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daedric.sorceress chapter 70 . 11/24
I loved this chapter! I'm so glad you finally updated! Definitely looking forward to the next chapter!

AlexWolfGirl chapter 70 . 11/24
To give you some idea just how much I love this story, Imma tell you what happened last night.

I'm making dinner, right? I wanted bacon and it was taking forever but I needed this bacon so I was patient. Suddenly my phone vibrates and I pulled away from the stove to check it. It was an email alert that Soul Skin Deep: A Green Ever After, Chapter 70 had just been uploaded.

I throw the spatula down, get on my knees to do a Tim Tebow, then proceed to dance my ass off right there in the middle of my kitchen. It was only when the kitchen started getting hella smokey that I picked up the spatula and flipped the bacon.

Thank you for letting us read this amazing fanfiction that I think many can agree is probably one of your best works ever!
hannyb16 chapter 70 . 11/23
First off, thank you for the birthday wish! Today was a pretty entertaining day and this chapter update was the freaking Oreo crumbles on my cake
Haha honestly, the whole start and feel of the chapter just gave me the feels all around with everyone cuddled in a little made tent, sleeping peacefully! So cute and ugh just hit hard! And I really saw this whole chapter kinda ending differently I guess. But how you ended it was SO MUCH BETTER from my guess (cause it would have ended really terrible)
The whole subway fight scene was so awesome! So detailed and just really proved not to mess with them dude! I loved how the girls was allowed to see and kinda show their reactions. I feel like it could spark some future conversations that will set aside any terrible feelings some might have? But that's just a prediction. I loved the ending to it all though!
Kelly's bday is the next day (WHOOP! WHOOP!) and Brandace and Raph little moment! I always love those!
And Leo being concerned for Beth's well being with Karai (still hate her). So sweet I freaking just melted at his statement!
Ugh seriously great chapter and a huge wonderful ending to my birthday! Thank you so much Brandace!️️
WOLFJADE28 chapter 70 . 11/23
awwww...this is a great chapter BRANDACE...I hope to see more soon...l absolutely love this story! .
Here2Say chapter 70 . 11/23
Also both of y'all have an awesome Thanksgiving.
Have yourselves a happy thanksgiving.
May your plates o'erflow.
From now on you'll have turkey and
Pumpkin piiiiieee
Have yourselves a happy thanksgiving
Filled with family, friends
For a while they won't be miles
Aaand have yourselves a happy thanksgiving
XD Gobble gobble. ;)
WaitingPatiently chapter 69 . 11/23
My face when I hear my phone sing with a new email and then my face when I realize it's just stupid Facebook updates and not updates for this story. -_-
Here2Say chapter 70 . 11/23
Oh my sweet baby Jesus! That... I mean oh my god. I seriously was panicking when they started yelling for Mikey. Seriously I almost had a heart attack. Geese, girl, don't even give us a warning. All these sweet awesome cuddly chapters with hints of 'hey, of, we're gonna do this. ... We're gonna do that.' Then, BAM!, we're doing it Now! And then AGHGG! So. Much. Adrenaline and Panic and worry and UGH! Like yes this is This story and they aren't going to get killed or anything absolutely unacceptable like that but still. I was almost in tears worrying about these guys. I was with Kelly, like, "nononono!" Just. Hughgh (severe exhale)
the tent fort continuation was also awesomely cute. Raph pulling Brandace in in his sleep and Leo being a pillow. All of it was so adorable and fantastically lovable. Please don't let Leo get obsessed over this. Because he will if he doesn't watch it, and his family doesn't watch him. He wants so much to protect them, and like you said in there, he knows he can handle the fights but when they attack the people he cares about it hurts him more than the bruises and cuts because he thinks he's supposed to take those, not anyone else. I don't want him to obsess and feel helpless if he can't fix what he's trying to: like catching Karai, and realizing the Shredder in fact isn't dead when they nearly died themselves trying to take him down. One day that guy is going to stay dead when the guys kill him. There's just so much less hassle that way.
I was wondering how the girl on the train had never seen the guys before if she was Karai, but the revelation at the end was like, 'blast it! Hugh. Fine. Knew she got caught too easy." (Grumbles to self)
I love this story. It is awesome and always worth the wait, even if we'd love if it was lickedy split, but it teaches patience where most have not the practice. We don't like it but it does. Lol
Kelly's sleepy attack worry was cute. So glad Mikey didn't get hurt on that train, there. So would have cried a little. (Aka: a Lot)
StitcherBell chapter 70 . 11/23
Wow. Now that's what I call action packed excitement (with a side dish of fluff)! Worth the wait! Have a great thanksgiving !
StitcherBell chapter 69 . 10/22
And by the way, I can so see Raph playing the dragon when he was little. Maybe even now while on pursuit of a certain green eyed girl!
WOLFJADE28 chapter 69 . 10/22
ahahahahahahahahaa! AWESOME STORY...Love the new chapter...l may have to borrow that pirate joke in a drabble or story! l can't wait for the next chapter!
Here2Say chapter 69 . 10/22
Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh ohmagosh! I love it! Mikey made a FORT! Agh! That is awesome! And Splinter read them a story! Oh my gosh! The whole thing was adorable! Raph's a dragon. Ahaha! I loved their alternate selves. Bestest knight! Wizard! Captain of the Knights! Love it!
I was wondering when we were going to hear from Greg and them again. I'm assuming that next chapter is when things are going to get crazy? Fake outs and supply runs. Oh my gosh, Hun actually seemed freakin' human here. There is actually a pint-sized, feelings using, human being in that Russian gorilla's dinosaur brain? Whaat? I don't know if seeing him like that is a good thing or not. :(\ Scary, a bit. Vincent needs to get out before he gets dead. Cause seriously, the kid's falling apart at the seams.
Brandade makes Raph suffer so much. It's hilarious, honestly. But that poor thing needs to stop thinking like she sees him as a monster and just... You know what. No he needs to just throw down that gauntlet and just kiss her. Plum on the mouth! Like he means it. Cause seriously this dragging his feet none sense has got to stop. He's a freaking ninja turtle for Pete's sake. He can take on a freaking army but he can't... Aghgh! No, I'll be nice. I'm sorry I'm getting impatient. Yes yes. Trust the author. Breathe in breathe out. All that. I want to see them kiss! It's like they are stuck in foreplay gear and can't get the clutch out.
I'm glad Donnie and Maddie got to see each other and that Leo and Beth are having a good time. Their kitchen scene was very cute. They seem happy where they're at with each other. I mean, they don't have the frustrated struggle of trying to sort out emotions and struggles that seem to be plaguing Raph and Mikey. I mean they do but just not on such an industrious scale. I love that because they Are different people and you can see that. They have different attitudes and lives and it's not all the same. That's awesome.
Can't wait for the next installment and how crazy it's going to be! Love it!
StitcherBell chapter 69 . 10/22
I love, love, love the Fort scene! That is one of my favorite memories from when my cousin and I were children. Finally, all our couples seem to be settling in COMFORTABLY with each other. They are all just too cute together. SQUELL! Ok the so unlike me girly SQUELL is out the way! I can not wait to see where this all leads next! As always, waiting oh so (un)patiently for the next installment!
hannyb16 chapter 69 . 10/22
So much good done in this chapter. SO MUCH GOOD. I'm still so nervous for them... The beginning just seems like foreshadowing for disaster to hit soon... I don't think I'm mentally ready! I'm so happy raph and Brandace kinda got over that little hump! And seriously... DAMN BRANDACE! Knows how to make a man go weak in the knees I loved it! I don't think raph stood a chance... At all.
Mikey seriously should get greatest boyfriend award because that is seriously the best idea I've ever heard! Fort surprise for a birthday... Huge competition for everyone else! Better step up their games! And poor guy was so worried he did something wrong walking in on Kelly changing. I felt bad for the guy but at the same time I thought "ehhhh it was bound to happen sooner than later" haha
Maddie and Donnie are slowly falling for each other and I'm so excited for it! Seriously they are the cutest things! I love them together... Well when they actually get together... This must happen.
I absolutely loved with all my heart all the better interactions between Leo and Beth... Oh my gosh... They are getting more comfortable with each other... Closer I'm internally going insane, in a good way! He's so good to her. They're just so good for each other! All the little details about them kinda cuddling and him taking her hands or her leaning into him.. Ugh... Biggest smile on my face! Thank you!
It was good to read about everyone just kinda down wind and relax after that whole detective fiasco. They all needed it! I loved how you incorporated stories about the guys as kids and forts into the story. And I loved how you had everyone interacting with each other in the end just acting like kids again and reminiscing. That's always the best when you see everyone interacting with each other! And master splinter just making everything a millio times better with him reading a story to everyone, his new family️️
This update came at the right time! You did awesome! I think I might read it again before work... Freaking great update! You're the best! Know how to get me freaking out when I'm reading! Haha

KellyEliz chapter 69 . 10/22
WOLFJADE28 chapter 68 . 9/13
r u kidding?! this story is amazing even without the notes...u rock!
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