Reviews for Dysfunctional Ties
Samii08 chapter 45 . 7/6
Bravo! Wonderful story thank you so much. I enjoyed this very much
Guest chapter 42 . 7/4
i don't know if you got my review in 'I don't know you anymore'. i never saw it in the reviews. i thought you've been calling Vegeta's company Orius by mistake here because you made a typo in IDKYA and called Orius, Ouji. I thought you switched it up.
I just realized that I miss this chapter. Our wifi was out for a week and I didn't know you had two chapters out already. Sorry..
Good thing I love re-reading all your stories..
Guest chapter 45 . 7/4
Vegeta's a shrink. Why do I find it so funny? :)
anyways, nice story.. I was going to ask what Jessie's reaction would be if she found out Kaylee's living a much better life with Bulma. I was hoping she'd feel remorse for the way she treated Bulma and Kaylee... but I never got around to do it.. (sigh)... but it's not really important, maybe I'll just imagine it, hehehe... I really love this story, ending was great. but I'm gonna miss looking forward to the next chapter.
elianni chapter 45 . 7/4
Awwww it's over loved the ending and how it all worked out will there b a sequel and if not will u start with another story u have working on and if so which one if i may ask there all so good and exciting
fangurlsrule chapter 45 . 7/4
I liked the end of this although im a little sad it ended but im always sad the stories I really like end so thats not too bad. At least it has a happy ending.
gabeliz.castillocarin chapter 45 . 7/3
Aaawww is finally over... I wished it would have been longer but I guess that's just me wanted to drag the story further.. I'm actually stunned that you put vegeta and yamcha as friends but I guess in this story it works. And poor Sara the way she found out it was not the best but she definitely understood the situation. Great job and congrats for finishing the story... Can't wait to see the ending of the rest of your stories
EscapeReality.98 chapter 45 . 7/3
Wonderful story! Loved every bit of it! Wish Bra could've joined the gang but nonetheless the story was still amazing!
smile-lifegoeson chapter 45 . 7/3
Perfect ending to another wonderful story. Your writing is one of the best I've ever seen. I love how you incorporate so many different types of people and emotions. It's amazing. The ending here is perfect. And I'm glad you decided to mention Bra can't wait for the update to your other fics! And any new ones you post
fangurlsrule chapter 44 . 6/21
So having vegeta's dad be frieza was totally ingenious. I was not expecting that at all. Poor vegeta and bulma, they just cant catch a break huh.
VB enforcer chapter 44 . 6/21
This chaper was excellently writhen as usual. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed that Vegeta didn't get revenge on his father but the ending was the same so it's alright. Looking forward to the next update :).
gabeliz.castillocarin chapter 44 . 6/21
Ok this went really fast but I can't say I'm disappointed.. The back story of vegeta's dad was great and I think that is what made the chapter good, knowing why he never let vegeta's mom go to the doctor, why he sold tarble and why he made vegeta behave like he did. I hope your doing better with your ankle!
VB enforcer chapter 43 . 6/7
Ooo twist ending. This story is so amazing...I can't believe I've been following it for so long. For a second there I thought that Vegeta Sr. was gonna live a peaceful life far far away but that wouldnt work because 1) Not enough drama and 2) Vegeta hasn't had revenge. :p This is honestly one of my favorites stories on this site. I'm looking for ward toward your next update. This review is a mess (sorry) I just binge read everything over again and now it's 5am
Guest chapter 43 . 6/2
Wow well done. Now knowing Tarble is a prodigy makes sense.
fangurlsrule chapter 43 . 6/4
And there is the answer to my last question.
gabeliz.castillocarin chapter 43 . 6/2
I always thought vegeta's dad was bidding his time to strike! At least it was not tarble, otherwise the poor kid would be forever traumatized. The previous chapters where like the calm before the storm. When piccolo spoke to goku I was like omg why didn't anybody thought about that... Cause I certainly did, I mean vegeta's father liked to control every little aspect of his son's life along with his company and family and nobody said hey this seems stupid how come he didn't know about freeza putting all the blame on him.. Nappa was his best friend how come he didn't see through the bs.. Can't wait!
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