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Tristian Im chapter 24 . 9/12
Sorry for the sappy review here but I needed to say something...

I have read this story twice already and I have found it to be one of the best "after the battle" fics I have found so far! I find myself welling up with emotion just as I would have done reading the original series. This is a direct link to how good your writing skill is. The portrayal of how everyone has been deeply affected by PTSD from the battle is very thurogh and steeped in deep emotion.
I find a deep hole in my gut when there isn't another chapter to read... lol.
So please health and time permitting continue to let your work of art flow..
Sincerely TI
Guest chapter 10 . 8/27
I'm enjoying the story immensely! Just wondering at the absence of Percy in this chapter when it was decide Ginny & Harry were going to tell the family of their engagement?
Rose099 chapter 24 . 8/24
Update please
bkerrmom1 chapter 24 . 8/10
Excellent story! I am looking forward to seeing what comes next !
bkerrmom1 chapter 17 . 8/10
I love this story sooooo much ! I am glad to see you make Ron have to face the consequences of his actions. I am impressed with the slow build up and thorough character building with the Weasley's and Harry. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next !
RAVENCLAWDISTRICT1 chapter 24 . 7/29
I always enjoy your stories the are some aspects I don't like with other writers that I adore from you
Guest chapter 18 . 7/19
This whole fix doesn't feel right... also it's way too obvious that Ginny is one of your favorites characters...
ObsessedRHShipper chapter 4 . 7/20
I think this fix should be changed to remove Ron/Hermione as a pairing. This seems to really be a Harry/Ginny fix, which seems to be your focus in your other writings as well.

While Ron/Hermione are coupled on your fox, they are not the focus and you don't seem to like the characters very much. While ron can be insensitive, he has only mentioned Harry not having parents insensitively when he had a horcrux on. It also looks like you are adding unusual friction between Hermione and Ginny, and Hermione not being head girl - that is as au as it comes.

Good luck with your story.
speedsONEandONLY chapter 24 . 7/19
Green and Gold

I love that little boy.

I hope Clover works out.
mistbornlax chapter 1 . 7/18
Ok...kind of strange, but I agree with Ron here! I would NOT speak for Malfoy (I'd refuse to testify if I were in Harry's shoes - ok: Unless Malfoy coughed up at lot of money (at least half of the Malfoy fortune!)...even Heroes have to eat and Harry's small vault isn't going to last forever!)...that bully needs a large slice of humble-pie and prison will give him that in spades!
Tomon chapter 24 . 7/17
Very nice chapter and currently it seems that everything and everyone is ready to ride into the sunset :)
And honestly? After everything they been through they probably deserve to enjoy their well won peace. Still it probably won't be that easy :)
Good job.
carbo21 chapter 24 . 7/17
This was a nice present on a hot Sunday in DC! Glad to see an update!

I have to say (and probably again) that I really enjoy your psychological take on the characters. I could see Ron acting out the way he has in your take. And I can see Hermione's uncertainty in her role at Hogwarts. So enjoying this!
Teufel1987 chapter 24 . 7/17

Although, when someone tells her brother "I am a harpy" I personally feel that there should be a comeback along the lines of "well, they always say that admitting you're having a problem is the first step towards overcoming it" from said brother.

It's too golden an opportunity to pass up!
EmlynMara chapter 24 . 7/16
There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Sounds like Ginny made a new friend and her future sounds bright. And there is even some genuine reconciliation between the Weasleys.

So fun to read about Harry and Seamus with Teddy at Easter. Sounds like the three of them had a marvellous time.

So nice to see another chapter of this wonderful story.
Doom Marine 54 chapter 1 . 7/16
I like this. Do you?

( /g/122557/)
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