Reviews for Why
luvtheheaven chapter 1 . 1/9/2013
Spoiler Alert - Parenthood 4x13 "Small Victories". :P I don't delve into specifics but the general stuff...

After the newest Parenthood tonight, I find myself wanting to write a Drew-centric fanfic based on it. The Mark/Drew interaction especially in the new Parenthood, I wanted more. I wanted at the end for him to actually talk to Mark instead of his mom or something. At least see/hear the Drew/Sarah conversation. Drew was the most compelling character to me in the pilot, and has kinda been my favorite ever since. Sure I also love so many others on the show and like everything about this show... but moments like Drew crying in front of Mark in 3.16 "Tough Love" which is the episode you based this fic off of... seriously this whole episode was one of my favorites of the series because of all of the emotional and PERFECT Drew stuff in it. And you added to it SO wonderfully here. It looks like maybe you could use a Parenthood beta - you are a brilliant writer but even the best of us need a pair of fresh eyes to proofread and catch stray typos and stuff. You wrote "you" once instead of "your" near the end, etc. But yeah I agree with the two people who reviewed this and I'm sorry you have 4 favorites and only 2 reviews - when people like a fic enough to fave it (like me!) I truly believe they should be leaving you a comment. As a writer myself, I know how unsatisfying it can be to post a fic and get very little feedback. :P

This is... it's just amazing. The way you wrote all of the moments... the emotion... the detail... I adore it. I'll definitely be checking out more of your work. ;)

I'm thinking of writing a Drew oneshot like I said, based on something about this newest episode. If I do, would you maybe be willing to be my beta and proofread it for me? I know you're not a registered beta reader on this site... but I just figured I'd ask. You can check out my writing now if you haven't yet... I've written quite a bit for Gilmore Girls. :P

I have some completed and some unfinished Gilmore Girls fics. Lately I've been focusing solely on my Glee one. But I do plan to finish all of my unfinished fics eventually.

Anyway. Lovely look here inside of Drew's mind. I think I am now pretty inspired to try my hand at my own Drew oneshot.
emerald1198 chapter 1 . 4/22/2012
You're too good of a writer. It's blinding, mind-boggling, jaw-dropping - weird.

You're so good that it's just plain weird.

I've never stopped to analyze Drew's character, not fully. He's a boy who's a little confused at times, a little arrogant at others, and sometimes, Drew Torres shows a glint of compassion that throws everything off balance.

This was perfection, so raw and moving. Drew's voice is unsure, quivering and frustrated, wracking his mind for words that, at times, just won't come and, at others, flow so freely away with all his composure.

I think everyone knows what it's like to cling to a hope that doesn't seem as far away as it really is.

This piece is stunning. The repetition of the word "weird" created an odd, familiar feeling inside of me as I read this. Not just the experience of being at a loss for words, but also the one of being so tired and so confused and so far beyond really understanding this world.

This was one of the best one-shots I've ever read, and I truly believe that you can be someone as a writer. I held on to each and every word as I read this.
michalka chapter 1 . 3/1/2012
you are a seriously awesome writer with a gift for brilliantly capturing Drew's voice. best character on the show and the most underdeveloped and ignored-too bad the writers pay less attention to the kid than you have. it does seem like he's gotten the shaft in a lot of ways, most recently his very strained relationship with Sarah.

more P-Hood fic is welcome. have you thought about writing a followup to this? i thought they were going to extend the scene between him and Sarah but i realized Drew just wasn't able to communicate with her properly, and ended up leaving. it would've been nice for her to extend herself toward him the way she does with Amber.

wonderful job! write again soon.