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Yikari chapter 9 . 4/12/2015
...I seriously didn't notice that bit with the chair and a cat until was pointed out. I suppose I should turn my credentials in. :D
Yikari chapter 5 . 4/12/2015
Good catch about graffiti. It may be just me, but imagining a city without people having an urge to write something on the walls is strange.

And that's more than ten times the amount of stuff I could come up to say about Milan. Just... wow. XP
Yikari chapter 4 . 4/12/2015
That's really messed up. The fact how petty it somehow almost makes it worse than Weil's world-killing efforts.

Some real nice insight in how things work in the city as well. /Taxing moonshine?!/ That's some heavy anti-utopian stuff right there! XP
Yikari chapter 3 . 4/12/2015
About the only nitpick I can think of here is that bit about nukes - I sincerely doubt humans ever could be un-paranoid enough to give up their stocks of 'sunshine' completely. The possibility, however small, of /somebody/ leaving some in reserve for a day they could make use of the sudden lack of MAD would drive people up the wall.

Regardless, this whole chapter might as well be copy-pasted in the 'awesome' repository wholesale. XP
Yikari chapter 2 . 4/12/2015
Aaah, Fefnir's part in here is excellent! *smacks his lips in the air appreciatively*

Really, about the opposite of what I felt about his canon appearance ('his gun is kind of cool, I guess; can I kill him now? no, where the hell are you going? are you saying I'll have to meet your dull mug again?').
The Unplanner chapter 9 . 10/12/2014
"Darth X" seems to have gotten his point across. I liked the way Levi summed up X's conference call. It makes him sound somewhat petulant. Of course, a petulant child with a satellite laser is more likely to blow up the world with it than an experienced adult. Which one was X trying to look like? I imagine Levi sets up a calendar in her subconscious, like, "19.846 years until the party!" With streamers and kazoos.
ArcaneMaverick chapter 2 . 8/15/2014
You write some weird stuff.
Fireminer chapter 8 . 4/15/2014
If you have no one depend on you, you'll screw up. If too many depend on you, you'll screw up eventually.

The best if you've some on to depend on.

Say, do you think the Hunter could distinguish between a mechanicloid infected with Maverick virus, and one that is hacked?
Jab chapter 6 . 5/10/2012
Huh. To answer your question, I think its how you write that makes the crack fics serious and serious fics crack. Hmm. I would also like a fic like that, or something mentioning the Genesis unit it or rock man killers in the zero timeline. Also, have read return of a madman by albedo123? Really good Mmx fic with classic characters
The Unplanner chapter 5 . 4/26/2012
So, does this take place before or after the Third Elf War? Also, it's interesting how you view parties and drugs from the perspective of a Reploid. "Put their inner assault mechaniloid back in the garage" is a good way of putting the fight-or-flight response into Zero series.
Jab chapter 5 . 4/25/2012
Serpent couriers? Nice zx reference. I'm glad to see another chapter of android back up, but was worried when no new definitions came last week. Then I remembered writers need a break as well... Welcome back I spose...
jab chapter 4 . 3/17/2012
Thank you so much for making craft a decent person in your fix. Aside from his stupidity and cowardice in RZ4, he was badass. Good theme, design, boss music...he would be vile's brother if he was in X games. And that gun of his... and him and beige would make a good couple. With kids
The Unplanner chapter 4 . 3/16/2012
"Adhesive small humans." Comedic gold. I can't get that image out of my head: Mini-Niege wanders through a crowd, gets lost, sees Craft's head sticking up past everyone else's, and glomps his leg. And doesn't let go when he gets agitated, or ever, really. And then they get married, some years later.
The Unplanner chapter 3 . 3/9/2012
White Plague... it sounds nasty. I don't want to know the symptoms you've concocted. Neo Arcadia doesn't look like much of a haven, unless you look at what's left (or not left) outside its walls. What do you do when hell is better than the alternative hell? Apparently, they stuck it out until things got better.
jab chapter 3 . 3/9/2012
Reading this and definition makes me realize how messed up and great the x and zero series are. I am curious if you'll make a sequel leading to the DC era. It really is sad how Dr. Light's final creation was the bringer of so much pain and suffering. Only to break in the end.
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