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Loner Kid chapter 6 . 4/28
their reunion is so touchy...i wonder will the genins ever know that naruto's dad is the yondaime?
Loner Kid chapter 5 . 4/28
how come shikamaru figured naruto's heritage?
Loner Kid chapter 4 . 4/28
dammit so naruto's really dead?
LoveLeesa chapter 40 . 3/19
Please please update this!
Unfortunately Unknown chapter 40 . 2/18
This is a lovely story; I really enjoyed your Minato and it was wonderful to see Shikamaru actually become stronger in a way that's true to him - by which I mean with clever, clever plans that seems so simple in retrospect (because I didn't keep all of the pieces in mind) along with some forced training and absolutely adorable admiration.

I admit, I was hoping for a bit more of a female touch to this, but Shizune plays her part wonderfully, and your Tsuande seems very genuine despite not showing up too much.

I'm wondering if you plan to finish this, though? Normally I wouldn't ask, but I'm very curious to sort out the Naruto&Minato mystery and I'm quite bad at figuring them out myself, so. If you aren't, would you consider posting a plot line of what you were planning to do? One of the things I really liked about this story is all the thread woven into it; it'd be interesting to see where they end up.

Thanks for writing,
Orange222 chapter 40 . 2/14
I love this story! Please please update! I need to know what happens :(
ladyarle chapter 40 . 1/14
Well, what to say about this story? I love it! You managed to put together my three favourite characters (Minato, Kakashi and Shikamaru) and I am so grateful for that. I really can't wait for that surely awesome moment when Minato will unmask himself.
I dearly hope you will decide to start writing this story's gain, because it's a gem that I believe deserves being completed!
Keimichi chapter 40 . 1/9
That feeling when a great story comes to an end without actually finishing up, and there hasn't been an update in years.

It was a great read. I love how well the characters were described. Although I would have pictured the Yondaime to be much less rash and more logical than that, overall his characterization was pretty good. You did well to capture his feeling in dream sequences. Those part was exceptionally sad.

Hopefully you'll consider updating this one day.
Blackbird0 chapter 40 . 8/14/2014
Please update soon, this is sooooooo good!
Reichenfaust chapter 40 . 7/26/2014
Nice chapter, sad to see that Minato wants to leave Naruto behind. U know he needs to move on and such, but still saddens me, especially with the way this story started. Looking forward to Minato taking on Itachi, and Kisame. I can only imagine that Yagura is a plant and will turn on them, because he was controlled by Obito, but I hope not. Great story, and I love the wringer you have put Shikamaru's character through. So much untapped potential, and he will live up to it. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Smoochynose chapter 40 . 5/29/2014
This story is so well written. However I still think the most powerful and touching moment was when Minato saw Naruto's body. You made me cry. I didn't cry watching Grave of the Fireflies. I didn't even come close. However reading that scene had tears streaming from my eyes. This story better have a happy ending. As much as one can have after you've killed off one of the main characters son.
Lurel chapter 40 . 5/12/2014
Re-read this for the third time and still not tired of it! I dearly hope you haven't given up on this story. It's probably one of my top ten fics of all time, and I've been reading fics for a decade now! :) Love the characterization, the voices, the story/plot development! Everything! Plz update soon!
Radiant Celestial Aura chapter 1 . 3/13/2014
Brilliant story you have here! Its getting closer to two years since you last updated. I hope you come back to this soon.
RafeFallstar chapter 40 . 12/11/2013
Please update soon

This AU is very different, and a joy to read.
Bonnie Mizuhara chapter 40 . 12/5/2013
I recently came back to Naruto searching on FF and I had some stuff in mind that I wanted to read about:

1) a good/decent/kickass/or awesome Shikamaru-centric fic (Found a few! I was ecstatic, including this one!)
2) Decent time travel-style ones (found a few of those that I liked) featuring Shika, Naruto, or Kakashi
3) A Shika-Naruto friendship (or more) fic (surprisingly, I got a couple but I was expecting like 1 or 2 anyways)
4) Decent "Minato returns" fics (like, I mean decent, cool, original, well written, in character etc.)

Now comes the harder goals I had:
Bonus: if a Minato returns fic, Shikamaru still features somewhere - I found that in Rising from the Ashes and I was extremely ecstatic, like, I was yelling in happiness when that happened

Know why that's impossible? Cause how could that EVER happen? But guess what? YOU FULFILLED IT! I WAS SITTING THERE MOUTH OPEN WIDE WHEN KAKASHI MADE IT HAPPEN!
Honestly, I almost bypassed this fic cause the summary scared me (No Naruto...?) and Minato was the only character so I wasn't in the mood for so much dark times that come from finding your beloved son dead... But RftA said this featured Shika heavily so that was enough to tip the favour and I tried.

And dear god you delivered an amazing story. All this work! I was frightened by the mystery behind Naruto's death. I do hope you haven't abandoned when you've come all this way already. Everything up to this chapter has been really amazing so far, though I was hoping Shika showed more in the Chuunin fights cause he seems to be focused on seals way too much (to the point of obsession? Oh dear Shika!) And still looking forward to Kaeru revealing his identity! and more Team Genius! If you guys were able to help Neji, then please help Gaara! Sai and Shin's alternative reality is very nice to read about, I rarely ever got to see that, so please, update ASAP!

You've set up too much to let this slide! I look forward to seeing more, you've fulfilled my bonus that I thought had at best 1 percent chance of happening so I hate to see this all stagnate!
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