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THE CREATOR chapter 56 . 8/11
Lovin' it so far. Anyways, I got an OC, if you're interested. I've already gotten her into two other Fanfics.
Name: Zero
Gender: Female
Physique: Wears a black hooded robe and a visor over her eyes, or lack of eyes. Has long silver hair and pale skin.
Personality: Skiddish, shy and untrusting around other humans, but kind and trusting towards all Pokemon. When a Pokemon is threatened, she reacts harshly and sometimes violently.
Backstory: Zero spent the first few years of her life much like Natural Harmonia (N) did; In the wild and surrounded by Pokemon. She quickly bonded with the Pokemon around her. At the age of ten, she and her family of Pokemon were all kidnapped and experimented on using DNA of other Pokemon and even Shadow Pokemon by a small team of rogue scientists. Zero was the only survivor. She spent six years in that facility watching as her family eventually all died off from stress and pain as they underwent the same experiments she did. The Pokemon DNA gave her use of Pokemon moves and abilities. The Shadow Pokemon DNA did the same, but at a cost. Her eyes. The Shadow Pokemon DNA ate away at her eyes after the scientists directly injected both DNA's into her eyes, directly to the brain. After her six years spent there, she used her powers to break free and destroy the base, along with everyone in it.
Abilities: Zero has the heightened senses of Pokemon, along with their attacking moves, save for the Legendary-specific ones. She also gained the Power of a Shadow Pokemon, along with the backlash that comes with using that power. She uses two Shadow Moves and Hyper Mode activates, damaging herself and putting her in extreme pain. Her Shadow DNA does not, however, inhibit her ability to grow stronger like it would with a Pokemon.
Other facts: Zero is more Pokemon than Human, despite looking like a normal human. She has trouble understanding and saying long words, making her look childlike in terms of intelligence, despite being exceptionally smart due to her Psychic DNA. Zero was once actually caught in a Pokeball by a young trainer after shortly after she escaped the labs after the trainer watched Zero make a campfire using Ember. She escaped from the ball and fatally injured said trainer in a mixture of blind panic and rage.

I hope you take a liking to Zero enough to put her into your story.
WyldClaw chapter 1 . 8/11
wow! what an awesome start
MidsummerMoonlight99 chapter 56 . 8/10
Wow, that was unexpected. I kinda feel stupid only thinking that spiritnymph had one evolution path. You totally caught me off guard. A psycorn sounds pretty awesome too so I am excited to see what you have planned for her. Thanks so much for going into detail about how Connor crafts the stones, it was really fascinating.

And man, Farrah's a total hag! I like how you developed her in this chapter. The fey are traditionally fickle. Depending on the tale faeries are either whimsical tricksters or malicious fiends. I love how you made Farrah a sort of blend of both of them. She looks pretty on the outside but she's got a nasty streak in her. The whole accent thing was a bit odd though.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
Manser77 chapter 56 . 8/10
Dang, I was pretty close. Welp, we get to see the more human side of Farrah this chapter. I just hope that she isn't completely dead to Gus yet. She seems like she's going to be a really interesting character if you can get that right blend of Mysticism, Pride, and Selfishness.
Manser77 chapter 55 . 7/26
So I'm not far off huh. Maybe she's like the sister or cousin of the gym leader? Or maybe, she's a half gym leader like Tate and Liza. Either way she's a fun character and I hope she gets more screen time.
fenyxfire12 chapter 55 . 7/26
Hi, YamiRuss, I love this, it has the same basic plot as the games, but has enough twists to be a Japanese anime, Good work, this is the best Fanfiction I have read yet, and I have read a lot, Can you put my character into the game, I know he sounds weird:
Name: Ross

Age: 15, but acts much older

Sex: Male

Physical features: Average height, brown ear length hair with fringe combed to the right (always to the right!), blue eyes that always seem to have a bored look to them, thick eyebrows that are a lighter shade of brown to his hair, a tiny nose, and a small mouth that doesn't ever seem to be smiling. He often wears a grey trench coat with gold buttons and trim, blue dress pants, coal black steel capped shoes and a dark orange shirt. He wears his mothers necklace, a fire type symbol made out of ruby, under his shirt, and he rubs when he feels unsure or angry.

Personality: Like I said before, He acts old, often chastising the protagonist for his immature behaviour, but secretly wants to be the same, though he would deny it if Gus asks. Ross finds it hard to understand emotions, and often says the wrong thing to make things worse. Because of this, he tends to avoid other people, and his dark attire and silent way of walking often makes him invisible, for he was one of the people at Cuprum ranch, hotel & casino, yet nobody noticed him.

Occupation: He became a millionaire after his parents died, but he doesn’t like that kind of lifestyle, preferring a life full of excitement, so he became a Pokémon trainer to start his journey to collect all badges, just so he doesn’t have to waited on, hand and foot in Aurum city

Aspirations: He wants to become ‘free’, free from behaving so many responsibilities, and believes he can do so If he collects all 8 badges, and can proves to himself and others he isn’t dependant on his money

Background: Ross was born to a rich family in Aurum city, and became the heir after his family died when a wild Vulpix (which he later caught) accidently burnt down the building they were in 7 years ago, but Ross blames himself, growing distant from his friends, until he had none left. He doesn’t like being rich and left to become a Pokémon trainer a month before Gus was exiled.

Kelvin (after the unit to measure heat)
Sex: Male
Species: Vulpix (level 82)
Hp: 231
Atk: 149
Def: 148
SpAtk: 147
SpDef: 189
Spd: 207

(Ross refuses to use any Pokémon other than Kelvin, and though this seems cruel, both understand each other perfectly, and a Physic once said that their once was greater than most humans could achieve, though Ross knows Kelvin was the wild Pokémon that killed his parents years earlier.)
Guest chapter 55 . 7/17
I loved your descriptions of Rhenium Corridor, they were fantastic! I wonder how Connor crafts the shards/stones he finds into elemental stones. I would definitely love some more description on that. A great chapter overall, I hope Clara makes it. :(

Have fun on your vacation!
Riverlightillusion chapter 54 . 7/11
I'm glad this is finally happening. Hooray for Clara!
I'm excited for the fairy gym coming up. I wonder how you'll structure it? Your gyms so far have been brilliant and completely over-the-top.
I don't have much to say about the actual chapter itself: well-written and interesting as usual. The small detail about aging and pokeballs, especially tied into poison mechanics, was a great touch.
Manser77 chapter 54 . 7/10
I'm like 90% percent sure she is the gym leader. Ok, maybe 80%. 70% depending on how you want to go with this.
MidsummerMoonlight99 chapter 54 . 7/7
I really like how Gus communicates with his pokemon. A lot of writers don't include some kind of way for trainers to converse with their pokemon so it's a really nice touch that humanizes them.

I'll be honest, I'm not too crazy about Farrah. The way you described her made her seem very Sueish. Just be careful, ok?
Manser77 chapter 53 . 6/7
Great chapter as always. Love this story. If I had to take a wild guess I would say that Ray is actually the elite four member in charge of the marshals. No clue about BFF Nette though.
Riverlightillusion chapter 53 . 6/5
Hmmmm. Now I was guessing that Nette would betray Gus or just be useless, but that was based on a few sentences in the beta version. With your edits, I'm no longer sure. I have no idea what Ray will do. His character has been mysterious since he appeared so long ago.
Also, I was sure that Nova was interested in Gus! It seemed like you were building up a mutual affection as well, since Gus seemed to act a little more mature around her. It's very interesting that you didn't intend any of that.
And as a prediction *cough cough* I think Clara will get some attention. Nice prediction, right? (Pssst! Hurry up that chapter you're planning. Her two weeks are running out.)
MidsummerMoonlight99 chapter 53 . 5/31
Darn it! I totally forgot inner tube girl wasn't an official gym leader. The real one was the rock type leader girl in the trapped gym! I was sooooo close!

Another great chapter. I guess it makes sense that Byrd would throw a fit and not battle Gus again, he kinda came across as petty beforehand.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Nette L is a mutant. The colorful eye thing sounds like one of those physical traits that betrays that you have one. Ray is a bit more tricky. He could be a master con artist disguised as a marshal. Maybe he's secretly a Ditto,and not necessarily a Ditto mutant, masquerading as a human?

I died laughing at that opening sentence. "Abrupt" and "sexy" are two adjectives that are rarely combined within a single sentence.
MidsummerMoonlight99 chapter 52 . 5/13
That was a really great battle. I like how both Byrd and Gus kept switching out pokemon during the course of the battle, most writers usually don't do that. It seems like their skill level is even but I guess we'll know for sure how well Gus fares next chapter. Gus has four badge, I think? He didn't accept one from Garfield so that leaves rock girl, inner tube girl, Long, and fighter dude, right?
Riverlightillusion chapter 52 . 5/12
The battle with Byrd was the most interesting battle against a gym leader yet, and it possibly wasn't even the official gym battle. It was a lot of fun to read, especially with your own thoughts of how battles with flying Pokemon would happen. I'm interested to find out who stole Indusylph. A six on one battle? One of the themes of your story has been a trainer's synchronicity with Pokemon, so I feel like this theif is important. Maybe a younger Valence?
And finally, even as your possibly former beta. I have no clue how many badges Gus has.
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