Reviews for Crossoverparinglover Crisis on Infinte earths
Guest chapter 17 . 11/11/2013
Update! Pleeeeeeaase.
Guest chapter 17 . 12/7/2012
more Tasukeru and Orion! and Templar if it's not too much too ask
DalekDavros chapter 16 . 10/5/2012
Good chapter. Is the possibility of fusing Rex and Upgrade or Ultimate Upgrade still out of the question or even somehow have Rex use all his weapons at once? Keep up the good work.
13 Paths of Chaos chapter 5 . 9/29/2012
huh...ok what was with the talking cat? that was just plan random.
nightwing247 chapter 1 . 9/9/2012
Love the story,man.
DalekDavros chapter 10 . 7/22/2012
Nice way to reopen the story. Also if you have seen Avatar the Legend of Korra Season finally you should know that Percy now has a new trick to use with blood bending. Keep up the good work.
DalekDavros chapter 9 . 6/18/2012
Good chapter. Are you sure it was a good idea to tell Percy of his fictional status and why didn't Prometheus say anything about the sequel that is being made? Also earlier you said with one unbirth he gets god level power so how much power are we talking with all three? Keep up the good work.
DalekDavros chapter 8 . 6/11/2012
Another good chapter. Nice callback to the donut hole joke. Also once again Percy shows off exactly why so many gods want him dead. Also for fusing with both in unbirth and if Percy were to die in that state would he no longer exist like if the Avatar from Avatar the Last Airbender were to die in the Avatar State? Keep up the good work and show us an awesome fight.
Archmage chapter 7 . 6/5/2012
I am ashamed to admit that I am a comic book n00b Video Games: I Am The King! comic books: *error too gorey to see * ( hangs head in shame ) I DO know some of the lore and such thanks to my uncle! Sooo good chapter!
DalekDavros chapter 7 . 6/4/2012
You brought in Darkseid awesome. If a time called to use both Rose and Georgius in Unbirth at the same time no would be best and the battle would be amazing. Also for another hero to use why not Huntress because as of current DC comics history she is actually Helena Wayne from Earth 2 living under an assumed name and being Batman and Catwoman's daughter would be a great asset and a perfect character to include for this universe. Keep up the good work.
dark dhampir chapter 6 . 5/29/2012
All too well my friend; all too well. You said a while back Sabine Gem was up for adoption. If it still is, I think I'll take a whack at it when I get a spare moment (I'm kind of busy with something else right now).
tigerboy555 chapter 6 . 5/29/2012
Great story so far, and I suggest Sasuke go to the Sabine Gem world
Archmage chapter 6 . 5/29/2012
Yes I do And I am limited to my wii so here's my vote, Olympus Divided. And wow you must be REALLY satarved not many reviews for... how long now? Really only Sage of eyes And I review
Archmage chapter 5 . 5/23/2012
Whelp looks like I'm becoming something I never thought I'd become , a reguler reviewer . I totally understand I would upload my own story but My resources are limited to my wii Ds And librarys computer which I don't think I can do that on . Anyway there's a story called Temple of the sun in the mario catagory It's ... interesting to say the least Now I'm gonna try and refrain from reviewing so sayonara
DalekDavros chapter 5 . 5/23/2012
Good chapter. What are the chances of the anti-life equation of DC Comics working on the bad guy? In fact the equation can be found on the dc comics wiki. Keep up the good work.
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