Reviews for Truthfully
RintheShadow chapter 38 . 6/30
This fic has become an extremely happy place for me in spite of all the emotional ups and downs within. First, it helped me at a rough time, but it has also become something of a happy place in the wake of Civil War and, more recently, Infinity War. Seeing the characters bonding together and really becoming a team was something I always wanted and never quite got in the movies, but even more, there are so many slice of life bits I never realized I needed before then. I had never realized that I wanted to know what the Avengers did when they weren't taking down bad guys, and then suddenly I found this fic and gained something I never knew I was missing. So thank you, a million times, thank you for writing this.
moviebuff90 chapter 38 . 6/7
I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved this story. I stayed up till 5 in the morning reading this story straight through because I literally could not put it down. You are a wonderful writer and captured the characters beautifully. Thank you so much for this amazing story!
Jenmoon1 chapter 38 . 5/19
This was a good story
Guest chapter 38 . 5/14
This is beautiful, wonderful and absolutely pure
98penguin chapter 20 . 5/13
“a therapist whose hair grew like a trufula tree“

I deeply appreciated this description/reference! Especially after you had called her a ginger Trelawney several times so I already had a nice mental image of her. Very vivid, it made me huff a laugh.

I love this story so far!
Authora97 chapter 21 . 5/7
OMG I forgot it was you that wrote the 'no we made that up because we're stupid kids' scene. No wonder I love this fic so much. You are officially my favorite for making this.
Authora97 chapter 1 . 5/7
I read this fic years ago and finally found it again. I really love it!
SlashingMoon chapter 38 . 5/2
sweeeeeet and ohhhh so adorable and well written. congrats on the awesome story
JTF chapter 38 . 4/30
Ah, this adorable, precious, heart-warming story! I remembered this story after first reading it years ago on Livejournal. I remembered the title, I remembered the song it was named after, and I remember how the adorable moments made me feel like melting. I had to come back to re-read this story after watching Infinity War. Thank you for writing such a wholesome, funny, easy take on Loki and his cute relationships with the rest of the Avengers. I loved this just as much the second time around. Lovely work. 3
Mvk chapter 38 . 4/25
Your fanfiction is truly amazing! I'm probably the 2000. Person saying this but it's still true! I especially loved the steve/loki relationship. And lokis comments. Omg I needed those in my live! I've got a sibling too as well as some annoying friends who I love and I could feel him. His subtle change in character is an amazing piece of writing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Have a lovely day
Spark chapter 29 . 4/19
Omigod I love this story so much!
I usually hate almost every single oc, even the decent ones, but Caroline is just so amazing! She is unpretentious and so calming and just not Mary Sueish and it makes me so happy!

Now that I have quit the waterworks I just want to say again that this story is amazing. Love ya!
Guest chapter 38 . 4/10
Such a remarkable story. Your skills at writing are astounding. You should feel very proud
Fallyn Irlandes chapter 38 . 4/4
:) :) :) This was such an enjoyable reread, I love this story so much.
Fallyn Irlandes chapter 26 . 4/4
I love this chapter.

And I hadn't realized how much of your headcanons I had adopted. Loki as an innovative fighter, as a deterrent to any would-be assassins, as a dancer. Thor as slow on the uptake but firm and solid once he gets there. Loki's form of kindness: 'shut up and don't mention this ever again now here's that thing you wanted'

So that's cool, I'll have to bookmark this so I can reference it as an inspiration for my own Loki stories. You've been a huge influence, thank you.
Fallyn Irlandes chapter 24 . 4/4
! I love this trope best, the "hey, only I get to beat them up!"
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