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crystelqueer chapter 4 . 11/7/2014
If Clio-Nav mess up Klaine I'll kill them. Also, Clio-Nav's tumblr is fantastic.
sharinganrockz1 chapter 5 . 8/3/2013
I've been stalking you for like, the past week, and I just decided to review. ;

This will be continued right?! :D I am excited to see how this goes. :3
trufflemores chapter 5 . 10/28/2012
Cliffhangers are lovely and you do them so well, but now I'm running through everything I remember about Course Corrections and Morning Shows the Day to try and pick out if "M" was significant in either. The package at the end was definitely an unexpected twist. I didn't remember reading that from the first time around, so it was a surprise this time as well. Luckily for Blaine, it was a relatively harmless device (he was incredibly trusting to take the package with him at all), but it's still odd enough to spike alarms on his radar. At least he was smart enough to reach out to Kurt at multiple sources instead of simply giving it up as a lost cause and heading home. It really does show how much he wants to make amends with Kurt, even if he isn't sure that Kurt wants to make amends with him. I love the tension there, and I felt bad for him when he finally reaches the end of the evening and Kurt still hasn't shown up. He doesn't know why and has no indications to the magnitude of Kurt's plight, either, and so it's very frustrating for him.

But now he has the package and something is definitely afoot and I'm intrigued.

I love how Lisbet and Theo were able to decipher their place in time using clues around them. Placing them in the middle of a war was clever, since it would be almost impossible to determine exact dates otherwise. With the specificity of the case, it makes it even easier to pinpoint, but still suitably difficult to keep the story interesting. It's plausible that Theo would guess that it was Alexander the Great that the guards were referring to, and that's what makes this story so very interesting. It's all plausible, in its own strange, enchanting way, and I love that.

I'm curious for more and would love some if you'd be willing. If not, then I understand and enjoyed every moment of this. Very well done.
trufflemores chapter 4 . 10/28/2012
Poor Blaine. He really doesn't have any idea about what's coming, does he? I absolutely love how you've mirrored this and the previous chapter. Kurt and Co. again represent, for lack of a better phrase, the dark side of the story, whereas Blaine and the Hudmel family represent the lighter, blissfully unaware half. Blaine is still slightly miffed at Kurt over their argument, but it's clear that he's more concerned about resolving the conflict than he is about holding a grudge against him. The fact that he doesn't pick up on anything unusual when he arrives and Kurt isn't there is completely understandable. There really aren't any warning signs at this point to set off alarms on either side, and so both sides are behaving normally until something significant occurs. At this point, Blaine has no reason to believe that Kurt won't show up soon and join him on the date and resolve their differences together. He has no reason to believe that there's anything wrong with Kurt and Co. at this moment, and that's both a relief for him (since it'll be incredibly stressful once he /does/ know) and also heartbreaking for Kurt.

Kurt and Co. need rescuing, but just like baby Kurt in "Goodnight," no one yet knows that they do, or how to rescue them.

The time period that you and Kivrin decided upon is very interesting. I was startled when Kurt and Co. were dropped off in ancient Babylon instead of a modern time period. All of Kurt's previous Observations took place within a relatively short time period, his own lifespan. However, this one clearly stretches the boundaries of that rule, further solidifying that this isn't a normal Observation. Lisbet's remarks about the differences - the fact that they're in their own bodies, for one - also emphasize that the ClioNav organization has changed since they last met.

I love that you show the practical concerns - blending in, for one, and the language barrier. Not to mention Lucy's concerns: that they will be left in ancient Babylon forever, unable to return to their own timeline. It makes sense, and it's definitely a legitimate concern at this point. We have no idea what's going to happen to them, and Kurt reiterating the point that all they were sent to do is 'survive' definitely makes nerves stand on edge. It casts an eerie light to the mission if ClioNav is working so hard to use them for something so 'simple.' There are no alterations to be made here, and so far, they're alone, without other people to disturb them. Obviously, that won't last forever, but for now, they'll be all right. Until someone meets them, or they meet someone. Then things change.

Fascinating story so far. Quite a thriller, in its own way. I love it. You two are both doing such a marvelous job with this.
trufflemores chapter 3 . 10/28/2012
I love the irony here. Not only is the Hudmel family oblivious to Kurt's and the others' plight, they also think that Kurt is with Blaine on a date, and so they won't even think to look for him for a time yet. Not to mention they can't rely on Blaine calling any time soon to ask them about Kurt's whereabouts, since Blaine would think that Kurt would just be running late or making a quick stop somewhere. Theo and Lisbet, too, have good excuses not to be around the house, and so no alarms are raised immediately on that front, either. All in all, everything seems quiet and peaceful and happy at the Hudmel house, even if it won't remain that way for long. Soon enough, they'll connect the dots and realize that they're missing. I'm interested to read about their reactions. It doesn't really make a difference how long it takes them to notice that Kurt and the others are gone, unless of course more time passes in ClioNav than on Earth, in which case, time really is of the essence.

I love how you juxtaposed the two scenes. The Hudmel family scene is almost idyllic compared to the nightmare that Kurt and Co. are facing. It's clear that despite his previous escape, he hasn't completely freed himself from their control, as it quickly demonstrated when Atropos and Brook insert the tracking device to control them. They no longer have a choice in matters, and while Kurt wasn't exactly a volunteer the first time around, he certainly seems more trapped this time. Not to mention there are other lives at stake here: Theo and Lisbet, both experienced in ClioNav ways but unfamiliar with the new regime, and Lucy, completely out of her element in this new environment. In a way, it's comforting that they have each other, but it's also disconcerting that the rules have changed so much. Even though the first Observation series didn't go swimmingly, it can't be reassuring to know that this time around, their sole objective is to stay alive to provide information.

I love the suspense in this story, as well as the calmness. It sharpens the tension, in a way, because it emphasizes how vastly different the two situations are and how much Kurt and Co. are about to undergo. The Hudmel family has no idea what sorts of traumas and horrors await them, and neither do Kurt and Co., and that's both a reassuring and terrifying prospect. Reassuring for the Hudmel family because they have no idea that anything is wrong; terrifying for Kurt and Co. because they have no idea how they're supposed to handle it and escape.

Marvelously done. An incredibly engaging chapter; I'm really enjoying this so far.
trufflemores chapter 2 . 10/28/2012
This makes me wish that you and Kivrin were writers for Glee even more. The way that you handled the fight between Kurt and Blaine was perfect. I love that both of them were partially responsible for it, and it didn't favor either boy's side. Kurt needed to talk to Blaine as much as Blaine needed to talk to him, but ultimately neither wanted to initiate the conversation by apologizing until the other apologized. In the end, Theo and Lisbet were wise to stage an intervention before things could spiral even further out of control. As it is, it's unfortunate that they didn't know sooner, because I'm sure that they wouldn't have let the fight drag out so long if they could have helped it. There was no reason for either Blaine or Kurt to not speak to one another to try to reasonably resolve the argument, but it took an outside force to finally motivate them to take action. I liked that even when Blaine first texted him it was rather ambivalent, a simple 'hey' that Kurt likewise responded, somewhat miffed at the brevity when he expected a more lavish apology. In the end, though, it was the perfect opening, and the way that they resolved their differences - or, rather, agreed to resolve their differences at a later time - in such a short period was beautiful.

I loved the way that you handled that. The Glee writers don't seem to understand the subtleties and nuances in a relationship half as well as you and Kivrin do, or they would have mirrored this scenario. It's doubly interesting to consider when in canon, Kurt and Blaine fought because of similar reasons (the perils of a long distance relationship) but are the same relative age in this. They're both going off to college here, but they don't know if they're going to the same college or even staying in the same state. It definitely creates some friction when Kurt doesn't even know whether he should be bracing himself for the inevitable separation or eagerly planning their life together. Of course, neither option is perfect, but it's clear that Kurt is far more supportive of Blaine being in New York with him than chasing after his father's dreams of attending Stanford and becoming a lawyer.

I thought it was also interesting how you showed Blaine's future here. He doesn't know where he's going or what he wants to do, but he also has certain expectations because of how he's been raised and the type of support he knows that he'll have in the future. He doesn't want to simply push his father's suggestions aside after stating for so long (since childhood) that he wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer. A change-of-heart seems almost cruel at this stage, when his father is already prepared to send him off to Stanford as he believes both he and Blaine want. Which, as of now, we don't honestly know. Maybe Blaine would be happiest at Stanford, and he'd end up enjoying pre-law so much that he would end up going on to become a lawyer. Maybe musical theater would take second stage to that career and he'd still be happy in the end. However, it's clear that Blaine isn't sure enough of either route to make a decision. He doesn't know if he'd be happy at Stanford, and that creates conflict with Kurt, because Kurt just wants to know. And Blaine wants to know, too, and that's frustrating for him, hence even more friction between them.

I loved that Burt picked up on Kurt's mood when he was with Emily and tried to get him to open up to Blaine a little more because he liked Blaine and thought that they were a good match. At this point, Blaine and Kurt have spent enough time together to be long past the uncertain boyfriend stage where Burt and Blaine are still on edge about each other and have moved into comfortable territory of inviting each other over for dinner and spending copious amounts of time with each other's family and friends. They're at a very comfortable point in their relationship, and it's part of the reason why Kurt is so reluctant to give that comfort up and move away to fulfill new dreams. In a way, he wants to stagnate, because he simply wants to return to school in the fall and stay at home and chase his dreams without the terror and uncertainty that comes with actually chasing them. It's completely understandable, and it makes his reluctance about Blaine's ambiguity all the more clear. He simply wants to be as prepared as he can for the future, a formidable task. Explaining all of that to Burt is difficult, so he settles for ambivalent responses and focuses on not focusing on Blaine instead.

But then Theo and Lisbet recall him to his senses and Blaine and he sketch out an opportunity to resolve their differences. I love how you've incorporated them into this. They were marvelous in the "Course Corrections" series, and they haven't lost their touch here. Both seemed in character without being overwhelming (one thing that I've always enjoyed about yours and Kivrin's original characters is that they complement the original Glee characters but don't overwhelm them; there are certain stories I avoid because OCs become the show instead of the Glee characters that brought us to the fandom and fanfiction in the first place). It was interesting how you worked in the little hints that all was not well on the ClioNav front, and that by the end, there's a definite sense of trepidation even as things seem to be going right. Kurt and Blaine are going to make amends and everyone seems to be happy when suddenly they're back in the old world, the ClioNav world, and there's no more certainty anymore.

Truly riveting start. I'm excited to read more.
trufflemores chapter 1 . 10/28/2012
I know that this was intended as a dramatic beginning - and it certainly was - but I laughed when Finn appeared. Oh, Finn. He's not exactly what one would hope for in such a dire situation, but at the same time, given the few facts that we have, it seems like contact with the other world is incredible. Having another person step across the dimensions means that they have a link, however tenuous, back to the reality that Kurt, Lucy, and Theo hailed from (now I'm trying to recall whether or not Lisbet was from their time; I don't believe so, but I could be wrong; it's been a while since I last read "Course Corrections" and "Morning Saves the Day"). It's a chance, a spark of hope, and that's what matters at this point, because it seems like otherwise they're all dying in a small, isolated world parallel to their own.

Whatever plague has struck has already weakened Lucy enough that she needs medical attention as soon as possible if she has a hope of surviving, and Kurt doesn't seem much better off. Lisbet and Theo, at least, seem to mostly have themselves in check: neither of them seem to be grievously injured. It's an interesting start because it makes me wonder where it all came from - the isolation, the injuries, the helplessness of their position - and how it can be resolved by Finn's sudden appearance. Finn himself does't seem to know, since he seems 'lost and terrified' when he appears.

An intriguing start. I thoroughly enjoyed Course Corrections and its sequel, and so I'm looking forward to reading this. The tension is high, but I love that you offer a little comic relief at the end with Finn's appearance. Great job!
Guest chapter 5 . 10/18/2012
This is so amazing and exciting, you can't just end it there! PLEASE please please continue!
Torimouto chapter 5 . 4/30/2012
Oh, poor Blainey. He has no idea what's going on.

Hehe, some shit's going down in Babylon and I'm excited XD

Please update! Cliffhangers kill me, and I (and probably the rest of your readers) want to know who "M" is very badly...

Because of you I was wearing my silver necklace for about 2 weeks, before I morbidly realized that it'd actually be kinda cool to work for Clio-Nav since I'm a sucker for alternate realities. (And also 'cos I lost the necklace for a brief period but never mind that...)
bitchboughtmycookie chapter 5 . 4/10/2012
Finally got chance to read this, and I'm now filled with an oh so wonderful sense of dread.

At least Blaine knows he hasn't been stood up now.

My poor babies!

Also I'm a lot in love with Lisbet.
nessyschu chapter 5 . 4/5/2012
Ahhhhhh excitement abounds! I'm so glad you guys are back with this!
vivelabookworm chapter 5 . 4/4/2012
This chapter is fantastic! AHHH ALEXANDER THE GREAT! I just needed EVERYWHERE.
ImDefyingGravity13 chapter 5 . 4/4/2012
This story is fantastic! x
AVMabs chapter 5 . 4/4/2012
Poor Kurt. He never does get an easy break, does he?
Firedance28 chapter 5 . 4/3/2012
Kay. There's a request I'd like to make. Alexander had a wife (2 really but this one was his queen if he had one) named Roxane. She was pregnant toward the end of Alexander's life and had their son, who had the same name, after Alexander died. She was the daughter of a Persian noble or minor king. If you could out her in this story, even in passing. I would be grateful. I have more information about her if you're interested. Thanks.

As for the chapter and the story: I love it. I love ancient history and time travel and this whole thing is amazing so kowtows for you. Excited for the next update!
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