction anymore, in fact I don't read many Harry Potter fics at all anymore, but I had to finish this one. It was just s satisfying as I hoped it'd be. I hope that you're proud:)
posix84 chapter 8 . 2/11
This is one of the best fic I've seen so far. You hava a consistent history withou the over the top bashing and just the natural development of the characters.
varunharmony chapter 39 . 1/24
I've read only this chapter, but this very much can stand on its own... It's so bloody beautiful man, this has definitely become my personal HC of hermione telling harry if it was to happen postwar ... I'm so glad you wrote this and I do want to read the rest of your story, bit knowing it will be angst galore, I'm reluctant to do it eventhough the standard of your writing is tempting me... I might just read the second last chapter as well..

Anyway, what I'm saying is that I very much loved how you've written this out and glad that you didn't go the normal (and terrible) route of making harry ask her out just when Hermione was about to open herself up... I'm glad I came across this,bcoz this would absolutely be my favorite oneshot if this was a oneshot lol
left in bits chapter 39 . 1/9
This was such a beautiful story. I’m so thankful you did finish it even if its not originally what you had planned. This ending was it, though. There is something so soft and tragically heartbreaking about these two, and I just really like seeing them getting a somewhat happy ending. Also, I love love love what you did with Ginny and Ron and Mrs Weasley. I think this story has my favorite portrayal of them and I’ve read so many fics lol. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this with us.
VulcanRavenClaw chapter 38 . 1/5
ghosttown66 chapter 24 . 1/1
your way of playing with and describing of emotions is simply unique. True i would love to see it evolve faster but do agree that if you stay in cannon with the books and the fact that this is written from Hermoine's perspective it is the right pace. I will have to accept that i am impatient and just enjoy your skills
ghosttown66 chapter 13 . 12/30/2020
finishing this chapter I just realized that this is the point where I really lost all trust in Dumbledore, to be so ignorant to ignore the hatred between Severus and Harry where the latter has to suffer dearly for it. A book or at least person who Harry could trust would have been already a vast improvement and basically all the drama in Harries life after this is to blame to this stupid old man.
HPFanfictionIsGreat chapter 39 . 12/30/2020
This entire story was fantastic. It's absolutely one of my all-time favorites. I loved the final chapter.
Gyanz chapter 39 . 12/29/2020
Excelente! Gracias por esta historia!

Nauze chapter 39 . 12/29/2020
You did it. You went and did it. Now Petri won't be able to badger you about not having a completed fic lol.

The execution was done quite well, considering the time crunch and how many loose ends you had to tie in.

I... The Ron scene was superbly done, you could really feel both of them trying their hardest to put the friendship above all else, because really. What else could they've done? After you go through so much together, anything is possible to overcome if you just have the will to.

Again, because of 'rush' to finish, we didn't get that much more of Harry\Hermione time, but it was elegantly done and it did bring everything to a close neatly.

Congratulations Talzinha.
shamefangurl chapter 39 . 12/29/2020
Can’t describe absolute shock and joy on my face when I got the notification that this fic was updated. Absolutely beautiful. One of my favorites of all time.
Ajjaxx chapter 39 . 12/29/2020
Admittedly, starting the co-writing gig was pretty nerve-wracking. It was like writing with your teacher, but your teacher was also a friend, and you talked shit to the teacher regularly. But by the time it ended, we'd written easily ten thousand words of absolute nonsense, laughed at the stupidest shit I could imagine and helped you close the highly contentious Memoir chapter, and above all, we did it for the kids.

I've fawned enough over you and the story, so I'll keep it out of the review, but it truly was a joy. I learnt a lot from watching you work and had a very fun time of it. I hope we could do it justice.

Here's to many more perfectly executed scissor kicks at a height of 1.8 metres and dare I even suggest it:

We might just try for 1.9 metres.
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