Reviews for UnVeiled
excessivelyperky chapter 45 . 5/31
This is a lovely chapter, and I feel for both Celia and Dudley (I hope Dudley makes a financial contribution to Harry's family no matter how much Harry says not to; Celia is going to cost some money).

And Sev did the right thing by making Celia understand that she wasn't the only one - he is becoming more empathetic than he used to be.
marthapreston4 chapter 51 . 5/31
well I am glad he finally fixed it
marthapreston4 chapter 45 . 5/31
Okay having the kids at first was cute but when you continually add more kids its just feels like we are reading about a day care
marthapreston4 chapter 44 . 5/31
Wow he is choosing his wife and abusive parents over his kid what a horrible dad.
marthapreston4 chapter 32 . 5/31
Why would she be voldy mistress she would have been like 12 when he was in power and he was like 70
kitty chapter 61 . 5/15
Did you ever do the sequel? I can't find it anywhere.
lizy2000 chapter 61 . 5/14
Loved your story , now favourited!
Snoella chapter 52 . 5/2
Why is ginny so stubborn? At first i was so pissed off...
Ella chapter 36 . 5/1
Is it okay if i say... I'm sooo pissed of Sirius... He's such a spoiled brat... I never expected gim to be like that!

Anyway love the story! You should write a book...
excessivelyperky chapter 44 . 4/25
I'm glad those two boys are being taken care of (and am glad the wizarding world actually has child services).

Poor Celia...good thing Harry and Ginny are serial adopters, though.
excessivelyperky chapter 43 . 4/17
At least in this story, concussions should be treated properly and taken seriously. Unlike canon.

And I'm glad that Padfoot saved the day, even if he gave Remus heart trouble trying to find him.
Linzlover chapter 61 . 4/9
Please write the sequel! I would love to read it! Great story by the way.
excessivelyperky chapter 42 . 3/18
Very good chapter-I've had those chili cheese chips, in the Muggle world they're known as Nachos Supreme (and they are sooo good!).

And I hope Ron is all right.

Sirius, too, poor puppy!
muumi2three chapter 61 . 3/15
A good wrap-up for this story. It's true to life that a more healthy relationship between Severus and Lily needs them both to admit their culpability, forgive, and move on. Thanks for writing!
muumi2three chapter 40 . 3/15
I'm afraid Mrspurpleduck is correct. Ginny is doing all she can to decrease her milk supply. Just keep on giving the baby everything but human milk, make the dad get up and fix bottles, don't increase nursing time, and no matter how much milk a woman could produce, she'll dry up in short order. Even for a fictional character, it's a bit annoying. I'll try and speed up my reading a bit to skim over the unnecessary details of baby feeding. All the detail makes for a very slow moving story - kids' illnesses too. By the time Rose came down with her little fever, we'd had detailed accounts of Severus ill, Alby ill, Jamie and Sirius ill (at least that was a little different and advanced characterization if not the plot), and Teddy ill. And sick kids aren't any more fun to deal with or read about than colicky babies. I LOVE the premise of the story and am hoping to see some more Sev & Lily eventually. Hoping!
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