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ladygraywolf chapter 90 . 8/1
I love this story. You did a fantastic job on it...Thank you so much. Can't wait for the next one...I'm glad that you put the two couples into one wedding. And that Kyoko and Catherine got to stay close.
ladygraywolf chapter 83 . 7/31
I think that since Ren and Kyoko are now married, that she should tell Yuki in private and then together tell Ren and Lory since Kyoko already knows and then decide if they want to get married themselves or not. I think they should get married. Maybe have a double wedding so Lory can plan the wedding, that would make him happy along with Kuu and Julie. Then make sure she has the baby before the end of the story.
ladygraywolf chapter 50 . 7/31
I think Kyoko thinks to much about things, to the point where she talks herself out of important things that need to be done. I wished someone would write something that gives her more confidence in her self or lets her listen to what her heart says and not just her brain. She lets her grudges run her life to much. She can't grow unless she learns to forgive and let her heart heal.
This is one of my favorite stories, it really makes ya think about things that people go thru in life. And makes ya feel like you aren't the only with these kinds of problems when dealing with other people.
I'm guessing the person that is threating her is her mother.
ladygraywolf chapter 35 . 7/31
It's strange how Ren and Kyoko always have the same dream at the same time..It's like their souls are connected to each other. Too bad Kyoko doesn't get the connection.
ladygraywolf chapter 15 . 7/30
You're right he does always get left out when it comes to romance. It's nice to see him included. He sure gets excited doesn't he. He's is usually the one to make these stories funny. He's one of my favorite people.
Assassel chapter 89 . 6/7
Well, I do like the story but I felt weird because Catherine became the main person of this story. And the Skip Beat characters became the supporting characters for Catherine. I do like her role but it's more like of a cross-over of Skip Beat characters with a canon character.
Esgelneril chapter 90 . 5/25
I want to thank you for your story . I was swept away in it and was sad to see it finished. Your amazing , don't let anyone tell you different.
Ashenvale chapter 90 . 5/18
2 thumbs up. It was a bit refreshing to see yashiro with a brand new leading lady. just sometimes it feels like catherine is the main female protagonist. i also love that moment when kyoko was shot :D.
Pam chapter 83 . 4/18
after they go back to LME and get everything straight with Lory, he spring another wedding celebration on Ren and Kyoko which turns out great . Kanae and Catherine are the bride maids and Maria as the flower girl. Yuki is the best man. Lory gives away the bride who is dressed in a beautiful dress with fairy wings but they aren't real pronounced and are very transparent, glass slippers and a small tiara with her veil. Ren is dressed in a black tux with silver cumberbund . The colors for the rest of the party are a pale blue with silver sparkles and a faint rainbow of soft colors that show when they move. The big surprise for Ren and Kyoko is when Ren's parents walk in which excites Kyoko cause she gets to see her father again and meets Julie who just falls in love with her.
When everything quiets down Kyoko and Catherine finally go to the doctor and find out that Catherine is definitely pregnant. But Catherine can't decide how she is going to tell Yuki cause she doesn't want to lose him, but she also doesn't want him to feel that he has to marry her, she wants him to want her for herself . So she and Kyoko decide to ask him a bunch of hypothetical questions to find out how he really feel about her. He says that he loves her with all his heart and would do anything for her, but he's afraid that once the job with Kyoko is over she will leave . Then one day while walking thru the park not far from LME Catherine decides to ask Yuki to marry her, now remember he doesn't know she is pregnant. He looks at her with his mouth hanging open and his eyes glazed, stumbles back a step to make sure he heard what he thinks he heard. He smiles at her and says a positive yes. She then walks up to him and hugs him and gives him a deep passionate kiss. Afterwards they stroll back to LME and as they walk up to the door Ren and Kyoko walk out of the building and see the two of them acting kind of strange. Ren asks whats up and with out missing a beat Yuki starts to squeal and giggle while Catherine just stands there and smiles, she winks at Kyoko then Kyoko starts to smile and get excited, Ren can't figure out whats going on but puts on his gentleman smile. Kyoko sees it looks at Catherine who nods which lets Kyoko know she can tell Ren, who after he's told hugs and Catherine and congratulates both of them. Kyoko decides then and there to hand Catherine a card that says Whos a papa, when opened it says yous a papa. She lets Catherine decide what to do with it. She gives her a big smile and a wink and hands the card to Yuki. Ren already know what going on and stands back so he can watch the expression on Yuki's face. Yuki looks at it and then at each person standing there wondering whats going on. Catherine tells him to open it. He reads the card and a smile covers his face from ear to ear , looks at Catherine and says really ,she says really, he says really really, she says yes. He grabs her and holds her tight letting himself calm down the looks at her and kisses her. He tells her he so happy , but then asks her how far along she is, she tells him about three months. His jaw drops and ask why she didn't tell sooner and she explains she was scared how he would react and that she wanted him to love her for her and not because of baby. He hugs her again and whispers you silly girl in her and Kyoko watch with loving smiles on their faces then hugs them both.
Guest chapter 69 . 4/18
love it its so funny the reactions and thoughts that go thru mens mine.
Diafthora chapter 59 . 1/2
Don't let the critic get you down! Do you know the saying about thinking outside the box? I think its a great quality to have and it would be sad to abandon it just because your bullshit filter misfunctioned ;) I take great joy in reading that story as I already know canon and don't need it retold. Stick to your style and take pride in your work :)
misherukuro chapter 27 . 11/27/2015
Thanks for the read. ~,~
anonymous chapter 59 . 9/4/2014
Since you asked for opinions on whether this story really felt like Skip Beat, I will give my two cents. :)

I will start by saying that I do rather miss the focus on characters and acting. Many of the plot elements such as acting jobs feel very vague and glazed over. In this respect, this fanfic is noticeably different from Skip Beat, which is built around the acting (and all the characters and people Kyoko interacts with over time) AND the relationships. Also, the fact that characters other than the main 4, and sometimes Lory, have hardly any presence in the storyline at all is another major difference, as many characters such as Sho and Kanae have been quite a large influence in Kyoko's life. The drama, I will also admit, is more extreme and prevalent than anything we have seen in the Skip Beat manga, however, it is in no way unrealistic in the way in which it has been presented, at least so far as I have read (though I still have yet to find out the source of this persistent twist in Kyoko's life ;) ).

Having said this, despite these differences, this is an excellent story to read. It is clear how much work and effort has been put into the storyline and character development and interactions. Ren and Kyoko are portrayed very well and much more true to character than I have seen in most of the fanfics that I have read in the past. Anyone missing the acting or additional characters in your story can still take solace in the well done Ren/Kyoko relationship development and the, while not entirely Skip Beat, still very engaging and pleasant to read Yahiro/Catherine additions to the story. The drama also adds some suspense to the reading.

While perhaps not entirely Skip Beat as it was originally intended, you have done an amazing job in your writing, and should be proud of the excellent work you have done. Keep writing, and thank you for sharing all of your hard work with us! _
anonymous chapter 54 . 9/4/2014
Just a note, as it is a common misunderstanding: A steel does not sharpen a knife but hones it. When you cut with a knife, the edge of the blade will begin to roll over to one side, dulling the blade. If left to become completely rolled over and dull, the knife needs to be sharpened on a stone, which removes metal, in order to regain its edge. However, you can maintain the edge for longer by honing the blade, which entails running the edge of the blade along a steel in order to push the rolled edge back into place. Honing does not remove metal. Also, since they are in Japan, you might be interested to know that most Japanese metals are harder than normal, so the edges can be formed and held at thinner angles. This means that the blade is sharper, but that because of the hardness, the blade is most likely to simply dull and require sharpening rather than honing, though it will take a while before that happens. I am not even sure that honing steels are made for this type of steel. Harder steels and thinner edges mean the blade is also more brittle and should not be used for something like slicing through bone or the metal can chip or break. The most common kitchen steel used in knives in the culinary industry are German steel. These are typically honed each time you take it out to cut. The butcher's steel, also known as a kitchen steel, is made of the same metal as the knife, so that it will simply push the metal of the blade's edge. If the steel was made of softer metal than the blade, the blade would simple carve up the steel. If it was of harder metal, it would take metal off the blade and effectively be sharpening, not honing. For butchers, Swiss steel is a popular choice. Swiss steel is softer than German steel. Butchers can quickly and easily hone a razor sharp edge onto the blade, though it must be done more frequently throughout the cutting process. Softer steels are also harder to chip, so they are good for meat cleavers, which can be used to cut through bone. Though probably unnecessarily long, I hope this note was somehow useful and informative. I have greatly been enjoying your story, and think that, for the most part (Sho was OC, but you already explained why), you have done exceptionally well at keeping the characters true to the originals. Ren and Kyoko, in particular, I have been impressed with, as many fanfic authors will often portray him as having no movement, too much aggression, or too little restraint and her as being either too extreme, too cold, or ditsy. Your portrayals give the characters development without it seeming forced, and for that I thank you. Cheers! :)
anonymous chapter 15 . 9/2/2014
I like Kat for Yashiro, and that daydream was very well done. I was blushing nicely just reading it, and then I had to take a second to shake it off when I realized that it wasn't real. lol Well done, indeed. _
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