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Shiruri-Nechan chapter 77 . 5/31
...after 3 solid weeks of being glued to FF reading through both of your stories, I have to say you're an amazing writer. It's ok to be burned out, life happens and has highs and lows. Take what time you need to find yourself in the darkness, we'll be here when you're ready.
Kmm92886 chapter 77 . 5/16
Love the story I am sorry you got burned out on it. You are a great writer
OracleofLysia chapter 77 . 5/16
I don't comment often... or at all, really. But for this, I will.
Aside from some grammatical stuff (they're/their) and a few other phrase mixups, this is perfect. I don't know how life is treating you, but you seem to have a great fan base here. I hope you continue. I hope things improve on your end. If writing is something you enjoy, hold onto it when you're low. Find what joy you can and hold on. Good things will happen!
SlenderGrl chapter 77 . 4/2
This story is the bomb! I hope you update, it's so good!
Guest chapter 77 . 2/21
Loooooooove this story! I really hope you continue it! It's got so much potential :D
KLM4444 chapter 77 . 1/4
This is an amazing story ! And it is super in depth which I love. Can't wait for the next chapter. Leo is my favorite so thier relationship developing is something I'm really looking forward to. Lol and love the lemons especially.
dragonegyptianblue chapter 77 . 12/8/2016
Oh sweetie, don't give up on anything yet. It took ten years for my high school crush to ask me out, and the timing was horrible as I was already married to an abusive asshole. It all happens when it needs to, and sometimes, not when you or them are ready. Just relax, and take time for yourself. Don't think that well just sit by and force you to burn yourself out for us, be the candle that never burns out. I forgot the name, but the was melts off, and forms another candle. We all have that wick burning inside of us, and sometimes it's raining when it's trying to stay lit. Cover it with the love of yourself, and your friends, and it will stay burning, until the time you meet the other candle that's supposed to burn with you. Long and cheesy I know, but it helped me get myself back to who I was before the asshole. He broke me to a point where I'm still scared to be with anyone, scared that I wasn't good enough... but then the high school crush came along, and showed me I was wrong. In so many ways. Sometimes, we have to hit the really low points, to enjoy the high points. And I can honestly say that it's the best year of my life. Horrible things have happened, yes, but he keeps me going. He was my best friend in high school, has been all of these years, and still is. Surprises come all of the time sweetie, just take your time, relax, and let yours come to you. With love, and patience for a fantastic person and author-
Guest chapter 77 . 11/29/2016
Fantastic chapter, so glad it's not over. But I will be so sad when it does end. Don't give up on Mr. Right just yet, when the time is right it will happen. All things in my belief, has a timeline to when it happens. It may just be a time for you, you are growing and finding yourself and maybe that's what needs to happen before the hunk of your dreams appears. You need to take care of you first before everything else, when it's time it'll happen and blow your socks off! Sending you light and love!
Here2Say chapter 77 . 11/29/2016
First off, you don't have to apologize to us. You are as human as any and you need your time to figure you out just like anyone else, no matter how long it takes you. I don't know if you like the movie but, since you asked for song suggestions, may I offer one that has stuck with me since I first heard it. 'Try Everything' from the movie Zootopia. It's a simple enough song I suppose and I won't pretend that I'm in as deep of emotional turmoil as you have described but it is one that whenever I listen to it, it just helps lift me up a little. Hopeful in yourself I would say. Plus the tempo and tune is very bouncy. From what you say and what you put into this story you are a very strong person. I believe you can do it. You got this, girl! ️
Second of all, AAGGGHHHH! These guys are gonna drive me nuts. First, Mikey. I swear I thought his 'animal planet' was gonna kick in and he was gonna get stupid. Oh my gosh. Which I guess he kinda did but not in the way I thought it'd go. Lord, I thought it was gonna go wrong, like not all the way wrong but embarrassing enough that it's hard to not just skip through out of second hand embarrassment. Ughhhh. She better have some good lipstick to cover the ones on her lips! Poor thing. Lol
And LEO! Im sorry, although I find him coming over seriously freaking lovable (even though he is half doing it as some test of his self control like a nincompoop)and sweet I have to slightly agree with Raph. He was the one who vanished the girls in the first place and then without a word he just ups and goes see her, granted she did ask him to come. Still. Ugh. I can't be mad at him but at the same time this month is going to end up being a bit of an issue for everyone I think. Oooh. It's funny though that Raph (of the ones that would cause the trouble, cause Donnie is the angel let's be honest. He's got a few dark feathers in those fluffy wings of his but he's the good one that Splinter probably didn't have to worry as much about.) is the one being the good kid. Like Mikey thought at first that he would flip a lid learning Leo sent them off but no he was cool and went with it. Then he's the one keeping his distance and not really talking to her, even though texting her every now and then would not have freaking killed him! And now he's the one staying home while the other two run off to spend the night with their girls. I feel like Raph should suggest Casey's garage idea, because if Casey does it she might feel like it's a handout and that won't go over too well, but if Raph does it she 'might' do the whole 'independent thing' but eventually warm up to it. He better do it soon though.
Also, pent up Casey is kinda funny adorable. I can see him being like Joe from Madea. 'Get. Get ooouuuuut-tah!' Haha!
Woohoo! Love this epicness!
StitcherBell chapter 77 . 11/29/2016
Welcome back! Don't worry. You are forgiven! Anyhoo. I love Casey's idea of giving her a job in a shop! That is just awesome. Now Raph needs to get his head out of his arse and at least text her back! Better yet now that he knows both of them are over there visiting he needs to carry his big, green butt over there and don't leave her hanging. Geez!

At the rate the two big brothers are going, baby brother is going to cross the finish line first. He already has one foot across the line now!
mikey4life chapter 77 . 11/29/2016
Loved the chapter and glad to hear you are getting settled into a new place with a great new job.
Song thought-tear in my heart by twenty one pilots
Guest chapter 76 . 11/25/2016
Is the story over? I really liked it too, In my opinion it's one of the best written ones here.
Also there will be no third movie, I am sad :(
Yamanekomono chapter 76 . 10/11/2016
I love your Story! Every time I get a mail, noticing me, that a new chapter is online, I make a little dance of joy!
This beautiful piece of writing gives me life. Keep up the good work!

You are awesome!
KellyEliz chapter 76 . 10/9/2016
Nothing better than to reread a few chapters to make a late night better ~ 3
dragonegyptianblue chapter 76 . 9/18/2016
I love how the guys miss their women. It makes me love them even more. As for the huge gap for an update, stuff happens. Your happiness and health is more important than a chapter. So please don't freak out too much. Thank you for updating, can't wait for the next chapter!
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