Reviews for Egon's Past
Winterfrost15 chapter 3 . 3/21/2015
Okay, this chapter nearly made me cry. It was SO sweet! :') Now more than ever I want to know what happened to Eden Spengler.

I am starting to get the impression that Eden was Egon's wife (Eden is a perfect name, by the way). I am also assuming that the unnamed person Egon is taking to play at the NJPAC is his daughter. I felt so sorry for them when they began sobbing. And when Eden's name was revealed...well, talk about heart-wrenching.

This story honestly keeps getting more interesting. I love all the facts about instruments and places you've put in the story, too. Well, onwards I plunge! :)
Winterfrost15 chapter 1 . 3/21/2015
I really enjoyed this first chapter! Poor I am really curious who this Eden is and what happened to her. I shall have to keep reading to find out!

Like I said I enjoyed this chapter; you're a great writer. I've also been following your recent updates on your story "The End of the World," which is really good. I read the first chapter of that as well. I haven't gotten around to really reading further than that but I like to keep tabs it nevertheless. :)

Anywho, to the next chapter of this I go! I can't wait to see how this tale unfolds!
A Tangled Web77 chapter 11 . 4/22/2012
Aaw, I'm glad this chapter ended on a happier note. I really thought Echo wasn't going to make it.
A Tangled Web77 chapter 7 . 4/13/2012
Dr. Echo Spengler - I wasn't sure about the name Echo at first, but it's grown on me and I like it now. It's certainly original.

Damn, her parents were rather strict! Not allowing a TV in the house when she was younger. I thought the flashback scene, where she was a 9 year old building models of molecules, was nice. Definitely no doubts about her being the offspring of a super serious scientist! ;)

Hoping we'll see the other Ghostbusters appearing in the upcoming chapters.
ThePowerOfFriendship chapter 6 . 4/2/2012
Dang. Egon's wife was in 9/11? That's so sad. This story is sad! You're so talented T _T
A Tangled Web77 chapter 4 . 3/20/2012
So now we know who Eden was and what happened to her! Very sad, and I didn't see that one coming (her being a victim of 9/11). And the fact that she was pregnant at the time, too. A double tragedy for poor Spengler. :(

On a brighter note, it's nice to see that Pete and Dana are married in this story!
A Tangled Web77 chapter 2 . 3/5/2012
Not sure what the reviewer below means, about Dana dying? I don't get the impression that Dana is dead. It's this mysterious Eden lady, whoever she was in relation to Egon's life. That's what we don't know yet. I'm dying to find out who she is and what she meant to Egon.
ThePowerOfFriendship chapter 2 . 3/5/2012
Okay. Unless I missed something, Dana DIES? NOOOO! How's Peter? Please update soon! I'm dyin here!
A Tangled Web77 chapter 1 . 3/4/2012
This is a good first chapter. A few minor spelling and grammar errors in the middle, but nothing huge and doesn't detract from the mood of the story. I'm interested in the next chapter! Who is this mysterious Eden?

Egon is the brains of the Ghostbusters, but I'd have liked to have seen a bit more of his personal side in the films. I always thought he should've ended up with Janine! Not a fan of the Janine/Louis Tully pairing in the sequel. Never made much sense to me because she was such an Egon fangirl in the first film!

Awaiting the next update of this story!
ThePowerOfFriendship chapter 1 . 2/28/2012
You a musician? I play the violin and I was just wondering. And by the way... AW SNAP! What's gonna go down, girl?
deepfathom chapter 1 . 2/27/2012
Hey, good start!

Kind of a dumb question, but are you a musician? I play the violin myself (complete music geek) and I must admit I knew the brands of cellos and the piano you were talking about. Nice touch!

Keep up the good work :)