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TMNTlover33 chapter 47 . 4/10
Oh and Casey&April pairing All The Way! :D
TMNTlover33 chapter 47 . 4/10
Zipitnow, You shut your mouth! They do Not Always whine and snot! Have you even been paying attention?! Besides they have every right to be a bit emotional about this whole thing! Don't you think you'd be a bit off your rocker if you were thrown into a world that contained Absolutely Nobody you know (friends, family, people at school/in society that you can't stand, favorite actors. I mean who wants to live in a world without Morgan Freeman or Bruce Willis! I certainly don't!) and only contained people you possibly obsessed over since before puberty was a term in your world? And they have spent the last 47 chapters keeping a secret about why they think they might be here, chased by The Purple Dragons, burdened with the knowledge that girls there own age are/were being kidnapped and violated sometimes murdered simply because their is a manhunt out for them and they look like them. I'd say all that alone is enough to loosen your hinges. AND they are having to fight the urge to really and truly connect and be together with the ones they love because their stay May Not Be Permanent! If they get too close then have to go home they will have to endure a whole other separation pain. And they are keeping the big secret that they are from a whole other Universe. So calm yourself down! This story is amazing and epic. Chapter 48, please.
PurpleElm23723 chapter 47 . 4/9
GGAHHHHH! IT'S OVER ALREADY?! I NEED MORE NOW! PLEASE! PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE! I love this story! It's what I've been wanting for ages! I just can't wait until you write more! GAAHHHH! Mikey needs to tell Kelly how he feels, Raph needs to sweep Brandy off of her feet, Bethany needs to suck it up and tell Leo she loves him and DONNIE NEEDS TO GET TOGETHER WITH MADDIE! I'm sorry for being so pushy and ecstatic, but I simply cannot contain the joy that this story gives me! :D
Zipitnow chapter 26 . 4/9
So, Bethany...(sigh), I really like the premise of this story...I hate that the the only thing the girls are good at is whining, crying, getting into to trouble, needing to be rescued and having drama induced meltdowns...almost every chapter. Time tp grow up ladies. Bite that bullet, fall on that grenade and realize not everything is about you. Please stop making these girls so unlikeable and so helpless. I keep reading because I hope the characters get better, the boys are written to be so awesome, love how you do the turtles. And like most ninja turtle fans, can't stand the Casey/April paring, always should have been Donny and April right from the start...gosh when was that...the 80's? Anyway, thanks for the story, its a lot of hard work to keep stories going.
Zipitnow chapter 18 . 4/7
Love this story! Totally reminds me of high school days with the guys and gals.'t time the Kelly and Brandace start learning how to train to fight? It seems like it would be a good thing, for them and the boys! Thanks for the adventure in reading, gotta love how you did the characters, it bringing the readers (lol, me) back for more!
kelsey.hampa chapter 47 . 3/25
Raph is awesome. Totally had control of the situation.(P.S. fan girled when Black Butler was mentioned! Awesome manga!) I'm happy that Beth is gaining more courage to talk to Leo. And Kelly gets to audition for The Little Mermaid! And Don is working so hard, poor guy. Can't wait to see more!
TMNTlover33 chapter 47 . 3/23
I just realized that we haven't heard much of anything out of Greg in a while. Is he still a piece of the puzzle or did he just kinda fade away? I'm just wondering because he did say he would get out but then he went back like he was going to try to find those girls in order to (I assume) help them but after his first reappearance to the gang we haven't seen him again. Just wondering if he'll show up later or what he ended up doing. Thanks for writing such an Epic Tale!
TMNTlover33 chapter 47 . 3/21
Oh I Love This Chapter! You had me so worried that Brandi and Maddie were going to get into trouble back at the book store. Oh My Gosh! Seriously, I was having a mini panic attack not knowing if Raph was going to get there in time (Not that I doubted our Nightwatcher in the least) but I was very concerned those guys were going to do something absolutely stupid and Raph was either going to kill them or what but you, Miss Thing, are very close to making me look old. Very Close. In other, calmer and less stressing news, I love that Beth and Leonardo are better able to comfortably talk to one another even if Beth is still a bit nervous. Her asking for help with the book and that whole scene was perfect. Every word from him already reading to her catching sigh. I loved it. I am really hoping that the whole play idea turns out great for Kelly because she needs this I think. Just to get out and not be afraid, just to be a normal teenager if at least feel like one. I wonder who she'll get the part for. I loved how Raph chased those guys up the sidewalk and half running them over. Kick 'im Again! Haha! Brandi's reaction to him about the whole thing was cool too. Raph admitted that he thinks about her a lot! Aha! 1 step at a time, boys and girls. 1 step at a time. And not Just for Brandace and Raphael... DAH Duh Duuunnnn! And for tonight the Shredder is once again dead in their memories. I have a feeling that those nights will be few and far between in a short time. Things are about to get sticky. Maybe not in the next chapter or even really the one after that, but soon. Ooh this is going to be fun. OH and Maddie! That girl is going to find out the truth eventually and I am interested to see how well it blows over with her. I'm wondering about her parents and if they will play any key role in this before it's through... Very intriguing. ... Gah! This story is so good yet soooo ...Hahhhhhh. I'm going to be grey before it is through. I Love This Story!
MarsTwilight chapter 47 . 3/20
Totally L-O-V-E-D this chapter!
Sam chapter 46 . 2/26
I really liked this chapter it was great. Thank you for updating. Update soon. Bye
Guest chapter 46 . 2/26
I can't wait for the next update! *sigh* the romance, the drama, the irony! Love Love LOVE! :)
kelsey.hampa chapter 46 . 2/26
No! The Sherdder! I don't want him to come back, then again, it will create awesome drama and suspense! I'm happy Kelly is trying out for The Little Mermaid. I hope it will help build her confidence. Brandace daydreaming about Raph was my favorite part! Totally teenage girl moment! I fell sorry for Don. He has to work so hard. But hey! It's tough being the brains! I haven't figured out my favorite romantic part yet, so hopefully I find it soon! I can't wait to read more!
TMNTlover33 chapter 46 . 2/25
My warning flares were going off when I read about the play. Way to go Kelly! I'm glad she's getting out of her shell but it blows their low-profile to not get seen/caught to the moon. Ooh, I hope this idea goes well and not down the toilet in any possible way (i.e. Kelly is seen by the P.D. or it turns out to be not such a good experience.) I hope she has fun! But, Oh He is Back! Although I don't like him (except he is a great bad guy. the kind of bad guy you want to see dead but it leaves kind of an empty spot when they do.) I am glad he totally knocked Hun off his high horse. Hun is the annoying bad guy who you would not miss. This was such a good chapter. Not what I was expecting but still so good either way. I liked Beth's thinking and Brandace's daydreaming moments. Brandace's thought process was so her. She wants to admit to herself in this real world that she loves him (even though she already knows) but she won't because it'll do more harm than good if Donnie ever finds them a way back home. But if you watch him he is doing the same thing. Maybe he hasn't admitted he more than likes her but they are identical. A shorter chapter than usual but still chock full of awesome.
I think my favorite romance scene was (if I have to narrow it down) when Raph took Brandace on the Ferris wheel. (Although Leo is my favorite I have to admit you are making it slightly difficult to be faithful, but I stand my ground. Leo will always be my Turtle.) She probably would have passed it up when Kelly didn't want to go but then Raph jumps in to the rescue. 'I'll take you' *said in deep, heroic manly voice like when saying 'I'll save you'* So they go and he gets secretly irked when the guy checks her out. It's cute when he's jealous. They just fit together so well. It's like what was said on the movie 'Red'. "You're all hard on the outside but you are... You are gooey on the inside. *nods* Gooey." Both of them. I mean, they guard each other so protectively yet they wont say anything. They both know because they both think alike but they don't want to hurt each other or themselves. It's like a scene from one of those great tragedies and you don't know how it's going to end. You want to know, but it's like you are treading on broken glass and don't really want to know. Would it be better to suffer and not know, or to know and suffer.
Anyway, I digress. I like the Ferris wheel scene because you can tell he is trying to make her comfortable here. Like, major subconsciously, he wishes the same thing Mikey wants; for her to be comfortable and not want to leave, but Raph being Raph he is not going to ask that of her. The scene is romantic without trying to be. And his nonchalant asking her out without asking her out is just awesome. Real smooth. It shows so much without overdoing it. Pure awesome.
TMNTlover33 chapter 45 . 2/5
Chapter 46? Please! We can only survive under the great force of suspense but for so long. Release us from our agony and bring forth that which is burdened with glorious purpose and assigned the title of Chapter 46. We are like cats. And our curiosity concerning that spectacular quad and Master is killing us. Slowly. Intimately. In every way it knows we fear. Please do not leave us, your loyal readers, as mewling quims, but allow us to rise up as the embers within us turn to flames, forging iron into swords to stand at our heroes' sides to face this impossible foe. Let us stand with them. Post the next chapter. Let us ride together, to War!
Chattie Hattie chapter 45 . 2/4
Please please PLEASE update! I would really like to read more. I love your story
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