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Frozen Meatballs chapter 78 . 8h
I admire your insistence to finish this story despite the fact that the number of faves/follows this story has is completely unjust.
Cheetah9 chapter 78 . 20h
I loved it xD , you should propbly make them get drunk some more because it was so funny hahaha
Airi-lin chapter 78 . 5/29
Aaaaa this is not an updatee! But is ohkay~ XD
But when I saw my name in this...*choked on a water I was drinking*
kyashidi iwa chapter 78 . 5/28
I was so excited to see this story updated ️ I've been reading this series since the song based fic was first posted. I can't wait for more to be uploaded
Airi-lin chapter 71 . 5/4
In this chapter holds one of my favorite scenes in this story!
I just can imagine Sasori who usually like a rock, indifferent and cool, hard to approach father, sneak up to take photos of his son while he was sleeping with kitties! LOL
And he is also framed all the photos! Awwwwww!

When Eien just said he was in his age crisis it creaking me up hahahaha! xD
Airi-lin chapter 74 . 5/3
I kinda feel bad for Trevor but...not really hahahaha! Because Eien should be with Yoru! ToT
But if I was Eien...I dunno who I would choose really.
First Yoru was a whore (no offense Yoru!) eventhough he must do it to get soul and Eien is a loyal person like Sasori *squeal*, Trevor is loyal.
Secondly Yoru like to tease and irritate Eien so much, it gets on his nerve everytime xD (but it's because he loves you, Eien!), Trevor isn't.
Thirdly, Yoru is always beside Eien and the redhead is so use to Yoru so maybe he considered the demon his brother..., Trevor could be called a stranger so he is more interesting to get to know and when they have time to hang out, it's become special.
Fourthly Eiein doesn't know if Yoru really care for him or just care for him because of Sasori order, and Trevor obviously care for Eien and not because of order from anyone (but reader can see Yoru is indeed care for you with or without Sasori's order, Eien!)

But above all, Yoru is the one who Eien could rely on, who know who he really is, etc etc (I'm rambling long enough hahahaha) I dunno...I really hate to admit it but both are perfect for Eien...BUT STILL! Yoruuu! ToT
*sigh* but if Eien decide to get them both (lol Eien is greedy) I HOPE HE WILL BE THE ONE WHO SEME THEM ALL! MUAHAHAHAHA! (you are Sasori's son, Eien! Make him proud and become unbeatable Seme! xDDDDDDD)
Airi-lin chapter 77 . 5/3
Firstly first, I am sorry I just review your story in the last chapter atm (cp 77), if I am not a lazyass maybe I would review every chapter in this because, to be honest, usually if there are a lot of chapters in a story, some maybe less interesting than others so I usually skip paragraphs hahaha...but sadly, I am a lazyass so I will just review this amazing awesome story of yours in general.

Unlike many others, I dunno, your story was amazing in every chapter! How can you even do that?! ToT
I carved more and more I couldn't stop reading for 3 days straight! (thanks God it was holiday)

I could feel the deep feeling of every character, deep relationship, especially with family it's just...aghhh! *tear my head apart*

It's very rare for me to find a story which affect me so much. I couldn't stop thinking about it...even I dreamt about it!
So you know how amazing your story is?! YES! It is that amazing!

I DUNNO, EVEN I SHIP THEM MORE THAN SASODEI (at least in this story but I dunno, I still can't move on from your story)!

I rarely like a story with OC as a main character but...YORU AND EIEN ARE THE EXCEPTION!
But still my only love is Sasori and Eien (what?! I can't decide between father and son!)
Second is Yoru...

I love Eien and Yoru relationship! And it's more interesting (and disturbing) when Trevor came in view. I don't know...Trevor is a good bf...he is caring, loyal, so patientt! Even when Eien kinda harsh and being a brat and so antisocial and won't tell Trevor anything about him, kinda neglecting him too, and easily angry, he is still loyal and patient and perfect bf! I should love him with Eien but...but...I CANTTT!
IT JUST FELT WRONGG! And I'm dying to know how the continuation of their relationship!
Who does Eien end up with?
It's frustating me with this kind of triangle love thing...*sigh*

AND I LOVE SASORI AS A CARING BUT STRICT FATHER! It suit him! And I love when he was being cold to Dei wahahahaha (I'm evil)

I dont want to be so demanding...but I will be so happy if this story continue! Because it's so amazing! I dont care if you tired of the word 'amazing' but I will still say it anyway, YOUR STORY IS AMAZZINGGG! SO MUCH AWESOMENESS! SO MUCH FEELING! I CANT DESCRIBE IT HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS STORY OF YOURS! TTOTT
Bean chapter 77 . 8/13/2014
QAQ so...many..feelsssss NYAGH, I'm dying for the latest chapter ughhhhhh must...have moreeee /dies
Mizu chapter 77 . 4/27/2014
It''s been so long since you've updated..I can't...the suspense is just...please, please, please update this story is just so wonderful! I'm literally crying right much that I think I've soiled my sheets with tears TTTT
Mizu chapter 76 . 4/27/2014
/inhales sharply/ wait...hold...hold up...Does Deidara remeber Sasori, cause he just said Danna...QQ suspense is just killing me!
Mizu chapter 74 . 4/27/2014
Oh gawd, I'm crying...why u do dis to meh?! QAQ
Either way, this story is becoming more and more emotional...I'm becoming such a wreck because of it! I blame you, by the way Poor Yoru, and Eien...and Kuma...and everybody!, so much sufferiiiing
Mizu chapter 71 . 4/26/2014
The tabbies don't like to be SERRATED?! Oh gawd, I'm just...I'm dying...
Mizu chapter 67 . 4/26/2014
Holy...fondue CHIZ! Eien,!
Mizu chapter 65 . 4/26/2014
/breathes heavily/ so...much...damn...SUSPENSE! AGH! /head desking/ QQ god, my brain is in turmoil and I'm distraught! On one side I want Sasori and deidara to, yah...mattress dance, but on the other I'm worried for Eien's life, but then there is that one metaphorical hand that wants Yoru to take advantage of his masters illness and mattress dance with Eien QTTQ don't know what to doooo
Mizu chapter 63 . 4/26/2014
Oh shiiiiiiiizzzzzzz! The suspense is so thick, I can practically cut a doughnut outta it! DX DX DX DX DX DX DX
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