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two sided story chapter 70 . 6h
I have not been on ff for years let alone logged in just to comment on a story. That being said I came across this story yesterday and i one day i read all 70 chapters. This charcters and arcs of this story are beautiful and alive. I truly do not regret spending my day off reading this.
thebeastinsideusall chapter 63 . 10/6
I’m curious about the entire sithis debaucle but I can’t wait to see what you do with it
thebeastinsideusall chapter 62 . 10/6
Oh. My. God. I don’t. I can’t. I don’t deal.. holy fucking shit
thebeastinsideusall chapter 61 . 10/6
Shit, Alduin I seriously growing a conscious now. And our dB is just growing more badass. Is she gonna go postal with that want for power? I feel like she will
thebeastinsideusall chapter 60 . 10/6
Oooooooo I wondered if you’d bring in the vampires and the dawngaurd!
thebeastinsideusall chapter 59 . 10/6
I had to break form this story for awhile to breath, your words cut me so deeply that even a healing spell would have trouble keeping up with the blood. Gods I love how you write and I aspire to write my own Skyrim themed stories as well as yours. I needed to break so I could focus on writing my own Alduin story but now I’m finished with that and am writing Miraak, with my author partner of course, and I’m excited to catch up with this intense story as if unfolds!

This chapter... gods. It’s beautiful, simply and extraordinarily beautifully written. I can’t wait to read more!
the dark euphie chapter 70 . 9/14
I forgot how much I love this fic, it's been so long since I've read it.
ddentler21 chapter 20 . 9/13
Awesome story, I’ve rarely read a Skyrim story except a couple crossovers but this is of excellent quality. Better than 90% of the stories I’ve read on FanFiction
tg backslash chapter 70 . 8/28
So I just finished power reading up to this point, read the other side stories and I must say that I absolutely adore the story and characters you've created here. Alduin's personality breathes life into what was (for me at least) a rather boring and droll final boss as well as a few other characters who needed some real fleshing out. I Highly enjoyed your altered version of the sanguine rose quest and your decription of the deadric princes interactions with one another. What is possibly my favorite aspect of this story is the importance and meaning you place behind the thu'um and how that changes the learner and speaker of the words. I tip my hat to you good author and thank you graciously for this decadent story you have created.
NeonZangetsu chapter 70 . 8/23
Can't wait for the next chapter! I neeeeeeeeeeeeed it!
Guest chapter 70 . 8/19
Bro I’m always blown away by your battle scenes. Like wtf. They are so good— you balance actions with dialogue, there’s a flow to it.

I love this story. I’m up way too late than I should be so I’m pretty much inarticulate but yeah. Thank you so much for your efforts in writing this. I can’t wait for the next update!
Guest chapter 70 . 8/12
Been following this story for a couple years now and I am finally decided to write a review now that I know for certain it will be ending. I can’t emphasize enough much my heart would jump with excitement when I saw that you updated it with a new chapter. Besides shipping Freyja and Alduin like mad and playing out the story like a TV series in my head (how would you feel about Emilia Clarke and Tom Hiddleston portraying Freyja and Alduin respectively? Lol), what I admire most about “Dragonrend” is how you have remained true to the lore of the Elder Scrolls universe and TES V: Skyrim individually but have also imbued your own creative liberties into it. You breathed life into your Dragonborn and made her a real and relatable person and humanized Alduin (not just literally, lol) to the point that he questions his original intentions and may just actually change his ways, perhaps altering the course of the main quest’s canon ending entirely (which I do not disapprove of). Not to mention your writing is amazing. You have an aptitude for it that inspires me, as I myself am an aspiring writer. Hell, I am low-key jealous of your mastery with the written word. You’re intelligent, witty, and dedicated to the source material.

Myrielle, I am deeply honored and privileged to have found your fanfic and to be reading it to the very end. And to finish this review, let me just make an appeal...PLEASE, FOR THR LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD, BRING FREYJA AND ALDUIN BACK TOGETHER AND MAYBE HAVE THEM GO BEYOND THE SAUCINESS THEY EXPERIENCED BENEATH THE SHACK!

A reader and fan
Lurking Bullfox chapter 70 . 8/7
Absolutely fantastic chapter! Can't wait to see how you end this lovely story.
BarricadesDemon216 chapter 70 . 8/2
Omg the battle between Alduin and Harkon was not a disappointment. I love the thought of him shouting for the dragon aspect armor and basically 2 powerful foes facing off.

And wait! Is Freyja really devouring the stars?! Will Alduin now go to her? And I wonder how the other dragons will react to him since, you know, he's mortal now.

Love this story and I so cant wait till you update again!
Rasgnarok chapter 70 . 8/2
Oh, oh, I forget at times how much I like your descriptive action. It feels real, and I really can appreciate how you weave the existing lore with near approximations. For some reason, I felt for those Ballistas, the ones that Harkon tore to pieces.

Karliah is definitely a great asset, and I feel she was underrated in the original TES lore - she is Barienzah's descendant! How could she be so reclusive and unimpressive? This description of her is far more like it, and I like it that you kept the Gallus note. She's lost her love, but she remains a fantastic warrior.

Eitherway, I enjoy how our Aldin seems to have learned from his time apart... At the risk of sounding predictable, absence does make the heart grow fonder. And I can't wait for them to reunite, I have the feeling it might be bittersweet. Freyja's wars must have hardedened her, and despite all his love, reaccomodating in the wake of her experiences surely will be hard. I like to think she an find peace in his romantic simplicity. Gods know that they both deserve it.

I look forward to the next chapter, and wish you the best. Keep it up Myrielle, I've followed you for the last 70 episodes of your mad story, and I am cheering you to the finish!
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