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Guest chapter 5 . 8/1/2017
Update please?
Awesomeness2502 chapter 5 . 4/20/2017
I'm not sure about your other reviews but I would love a Chuck/Serena pairing... I've been looking a good story like that really shows what kind of a couple Dair was (super sucky) and I'm really glad I found it. Hope you update soon :)
Almaloney33 chapter 5 . 1/7/2017
Hi there!

So...I came to the CB fandom verrryy late (like a year or so ago) and it took me a long time to work my way up to this story. Despite it being categorised as 'friendship', because of the season 5 background, I felt a little a small child who hears noises in the night, ever so slowly approaches their parents' room and cautiously pushes their door find them naked and intertwined in a heaving mass of limbs etc.

And, ok, you had C and S share a kiss. And while part of me was "no" another part of me completely understood - especially given the history you created for them. It felt in-character and not out of any sort of romance but just groping for comfort and something to hold onto during the storm created by Dan and Blair and their completely self-involved fcukery.

So, just wanted to give you a shout out and let you know that this fic, despite being unfinished (such a shame - I would have loved to have seen where you took it), was beautifully written and very thoughtful. 24K words is no mean feat and you clearly put a lot of time/effort into it. I teared up in a few's funny...I only just made it through the season 5 eps once and that was over a year ago...but any mention of Blair in that era sparks an immediate and vicious response. I imagine it always will. The Chuck, Lily, Serena scene in the alley sharing a joint will stay with me always - totally believable. I was right there with them. Chuck giving Dan a much-needed dressing down - fcuking delicious! Serena's flashback to the dancefloor with Nate and managed to bring such a...I don't know...a desolate kind of beauty to it? This friendship that has spanned their entire lives, blooming once again against a backdrop of sorrow and betrayal.

You're a very gifted writer. No doubt you're actually doing something beyond fanfic with your talent - in which case, awesome! All the same, you should know that if you ever felt inspired to finish this story a lot of people would love to see your return.

All the best :)
Guest chapter 5 . 3/26/2014
Amazing! Thank you!
jalna chapter 5 . 1/27/2014
Thanks i always think chuck and serena have more chemistry together than serena and nate or dan (they always care more about her than her with them even if she make a scene have her heart broken... in the end she is falling with another man like her mother letting a lot of man behind her still loving her. No one was at her nevel or abble to stand the enchantress beautiful , and also vixen and wild women she is. But chuck with his cold, calculator, ruthless, ambitious way but also strong want and mind can i guess. They both are passionate, too wild for other, always raising from their ashes like phonenix more beautiful, fascinating, their flaws becoming perfection. As for chuck, blair even if he believe loving her never meet his expectation, she seems strong and machiavelic like him, but in fact turn as insecure, weak and so conventional she choose twice another man and i think chuck will realise withhis analytic mind that she doesnt deserve his attention, she never accept the man entirely with his flaws and qualities always trying to change him. Both serena and him share the same past, people always trying to change them because their personality was too strong challenging passionate abd they were afraid to loose them and in the end it happens. Continue its good
sunshineboogie chapter 5 . 8/27/2013
such a pity you abandoned this fic, well that and the fact C and S lost their charm by Ch. 5.

best regards,
Cherena shipper
Guest chapter 5 . 8/9/2013
it is very good and i see that happening blair trying to keep serena to do something that seems bad for her but who in the end could have maker her happy, blaire not undertstanding that serena is different for her and can handle a chuck wher eblair can't. I always think they were something that make them friends but not that much, that make them the same but always so different, something strange because they never try anything where he seduce the most beautiful women but never try that much with her, the most beautiful girl he know. Like they know they were no turning back if they take this road. they accept their flaws and that make them perfect. she is the sun where he is the moon, both strangely too beautiful and fascinationg for living among other people. him, who can be so cold, calculator, cold blood, dangerous, ambitious, and make people wish they never live if he want at a tender age and who prove to be more tough with the year and her the enchantress who made man drooling over her and captivate every man since she had 12 YEARS, when she enter a room, people cant' help but look, she illuminate a room by her mere presence, she is always optimistic, happy, but she is also dangerous for every man who cross her way, she made them fall in love for life, they betray her , they cheat but in the end they never forget about her and she made her life with other man, she seems broken but in fact she was happy a few day after. both of them are phoenix who raise from the ashes. they are too wild for society, they don't try to fit, they don't care about other , they do what they want, don't pretend to be another person and in fact made the society fit them. dan , blair, nate they are so conventional, they try so much too be perfect, they want to change them. only serena is abble to love even the darkest side of chuck and accept him like he is, only him can accept her with her wildest way, her passion for life who match his. thanks it was good
blairswaldorfs chapter 5 . 12/24/2012
I really love this story. I personally prefer CS as friends because to me they've always shared a sibling dynamic in the show but the way you show them in the pre-pilot chapter was beautiful, all of the emotion and the hurt and considering what was shown in the pilot between them this was believable although as the show goes on later it gets less believable (if that makes sense?)

I adore chapter three though, the way you described everything took my breath away. They felt so care-free in that chapter and considering everything that would of been going on at the time, it felt good to read of them having so much fun and just the way you wrote it was utterly beautiful. I love the end bit where they bring the mattress outside and Nate's talking about what happens in the "afterworld" or whatever.

I also would really love to see more of Dan, Blair, Chuck & Serena interactions and I would love to see Blair\Serena talking to one-another and Chuck\Blair talking to one-another. Also seeing more of Nate could never hurt ;D

I also loved the chapter where Serena talks about Chuck being apart of their family, that was really cute, I also felt like you were spot on when Chuck was talking to Dan.

I would love for you too keep going with this story. It's beautiful.
movietvgirl chapter 5 . 12/21/2012
hope you write more!
bbymojo chapter 5 . 12/10/2012
favorite chapter! I always like reading about flashbacks of the njbc, especially between Chuck and Serena because you can just feel that there's a lot of unexplored things there. hope that's not the end of their history together.
Orlytush chapter 5 . 11/4/2012
I just loveee your story! So could you please maybe update?
Paint Me Violent chapter 5 . 10/17/2012
It is beautiful. It is so beautiful! I can't even.
I hope you won't stop the story, because I get a lot of pleasure from reading it and I hope that Chuck and Serena will get together.
Alexxis T. Swan chapter 5 . 9/20/2012
You have to continue this! Its the best GG fic I've ever read, I just get lost in it. I love the way you write Chuck x Serena. Oh and if you need inspiration you should listen to Whatever you like by Anya Marina. It's the sexiest song ever. Please update!

Yours faithfully,

Alexxis T. Swan
annablake chapter 5 . 9/7/2012
Okay, so I suck at reviewing stories in time. Anyway, here it goes. :)

Loved that Serena was the first to initiate sex between her and her boyfriend. It was a pleasant change from how *first time sex* usually is portrayed, with the boy wanting it and the girl hesitating. Then he turned out to be an ass anyhow in the end, but still. I felt awful for S when he just expected her to “perform” again and she was eventually talked into it… Sadly, probably quite a common scenario.

As yuck-worthy as the thought of Chuck and Bart sharing the same woman may be, I do find it pretty realistic… Lol, I don’t want to think about it much, but it definitely feels like it could have happened at some point. Chuck finding it out in such a way was…pretty horrible. Poor kid.

Aw, the Chuck/Serena phone conversation was my favourite scene so far. Loved that S turned to C in such a situation – the screw-up turns to the other screw-up - and Chuck handled the situation wonderfully. Just loved this whole passage so much: “And he tells her so, just so that she won't think he has any other reason to stay on the line with her until the sun comes up, by which point she is finally convinced that she's not going to die and tells him good night—"I mean, good morning," she corrects herself, and laughs her golden laugh.”

Nice to read about Blair being protective of Serena since that’s….not so common these days.

“Her crown has fallen off her head; it is lying on the pavement behind her. Blair picks it up and looks at it. Clutches it in both hands. Then she gives her head a little shake and hurries to catch up with Serena and Nate.” Wonderful imagery. Very subtle.

"Things like...penises?" Lol.

"She did eat ONE French fry off my plate that one—" Lol, I could imagine. Wow, C&S’s make-out session afterwards was hot. And the one at Georgina's place was even hotter... So funny that they once again was interrupted – by Matt. Interesting that he resembles Nate.

“"How did you get so wet?" he asks. Chuck can't hold back an ironic laugh.” Hahaha.

Loved the Chuck/Nate conversation. For once they actually had a serious one and for once Nate gets riled up about something - which interests me. Liked the little hints about Nate being torn between a sense of loyalty to Blair (or old habit/cowardice) and his growing feelings for Serena.

"See, the fact that you know that tells me that there's probably a reason you won," Lol, I agree with Blair.

"'Most likely to get married first.'" Well the school was absolutely right.

“'Why I'm Waiting, and Why It's a Feminist Choice.'" Lol:ing so much at that title.

Aw, it actually moves me quite a bit the way Blair is so concerned with Serena’s well-being here. That’s sweet of her to be so worried. I also get where her worries come from given Chuck’s bad reputation. As I said, it’s such a nice change from the show it warms my heart. (Is it also a slight hint of jealousy I detect there…? Perhaps that’s just wishful thinking on my part.)

"When did they start letting ANYONE into this school?" Well obviously I love this bit. (Me, predictable? Not at all. :)) Love everything which remains me of who Blair used to be. So yeah, that was beautiful to read.

Also loved the hints of Serena reciprocating Nate’s feelings. You might say she runs into the arms of all these guys– including Chuck – to escape her feelings for her best friend’s boyfriend. Or that is perhaps simplifying matters – simplifying Serena – but it might be part of the explanation.

"Then why are you treating me like you barely know me?" she says. There is pain in her voice. "It's like everything between us changed the moment you decided you could fuck me." Interesting! She’s so right… This for Chuck has become a game – a game devoid of the warmth of their friendship dynamic.

“It's the sadness in his voice that finally seduces her. Because she knows that he knows in his heart of hearts that it's not "just some fun. Intoxication is not the same thing as fun. It doesn't make you feel good. It just keeps out all the bad, for a little while.” Wow, yeah, so true. (Sorry for quoting your whole fic, but this is what I tend to do.) I just think you got this so spot on. Perfect description. And about Serena’s motivation, it’s true; it’s not only about Nate but he’s part of it. The fact that two out of two van der Woodsen kids are messed up and act out in various self-destructive ways must say something about their upbringing. I bet Eric’s depression also affects Serena deeply.

And all of sudden the hotness between Chuck and Serena seems more about sadness and desperation than anything else.

"He told us that you already turned in your last project and he's pretty sure you're, quote, 'just putzing around in there,' end quote. But I could go ask him to give us the key, if you want." Lolol, is that Dan? If it is I kind of love him. (It’s almost funny how much I used to like Dan once upon a time.) Lol it was! Brilliant scene between DHumps and Chuckles.

“But you don't know me. Because if you did, you'd turn your back on me and never look back. “ So interesting. This rings very true. From Serena’s perspective that is. I’m convinced Blair sees it very, very differently.

Blair and Serena’s conversation reminded me of how smart and good at reading people Blair used to be. Didn’t exactly approve of her method of keeping C & S apart (I understood B sent that blast immediately), but at least it seemed in character and something she would do as a desperate measure to protect her best friend, and I guess also Chuck in a way. (Or she was also slightly - subconsciously - jealous. Ha, just my pet theory.) She used to be so good at seeing through people’s shit and act upon it.

Aw, that was really cute the way Chuck put on an act for Serena’s sake. Their conversation afterwards killed me though… So sad and filled with so much hurt and anger…

Great phone conversation there at the end between Chuck and Blair. (I’ve enjoyed them throwing barbs throughout the chapter btw, I forgot to mention that.) You feel there is something more between them than “just”...whatever they are. They’re communicating on such a completely different level than Blair and Nate. It’s raw and it’s direct and without pretence. Perhaps it’s me fanwanking again but I’d like to believe there is more there between them than just belonging to the same gang of people. (Well, there obviously will be eventually but I’d like to think there has always been *something* there.)

Okay, so I thought the events of the chapter were masterfully played out and the chapter very, very well-written. One of the best chapters you’ve written in fact. I get your idea: to build up the dynamic in the gang – especially between Chuck and Serena – to “fit” the pilot episode and explain the core relationships dynamics. It’s not easy to get Chuck and Serena to a place where 1.01 feels “organic” (sorry!), but yeah, given the difficult task at hand I think you succeeded. I mean, nothing will ever excuse Chuck’s behaviour in that episode (I still think it’s OOC evil since the writers didn’t plan him as a regular at the time, but whatever), but as far as explaining his and Serena’s mind-set up to that point I think you did a really great job. Brilliant touch making Blair the one who hindered them going any further in the end. It’s funny in a way how easily she managed to do that - since really, Chuck and Serena’s relationship didn’t recover in years (not exactly only B’s fault though) - while nothing either Chuck or Serena ever did prevented DB from happening.

Before reading the chapter I was neither pro or against CS hooking up – I’ve always been more interested in their emotional connection anyway - but the way you built the sexual tension up I actually started cheering for them to go all the way in the end. (Big tease you, lol.) Some of their scenes were very hot indeed. (Especially Chuck’s suggestion of going down on her….dear lord! I wished that to happen tbh. If nothing else, for Serena to enjoy some good sex with a guy who at least half(at the time)-respects her, lol.) But yeah, instead they had the friendship fall-out. It was very, very difficult to read…I won’t lie. It was well-written but utterly depressing. I’m glad they’ve come a long way since then. And about the sex: I guess you've already explored that angle in Criminal so I get that you wanted to do something else in this fic.

So anyway, I HOPE you plan on writing more of this since I can’t wait to read more Chuck/Serena interaction in present time. And more NJBC. (Oh, the photo was a very nice touch btw!)

Truly great!
nereemac chapter 5 . 8/30/2012
So, I'm a sucky reader because I never get around to reviewing - mostly because I only sign in when I'm posting something so I can never remember my password - but I had to post a review for this because it's so completely wonderful.

You have this knack of selling me on things I do not want to see/believe and Chuck/Serena is most certainly one of those things. It's always bothered me that Serena seemed to dislike Chuck so much in the pilot - although I handwaved it as I did Chuck's mother and his rapeyness, as being down to general pilot-weirdness - but this would explain it perfectly.

All your characterisations are absolutely spot-on, which is part of what makes this so great, but the other part is the beautifully insightful glimpses of what's going on in their heads. For example: Serena's sudden realisation of what makes Chuck so seductive; Chuck's coke-buzz making him feel like a Greek god; even Blair's sudden twist of sadness and guilt about messing with Chuck and Serena.

Basically, I have a lot of love for this story, and this chapter in particular.

I also love "Criminal" even though reading it almost broke me. Seriously. So much ugly crying happened. Oof. Anyway. I know you're having trouble getting to the point where you can write it again, but, y'know, I'll just be over here, waiting impatiently and stuff.
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