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Ilovethisstory chapter 14 . 11/14
I love this story, please continue. MOAR PLEASE! ;_; Your Tom is amazing and is your Hermione (...Hermiones?) AND YOUR COOL OC!
Relent1ess chapter 14 . 11/8
I miss this story sooooooooo much! There are very few stories I read anymore and this and your Titanic story are two of maybe four stories that are currently updated on fanfiction that I would or will read. I really really miss this story. I usually would never pester the author for an update, but I really am dying to know what happens. Thank you for the wonderful story...
Orange et Blue Morality chapter 9 . 10/14
Whoo, Tom had a psychotic break. _Not_ pretty, but with how power is intertwined tightly with his definition of self, it was only a matter of time before he cracked. The crazy scenes worked pretty well. I can't tell you how good it is in fine-grained detail because it's a bit of a pain for me to read (no, it's not you, it's me. It's something personal). Let's hope that Hermione can rebuild him from the pieces.

The entire magical resistance is a pitiful group, but it makes sense in a world already that messed up. When Bansherwold is greeted with 'Aldous!' the next thing that came to my mind was _Huxley_. Too much dystopia on the brain fritzes free association. There's probably a long story here as well as to how Lily Potter ended up marrying Scorpius Malfoy, but since it _is_ the end of the world for them, why would they hold back? Tantalising glimpses of the future all around Hermione.

She seemed to have become his constant. He had something, and it was her.
It reassured him.

And yet the cost of this strange bond forged of mutual suffering between them is too much.

The idea of infinite versions of himself … he instantly wanted to murder them all. There could only ever be one of him.

Ever the egomaniac, isn't he?

The scene in the Lords Chamber is gold. Now I have to wonder if Bansherwold even informs _himself_ of his own plans. Urgh, _another_ pain-in-the-ass cryptic old wizard. And I thought we'd seen the last of them after Dumbledore. Apparently not.
Orange et Blue Morality chapter 8 . 10/14
He'd been honest when Dumbledore had come to visit him in his childhood, though the air of disapproval washing from Dumbledore had been overpowering, like a too-strong perfume, suffocating. He'd learned rather quickly not to be that honest with anyone again.

Painfully sad, that.

Bansherwold's attitude at the beginning is giving me a headache and I fully agree with Hermione's decision to punch him, or at least try to punch him. The most surprising thing, I suppose, is how her hate actually affects him. It shouldn't, not rightly so between mere acquaintances/occasional antagonists, but damn, this is one of those wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff, isn't it? Foreshadowing is necessary but can be a pain for the detail-oriented and curious reader. (Or maybe I just lack impulse control. As in, I want to know about it now! *coughs*)

It's extremely interesting to know that the Timeglass shouldn't rightfully be called one. It might as well be Dimensionglass, but I guess alternate dimensions and the multiverse as an idea hadn't really gained currency until the middle of 20th century or so, and I have no idea if the wizards are going to be familiar with it at all.

Oooh, love the science-fiction parts to bits! Yes, I can quite differentiate where the facts start to take a left turn to Wonderland, but I love how you've managed to layer that, so excellent work.
Orange et Blue Morality chapter 7 . 10/14
"Call me Alen, please. And no one is more deserving."
Hermione scoffed. As if they were on first-name terms. "Deserving of what, of this existential torture?"

Ha! Good comeback. I like how it reflects her more grounded nature, that the infinite possibilities of the future is too _vague_ for her to want to involve herself in.

"As if you could order me around," he said, contempt dripping from every syllable.
"I can and will. Up," she said as if he were a particularly obstinate broomstick.

Hermione's common sense and stubbornness to the rescue!

And that field was filled with soldiers.

Screwed. Well and truly screwed. On a different note, I was cheering at the sight of apparent dystopia. This is just getting more and more interesting, isn't it? And ooh, welcome to the matrix! Except you're all awake instead of dreaming and your new overlords are other humans. Somehow that makes it worse than if it _was_ the AIs.

"Welcome to living hell. We get one meal a day, thanks to global rationing, crop poisonings, species die-offs."

The issues are scarily familiar. Hello, future, I don't think I like seeing your face. May we never meet again.

"No Apparating anywhere on the planet," Hermione murmured.

Ain't that a wake up call? Their imprisonment is a nightmare, but I can appreciate that their state of helplessness cut away Tom's useless pride that he could start relying on her - because he bloody well doesn't have anyone else, does he? Same with Hermione - regardless of what he was, will be, in her timeline, right now he's an intelligent ally whose perspective she could not afford to waste.
Orange et Blue Morality chapter 6 . 10/14
The way the details on Harry's house is slowly filled in while Tom and Hermione goes on their search is great - it achieves the fine balance of moving the plot forward and constructing the environment at the same time. I didn't see Tom's injury coming, but I suppose it was inevitable at this rate, isn't it? It would be good to take him down a few pegs, but things are going to be a real pain in the backside for Hermione because of this. Desperately want to know what's going to come up after this and fearing for Hermione's safety.

I'm liking Bansherwold more and more after his (their?) Eiffel Tower speech. Anyone who can get under Tom's skin and get Tom and Hermione scrambling to outwit is a magnificent villain.
Orange et Blue Morality chapter 5 . 10/14
There's many things to appreciate in this chapter: The mutual terror they shared when people started shouting 'wizards' was a great moment. The breakdown of Wizarding secrecy was executed with panache and I love me some hovercrafts. It's interesting to see how Hermione described 'video' and 'internet' in terms of wizarding perspective and understanding.

Also, yay for Bansherwold's arrival! Can't have a true conflict without the villain dropping in.

"A state of mind cannot change the magical properties of an object!"
"Explain the Patronus Charm, then," Hermione said, but her voice was hollow.

I'm actually enjoying a panicking Tom and a shell-shocked Hermione. They're really in deeper trouble than they think, aren't they? And Bansherwold's method of activating the Timeglass is intriguing - why did he settle for the love of anonimity, I wonder? Raises more questions than answers.

"No. But his view and yours clearly differ. He just said you didn't understand what was fundamental to his invention. He said you need to understand anonymity."

Hermione is an excellent foil to give Tom feedback as well as to shoot his less probable ideas down. He needs to be a bit less self-centred, but then again he's not Tom Riddle unless he is, isn't he?

"You haven't reached 1995 yet, obviously, but Jackson's New Apotheosis Theorem of '95 states that at a certain level of magical ability, one can sense the tunnels that Apparition creates through space-time and follow them directly. Even track them, or tie them back to their originators, if they have sufficient information about the subject of Apparition."

My head is randomly wondering why the use of the word 'apotheosis', exactly? Maybe wizards are still as poetic as 17th century natural philosophers used to be. And Hermione has just successfully demonstrated why Tom has no chance of being able to pull this off alone without her help. Yes. My Hermione quota for the day is fulfilled.
Orange et Blue Morality chapter 4 . 10/14
He blinked a few times. "…your knowledge of Dark Magic is quite surpri–"

I love how you still managed to make Hermione hew true to her canon self and still knowledgable in the shadier aspects of magic. Personally, given how much she loves to read, I don't think she'd turn down knowing more about anything, no matter how dark.

She rolled her eyes. "If it can slow time, of course it can yield temporal acceleration, too. What, did you think it would only break Henry's Laws in a single direction? Don't you know anything about the Chaotic Assonance Theory?"

I'm always happy to see Hermione go full on nerd and blow people's minds away. It's double the fun when she's doing it against people who are her intellectual peers like Tom.

He snatched the small jar of Floo powder from the mantle, dumped the entire thing in the fireplace, and said, "Piazza San Pietro."

And the shit truly hits the fan. A horde of muggles! How _are_ the magical governments going to start obliviating people involved in the scene? The place is a tourist magnet! I don't know how many people from how many countries are going to be there at any given day. It's a mess! (And I love it!)
Orange et Blue Morality chapter 3 . 10/14
The cast is assembled, the board is set! They meet at the end of the horcrux hunt, no less, relieving Tom of all the anchors of his soul to this mortal plane. Love the duel between the two parties - I bet that established the tone for further relations from this point onward. My, this is going to be _interesting_.
Orange et Blue Morality chapter 2 . 10/14
Oh, wow, you used Ginny as one of the people to meet Tom! That was more than a bit of schadenfreude. Can't argue it's not appropriate though. It's great to see how quick his mind works at making excuses and smoothly slipping into another life - the way he picks cues from the conversation was a nice touch. Of course, you have some of the best lines too:

She glanced down at his robes again. "But you emare/em a Slytherin. Those robes look awfully outdated, by the way."
"My sincerest apologies for my lack of fashion sense. They're hand-me-downs."

Zing! I always love it when authors manage to write Riddle with wit sharp enough to cut amateurs and the unwary. He's charismatic enough to pull purebloods into his orbit without being one of them. That takes skill.

Terrible curiosity seized Tom's heart. What lay at the end of time?

Ah, a bit too late for regrets, isn't it? Great place for a chapter ending.
Orange et Blue Morality chapter 1 . 10/14
Speaking of opening with a bang, you've managed a wonderful job of it. The scenes is established in next in no time and the reader drawn in to Tom Riddle's latest shenanigan in the past to collect power - and then the excrement hits the rotating blade. Great work on the first chapter!

Also, good work on character construction - I like Bansherwold. He's inexplicably _interesting_.
tom chapter 5 . 9/22
This is just weird, I don't know about you but when a story is this confusing for five chapters I loose all interest.
archergwen chapter 14 . 8/22
This must be a rough fic to write. I hope it will one day be continued, as the playing with time is really fantastic and wonderful
jen chapter 14 . 8/11
most brilliant story I have ever read on

Read it for the second time. Please update
Guest chapter 14 . 8/5
Omg why isn't this updated, I need this updated...just when it's getting to the point of no return... I really hope your muse for this story is making herself available to you again and wills you to continue on...your writing is incredible!
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