Reviews for Blanka Ardezo
Ghostlywails chapter 1 . 5/9
What are you doing! Keep writing!
Guest chapter 4 . 3/22
That was amazing :)
Please update
Cindy M 19 chapter 4 . 11/2/2014
Poor Danny, I totally want Dan to kill almost everyone in the story... '
IvyVine6 chapter 4 . 9/13/2014
Ooh, that's rough.

But you've got the characterization down pretty well. Good luck in writing any further chapters!
IvyVine6 chapter 3 . 9/13/2014
Oh man, this is turning out great. xD
IvyVine6 chapter 2 . 9/13/2014
Aha. Very good progression into the story. There were a few inconsistencies, like with the shoes an leash, but they were hardly noticeable against the rest of this wonderful work. Nice job!
IvyVine6 chapter 1 . 9/12/2014
Ohoho. Very intriguing concept. I'm hooked.
Expergiscimini chapter 4 . 9/6/2014
Please continue!
Ijustreadbooks chapter 4 . 8/27/2014
Yes! Ready for next Chapter
RabulaTasa chapter 4 . 7/8/2014
Very good! I'm definitely enjoying this: my biggest nit-pick so far is that Danny's asking price was a bit on the low side, given the expense of training and his particular rarity.

I find myself somewhat dismayed as well, as I've only recently started writing a story that I find to be somewhat disconcertingly similar to yours. Fortunately I believe I'm going in a different direction than you are, but I hope you don't mind if I use your story as a bit of inspiration for the trio's relations with each other: you've got Sam's struggle between her outrage at her parents and her desire not to take out her anger on Danny down pat, and it's been a bit of a hassle for me to get that flavor just right.

Guest chapter 4 . 6/5/2014
I really don't have anything bad to say about this. It seems as if the whole story so far was perfect. Longer chapters would nice, but I understand if not.

Keep up the good work :)
Starr chapter 4 . 5/22/2014
This is a realy good story and I am very curious as to how it will turn out.
Oblitus Angeli chapter 4 . 4/30/2014
You've captured my attention with this story, please try not to loose it. ((and a update would be nice sometime))
Ghostlywails chapter 4 . 4/11/2014
This is singlehandedly one of the most creative stories I have ever read. I love the plot, the flashbacks, the jokes, and I don't think it's going slow at all. Each chapter is amazing. I hope you'll update soon.
1Ghostreader1 chapter 1 . 2/26/2014
Amazing! When the next update? I love the flashback in chapter 4!
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