Reviews for Son of a Witch: Wands and Warriors
YuugiYY chapter 4 . 7/16
You know, love the story, but, based on the picture you chose for the story, you are going to put Gohan in Gryffindor. I dont mean to sound rude or anything, and im sorry if i do, but Gohan doesnt seem, well, Gryiffindor. He seems more Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, because he thinks things through, and he doesnt like fighting. He may be brave, but he just doesnt seem Gryffindor, ya know?
Calcu22 chapter 4 . 6/7
How this is such a great story. I really hope u haven't abandoned it because i am so curious about what direction you will take it. Still, thanks for the great four chapters.
TereseaFae chapter 4 . 5/8
Wow! Very tastefully written with everyone in-character and an intriguing plot! I hope there are plans for further chapters because this is quite refreshing; I love how you've tied these two worlds together.
Azurii chapter 4 . 4/14
I wouldn't think that DBZ and Harry Potter would go together at all, but you are making it work fairly well. Gohan's character is well done and I love that you are making him read background history of magic, instead of him just going in blind and not knowing anything. I can see that Hogwarts is going to be a different place with him around.

I know it hasn't been updated in a while but as you said in the authors note, it doesn't look like it will be abandoned, so I'm clinging to hope.

Quick question, will this be following the Harry Potter books closely? Or will you be bringing in new adventures and plot points? I for one would love the later just because there is so much you can do with fusing these two worlds together. But I would continue to read this even if it isn't the case. You are the author after all.

Oh! And lastly just like to state the bit about Gohan's confusion about wizards not accepting giants in the school so much was fantastic. I just wanted to put that in their because he could defiantly have a great friendship with Hagrid and the animals he has.
Jayyefire chapter 4 . 4/12
This story is super cool! I love the wand especially can't wait to see more!
91Silver chapter 4 . 2/1
This story seems like a lot of fun. I can hardly wait to read more of it.
Link60fly chapter 1 . 1/31
This is good
EvilFuzzy9 chapter 4 . 1/27
This seems like a really interesting premise, and I can't wait to see more of it. Haha, it's always nice to see fics that treat characters fairly and stuff. :P

Also, Shenron-wand seems a bit OP, but then so is Gohan, so it fits. XD
Dustbottle chapter 4 . 1/19
Pretty sure Kinto'un is faster than any broomstick Chichi could buy, and if she was really that worried, she could be taught how to fly, though why she couldn't just disapparate...? Hogwarts starts in September, not November... Um, Gohan, Gohan should have been able to KO a chimera with one hit, and unless it's faster than a bullet, it couldn't hit him...
Dustbottle chapter 3 . 1/19
The last time I checked, you can't apparate to a place you've never been, so how did Dumbledumbass get there? Shouldn't Piccolo know all about Voldmort since Kami was pretty in the know with Enma and immortal people are a BIG FUCKING DEAL in DBZverse? And if he doesn't know, King Kai knows pretty much EVERYTHING and would probably mention it to someone? Chichi's mother died shortly after she was born. I find that comment about McGonagall assigning more homework to Gohan than Chichi ever did HILARIOUS in its inaccuracy. Yeah, magic is totally worth giving up your family for, which it basically is, because spending 8-10 months away from home every year does so much for bonding. Blasting curse? Really? Gohan can blow up planets easily with a ki blast. If someone attacks him, he can dodge faster than any wizard can cast. The only things he would need to learn about is how to uncurse other people who can't move faster than sound and kill people by flicking them with their fingers. I hope you realize Gohan could kill any mortal thing in the HPverse in the blink of an eye. The only way you could hurt him is to surprise him with poison or make him touch something he shouldn't...
Dustbottle chapter 2 . 1/19
Considering the dinosaurs, anthropomorphic animals, dragons, sabertooth tigers, sentient clouds, and ALIENS that regularly run around, I really don't think they wouldn't be aware of winged horses existing. Bulma's mother's name is Panchy, or would be, if it was ever needed in canon, according to Toriyama. Wow, Dumbledore is more of an asshole than I previously thought. Tormenting Vegeta may be viewed as karma, but Dumbledumbass doesn't know that. Not to mention no one deserves to deal with Vegeta's temper tantrums. Considering how much more common magic is than ki manipulation on Earth, and considering they all know that's what Baba uses, I'm having a hard time believing no one knows about magic, especially since Piccolo has the all the knowledge of a 300 year old guardian of the planet in his head.
Dustbottle chapter 1 . 1/19
So what? The wizarding world doesn't have anti-harassment laws? Chichi is Gohan's legal guardian/MOTHER, so if she says NO, it's legal, that's what's happening, end of story, right? Couldn't she take Dumbledore to wizard court and get his ass in trouble for being a crazy fucker? I know this is supposed to be whimsical and funny or whatever, but all I see is a pregnant panicked mother who's husband has died twice and has had to stand by and watch as he son has been kidnapped, beaten, and put in unimaginable danger while she could do nothing, being tormented by an old bastard who has complete disregard for her wishes and wants to take her son and put him in danger AGAIN for no reason. We know there's no reason because HP canon and DBZ canon work out just fine on their own. And don't tell me Chichi couldn't homeschool Gohan if she really needed to. Harry needed to be saved, Gohan does not. Sorry, but all this chapter does is make me think Dumbledore is a complete asshole.
CrimsonSun45 chapter 4 . 12/14/2014
I love it- Please continue writing this
The EverReader chapter 4 . 10/27/2014
Goodness gracious! This story is interesting! I love your story plot and I love how you made everything seem.. well.. fluid. How it flows effortlessly into the main plot. It's a nice twist and I enjoy reading this. Can you please update more and not give up on this story? Its ingenious!
Freefan1412 chapter 4 . 10/18/2014
This is a very well done fusion of worlds so far. Very well done. Like this, the separate histories actually fitting together is what a crossover should be like; it makes sense! It has reason and logic! That fact alone is a reason to celebrate.
Usually, I take a critical look at the first chapters of a crossover and decide from there if I like them and base my reviews of that critical impression. Constructive Criticism. :) But then, occasionally, stories like this are being written where I, for all my practice, don't really have anything to constructively criticize. You are doing this so well (language, writing, Chichi's dialect, Gohan, the fusion of two worlds, etc.) that besides listing my own very biased opinion of in which direction I hope this will go and what I want to see there isn't much I can write. Like for example how I hope instead of the classic golden trio, it'll be Gohan and Hermione who will be best friends. Curveball little changes that'll end up changing the entire Harry Potter plot into something constantly different the more things progress. Things like that.
Now I still wonder, though, how are the power relations between magic and martial arts? I mean, theoretically, Gohan can blow up the planet if he wanted. Can he still do that here? Could magic do that? Or stop it? Can Gohan punch through a shield spell? I'm interested in theoretical things like that. Things that are based off the nature laws of the fusion world.
Great work! Keep it up!
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