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MirwenAnareth chapter 63 . 5/21
A sweet little chapter. I don't see it as fillerish. Character development needs its place too, and it happened right here. I loved the dream and Alduin's anxiety afterwards. I also loved his reaction, how he fought his own pride. And Alduin's praise to Svafnir? Oh wow! Our dragon boy is all grown up now. :)

I can't say much beyond this, but I definitely enjoyed the chapter. I don't like it when things go too fast, so the pacing you've adopted, along with occasional mild digression, is something I welcome very much. There aren't too many works like this in the realm of fanfiction.

I am a bit sad that you revealed Svafnir's identity here. I didn't guess it (I rarely even try unless I read a detective story or something that can be clearly distinguished as mystery, I like to be surprised) so it was a spoiler for me. I know you meant well by saying it here, but please, don't do this to your readers. Even those who guess often wait to be proven right by the story itself. It is not as much fun when we are told beforehand. ;)

Either way, thank you for the good read.
MirwenAnareth chapter 62 . 5/19
I feel a bit ashamed for writing to you only now, a year and a half after this was finished. A lot has been going on for me so aside from mostly writing my own story, I barely had time for anything else. So I apologize for not supporting you during your writing process, but I will post reviews as I read the rest of your story even when it's finished. Hopefully that will still bring you some joy, even now. :)

Also, since I already commented on chapter 61, I will add this bit here. I think my review from the last time really didn't do the chapter enough justice, so here's a bit that I'd like to add.

First and foremost, I'd like to commend you on refining your writing style. It was great before, but still, I feel like it is developing into something more mature - less flowery, more to the point, and the immersion is more solid now.

What I really love is the psychology of the whole thing. How Freyja constantly battles her own nature, the desire for power. How her own beliefs collide with the draconic customs and Tamrielic politics. And, of course, her goal, the wish for freedom. For a hero of this calibre, freedom is a very brave dream. I'm curious how she is going to achieve it. You stay quite realistic, you don't let her off the hook easily. Her enemies are many, her allies can't be trusted, and all in all, you make it quite apparent that she is pretty much alone in all this. Few people (Odahviing counts as a person) know her secret, and even those few don't know her deepest aspirations. She is truly on her own, and the way you described how she's holding up through all that left me with an immense feeling of loneliness. You know your stuff well.

"But he had not been alone; now he was." Ah, what a powerful sentence. It says so much about Alduin. About his growth as a person, and his feelings. You know, at first I was thinking that maybe this story gets needlessly dragged for too long, but you convinced me it's not the case. You did the right thing by extending it, because Alduin needs this journey, the time to contemplate all that he's been through over that whole time at Freyja's side. Of course he must have realized in the end what the most important thing to him is, otherwise he wouldn't have let her go. But he still needs this to come to a closure and accept this new person that he has become.

It is funny, the way Alduin thinks about Paarthurnax. A true sibling he is, both jealous and reverent. I really like this feel you present in that little bit. And that last sentence, that throws a real punch. A true evidence that Alduin is not the kid-dragon he was at the beginning of the story. I do love character development and you deliver it nicely. This story happens due to your characters' doing and that's something I'll always appreciate. :)

And here's for chapter 62.

"whose very absence was a constant presence in my life" - I love this bit! So poignant and true, I can feel it very deep in me. I know the feeling exactly, and maybe this is where Freyja is in conflict - I don't think she wants to heal from him, in fact. But maybe she needs to realize that for herself.

Continuing on the psychology part, the clash between Freyja the Dragonborn and Freyja the person who wants to be free is so strong here. She does want to dominate, and at the same time, she awants to respect others. I guess I could say she wants to have her own way, but she realizes all too well that the world is not just hers, and that she in facts wishes to serve it too. I wonder if she is going to come up with her own definition of freedom in the end.

Her encounter with Paarthurnax is so powerful, it made me feel this small. :D At first, I was a bit worried, but at the end of the day, I still love Paarthurnax as I loved him in the game. You portrayed him very faithfully, he is true to himself and wise as ever. I would so hug him, if only he'd let me (and I know he wouldn't). :D
Still, Freyja's joke about the harbors made me cackle. It's not the first time I ended up wondering if the Skyrim dragons actually had at least a sliver of sense of humor in them. :))

And that said, Brynjolf really doesn't know his limits, does he? While his jokes are truly funny, he relies on Freyja a bit too much. She could just walk away and give Odahviing a free hand. (Honestly, he was a bit insufferable in this chapter. I suppose that's also a credit to your neat characterization. :))

Oh, Elenwen. How satisfying. She was always such a nasty creature, and now the thought of her paying the price feels really good. I like how she doesn't yield here, because in the end, it's going to contribute to the satisfaction when she finally falls. And she will fall, one way or the other. And seeing her get scared for her little nazi dream, oh, sweetness. Also, well done, Lydia!

Which brings me to the end of this chapter and its super dark ending. I love it! I absolutely adore what you did here, that you don't present Freyja as someone pure, but rather someone who will do close to anything to achieve her goal as long as it fits in her own principles. She has outdone herself here. This is so evil, but at the same time, it can be perceived as just. It is very genuine, a situation I can very well imagine in a medieval setting. So what she is planning is nothing short of a genocide. But one that is brought upon by years of suffering and humiliation. In the end, the Thalmor are going to eat their own medicine. I can't imagine a better plot twist at this place.

And as my last note, I have to praise the atmosphere in the sanctuary. That was so nicely depicted, and even the curious assassins that wanted to see Freyja bargaining with the Night Mother, that was a very nice touch of immersion there. You really have the great combination of skills for this kind of writing - extensive lore and history knowledge, experience and empathy. Of course I can't really talk like I know you, but this stuff shows through your writing and it is amazing that you can put it to practice like this.

Again, sorry for writing so late. I didn't forget you.
Leesulah chapter 72 . 5/9
I could curse you for having me in the grips of your wonderful beyond words story until past 8 this morning. Also for now instilling in me the desire to possess a figurine of Alduin. You had me riding along the waves of their relationship and feeling all of Freyja's emotions. When the rift between them was at its worst and Freyja was withdrawn in herself, I felt her pain all too well and I was brought back to a time when I had been in her exact position after great heartbreak. I wanted to strangle you at that part in unending frustration at separating them, but I kept going only to have the knowledge that they'd one day be together again. I know it's been a long time since you've uploaded anything, but I would love to see what awaits our powerhouse couple after that cliffhanger you left. Even if it's just one-shots, I would love to see more of their (now) matured love. Regardless, I hope that you never stop writing and I wait to see the day that you return.
Sainalone chapter 72 . 1/12
'Magnificent desolation' would be a fitting description of my emotions upon finishing this.

Very few stories have managed to elicit a vivid feeling from me, and this marvelous adventure of seventy-two chapters is one of them. The plot flows neatly and the sentences are charming, witty, and well-crafted. The character development is what I am fond of the most; each character is unique, possessing distinctive qualities such as personality and flaws, and grows realistically as the story progresses.

When the story finally came to a close, I felt lost.

Thank you for this wondrous journey.
Guest chapter 72 . 9/25/2019
Wow this was extremely intense and well written I couldn't pull myself away! I enjoyed this story thoughly.
Bikerdog chapter 72 . 8/13/2019
I love your story. is it finished? If not I can't wait for you to post the next chapter. and if it is will there be in second part?
AshMountian216 chapter 72 . 8/9/2019
'Sanguine, offering me counsel and advice? Maybe the world had come to an end after all.'
Not going to lie, I was very surprised to read this too Freyja. Awe! Look at our dear uncle being the dad of the group now lol but seriously. The thought of him going behind Mehrunes Dagon's back durning the Oblique crisis to keep a Septim blood line? Dang man. And altering a few there's here and there? Bet Sithis the be pissed too. Maybe when the day comes and there's a fight for her soul, Sanguine will team up with Alduin and bring said war?
It was a very hearted chapter regardless, I really do hope there's another sequel but I understand if there's not. Working full time and writing a story to publish is not easy and requires a lot of time and work. But I hope to hear from you on your book!
Untill next the next adventure, see you later! :D
AshMountian216 chapter 71 . 8/5/2019
Oh my goodness! Has it really been a hear since I last read and review this story?! I'm sorry! Between bootcamp and life changes, time has escaped me. This chapter was so worth it though.
I'm honestly glad that Shadowmere stayed with Freyja. I hope she gets the happy ending she decided and reunites with Alduin. Wonder how he is going to fund her tho.
Rasgnarok chapter 1 . 7/25/2019
I won't lie, I will reread this before I can resign myself to one last review. This breaks my heart, but at least your story will always be there, one of those unique stories younger me feverishly screenshotted to keep alive through long hours of commute. See you soon, Myrielle
pedro nyt chapter 72 . 7/20/2019
one of the best elder scrolls fanfiction i've read. i had a hard time getting into this one mainly because the dragonborn had already completed much of the quests but once i read the first couple of chapters i was hooked. i've loved skyrim since i first played it and this has done justice to the hours i've invested in the game.
dingo027 chapter 13 . 7/17/2019
Because of this masterpiece I just remembered a song about Skyrim "Black Wings" by JohannaThe song is about the Dovahkiin who have doubts If she can kill Alduin, It's really worth checking out
missingn0te chapter 72 . 7/15/2019
Thank you for such an incredible story Myrielle, you are truly gifted. What an honour it has been to witness your brilliance. This was more than I could have ever hoped for when I set my eyes on the summary. A lot of laughs, tears and inspiration. Thank you again and please, never ever stop writing!
missingn0te chapter 65 . 7/14/2019
Incredible! "When the tears fell, they did so without shame." I can't tell you what that did to my heart. I love the depth you go into with the lore, it does make me think and open my eyes to more of the Elder Scrolls world. Really excited to keep reading and finish this story - I wonder how this chapter affected Freya.
missingn0te chapter 41 . 7/11/2019
It's incredible how seamlessly you have made this character development. From Alduin's first few chapters, I questioned how their relationship could change but in recent chapters I haven't once thought he was out of character. You have created such a brilliant character from the World Eater, I applaud you!
missingn0te chapter 18 . 7/7/2019
I am honestly so in awe of your descriptive writing, I've never read anything so beautiful. You take the simplest of actions and turn them into a masterful poem. I feel like I am learning so much from reading this story as well as enjoying it
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