Reviews for The Railways End
Anonymous chapter 16 . 4/29/2005
Lets start. You are a confirmed genius. This story is nothing short of excellent. The characterisation, the presentation, everything!

You have definitely brought the Sandman characters together with Evangelion brilliantly. They're all great but I love your presentation of Delirium. And it's all so believable!

You're my idol!

Heheh. Got a little carried away. Anyway, what I wanted to say, is keep up the good work!
Deadpan chapter 16 . 4/29/2005
It's back!

And the masses rejoyced.
kaztsar chapter 6 . 4/29/2005
i had a little problem with dream being belldandy's godfather... but then again... all gods start out in dream's realm... as all gods will eventually return...

i'm not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, though... but destiny is blind... he wouldn't have... or need to look at shinji...
Elijah Snow chapter 16 . 4/28/2005
Finally! An update! But what's this? Only 55 reviews? What the Hell? People! Yes, you, the one's who are reading this thing! Review NOW! This is, has been, and probably will always be one of my personal favorite NGE fanfics ever.

The way the Endless have been described here is superb and the NGE characters have been portrayed convincingly, except maybe Rei, but I don't mind since I like her even more in this story than what I liked her in the original. Now I just hope the quality remains 'till the end of the story.

Please people, write more reviews for this story and let the author know you love it!
Shazorn chapter 16 . 4/27/2005
You're back! Thank Kami-sama. I feared you had left us, and one of the best stories ever penned would forever be uncontinued.
DCWestby chapter 16 . 4/26/2005
Absolutely excellent work.. please, by all means continue!
JWM chapter 16 . 4/26/2005
Weird but interesting. Still, I don't think Dream should be judged like Gendo, because the Endless aren't human. In Gaiman's stories, the Endless are as remote from humans as a crab is.
im an idiot chapter 14 . 4/26/2005
"Me told you oog spend half time eating dinosaur no like brains."
nick2951 chapter 16 . 4/25/2005
Wow, amazing chapter. I liked the display of Dream's power. I am also glad you continued with this story for it is very well written. Update soon.
WarpWizard chapter 16 . 4/25/2005
Whoa. Heavy chapter. Great work.

Only one minor error:

"In Dream’s eye, star—acting as a pupil—moved to regard Matthew on his left shoulder."

Should be "a star-acting as a pupil-"
anonymous chapter 15 . 3/16/2005
When are you going to continue this story? I continue to like it even more every time I read it and never get bored...and I'm a bigtime reader but none of the other stories I've read on FFNet continue to flow do smoothly and never lose their originality and greatness. I REAllY want to read what's next so please continue with the good work!
The Mad shoe chapter 15 . 2/6/2005

This just so totally rules you just GOTTA update this as soon as possible!
Oliolio chapter 15 . 11/28/2004
Great story. Well written, good characterization, and the two different series are fit together well. I was going to comment on how similar the dream vortex seemed to Instrumentality, but then you went and included it in your fic; heh. So SEELE is going to go up against Dream, trying to steal away and use someone under his protection? I'd say that I pity them, except that I don't. ;-)

Some critiques: 1) I believe that Touji was bribed into piloting Unit 03 by offering to take his injured sister into the NERV hospital, thus giving her better medical care. So I think it would take more than just Death's advice to make him refuse piloting it, unless Death cured his sister or something. 2) The SEELE member who was killed via pigeons/doves was 82 years old in 2015, which would have made him 12 years old at the end of WWII, but he was carrying on his father's business during that war? Maybe you should make him 92 years old. 3) I would think that some members of the Endless would take exception to the goals and machinations of SEELE and NERV. I think that Death would take exception to souls being trapped in the Evas, since it's her job to usher them into the afterlife. And I think that more than one of the Endless would object to Instrumentality: Death wouldn't like billions of souls being merged into one; Dream wouldn't like it, since Instrumentality is so similar to the vortex that it would likely cause similar damage to the dreaming; Despair wouldn't like it since the one remainging mega-soul wouldn't despair; Desire wouldn't like it since the mega-soul would want nothing. So, are the Endless simply waiting for the right moment to act, or do they somehow know that Instrumentality is fated to fail?
NeoAngelous001 chapter 15 . 5/19/2004
I am unable to take my eyes off your story, you need to continue this, it is incredibly well written and thought out.
riskygamble chapter 15 . 3/24/2004
Oh, no... This bodes really really NOT well for Shinji, and everyone involved. I can't wait for the next chapter... I have a bad feeling about this.
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