Reviews for What is Love?
Fatherfail chapter 3 . 8/19/2012
Good one-shot.

I was disappointed I didn't see Raymond, but you explained that the story took place 2 and half months after the story, so Raymond wouldn't have "alive".

Also, I got my inspiration back, so expect updates from here on out! FF
LunarBlaze chapter 3 . 8/18/2012
First off, nothing was OOC (actually a lot seemed like natural actions and reactions of Azami). Secondly, I'm glad I was a great help to this chapter. Romance isn't usually my strong point so Im glad I helped. The daydreams were quite funny (especially the reference one) and I could definitely see Natsu doing that kind of bet. Overall, this one-shot was great. And now that I think about, I'm glad I picked Azami's name and nickname. I actually picked them at random at first. Anyways, if I'm lucky enough, I might be able to update either Hikari's story, Raigeki's or my SE one. Well, until next time, bye for now!
Might is Right chapter 1 . 3/1/2012
Ah, Izaya and Aoi. Good one shot and thanks for giving me inpsiration for another one-shot that was IMPOSSIBLE to detect.


Brilliant, thanks for your indirect help! FF
LunarBlaze chapter 1 . 3/1/2012
I forgot to say two things. One, yay, references since there were a lot! Two, Hikari calls everyone by-san, -chan, and -kun (calls people who are older or the same age as him -san and those who are younger by -chan or -kun) and what I meant by casual is that he calls them -chan or -kun (he will usually do this with people he does not know that well even if they're not older), but if he respects them as his superiors or just knows them really well then he will refer them with -san, but those who are younger than him, he will refer them with -kun or -chan regardless of them being acquaintences or his nakama (you're still getting used to Hikari so it's fine. Even I forget to add the honorifics sometimes).
LunarBlaze chapter 1 . 3/1/2012
I have to this. This one-shot for Aoi and Izaya... was 10x better than mine. And listen to Aoi and Izaya, Ed. Besides, I TOLD YOU it was OKAY for you to use pairings I had used and ones I had not used. And you would do a good job with the pairings. Poor Roxas and Raigeki. They got what was coming to them only 10x worse. They sure are troublesome, though. Oh, Hikari, you will always be dragged along with Lucy and the others for as long as the others spy on the two. Overall, I loved the it and it was really, really good for a first time romantic one-shot. I look forward to the next one-shot and/or chapter of one of your stories whenever that may be. Until then, bye for now!