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J4RRE77 chapter 2 . 9/1
OrionPax09's asking me about you. Frankly I'm wondering about you myself. You haven't replied in over two months, and you haven't updated this story or any other in nearly three years.
Jose19 chapter 10 . 4/27/2019
I don’t hate the lecherous monk at all because deep inside he is a very good person, and being perverse makes him one of my favorites.

I like him for the reason that he is true to himself, and it looks like you are bashing Miroku.

I saw the end of Inuyasha, and this character became a great person, and he married Sango who are perfect for each other.

Inuyasha for me is a character that I despised for a while for his immaturity towards Kagome, and he broke her heart many times with her love towards Kikyo.

Miroku is perverted true but a very good person on the inside, and he doesn’t hide his true self, and earned the heart of Sango since he understood her pain, and made all attempts to save this girl.
OrionPax09 chapter 14 . 11/16/2017
I must say, it was very cute to see Urd thinking about Michiru's reassurances from before. And very naughty of her to slink off to sneak in a quick kiss on Michiru while he's still sleeping. To be honest, I'm amazed Urd didn't get out of their when she overheard Miroku fantasizing about having his vile way with her. And I agree; I'm honestly amazed that Sango put up with Miroku, and still feel that a lot of the reason they even got close was because she didn't have any other viable options in terms of a relationship.

It's nice to see InuYasha being protective of Michiru and his feelings, but also doing it in a way that's levelheaded and doesn't hurt anyone needlessly. He's been in a bad position for a long time, what with the various love triangles involving him and Kagome. I'm glad to see that he's being honest and caring in his approach with Urd and that he just doesn't want anybody getting hurt. And I must say, it certainly was funny when InuYasha tricked Urd into thinking that Lind and Peorth were behind the Second Class Goddess.

As for Miroku…I truly believe that it would take something catastrophic to make him wake and realize just deplorable his behaviors truly are. He's been doing what's been doing for a very long time now, and not only has been allowed to get away with it (including by Kagome and the rest of the group, partly because they need allies and partly because I think Kagome's very willing to tolerate such bad behavior when she benefits from it), but because he finds such things pleasurable. These bad deeds bring Miroku immediate gratification in the form of short-term pleasure, and with how long he's been able to dodge the long-term consequences, he won't be thinking of them until it's long since too late and he's already been hit with them and hit hard.

Oh, Peorth, you naughty, naughty thing. You're lovely and caring and I can you're trying, but you're still about as subtle as a falling brick wall.

It was nice to see Lind giving Sango a pep talk. I've always felt that Sango likely had issues with the fact that she was a human without any special powers like those that her friends wielded. She also raises a valid point about how InuYasha's lack of combat training makes him vulnerable, particular when he reverts to human form. I was actually considering the possibility of the Kururugis using magic to force InuYasha to remain in human form for a prolonged period of time so he could be better trained, both in terms of skill and physical strength. Maybe force him to spar with Sango so he can improve his skills and abilities because…well, let's be blunt. InuYasha typically charges in headfirst and depends on his strength to win the day without any thought to strategy.

It's really cute when Lind gets shy. Kind of reminds me of Sango in that way. And it was nice of Michiru to remind her about the suntan lotion before setting out on their jog.


Oh, boy, this Alastor guy is setting off all kinds of alarm bells in my mind. This instant people start ging after power and feel that they know better than everyone else is when everything hits the fan. And I really don't like the fact that he's so curious about Michiru's morals and powers. That basically screams to me that this guy's looking for either a pawn or a target, neither of which is a good thing.
I look forward to when Miroku finds out about Michiru's fanbase in Valhalla. It's bound to trigger a nervous breakdown on the part of that lecherous excuse for a monk.

Oops! Caught slacking off on the job by Odin himself. That can't be good. Glad that it didn't go bad for those three goddesses.

You know, Shippo really had me going there for a moment, pretending to be Troubadour. Ah, so it was a beehive that InuYasha heard earlier. I personally don't think a stupid joke was worth picking on those poor bees, but it is nice to see Miroku reaping even more long overdue karma. But poor Sango. She's lonely and hurt and so in need of comfort and love after everything she's been through. The fact that Miroku would so eagerly pursue any attractive woman just hurts her even more. It's good to see that neither Michiru nor anyone else is willing to tolerate such behavior from him anymore. I agree with Lind; Miroku has no sense of shame. She also raised a valid point; getting away with the sort of things that Miroku does would be a lot easier in the past. No real means of communicating with other villages to let them know to be on the lookout for lechers as well as the skewed view of such misdeeds that was far more prevalent than made it much easier for Miroku to do the things he does.

You know, that bit with Michiru and Sango training gave me some ideas. I wonder how Sango would take to physical training in a modern gym, and if she were to move to the modern world, if she might consider becoming a physical trainer and/or a self-defense teacher. I think she would be well suited to such roles. Good to see Urd having a laugh at Miroku's expense.

Oh, boy. I can't help but wonder and worry about Kikyo wanted to talk about with Michiru and the others. Given that she prefers to stay away from people unless its absolutely necessary, this is bound to be trouble.

Overall, a good chapter. Watching Miroku get some just retribution is always fun, but I think now would be a good time to move on to more of the meat of the story, so to speak. Something big is clearly in the works. And I for one am looking forward to finding out what's going on.

In regards to the Beads of Subjugation, I was thinking that maybe a secondary charm could be added to them. Something that would prevent the Sit spell from activating unless InuYasha has turned into a full demon. That would go a long way in solving many problems. And very true, InuYasha's and Kagome's arguments, along with Kagome's bad habit of returning home whenever she's in a foul mood creates vulnerabilities that I'm amazed Naraku never tried to exploit. And I do agree that it's nice to see Mari receive some kindness. Perhaps if she didn't have to worry about the likes of Hild pushing her to make deals, she would be free to be friends with the goddesses and others without fear of penalty.

Anyway, hope to see the gang visit Nekomi Tech in the near future. I can only imagine the kind of chaos that will ensure when they encounter the various members of the Auto Club and the kind of trouble they get into.
Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint chapter 14 . 10/26/2017
Kikiyo is such an amazing chracter i loved how she is able to pull a cold look but at the same time be able to show some type of compasstionate side its like slow water moving through snow almost. Looks like Miroku is still going to through his sins its feels like this is gonning to last for some time. As for Michiru its hard to belive he is at such a level that the almighty wants to hide his idieny kid made it big in life talk about becoming aharry potter im still very intressted to see how far he has come. Good chapter man a lot of humar and drama happening at a good pace
Bucio chapter 14 . 10/24/2017
Thanks for taking the time to respond. And no problem, it's nice to be able to help and Happy Halloween for you too.

By the way, from the last review, it still miss a little more text, because I exceeded the limit, but since they were more ideas of Nanoha, I do not see the need to put the rest, but thanks for responding and being honest

On Michiru's story in Zero no Tsukaima, it will be interesting to see that you have in mind, just as a suggestion, try to see the second season, because its final is very good and you could do something with Michiru in that situation, and about Saito, maybe could be summoned as the Familiar of Tiffania.

On what we mention of Skuld and Shippo, another point they have in common is their personality (according to me) more cheerful and mischievous, while Kohaku and Rin are quieter, besides that Michiru already has his hands full in the present and what what is missing in his future, as to add to Skuld as well

Thinking about it a little, Inuyasha and Urd have a lot in common, being half demon, although one being human (Inuyasha) and the other a goddess (Urd), hence it is easy to get along and more having something in common (their relations with Michiru: best friend and love interest). It does not have much to do with the story, but it would be interesting to see a One-Shot with Inuyasha and Urd as a couple

About Kagome, I do not think she is so bad in herself, but what makes her clash so much against Inuyasha is the main difference between them, that is that they belong to different times, with different ways of thinking and doing things, and here what makes Kagome rage when he mentions Kikyo, is the fear and insecurity that she has, for how much Kikyo means to Inuyasha, and now that Inuyasha already knows that everything was Naraku's fault and that neither betrayed the other, that makes the situation more unstable, which Inuyasha himself acknowledges and admits.

It will be interesting to see how you achieve a happy ending for them, because first, if Kagome and Kikyo are basically different incarnations of the same soul, would both go to heaven in the end? or it would be an integrated version of both ?, also it would be logical that both were with Inuyasha.

Now that I think about it, there are not (or I have not seen) many stories with Kikyo as the protagonist, I've already seen Inuyasha Crossovers (I like those stories - the crossovers - because of the possibilities they have of doing something different) with Kagome as protagonist, it would be interesting to see something similar, but with Kikyo (an example: that somehow, after being killed, Kikyo ended up in Hueco Mundo in Bleach, and was found by Ichigo, after the end of the battles with the Quincy or something similar (or that in some way, the end of the battle with Aizen, with Ichigo defeated him, but as a final move, Aizen sending Ichigo to the time of Inuyasha, and being found and helped by Kikyo), the idea would be that the story was Kikyo x Ichigo as a couple.

And that could apply too, but with Sango, I really like the idea of a story with Sango and Ichigo as a couple and with Kohaku being in a funny situation with Ichigo's sisters, where they would compete with each other for Kohaku.

That said, regarding this chapter:

Urd is still in the clouds because of what happened the previous day, which leads her to still seek more contact with Michiru, despite knowing and recognizing Michiru's relationship with Peorth, which I find ironic, since it was the same Urd who advised Peorth not to be so impulsive with Michiru.

It was funny Urd's reaction to hear Miroku dreaming about her, and since her intention was to see Michiru without alerting the others, that was the only thing that saved Miroku from receiving a Urd-bolt (which would have been funny to see)

It was also funny to see how Inuyasha surprised Urd, having realized her presence and intentions with Michiru, which leads Inuyasha to give Urd advice regarding the situation between Michiru and the Goddesses, giving his own problems as an example.

Moments like these remind us how clever Inuyasha is, despite appearances and his usual way of being, in addition to this time, it is for the well-being of his best friend and Michiru's other friends, in this case, the goddesses interested in him (Michiru).

Of the scene between Peorth and Lind, it was more or less, more like of filling and like the unique scene of Peorth in this chapter, now that I think it

And from Sango and Lind, it gives me the impression that they can become very good friends, being both warriors, so Lind could better understand Sango, having a similar mentality.

I admit that for a moment I thought that Peorth would also try the same thing as Urd, and kiss Michiru while he sleeps and that when Lind would wake him up to train, she would do the same thing (although with Lind in a more innocent way and out of curiosity) or would have been funny , if Michiru was still asleep and Lind trying to wake him up, he suddenly would have hugged and kissed Lind (and before saying that this would make Michiru similar to Miroku, many people talk or move when asleep, not just the perverted monk), which would make Lind redden wildly and later leave her with the curiosity of who the young Kururugi was dreaming of.

A little extra too, the scene of "Michiru Kururugi and the Sunscreen", but it gives Lind a moment with Michiru a little similar to the ones he has had with Urd and Peorth, although not so risque.

Only to be ruined by Miroku's bad timing and Sango being hurt again by the Monk's idiocy (though in his very limited defense, anyone could dream of Urd, because of how beautiful she is), which earns the monk, the wrath of all and be the target of the joke of Shippo and Inuyasha (and it would be funny also that later the real Trobadour, upon learning of the monk's fantasies with his Urd - in his mind of Trobadour - and he would try to take revenge on Miroku, who did not he would take it seriously, thinking that it is another joke of Inuyasha and Shipoo, only later and to his horror to realize that this is the real Trobadour)

About Troubadour, excuse me, the other moron, Alastor, so you mention, actually he is going to become a real headache, by such radical ideas he have (In addition to the potions he received, they can become a problem.), but what really made react my "Spidey Sense" is the mention of Naraku.

I just hope that the idiot of Alastor does not look for Naraku, because in his arrogance, the god could underestimate him and that would end with Naraku's favorite tactic, that is possess and take control of his allies; (which would lead to problems in Heaven, if an Alastor possessed by Naraku, tried to create even more chaos by trying to destroy the gods and goddesses, and the demons too, by retaining some of Alastor's original ideas, and seeking to eliminate competition (ie Hild and her people)) and merging with him, increasing Naraku's power, to the point of not needing the Shikon for their plans.

Of Lysander, I still do not know what to think of him, although he gives me the impression that he is not a fan of Michiru either, or is trying to avoid the distraction that Michiru has recently become for his goddess fans (of Michiru), as what happens before Odin and Lysander arrived, with Exe, Ere and Chrono talking about the Shikigami Warrior.

What happened after the joke, with Miroku seeking the help of Micihru, Sango and Lind, introduced us to a more irritating Miroku and with the others to reluctantly help him, both to continue their training and to get rid of him, with Lind doing the honors and leaving an impression on both Miroku and Michiru (of different form, of course)

What followed with a brief lesson of Lind, to avoid, I think I can say so, that Michiru thinks that one of Miroku's faults can be something admirable, and again to distract Sando from thinking of the idiot Monk, although this time,with some exercise that is new to Sango, and ending that part with Inuyasha and Shippo, showing Urd the joke they did to Miroku, making Urd laugh and thanking them for that.

The last part of the chapter was interesting, as you show us your version of Kikyo in this story (after listening through Kaede a mini summary of the game's story after the meeting between Michiru and Kikyo), which is very different from canon, because this version went to Heaven where she learned the truth of some of the things she lived, and that her resurrection apparently was something planned, which would lead us to believe the same thing about Kagome's trip to the past and her adventures at that time, something necessary to stop the threat of Naraku.

In addition to this Kikyo knows of the future importance of Michiru, but not everything, hence the goals of this version of Kikyo (in addition to stopping Naraku), to discover the truth that she did not discover in her stay in heaven, and how that involves both Michiru and Inuyasha.

Here I would guess about whether she still has feelings for Inuyasha and I would say yes (although she must be hurt by how the last moments between them were, despite being Naraku's fault, having to seal Inuyasha in the tree of the beginning of the story and that he believed she had betrayed him - she knows why things happened and because of who, but she still has to accept it and let it go) but the situation between them is complicated, adding Kagome to the equation.
I truly hope that Kikyo has a happy ending here, and that all her suffering and that of her beloved (I truly believe she still loves him) was for something

It was not so bad this chapter, was short (according to your standards) but with important details like the appearance of Kikyo, and that maybe Naraku plays a major role in Alastor's plans (and vice versa, because Naraku is sly enough, to realize how Alastor's abilities could benefit him and find a way to manipulate him)

Speaking of random ideas, Kagura and Alastor? (after being rehabilitated and redeemed) or Kagura and Sesshomaru?

And as a matter of curiosity, as I wrote this, I was listening to a song from the Ufo Princess Valkyrie series, and to remember the story, I wondered what a crossover of that series with Inuyasha would be like , with Michiru being the one who meets the runaway Princess and have a relationship with her, this time holding the story in the temple of the family of Michiru, instead of some public baths as in the canon of that series.

Thanks again my friend, good luck and keep it up
J4RRE77 chapter 14 . 10/23/2017
Um, what Alastor says about demons isn't entirely true. Demons also use tainted deals to manipulate people into supporting their cause.
Raidentensho chapter 14 . 10/23/2017
praise. hmm, i do wonder if awakening all ten spirits will hopefully give michiru advantage to maybe craft his own weapon by using his shikigami in the forging process. like 'oh lustrous grey metal'... would help keep the metal's shape even when heated. figured that armor would be on the list of things needed when preparing for another return to the past. why has kagome not thought of it yet is beyond me. i'm pretty sure that the shrine she lives at would have family armor if one of them became a samurai. hmm, pretty sure that michiru's own home would have one as well. would this lead to finding the ronin warriors or the sailor senshi? looking forward to more. this will be awesome. until then, later!
OrionPax09 chapter 13 . 6/2/2017
Sorry for the long delay in this review. Been hopping as always and I wanted to take to do the review right.

I absolutely adored Miroku's humiliation conga here. He has gotten away with so much, ranging from sexually harassing each and every attractive female he has come across to his schemes and scams. Him getting what was coming to him was long overdue. And him being turned into a woman was like the perfect karma for him.

I'm glad that bit with InuYasha and Mara eating all the food was just a joke. InuYasha might not have the best manners, given the life he's been forced to lead, but he definitely wouldn't eat food meant for others. And Mara…she's evil, but she still has standards.

Ugh…that's one problem I've always had with the Beads of Subjugation; how easy it is for Kagome to "sit" InuYasha by accident. I don't blame him for panicking over that.

I have to admit that I didn't see Koshian learning about Michiru's abilities coming. And I wasn't aware that he knew that the goddesses were…well, goddesses. But then again, I have to admit to finding that sort of thing refreshing. I mean…the habit of making certain anime characters so unbelievably stupid for the sake of comedy is irksome to me.

I guess I should have seen InuYasha getting restive coming. He's not at all used to not having someone to fight, or constantly being in danger. He's a fish out of water in that sense. And I'm glad that you pointed out that Kagome never seems to polish her skills, either. And then there's the little matter that there's a new threat looming in the Feudal Era.

Oh, boy, Michiru. You have no idea what you've done in regards to Peorth, Lind, and Urd, do you?

Michiru raised an excellent point. InuYasha's and Kagome's squabbling has caused plenty of troubles and provided potential openings for Naraku to exploit. Though I have to side more with InuYasha on this matter; while it's true that his temper and so on have caused himself and the others grief, he's spent a long time alone and hated by so many. So it's no surprise that he's lacking in the social graces. Also, no one's tried to do anything to correct his behaviors in a positive manner. I mean, when he does something wrong, Kagome generally just yells at him and calls him a jerk. That's no way to help someone develop his social graces. And I totally agree about how Kagome has been getting out of things by taking off on the group when she throws a tantrum or using the Beads of Subjugation to enforce her will.

I'm glad that Kagome and InuYasha apologized. Although, Michiru? Letting InuYasha punch you…wasn't exactly the best of ideas…

It was very nice of Michiru to give Mara that extra food. Mara's always struck me as more of a Punch-Clock Villain who isn't actually evil. Or at least…well, I'm sure you get the idea. Though I do wonder what could possibly be in that catalog that would be of interest to Michiru?

Here it is, the moment where Michiru admits to Urd about knowing of her demonic heritage. And, of course, Urd takes full advantage of Michiru's presence to be a major tease. The actual conversation starts slowly with Michiru wanting to clear the air about something with the gorgeous goddess. But when he finally gets to the part where he explains that he truly does accept her…I can't blame Urd for breaking down somewhat. After the entire Lord of Terror fiasco on top of all the misery and isolation that her demonic heritage has brought her, all the anxiety and more she must have felt over the possibility of it being discovered and her being subsequently ridiculed, to have someone offer such unconditional acceptance must have felt like a godsend to her. Michiru meeting World of Elegance and having some pictures of himself with the Angel and Urd was cute as well.

The bit with Belldandy delivering the food to Sayako was short but sweet. As was the note and Sayako's appreciation.

Oh, boy, somehow I just knew that Urd couldn't let Michiru go without some more teasing…as well as flirting and making a play for him. I have to admit that it was clever of Michiru to use those handcuffs to sneak out of that one, and was quite pleased that neither party was upset with the other when everything was said and done. Though I do wonder what Urd had those handcuffs for.

On second thought, perhaps I'm better off not knowing.

Aw, man, I knew it meant trouble when Urd thought Michiru was coming back. I knew it meant bigger trouble when Urd stripped down and opened the door. But, ugh, Miroku! I know that you think with what's between your legs and not your ears, but honestly! Are you really that stupid as to think that Urd was out to share a bed with you after everything you have done to get on everybody's bad side by now?! And as always, watching Miroku suffer is a pleasure.

It's long past time Michiru gave Miroku a few stern words after everything he's done. Sango should indeed dump that faithless, corrupt monk. He doesn't deserve her, not in the least. And a nice bit between Michiru and Belldandy, by the way.

Oh, great. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that Hild would mooch off of Mara by threatening to eat her subordinates if she didn't hand over the meal Michiru gave her, but still, that's just evil. I'm worried that Hild is interested in Michiru and get the feeling that things are about to get very complicated.

And, oh, boy. If Miroku ever found out that Michiru has that big palace in Vahalla and all those valkyries lining up to be his servants and more, the perverted monk would most likely die of sheer envy.

I'm still looking forward to InuYasha and the others dropping by Nekomi Tech before returning to the Feudal Era. With all the craziness that goes on there, InuYasha will be anything but bored. I realize that you want to get everyone back to the Feudal Era, but a quick visit there would be worth the trip, I'd think. Though I do wonder what Hild is scheming this time. Not to mention what new evil awaits everyone in the Feudal Era. I'm also looking forward to the harem ending. Some might call me a pervert for that, but…well, one of the things that's always depressed me about these romantic entanglements is that, outside of a harem situation, someone, even most of the love interests involved, lose and have their hearts broken. And I certainly don't like seeing that.
Also, never worry about stories taking turns that you didn't plan on. Stories, like life, tend to write themselves. Ideas occur to you, situations occur in the story where something you thought might work suddenly doesn't feel quite right, and so on.

BTW, there's a bit of freeware called Grammarly that I've found very useful in tracking down errors in spelling and grammar and so on. You might want to check it out.
Bucio chapter 13 . 4/18/2017
At last I could make the comment of this chapter, I am sorry in advance, for the horrors of spelling (and the size)of the next wall of text

In this chapter, Miroku's punishment follows, while everyone executes justice (and makes fun of him), until Michiru pities him and asks them to stop, pretending that it's time to eat, (Michiru exaggerates to be a good person, perhaps when they return to their time, they should take with them a bottle of the potion that use Skuld in Miroku, to keep him at bay, if Miroku tries his tricks again, besides having with them Mikuru's photos as blackmail ), which Lind sees with approval.

Then be victims of a joke with Inuyasha and Mara, who pretend to have eaten all the food (in that part when you mention that Shippo and Skuld are furious, and Kagome and Miroku, grabbing them to prevent them from doing something, you write the name of Skuld Twice, mentioning that Kagome held Skuld, and Miroku to Skuld, when I suppose I should say that Miroku held Shippo)

The food scene with Koshian, I feel it was a preamble to explain how it was that Koshian saw the magic of Michiru, which Koshian compares to be similar to what happened with Belldandy, at the beginning of the history of OMG !, and that he remain, serves as a pretext for Michiru to return with the others to the feudal age (and Michiru has someone to cover him with his parents in his absence).

From that inevitable return, it was also brought up as a subject, by Inuyasha's comments, of being bored, having nothing to fight seriously (no one has told Inuyasha that sometimes, bored is good), and how it affected everyone's abilities to fight, but where he goofed, was to mention Kikyo, because that's what make felt jealous and offended Kagome by the constant comparisons with her past life (Kikyo), and Michiru acting quickly to avoid a bigger problem by the constant fights between Kagome and Inuyasha, which he did see reason to his friends with the help of Belldandy, and later after that discussion, we see when Michiru and Inuyasha make the passes, as Michiru has further advanced in the use of his powers

And while Michiru and Belldandy were talking to Kagome and Inuyasha, the other goddesses thought of what it would mean to them, that Michiru would also return with his friends to the feudal age and what each of them would do in that situation.

Here I feel that instead of that whole group of OMG! journey with them back to the feudal age, at least Belldandy, Keiichi and Skuld, should remain in the present age.

Why?, because Keiichi for his studies and his duties with the motorsport club, could not do it, or at least not immediately; Belldandy because she has to stay with Keiichi, for her contract and other obvious reasons; And Skuld, because despite her abilities and everything, she is still a minor (relatively speaking) than the rest of them, and feudal times can be dangerous, even for an goddess, unprepared or inexperienced in combat

Of the other Goddesses: Peorth, Lind and Urd, being interested and related to Michiru for different reasons, have reason to travel with Michiru and the others, besides at least in Lind's case, to be prepared for an atmosphere as hostile as yhe one of the feudal time (and a great number of goddesses would attract the attention of Heaven in the past, to them to have access to Yggdrasil by power, and it without speaking of Hild, who would also travel to the past to see what they do her dear daughter and her friends)

At the end of the meal, we see Michiru again, surprise Mara with his kindness, and with her, wanting to pay a little the favor, with the catalog of things for demons, which may be interesting for several reasons, such as If Hild learns, she can use it as a plot to test the boy who has earned the affection of her beloved daughter (plus it would have been fun to see Hild, with some maternal affection and anger, revenge of Troubadour, by making Urd cry and feel bad, and thinking a little more, maybe with Kagura and Kanna ending up as minions of Hild, after the final death of Naraku)

Or, perhaps with some of the catalog, being useful to Inuyasha and Michiru's group, in their adventures and in their battle against Naraku, and with the price for such products, being the souls of dangerous monsters and demons that they exterminate in the past.

Later, while Michiru prepares for his talk with Urd, Belldandy helps him a little, by giving Sayoko, what Michiru had saved for her, with that action winning Michiru points in favor with Sayoko, who appreciates the gesture

(And thinking over again, perhaps by accident, on one occasion, with Sayoko traveling back to the past with them, and with her having a crush on Koga, when he saves her, having being her separated from the rest of them, and when she returns to the present, meeting again with the reincarnation of Koga, giving the opportunity for something between them)

Following next the most important moment of the chapter, which is the talk between Michiru and Urd (after a slight moment of flirtation on the part of Urd, which was much better, in my opinion, than the one of the end of the moment between them, when Michiru he leaves, being the only good thing for demonstrates his self-control and that he takes seriously his possible relationship with Peorth, in rejecting Urd's request to stay with her to sleep, and what I felt forced, is what she tries to do to convince him to stay), about him discovering that she is half demon, and asserting to her that it does not matter to him, because he is friend of Inuyasha who also is half demon and is his best friend, and what was important for him is that she is his friend, despite everything

But also what I found a little strange, was the way in which Michiru deduced that Urd is half demon (which was not bad but different from what I expected), for her reaction to music, and not so much for the energies that He feels in Mara, and what he felt in his brief encounter with Hild

It was good the reaction of Urd, realizing that it was and despite mentioning what happened when she was possessed, that does not change what Michiru thinks of her, healing her of many of her fears and frustrations, and in turn with Urd trusting him and showing him her angel, who being a reflection of her being, was more expressive (World of Elegance) in her signs of affection to Michiru (which should be one more clue to him, of what Urd begins to feel more intensely for him) than the same Urd

The end of this part, after seeing Michiru out of character, trying to fool Urd into letting him go, was between classic, funny and painful, when Urd thought Michiru changed his mind, Urd opened the door, and seeing that was Miroku, who sees her in all her glory, before receiving one of the Urds bolts as punishment (which can win Miroku another round of punishments the next day if Urd punishes Miroku even more for ruining her day after having a good time with Michiru), and after a little talk with Belldandy, ending the long day of Michiru

While at Mara's house, after sacrificing the food Michiru had given her, in favor of Hild not cooking the servants of Mara, for having made her wait a long time, Mara saved her skin even more, when she mentions the plans of the possible return of Michiru and the others to the past and that perhaps three or four goddesses would travel with them (Peorth, Lind and Urd), which gives Hild ideas, to make her grand entrance, presenting herself in her true form with Michiru and the others, and perhaps increase Hild's interest in Michiru, realizing Urd's reactions to Michiru and noting that her daughter has feelings for him

The end of the chapter was a little amusing, as Michiru's actions increased his good karma, which was reflected in the palace in the Heaven of Michiru, drawing even more attention from the Valkyries, who by now are true fangirls of Michiru, but for their bad luck of them, I do not think that the possible pairs of Michiru want to share him (perhaps in the chapter with the final harem)

Then the next part of the story, where many important events happen, will be in the past, I guess it will be the action part of this story, revealing much of the mysteries as to the fame of Michiru in the Heaven, Alastor's plans And your version in this story, of the end of Inuyasha, which I imagine will be very different

Maybe in the case of Kikyo you can do something different and instead of a new mechanical body, do something to the Bleach way, and give Kikyo a new body, similar to a gigai, or with Skuld creating a machine that creates or clone a new body for Kikyo.

Reading again the last chapter and this, gave me some ideas about other possible crossovers and stories of Michiru in other anime series, In case these ideas catch your eye or if someone else is interested in them

- Michiru, in the world of Zero no Tsukaima, to be invoked as one of the two Familiars of Louise (what it happened, to be Michiru and Saito on different sides of the portal - Saito on one side and Michiru on the other -, and entering the same time), with Saito being Gandalfr, and with Michiru having Vindálfr that allows him to control animals (in part because of his Shikigamis), which would give a different twist to the story, and while Saito would have the attention of Louise, Kirche, Tiffania and Siesta, Michiru would have the attention of Tabitha, Jessica, Henrietta and Longueville, whom he would try to save and help, thus gaining her affection

- Michiru in a crossover in the world of Nanoha, with Michiru, after the end of the game, seeing himself and his sister (his female version of the game) involved in the events, either of the first season or the second, with both girls Nanoha and Fate, having their first crush on Michiru (In the case of Nanoha and Fate, being both kids would be only innocent, which could change or be different when the events of the third season), for the Fun of Momoko and Lindy, and the frustration of Nanoha's fathe
Bucio chapter 12 . 4/13/2017
How strange, I would have sworn that I had already commented on this chapter (or have read it), anyway I am sorry for the delay. (And I also apologize in advance, for my "horrors" of spelling, English is not my language - although I can read it and understand it well, in what I struggle, is to write and speak it, so I use a lot of Google translator)

Of your idea for Sango, I totally agree with that, she deserves better luck, I also like the idea of alternative endings, with Michiru and Peorth being the main one, and the rest so that the other girls have their chance with Michiru (Not counting the rest of the Valkyrie squadrons)

If you allow me to suggest an idea, in addition to the final with a harem, how about others where Michiru end with a pair of girls, for example, Michiru with Lind and Sango (the warriors), and another with Peorth and Urd (the super sexy goddesses )

Speaking of endings and couples, I suppose that in the end, the rest of the feudal era group would also go to heaven, and an alternate ending, Inuyasha, he would be to be with Kikyo and Kagome (and talk about paradoxes, it's not supposed to that then - the present time in history, at least a large part of the feudal era group would already be in heaven?) Or a combination of both.

For Shippo, maybe something between him and Skuld? and of Miroku, would suggest more punishment, and at least in the end, he would have to do something good or almost sacrifice, to be worthy of attention again

In this chapter, after some funny moments, such as the misadventures of "Michiru Kururugi and the Box of Condoms" (I say this as a spoof parody of the titles of the Harry Potter films, je), we see Michiru reflect on her relationship and friendship with the Goddesses, especially with Peorth, Urd and Lind, with each relationship being somewhat different.

Admiration and respect in the case of Lind, so she knows of the future of Michiru (which he still has no idea) and what she is learning in person from him little by little to know him better; Duty - in the sense that she has to fulfill him a wish - and genuine attraction, in the case of Peorth, getting to know Michiru better and want to have something like what Keichi and Belldandy have, and see that possibility with Michiru; And friendship, respect and attraction in the case of Urd, to get to know Michiru better

As for Belldandy and Skuld, Belldandy can be seen in a big-sister role, advising and helping Michiru when she can, while Skuld is an enthusiastic younger sister (who she is) as well as being grateful to Michiru for have saved her.

It was curious to see Michiru, to base in the relations of his friends of the feudal era (and the correct criticisms in the case of each relationship), to know what not to do, when dealing with Peorth, Urd and Lind (and that gives him a great advantage)

From the moment between Michiru and Peorth (yay! one more), it served, to clarify the doubts and confusion Michiru was feeling, in his relationship with the other goddesses and feeling, could say that some overwhelmed by his lack of experience with girls, in addition to finally seeing the first kiss between them (Which I liked and curiously while reading it, I imagined it with the music of the first kiss between Louise and Saito in the first season of Zero no Tsukaima, after the death of the prince), to imply a little that at least In this part of the main story, Michiru seems to be determined to have a relationship with Peorth, and putting more of his part to make that relationship work, besides being a bit curious, the reactions of both to that kiss: Michiru reacting like any teenager would, and Peorth in more mature tones, which is understandable, by the age difference between them.

Of the sparring between Michiru and Inuyasha against Lind, I admit that I had a little trouble following, but in it, you pointed out, which is sometimes a big Inuyasha fault and is not thinking carefully and letting himself be easily provoked; Although we also saw how thanks to the resourcefulness of Inuyasha and Michiru, they could surprise to Lind in both battles, beating her (although following the rules of those combats, because if they were fighting to full power, they would have destroyed the temple)

Michiru really dodges a bullet, when he decided not to make comparisons between teenager Skuld (her adult form is very pretty) and Urd, and using the history of Troy, as an example of why that would be a very bad idea; And with the help of Belldandy, who in addition to scolding her sisters, made them see how the current situation in the temple, while very funny, also had its ups and downs and how those ups and downs were affecting Michiru, which made them reflect and accept their error ; In addition to Belldandy leaving in doubt and with much curiosity to Urd, when she says to her that Michiru wishes to speak with her later.

Besides that Skuld, in dealing with the idiot of Miroku, remembered the words of her sister, and the promise that Michiru made to Miroku if he misbehaved again, and that she did not want, outside Miroku's eccentricities, those fun moments ended, so she decided not to say anything to Michiru, although Inuyasha did notice

This part I liked, because it shows us the teamwork between Inuyasha and Skuld (in addition to that sensitive side that Inuyasha rarely reveals), to punish Miroku, without Michiru's knowledge, and as for the punishment, it was very fun to see "Mikuru", first his reaction to being transformed into a woman, then being the target of the jokes and taunts of others, and still more, when Otaki and Tamiya arrived, and the cherry on the cake was when he ended up turned into a cheerleader, and stuck to Keichi's friends with the magnet fruit; And that was just a little of what Miroku deserves for be a moron and perverted and worse is that he still does not understand or accept that all that happens to him is his fault

And from his prayers to Buddha, I can almost imagine that the answer would be "The number you marked is outside the service area" or something, while in heaven, Buddha also enjoys seeing the punishment to the most perverted of his followers.

Speaking of the heavens, Alastor and his attitude, can become a problem for the others, something that The Almighty realized and I suppose he would not overlook, especially the idea of Alastor to modify in his favor or to break the rules for To benefit from it, which goes very much against the attitude that a god should have, besides that there would be a rivalry on his part (Alastor) to Micihiru, for the affection of Lind

Of the games of volleyball, while I admit that that did not call so much my attention, they give variety to the moments that pass Michiru and his friends

In the end, leaving aside the misfortunes of Mikuru, everyone had a pleasant day and learned something more, in addition to that in the end, see Michiru have a moment with Lind, where he finally confesses to someone, about the box of condoms, plus a little of his doubts and fears, and in reward, with Lind understand him and promising to say nothing, besides showing a softer side of her to the lucky one of Michiru, and with him in turn surprising her with his determination and attitude

Wow, this was a lot, I hope not to bother, and later, after resting I make the comment of the chapter that follows, because it took me some time to do the one in this chapter

Good luck and keep it up
Raidentensho chapter 13 . 4/10/2017
nice. though i do wonder if a twist from the world of "Jojo's bizarre adventure" like either Stands or possibly Hamon(wave energy from the sun[could be possible with his connection to the wood element]) will show and cause quite the changes. no doubt having mastery of hamon would lengthen his life to at least 200 causing quite a few goddesses to be a bit put out. still, i am looking forward to more. until then, later!
J4RRE77 chapter 13 . 4/8/2017
Okay, Koshian has really worn out his welcome. I don't like Koshian discovering Michiru's powers, or spying on the goddesses. Koshian shouldn't know so much about the magic of the others. It makes him too important of a character when he's a minor character. While it's true he did see Belldandy's magic, it really doesn't fit for him to know so much about these things.

This training thing is getting old too...

Sake? Sayoko? No, I think she's a wine kind of girl...

Hmmm, the way Sayoko acts is...touching, but do you remember what she told Belldandy during that Christmas episode? She told Belldandy that she hated her.
Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint chapter 13 . 4/8/2017
Mihiru is one lucky guy i mean i know somtimes the quite ones or the good too shoes get the most girls intressted but this a new level they want to actaully have se with him for the first time thats wow never saw Michiru as a type of sex god even if he dosn't do anything to provoke it i guess he is just good with the ladies. Dude got a fan club with all of them going over for him. I did really enjoy the scenes with him and urd. I burst out laghing when she said handcuffs its just oh boy theese woman go all the way don't they. Miroku Miroku to be fair if i stumbled onto someone in that pose i dont what will happen but given the chracters history im not uspied Urd got shockecd. This was a nice chapter dude i do look foward to the next one and i hope your doing okay dude
OrionPax09 chapter 12 . 12/24/2016
Sorry about the confusion in my last review. It's just that, since your chapters are so long, I've gotten into the habit of going over them a second time and referencing everything, just to make sure that I don't blow it. Again, sorry.

Poor, poor Michiru. Trying to get those condoms back before he's humiliated. It's nice to see that, while everyone found out about Sayoko, but I'm glad they all understood why he lied about that. I really didn't enjoy the teasing given Michiru by InuYasha and Kagome. Especially Kagome. I mean, InuYasha let it go fast enough, but Kagome...I really didn't like her line about how Michiru made it easy. Teasing is only fun when its something that everyone can laugh about. Embarrassing someone for a personal laugh? That's not funny. Nice to see Belldandy tell Kagome to stop it.

It's good to see that Michiru's noticed something's up with Lind and her respect for him. I also like that he intends to take things slowly in addressing Urd's origins. Not to mention the fact that he knows how relationships can sour after witnessing the fiascos that are the relationships between Kagome and InuYasha, as well as Sango and Miroku. And that he wants to make sure to avoid these things happening in his own relationships.

And - oh! I really wasn't expecting for Michiru and Peorth to kiss! I get the feeling that things are going to get interesting!

Oh, boy. I thought for sure that Peorth would start snooping in Michiru's backpack. I'm so glad that she didn't. It is nice to see her happy and everything, though I am a slight bit concerned that she might push too hard at the wrong moment when it comes to getting what she wants. Especially since she does have competition.

That was an interesting sparring match with Michiru, InuYasha, and Lind. I'm glad to see that Michiru and InuYasha won, though I do agree that that maneuver was too dangerous for a spar. As for Michiru's plan...oh, good grief! That was like something out of Looney Tunes! Still, that was fun.

And oh, poor Michiru, having to deal with Teen Skuld again! He seems to pick up female admirers the way some people pick up loose change! And the absolute last thing he needs is to get drawn into a squabble between Skuld and Urd! Those cause enough chaos and destruction as is!

Oh, Skuld, you devious piece of work! So she managed to bash Miroku for groping her, but she's pretending that he didn't so he'll stick around for more long overdue karma!

Words to the wise, Miroku; don't tick off the goddesses. Oh, wait. You already did. Too bad. And you're paying for it even more, aren't you! So Skuld somehow turned you into a girl, huh? Uh, for the record, it wasn't Skuld who transformed Keiichi that time. Belldandy was sick after casting a very powerful spell while Yggdrasil was malfunctioning. Keiichi was hoping to find medicine in Urd's room to cure her, but when he tested it on himself, he wound up turning himself halfway into a girl.

But I have to's worth it to see Miroku getting such a monumental dose of long overdue karma! So, Miroku, you think's just fine to grope beautiful women and ask them to bear your children, huh? Doesn't seem so acceptable when you're on the business end of that sort of thing, now does it? And now you've been served up the magnet fruit and are now stuck to two burly guys?! Oh, the karma police have been working overtime, haven't they?!

Uh-oh. I'm not liking the way that meeting went. And this Alastor is setting off alarm bells in my head. This is gonna be trouble.

So both Kagura and Kanna are alive, huh? I have to say, I've always felt sorry for the both of them. I mean, yes, they've both done terrible things, but at the same time, their situations meant that they never had any other choice than to be what they were. Still, I wonder what they're up to.

And Miroku again gets blasted, with the added possibility of being stuck as a woman on a more permanent basis. I'm glad to see that everybody is finally letting him know just how fed up they are with his antics. That is so long overdue that I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am to see that happening.

So Michiru opened up with Lind about those items he purchased. And Lind told him why she's so respectful of him. Oh, boy, this is going to get crazy, and very quickly. This is definitely building up to a harem situation.

Definitely looking forward to what's coming next. Especially Michiru sitting down and talking things out with Urd.
HotelKatz chapter 12 . 7/6/2016
Nice chapter and I prefer good chapters over fast ones.

Since he's from a Rumiko Takahashi series and undergoing a nastier version of Ranma's curse, I suspect you'll probably have Mara use her barely-remembered abilities to control human dreams and give Miroko a few nightmares.

An easy one I guess you might do is Mikuru getting molested by Miroko. Yeah, practically expected, but it'll be a nice filler.

As for others... I'm not too sure.
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