Reviews for Lack Nothing
LoZfan86 chapter 1 . 12/18/2013
I really love this story, just thought I'd tell you that. I've read it several times over now. :)
Measured chapter 1 . 3/24/2012
I"What I want to know is who decided it was winter already," Mist said. The chill had painted her cheeks and ears red. "Wasn't it just summer?"/I

Nice detail there. Also, they must be living in the Tellius equivalent of MI. Only in MI can you enjoy snow and sun and back to snow and mud within a week's space.

ITitania's voice rung out from the stable. "Shinon, since you were so displeased with the capital, I expect that means you won't complain about the unglamorous work we'll be doing for the villagers." Shinon grunted and went quiet. Ike kept a smile off his face./I

Nice riposted there, Titania!

ISoren wrote winter supply lists, scrunching his tiniest letters together to squeeze enough space out of the parchment. Mist furiously stitched sleeves onto shirts they couldn't afford to replace. When Boyd and Oscar returned from chasing bandits out of the village, Ike sent them right back to spend the earnings on beans and potatoes. The sacks they lugged home looked more impressive slung over their shoulders than they did sagging pitifully in the corner of the cellar./I

Nice attention to detail, here.

I"As I said, Ike, yes. Would you rather I be filled with unsatisfied longing?"/I

Fff, great dialogue. I love that you remember Soren's dry sense of humor which comes out so rarely. I haven't seen a lot of authors do that.

I"Then it's settled." Soren's voice made it clear that asking again would be pointless. His talent for cutting conversations short didn't always work on Ike, whose persistence—Soren would say 'stubbornness'—had a way of crashing through it, but Ike knew enough to at least stay quiet for now./I

:DDD Ahhh, that's such a sweet way of summing them up!

Ahhh~ Ike worrying about Soren eating is one of my favorites! (As you've probably guessed, haha!)

Awww, Ike worrying about him and putting his foot in his mouth! (and I typoed it as "food." Yes, he puts that in his mouth, too.)

Awww, this was Idarling!/I and about some of my favorite tropes and dynamics of their relationship! /coos over.
Sister to the Wolf chapter 1 . 3/3/2012
This story was very sweet and I like the practical nature of it as well. Your Ike is well written and in character, something I cannot praise enough. I loved the line, “Everything would have been fine if Ike had let it go. So of course, he didn't.”
Raphiael chapter 1 . 3/2/2012
I think I said most of what I wanted to while I beta'd, so sorry for not having too much more to say. I really liked the idea of this, and having Ike be perceptive of what was happening was really sweet, I think. Mostly you see Soren as being mindful of Ike's tendencies, so seeing the other side of things added a mutual element to the relationship that I really appreciated.
silentmovie-x chapter 1 . 3/1/2012
I just really, really like this :D

Trying to leave a review devoid of keyboard smashes is actually very hard so I'll just impress upon you the fact that this left me smiling and feeling warm fuzzies.