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dragonegyptianblue chapter 76 . 9/18
I love how the guys miss their women. It makes me love them even more. As for the huge gap for an update, stuff happens. Your happiness and health is more important than a chapter. So please don't freak out too much. Thank you for updating, can't wait for the next chapter!
hannyb16 chapter 76 . 9/13
Girl, this was the perfect time to post a chapter. TRUST ME. I'm glad to see everything is going good though and you still keep pushing through girl! I loved all the details about what each guy is going through and how they feel! It's perfect! Kinda scared and yet curious at what Raph's "idea" is though.. And poor Bethany just wants to be more open with Leo! I can seriously feel it. She just wants to not tip toe around what she says because he might reject her. Ugh. They both like each other. They need to go for it. Full force. Just straight 0 to fucking 100 real fast dude. I know they will but sometimes... The stress dude. And I'm really curious to how Donnie will react. Cause it obviously hasn't hit him just yet. And most importantly: Karai's a little shit. I hate. Her. Hahaha

Anyways dude great chapter! Can't wait for more updates! You brought my spirit up girl and I know you'll pull through this crap! Just think: no matter the crappy stuff you go through or the best, life is an adventure and whatever you go through makes you stronger in the end. You got this!
TMNTlover33 chapter 76 . 9/8
Awe I really liked this chapter, long or not. I was wondering when the play would be and now that I know it'll be 'this weekend' I have a feeling that the foot will also be happening then or one of the play nights. Hmmm. Oh gosh and right in the middle is season! Uh-oh!
I melted just a little when Leo said 'I want to see you too.' Awwweeee! And her being worried about showing her feelings and then rationalizing them... I wanted to just reach through and hug/squeeze her. I can't tell you how often I do that myself and how frustrating it is realizing you shouldn't have to rationalize so much but feeling sick/guilty for no reason for feeling shy in the first place. Just, no sweet heart. You are fine! I love that he called her! I thought maybe he'd text her because maybe he didn't want her to hear any change or stress in his voice from the season but he wants to hear her voice too! Awwe!
I want to know what Raph wants with that folder. At first I thought he was grabbing Leo's but no he got his own and I'm like, 'what are you doing?' (Eyebrow raised quizzically and suspciously, lol) I mean is he going to study it and figure out something Don missed or is he going to tell Brandace? I Don't Know! Uhhh! Yes, I know. Breath in. Breath out. I trust the author. ;) ;)
Poor Mikey is having such a hard time. Lol, I have a sneaky suspicion that he's gonna break out and see his girl. And Don hasn't even hit his yet. This is like the different stages of a period. Some are heavy and painful some last three/four days and are pretty nonexistent. That's basically what is going on here. Lol
Can't wait for the next chapter and don't worry. We know and we understand. And likewise if you need to talk we are here for you too. We thank you for bringing us on your adventure and really really hope that they get to stay together because I definitely will cry if they have to be separated for whatever reason not even kidding. ;) Anyway, have fun at your new job and you are awesomeness! 3
Guest chapter 76 . 9/8
Great chapter, so glad things have eased up for you. Lookin forward to the next chapter, I know it will be great too. Take care and be happy, I am wishing for the best for you.
StitcherBell chapter 76 . 9/8
Hey there! First and foremost, welcome back! I'm so sorry you have had such a rough year. I hope things are looking up for you now.

Wow a lot happened in this chapter! I'm guessing one of them is going to make a surprise visit to the lair! And my guess is Beth! Leo is going down first! That's my prediction anyway.

Ralph is killing me! He is so protective. He just might go all caveman and go drag her home regardless of what Leo and Splinter say. I laughed at poor Donnie trying to do his interview. I am curious about what Raph wants with his file. And poor Mikey! I just have no words for his little predicament!

Anyhoo...good luck and I can't wait for the next chapter! As always.
guest chapter 75 . 8/25
Love the chapter, I hope you are doing okay, my heart goes out to you. I've been there done that too! When you least expect it something good will happen, don't give up, cause you are an awesome person and a great writer. Please don't give up on this story, it's awesome too.
Trinity chapter 75 . 7/18
Beautiful chapter as usual, but no pressure to update soon, just take care of yourself first. My only request is to not abandon the story, which I don't think you will, even if it takes a year for you to update.I hope that your life lifts up soon, just keep positive thoughts and know that with a good adittude and willpower everything will turn out ok!
rebecca2200 chapter 75 . 6/26
I'm really sorry to hear that life is hard right now. My suggestion would be if you are trying to find work. Good luck with everything!
dragonegyptianblue chapter 75 . 6/25
I loved this chapter, and that Mikey respected his girl enough to tell her the truth. I also understand what you're going through. Moved across the country for a job and a marriage I had for 4 years, lost the job, then lost the husband a year later. I was left on my own in the new state, with no job, no home, and no support. Lived in my car and a hotel for 3 months, before I finally got a job, and I just moved into my new place two weeks ago. I even have a boyfriend now. Rock bottom is very hard, emotionally and physically. However, don't give up, and never look down on yourself. "Keep looking up, and you'll see your shooting star" as my mother once told me. Thank you for updating, and I hope things look up for you soon!
Guest chapter 75 . 6/25
This chapter was perfect in every way! It was well worth the wait. You did so well with each story! Dang, I feel so bad for the guys! They have to go through that and they all feel so bad to send the girls away! They're all heart broken! They feel so embarrassed and what not and they can't tell them... Except for mikey of course. Mad props to the bro! I'm just so ecstatic about Donnie and Maddie's little date! No matter what, it was a freaking date! They are too perfect! Seriously I can't wait to see how that unfolds! And the fact that something is finally beginning to emerge between brandace and Raph makes me freaking happy! So much flirting... Finally paid off! Haha and mikey and kelly.. Shit. They're so perfect and cute and adorable and just freaking made for each other! I loved the fact that he told her because he hated lying to her! But now she's gotta keep this big freaking secret and I give it a half day before the others some how get it out of her. I mean they already suspect somethings off! Poor kelly! I wouldn't want to keep that secret from them either! Man... Oh man... Poor Leo. People see him with so much self control and now his instincts kick in and he's going crazy! I hope the others feel like they can tell their girls rather than getting the news from Kelly. And dude! I'm scared! Freaking now karai has got everyone on watch for the girls! When she said theatrics my mind literally went "ah crap..". I'm all nervous! Haha
Dude, all in all, great update! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time for the previous updates and what's gonna happen! And don't stress girl! Stuff like that Happens! You just gotta think about this: no matter the crap you go through, life is a crazy adventure. Good times and bad, the things you go through helps build your character and gives you more wisdom and makes you stronger than before! You got this girl!
Guest chapter 75 . 6/24
After the storm a rainbow will come, please don't be discouraged. You are an excellent writer, and I love this story. Tough times don't last, but tough people do. I got a feeling you are one tough cookie, and things will look up soon.
WOLFJADE28 chapter 75 . 6/25
something tells me that when the other girls find out, they'll be less than can't stay a secret forever...but i was so happy to see update here...great job! .
Here2Say chapter 75 . 6/24
AAHHHH! Donnie is adorable! He finally got a date with Maddie! Yay! I love how she was trying to ask Brandace for help and she was all PhD vocabulistics on her. Haha! And Mikey trying to explain mating season to Kelly was too freaking cute! I am glad that he told her away from the others because the guys really need to just tell them themselves. They should have told them to begin with and Leo should have discussed it with everyone but I understand his struggle. He is the leader and doesn't like to show weakness, especially when it is something he can't fix or change. But still, it was hilarious to see Mikey try and win Raph over to his side only to be turned down. Raph actually agreed with Leo! I mean I know why but still it is so rare! Ha! It happened!
I'm interested to see how the Shredder thinks he's going to take the school again unless he's just trying to use it to locate them and then coral them elsewhere? I don't know but I'm excited to see what happens! As always, totally worth the wait!
And we understand. Don't worry, it will work out. It may be that Oklahoma isn't for you but I hope for you that whatever you decide to do will be exactly what you need it to be. You are an awesome person and though I only know of you what you put on here and the few messages but I know you are a tough cookie and you'll make it. Tallyho, right? ;)
BronzeParadox chapter 75 . 6/24
Waited with baited breath... and was worth it.
Glad to hear the contest went over so well.
And I'm sorry to hear you got sucker punched after school reality kicked in. I felt the same way after moving to a bigger city and everything came crashing down around me. Just keep looking forwards, times may get tougher before they get better, but it'll be over before you know it... and can prove to be an inspiration for darker chapter's
Big fan, can hardly wait for the next one
StitcherBell chapter 75 . 6/24
OMG! This was so worth the wait! Donnie definitely dominated this chapter. I'm so glad things seem to finally be falling in place for he and Maddie! I may be wrong but me thinks the Non-Date that went Well may throw him into his Season with a vengeance! And I'm glad Mikey was honest with Kelly. I'd have been disappointed in him if he hadn't been. Brandace MAY do easy on Raph when she finds out only because he didn't know when she left but he will still be in hot water. BUT Leo is in so much trouble! Beth may finally find her fire and ream him a good one!

I'm so excited and amazed that you picked my story! Thank you thank you thank you! Now THAT was worth the wait too! Yes yes yes! I am so doing my happy dance right now!

I'm sorry you are having so much trouble finding work. Keep your head up and don't let it get you down. You will find something and you'll come out stronger in the end. Trial by Fire and all you know! Good luck.
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