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Remembrance123 chapter 2 . 2/20/2014
Ooooooooooooo okay, now I'm hooked. :X I need to know what happens next, haha!
Vixen2004 chapter 2 . 1/7/2014
You breathe life into these two characters in a way I did not think possible.

There were so many lovely prose in here, but fanfic won't let me copy and paste, and this is agitating me greatly. From memory, then: the line about "if it were more pronounced, it could have been a sigh" was pure genius and the last "they try to let go of what never happened" was beautiful, too. Where do you come up with this stuff? You just state things and they sound so ... elegant.

I honestly felt like I was standing there with Yeul during the rainstorm. You did a fantastic job of describing it. I was getting physically uncomfortable - cold and stuff. And I also felt inexplicably dirty. Oily, I guess would be the right word. You certainly do know how to take the reader, grab them by the neck, and take them for a ride. I did not expect to feel the dire need to shower upon reading the first paragraph. Nicely done.

Also: the little details you throw in there about Yeul, rather it be her fears or her need to ascertain some sort of skill, really do bring her to life. There was so much more that could have been done with her character through out the game, and I am glad to see somebody is taking the initiative to pick up the slack and actually DO it.

Caius, too, I find is becoming more of a person rather than a vehicle for feathers and angst. I dismissed him as another two dimensional villain when I first started the game, but after reading this and going back to re-watch all relevant cinema, I have to say that once again I was (eegasp!) WRONG.

And I do so enjoy being wrong when it comes to character interpretations. Being persuaded to see someone through a different sort of light, compliments of a riveting discussion or well written story, is truly the power of words.

A power which you seem to possess, m'dear.

I not only am beginning to love the characters individually, I'm also falling in love with the way they interact as a whole. Just the way they respond to each other, and the little side comments you seem to throw in there almost as an after thought (yet they resonate so loudly) really make the couple's relationship journey off the page.

I often wonder what inspired you to write this fic in the first place, for I may have seen fleeting glimpses of potential here and there during game play, but I never would have thought to extrapolate on their experience to the point of a separate narrative.

Nice work. Now I'm dying to learn more.
Vixen2004 chapter 1 . 1/3/2014
This was so lyrical.

I mean, seriously. You turn stringing what would normally be mundane sentences together into an art form. And you don't even need to use bombastic vocabulary to do it - you use words in such a way that they are powerful despite their simplicity. This is a talent I truly envy.

I loved loved loved the interaction between Light and Caius in this fic - their dialogue was woven together so expertly - and they both remained in character even though they weren't trying to kill each other. (Did I sense some sympathy emanating from Lightning? Delightfully executed, by the way. I know few others who could actually pull off a convincing sympathetic Lightning - towards Caius, no less.)

You did a fantastic job of showing Caius' remorse without turning him into a melodramatic fool. This is another feat that I envy and few could accomplish. Yet you pull it off with such ease. Not fair. XD

"He is telling the truth. He is lying through his teeth."

I adored that line.

Also the way you deftly navigated Yuel's untimely demise while throwing in just enough detail concerning Serah and Noel to make the entire thing come together was refreshing to see. I find the accumulation of little details you chose to exemplify in the fic come together to form a most intriguing whole.

I also liked the way you handled the Cieth (there's a comma in there, I just don't know where, ha) and your narration concerning the physical attack on Yeul. You even managed to make a random enemy encounter sound poetic. Curse you and your literary talents.

I loved the last line, by the way.

"Bring her home."

I feel like I have a better understanding of this scene in-game after reading your fic, which is really what good fanfic is all about, isn't it? Extrapolating on the material that has already been given, and sometimes making the consequential scene better than the original. (Shhh, don't tell Squeenix I said that. Actually, on second thought, yell it from the roof tops - see what they do. Maybe you'll get hired.)

I've read this a total of three times now. Just figured you should know. ;)

(I can't help it - every time I read it, I find some new nugget of brilliance to awe over. This is entirely your fault and not mine. SO THERE.)

Keep writing. You are helping redeem an almost irredeemable game.

(I mean, besides the characters - I was just referring to the plot and - oh, never mind, you know where I stand on that, I inundate you with PM's all the time. XD)
saltedpin chapter 2 . 4/28/2012
Oh wow, I'm so glad I finally got around to reading this - the way you write both Yeul and Caius is lovely, your handle on the characters is just gorgeous. Love the way you portray their relationship, too - very gently done :)

Thanks so much for the lovely read and very much look forward to the next part :)
drinktea chapter 2 . 4/5/2012
Wow, wow, wow. You've knocked it out of the park again with this one. It would absolutely be chilling to discover these parts of yourself you didn't know existed, especially things connected to your own death. When Yeul tasted something rotten in the rain, I quickly realized that it was linked to 400 AF, and I literally felt goose pimples rise on my arms. God, that's creepy. The way you had Yeul discover the other things were just as sad and frightening.

I'm glad to see that you expanded on this Yeul's personality, too. The previous Yeul you wrote on had her small scared moment, but this Yeul had a desire for a skill in machinery, and you focused on it, even. I'm glad Caius hung around the edges for this one, but he was in character, too.

Your closing paragraphs were perfect. Very memorable.
wynteralchemyst chapter 2 . 4/1/2012
This was really detailed. I loved how you made this chapter feel completely realistic. I thought it was really interesting how you very naturally had Yeul feel alienated first by the rain, then crowds and finally cie'th as a way of having her feel the strange sort of connection to the alternate timeline. Also, kudos to writing about the Yeul in a parallel time! I've never considered that before, and it's genius.

As far as constructive criticism goes, I do have to say that I was confused about where on Pulse the story was taking place until I got halfway through the story. You may have mentioned where the setting was going to be in the first chapter, and if so I don't remember.

And it will be really interesting to see how our perceptions of early Paddra will be similar and differentiate! :)

A very good read, as always!
Zaz9-zaa0 chapter 2 . 4/1/2012
Don't be so quick to disregard that 'blasphemous' thought, Yeul. ;)

I love the pacing of this, the steady progression of the overlap in memories (and want to hug little!Yeul so badly). Perhaps my favorite of all is Yeul's motive for investigating the scutari. And Caius's devotion through good or ill, too.
Gunzaimyx chapter 1 . 3/17/2012
I don't know what to say! This is a sweet yet really touching story. It puts my mind at ease to know maybe this was where Caius was during that tragic moment in Academia. Well written and lovely details, esp his inner thoughts. I really love the beginning with the holding hands tightening. It broke my heart!
Dawn Destiny chapter 1 . 2/29/2012
You think the amount of CaiusxYeul fics are sad, imagine how a NoelxYeul fan such as myself must feel! Anyways, I do like this pairing as well. Nicely written!
Hikarin-Love chapter 1 . 2/29/2012
Excellent! I'm glad someone has taken up the task of these two, they deserve so much more credit than they're given. This piece was marvalous! Although Lightenings appearnce was a bit odd to me, but I don't mind.

I look forward to reading more, and I'm glad you're going to write more!

barefootbean chapter 1 . 2/28/2012
Oh my goodness this was wonderful to read. I have been curious as to when the fantastic authors would start to show themselves and it seems lots are appearing at once!

As it stands, this was very beautifully written, and the bit with Lightning at the end was both different and very interesting to witness. I sincerely look forward to more of these one-shots as your writing is very lovely. :)
AtheyChan chapter 1 . 2/28/2012
The last scene with Lightning was an especially nice touch. Loved it. q u q
Random Person chapter 1 . 2/28/2012
Wow...this is amazing. I'm speechless. :-o

And yeah, you're right, there's not many Caius and Yeul fics out there. It's awesome that you're writing this collection! And you did an awesome job on this one. I would try to constructively criticize you, but considering English was not my first language, I think I'm in no position. xD

Loved the relationship between Caius and Yeul. And Lightning's scene. I think it's cool that you're going to be writing pieces where there are different relationships. I can't wait to see the future ones. :-)

Have a good day!
Yumeno chapter 1 . 2/27/2012
Thank youuuu for this OS ! D

I was desperate to see two or less fictions on Caius/Yeul ! While they are a so lovely pairing ( well... Yeul is rather young but who cares. With synthetic images, we can imagine what we want. )

This first OS was... poignant. And I totally agree with drinktea: you have perfectly transcribe the characters' emotions with all their complexity ( the fear of Yeul, for example, which we can not really see in the game itself. Well, she is maybe used to die again and again, but that's pretty scary to see the way we will die, in my opinion, and we can't accept it just saying "Ok, fine." ).

I like as well the conversation between Caius and Lightning. I think that is more... humane, than slug it out without asking any questions on the other. Yes, Lightning knows Caius' purpose, but she can understand why he does it, for the reasons you explain in the end.

I wish you will make a lot of fanfics like this one ! D

( sorry for my mistakes, I'm French and if I can read English fictions, I can't write a very correct review as I can do in my native language " )
rhf1229 chapter 1 . 2/26/2012
wow. really well-written little stories. I hope you write more about caius/yeul, even though I don't really see them as necessarily a romantic couple.
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