Reviews for Benevolence
Gravaja Umbros chapter 2 . 5/27/2012
I know what you mean about having a weakness for exposition. I have that too, so much! Personally, I didn't feel like this was disconnected from the first chapter. Yeah, there's a big jump forward in time, but a very logical one. I also feel you made Mia very believable. Yes, it's hard to find people that giving in real life, but they do exist and Mia is definitely like that. It's easy to see her staying in Prox to make up for Saturos and Menardi's deaths. I was worried for a moment when Mia told Isaac not to stay with her. That would have been the perfect time to separate them and manage things to make the story Dark Dawn compliant. But I don't think that would've worked with your story. This happily ever after feels natural and fits with the characters as depicted here. In the end we get a complete story, nicely fluffy, with characterization that fits with the games. Very nice overall. Of course being the die-hard mudshipper that I am I'm rather biased, but that can't be helped. Thanks for the story, and helping keep this ship alive!
Gravaja Umbros chapter 1 . 5/27/2012
Yay for mudshipping! I've been away from fanfiction for a while due to... various circumstances. But I was so happy to get back and see a new mudshipping fic up! How awesome!

Anyway, on to actually reviewing. I fully agree that Mia seems cheerful and positive in the games, and it's nice to see that shown. Reading this, I did feel the language was a little over-flowery for Isaac's thoughts, but then in your author's notes you said you were going for poetic. So I guess that works, especially since he's newly in love, but I still don't think it's how most people would think. Still, it's good and conveys the mood of the story well. While Garet's part was small, it was fun. He makes a good voice of reason when Isaac is over-thinking things. Well written and very in character for him I think.

Now I go to read part two!
AnriMia24 chapter 2 . 5/20/2012
Thank you for updating. This chapter is nice and touching. You did well, and I am happy that she got a good ending. Cheers to mudshipping! :D
Sally78 chapter 1 . 4/19/2012
I really like your style. I'm looking forward to the next chapter )

Keep up the good work!
jollygreendragon chapter 1 . 3/4/2012
It just occurred to me that, in a sense, this does follow the same sort of "Mia encounters tragedy" formula that everyone else uses... it's just that you've started the story once the problems have already been resolved, and she's in the happy recovery phase. I wonder how many of those stories just end up abandoned before Mia gets a happy ending... ;_;

This story pretty much stands on its own as a single chapter, but if you intend to write a second... well, I don't have a whole lot in the way of critique to offer you. There were a few places I caught where commas were either overused or underused, but commas are more of a polish-issue than anything else. The dialog was cheesy, yeah, but... it's a shippy fic! That's the point!

Excellent job. Calm down with the multichaps, though, you're gonna kill yourself from stress...
AnriMia24 chapter 1 . 2/28/2012
You made my day! This is a beautiful story. You portrayed Mia exellent. The same goes for Isaac and Garet. Thumps up for you and mudshipping. I look forward to your update. I am glad people still care for mudshipping. :D