Reviews for I Have Worn a Coat of Scars
Linnie McCary chapter 1 . 2/21
Ohh, I hated 5.22. Even after all these years, I still do. But you've captured its emotions so perfectly-fine, fine writing, evoking my sorrow and anger all over again! Really nice work.
Ninja Violinist chapter 1 . 6/18/2016
So sad! They never really addressed how Dean got to Lisa's and I was always certain it wasn't pleasant. Kudos on an awesome read!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/7/2016
I just discovered your work. What I've read so far has been very well done. I wish we had seen this.

I always wanted to believe that when Castiel was brought back "new and improved" that God had given him to power to rescue Sam, that God didn't believe that Sam deserved 180 years of unimaginable torture, that it was Castiel who for whatever reason decided not to save Sam, or to save only the past of Sam that he could use.

Thanks for sharing this.
celinenaville chapter 1 . 2/27/2016
Okay, this hurt:

"Dean was yesterday's apocalypse. "

SPN Mum chapter 1 . 11/20/2015
Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Awards Review: November 2015

I really enjoyed the little snippets Dean remembered Sam saying to him. It really went well with the thoughts and feelings Dean was having. It made my heart hurt, to see Dean so down on himself, and in so much pain from not having Sam around anymore. The final straw for Dean seemed to be when he saw his unblemished skin in the bathroom mirror at Bobby's place. The idea that Sam had sacrificed himself to put a stop to the Apocalypse, that Sam and Dean had suffered so much, only to have it all wiped away with Castiel's healing touch. Now, all Dean has left are memories, not even his scars corroborate his struggles. Nicely put together story overall.
Woman of Letters chapter 1 . 11/14/2015
Supernatural FanFiction Monthly Awards Review

The care you put into every word of this story comes through... From the beginning, it's a visceral experience, Dean's pain is expressed so physically and everything reminds him of Sam. The characterizations of Dean, Cas and Bobby were so perfectly done that I could clearly visualize every scene. Cas' cluelessness, his desire to help Dean by fixing him but his not understanding at all that this was exactly what Dean didn't need... that was classic.

You were intertwining two themes here - the eradication of the scars as a sign that Dean's significance was over, and Dean's physical reactions to Sam's death, his own feelings that his life was over... I'm not sure that the two themes were melded seemlessly. The scars part seemed to be separate, like there should have been some foreshadowing of it at the beginning. That's a very small nitpick in a story that spoke to me of Dean's pain and his feelings that without Sam, life just didn't matter. That's obviously why Sam made him promise - he knew that in the aftermath, Dean was a huge suicide risk. You captured Dean's grief very well.

I liked what you did with the first and last paragraph mirroring each other. A nice way to show that his state of mind really hasn't changed, that his promise to Sam is all that's driving him.

In my mind, I had changed the last sentence from present tense to "if he was really lucky, would take..." You might want to think about that change.
TheYmp chapter 1 . 11/9/2015
I really enjoyed the premise that what we saw in the episode was actually spread out over a longer time period. I didn't know that about the handprint – this is a much more satisfying answer than “the writers forgot”. I also enjoyed the way you portrayed Bobby’s gruff affection.

Ironically, what I liked least about this was the section where you repeated the dialogue from the show itself! You did have me wondering why it took Dean so long to get to Lisa’s - but I get that it was to mirror the beginning - and you left us wanting more, which is always a good thing!
Catasauqua chapter 1 . 11/6/2015
'Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Awards Review: November'

First off - Gorgeous and fitting title. It represents Dean both in your story and in canon. Nice choice.
With the plethora of post "Swan Song" fic, it takes something really unique to stand out. Your story started much like many others but really took off towards the middle and soared at the end. I liked how Dean got a bit angry at Sam. It's part of grief not many others will touch on, but it's Dean being true to form. Your characters - Dean, Bobby and Castiel - were strong and believable.

The italics didn't work for me, with the exception of the dream Dean had. It got a bit confusing who's thoughts I was seeing, Sam's or Dean's. Other than a few misplaced commas, your story was well written and enjoyable to read.

One last thing...I suggest putting your AN's at the end of your story as not to spoil your readers. :)
theicemenace chapter 1 . 4/27/2013
You really have the personalities of Cas and Dean down.

Very interesting story though I'm new to watching Supernatural.

BlackIceWitch chapter 1 . 3/17/2012
This is a superb story, very well-written and nail-biting even though I knew what the ending was!
ccase13 chapter 1 . 3/3/2012
This is a great picture of how Dean probably was right after Sam went into the cage with Lucifer.

Dean's terrible grief was probably one of the main things that prompted Castiel to try and grab Sam from Lucifer's cage even without his bretheren who helped him get Dean out of hell.

I would be much easier for Dean to work construction, shirtless, on hot days without that bizarre handprint shaped scar. It was a really peculiar and impossible seeming thing to have. Dean's handprint scar would also likely have gotten strange reactions from women he wanted to sleep with too.
GreenEyesSpn chapter 1 . 3/2/2012
Muy, pero muy, pero muy triste! Pobre Dean, sintiendose abandonado hasta por Castiel!
drkstormynite chapter 1 . 3/1/2012
Well done. I really enjoyed this story!

I've often thought on what those first few days would have been like for Dean.

And I was surprised that the handprint was gone too!

Thanks for asking Jensen the question too.
threedays chapter 1 . 2/29/2012
Holy crap, this hurts! Wow. So perfectly written and the last line is exactly right, in a horribly painful way. Dang.
HBKDEANRKO chapter 1 . 2/29/2012
Very well written. Had a lump in my throat the whole time. Thanks for sharing!