Reviews for One More Time
Sparkly Blue Eyes chapter 1 . 2/26/2012
:O :O :O DUDE, I love you! You are an amazing friend and writer! JEEZ, this was Awesome! And Thank you for the birthday wish, such an awesome gift :D I SUCK though, I'm almost finished your 'onsie' things have just been manic BUT I'm giving myself a kick up the ass and will finish asap for you! GOD after this, blood and all of your other amazing stories - you my girl need a treat :P

Loved, how you started the scene up ( My boy sad... really set the scene of what was to come 'Chris ran a finger around the rim of his glass and snorted to himself, trying to count the number times his drink had been filled. He'd lost count. The bartender knew to keep the bottle coming, and Chris kept his money on the bar, so it wouldn't be hard to drown himself in whiskey. No one would tell him no; not in this neighbourhood. Everyone knew what the occasion was, and everyone was giving him a wide birth.' Still, he has the bad boy image - people rightly leaving him the fuck alone! Love the image.

HAHA I do love the entrance :D '"Well well." He said with a grunt. "I know you." The girl swept a hand through her hair, blushing.' First thing I do, order a drink! Good girl ;)

First bit, chills - of course him and Sarah know each other :P '"I think it's safe ta say we know each other." Chris took another drink from his glass and snorted as her face flushed to a deeper red. Scott appeared with her drink and Chris waved a hand in the bartender's direction. "She's on me, Scotty ol' chap." His laugh was dark and short, devoid of any actual smiling or enjoyment.' This bit had me smirking 'She's on me' Nodding head in want :D GOD YES! Love!

BAW, I'm feeling it for him; you captured his emotions perfectly BUT dear lord - even in a dark place he's sexy as hell '"I'm not nice." He grunted. Looking over his shoulder at her, he blinked, trying to recall her name. "Sarah." She blushed again, her fair cheeks turning a mild pink. It only made him snort and shake his head. "You should know."' You should know... CHILLS! Good ones!

( DUDE! '"My best friend died three days ago." He murmured, holding his glass in front of his face. Sarah went still, her pretty eyes shining with pity.' Poor Chris, seriously yes you added angst BUT as always it fit and I'm loving it! You know me, i love a bit of everything ;)

I like the fact she...I, LOL Sarah looked after him (I sure as hell would have!) 'Sarah walked beside him, discreetly wrapping an arm around his waist to steer him straight. Chris sighed and flopped an arm around her shoulders, touching her hair with his fingers. "Goddamn you're hot." She blushed and chuckled.' LOVE the way you write Chris, amazing writing.

HAHA made me smile '"Don't worry." He grunted. "I'm not being an asshole. I live here." She nodded slowly, relief relaxing her back into his shoulder.' Love him 3

Oh hell yes, i was literally nodding! '"Ya got a better one?" They stared for a minute or two, silence saying significantly more than words ever could.' :D :D :D

:O DEAR LORD. Are you trying to kill me? Lust overload! Fucking hell! '"Chris…" Her moan was breathy and whimpered into his ear as he tore open his fly, eager to take her warm entrance in a ruthless thrust. This wouldn't be like before; he was in a haze of lust and need, almost primitive. When his hard dick was free of his jeans, he buried it inside of her. "OH yeah." She cried out into his neck, whining in rhythm with his rapid pace. He was delirious with pleasure, her body wetting every inch of his thick cock. It was never this good; he wasn't going to last.' Straight to it, NOW that is the way to go! (Bowing to the smut queen!)

Oh, my, god... So you are trying to kill me... '"That was…" She started to speak, but blushed further and sat up, looking for her panties on the floor. As she stood to retrieve them, his hand caught her wrist and he pulled her back to the bed. "Uh uh." He grunted. "Not yet."' SUPER CHRIS HOTNESS AND I'M LOVING IT. FREAKING AWESOME!

:O :D :O :D Oh girl, you do write smut brilliantly 'He didn't go straight for her sweet spot, but glided his tongue right down the middle of her open lips. Her hips moved involuntarily and she whimpered hysterically as he licked slowly, idly. It was a mixture of torment and incredible bliss, but he kept her on the edge, quivering for release yet relishing every moment beforehand.' Sarah, what a lucky girl! ;)

BAW! I did laugh and smirk like an idiot '"Ya wanna ride, Miss Sarah?" She nodded, laughing as he jumped off his knees and crawled over her. "So fuckin' sexy." He growled, grabbing her hips to flip them over. This time, it was her impatience that set the pace. The moment she was straddling him, her hand was wrapped around his cock, settling the tip right where she wanted it. In a graceful dip of her hips, she slid him all the way in. Curses rose from both of their lips as she rocked on top, curling her spine to grind her clit against him.' Ya Wanna ride? Damn right! Just wow - blew me away! As it always does!

WHAT a way to finish, god I love this! Feeling like a broken record BUT WOO-FUCKING-WIE! 'Her cheeks were the color of cherries and her body was tightening around him, driving him crazy as she bounced on his screaming cock. They were both breathing fast, abandoning words for noises. When he felt the pooling heat of his climax rise in his shaft, Sarah let out a small whine and shuddered, her orgasm clutching him in a fantastic vice. Growling, he thrust up from the mattress and finished inside her, wrapping his arms around her back to hold her against his chest. Moaning and kissing, they rocked to a slow on his disheveled sheets. And they stayed that way, shivering in delight as their bodies went still.' QUOTING like crazy but damn, this was something else! Just :D :D :D THIS is my face girl...seriously!

:( Heart wrenching, i could really see this... 'Pain was etched into his strong features, the hot shower stream unable to disguise the fact that tears were falling down his cheeks.' Chris :(

Such a gripping scene, my heart strings definitely pulling... '"He was the best guy I knew. Who knows where I'd fuckin' be without him." Sarah closed her eyes and listened to him breathe. After a moment, he reached up and slowly turned the knob, the warm water falling on top of them. The room filled with steam and yet neither moved from the tub, content to simply sit the downpour.' I really do like her compassionate side! :D :D

PERFECTION 'But even with that cold realization in her mind, Sarah felt hope. With Chris squeezing her hand, she understood a second thing about life. Life isn't about getting to the end. It's about enjoying the time you have. And, if you're lucky, someone will carry you with them, long after you're gone.' Right there with you saying goodbye to Chris, it just fit. Everything was perfect and of course i enjoyed! You are the master and i love you my friend. I could feel everything, picture everything - you writing is definitely something to be proud of!

:D Oh and hells yeah, I'm saying the word BEACUSE you just gave me permission to do so... I would LOVE an upbeat romp with Steven, DUDE! As if i am going to turn that offer down! ;)

Amazingly done - enjoyed every word babe! Love ya xoxo