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Ragez chapter 69 . 4/10
Bryn and Alduin at again~ Those two have probably the most hostile relationship I've ever seen of two people that aren't actually enemies xD

I think what I've enjoyed most about your writing is the surprising amount of detail and flair you add to each and every action/fight scene. I usually skip completely over those parts with other FF writers, but you consistently manage to make them extremely vivid.

Amazing work 3
NighistheSun chapter 69 . 4/10
I remember starting to read this really early back when there was only 5-7 chapters and read up to about 26 chapters. I then got really busy and wasn’t able to keep on reading. It’s really good to see that it kept on going. Kinda thought there would be around a hundred by now. But considering the amount of detail and effort clearly put in to each chapter 70 is still really impressive. I’m gonna have to reread everything and catch up. Not sure how long it’s gonna take. But I’m really excited to continue reading this amazing story. Keep up the good work.
WordOfVoid chapter 69 . 4/5
Boy oh boy, this just keeps getting more and more interesting. Every time I read a chapter of this fic, it makes me want to play Skyrim again. Myrielle, you do such a great job at expanding upon the possibilities. If the events of the game weren’t constrained to the limitations of video game media, I truly feel like these would be possible occurrences in the elder scrolls universe.

A YouTuber, MrRhexx, discussed the topic in detail a long time ago, but it’s pretty easily accepted that, not all the quests in skyrim were carried out by the same person according to canon. After all, it would be strange for the dark and murderous Listener to be the same person as the heroic Harbinger. The games are played from the same person’s perspective, but the lore books in the next game will more or less imply the the Arch Mage and the Nightingale were different people. It also seems that the only quests which the Dragonborn was canonically a part of were the ones which directly refer to the player as “Dragonborn” as part of the quest. That only really includes the main quests and the civil war (even in Dawnguard, there is a whole set of dialogue where Durnehviir recognizes you as Dovakiin).

Your fic throws that little rule on its head and instead asks, “What if the Dragonborn DID get involved with the other events throughout the game?” After all, if the Dragonborn really did become the Listener, Sithis would want to bolster his favor with her by teaching her powers that none of his previous followers could hope to learn.
When you take the places and people out of the computer-generated video game and write them as real, living, thinking, dynamic individuals it only makes sense that this change to the canon fits so perfectly.

I just love the way you let your thoughts out into the story. It doesn’t feel like you are writing in a straight line towards the finale like so many authors get trapped into doing. Instead it feels like the story just keeps writing itself based on events which occurred in the first chapter. Instead of the characters just reacting to sudden events as they pop up, it feels like the events perpetuate each other, naturally leading to their own natural climax. It feels good to read something in which every sentence is thought out with as much scrutiny as the last, instead of an entire story being written straight to the same ending as it foreshadows at the beginning.

You are doing great Myrielle, there is no need to rush yourself because that ending isn’t going anywhere. It’ll still be there no matter how long it takes for you to catch it. :)
Guest chapter 69 . 4/1
Julbot1 chapter 69 . 4/2
Smut should be fine to do as long as you bump the story rating up to M. Unless they introduced some new policy banning it all together, it should be fine.
Pure Happenstance chapter 69 . 4/2
This is getting ever more interesting. Thank you for never sticking to the in-game storylines. Side characters are never just side characters, and the dignity and respect that you give to them is inspiring for my own works.

Gelebor and Serana? Love it! I had never considered those two, but it’s marvelous in its perfection. You romantic, you.

Speaking of romance, Alduin and Freyja need some. Touchy-feely, yes, but most importantly I want to see a quiet, tender moment full of deep and vulnerable communication, without battle and death looming over them. They need to be able to simply be with each other, no barriers or bridges or proverbial hammers poised to fall, just to be joined in love and understanding. Peacefully. They deserve it. If Odahving, Gelebor and Serana have to stand guard around some remote mountain cabin to accomplish this, so be it. Alduin has earned that from the latter two, playing third wheel sucks.

Sorry I forgot to review the last chapter; life happened. But it was wonderful, and I always have to restrain myself from shrieking with delight upon seeing your updates. I only check for updates at night you see, and I don’t want to wake up my gremlins. Toddlers, I mean. Toddlers. Darling little children, whom are finally asleep...
areslindragon chapter 69 . 4/1
Finwee Lord of Long Winds chapter 69 . 4/1
Whew. That was a heated moment.
CabooseHelpsU chapter 69 . 4/1
I admit I was lost on what was happening between Alduin and Brynjolf, but it's been some time since B was in the story. Certainly makes for good entertainment!
What really got me was the Dawnguard staying in their own fort, rather than attacking like in the game. The more I think in that, the less I can argue against that.
All in all, and excellent update for Alduin. Do you intend to alternate chapters between him and Freyja?
Lord Damon Markloff Darkling chapter 68 . 3/26
Looks good. Update?
ArtimuosJackson chapter 68 . 3/26
What why does Freyja have to be some descendent of Septim bloodline, Reman was a Dragonborn but never related to Alessia or Tiber Septim never related to any of them and choosing various races in game is the main point that heroes can come from anywhere they don't have to related to previous ones. It's so much similar to Star Wars Last Jedi fans crying about that Rey should be some granddaughter or daughter of some fabled Jedi or otherwise the movie is trash.
Madokasdeliverys chapter 68 . 3/20
Hey, remember when you said that you were finishing this story in two chapters about half a year ago? That was a funny joke.
In all seriousness, it's been such a privilege to have been reading this fiction for so long. I think I first hopped on when you were only 10 chapters in or so, so about 5 years now. So much has improved since then, the way character's think, how you describe actions and scenery, and the most I've noticed this with is Freyja. She's complex: She's done terrible things, but still attempts to do what she thinks is best. She's been chewed up and spat out by the world, but still tries to make emotional connections with others. I could go on, but at this point, I don't think I'm saying anything that hasn't been said before by other readers.
And your skills don't stop at that. Even though we've all played Skyrim for 7 years now and could recite the plot from memory, you mix what has been established with your own twists on existing campaigns and use the established lore to make originals that could very easily have been added to the game.
All I'm really trying to say is that you're amazing, this story is amazing, and I can't wait to see what's next.
P.S.-There had better be enough Loki in Infinity Wars to kick your muse into high gear.
Draed chapter 68 . 3/21
Foreshadowing is just cruel...
I like it.
areslindragon chapter 68 . 3/21
Dun dun DUN
flying metal child chapter 68 . 3/20
I'm so happy the Muse has struck! I have to say, I love Tolfdir. He was so much fun to listen to in the quest at Saarthal. I must go back and play, but I'm actually doing a replay of Oblivion! Ulfric's musings are...hmm... I never liked him, but he does have depth and I think he sincerely believes in his cause. I wish Skyrim itself had explored him more. This is the last time he sees Freyja. It gives me chills.
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