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Cheetah9 chapter 87 . 8/20
O.O i actauuly thought that konan was going to stop from trying to kill then , but it all seemed wrong ... Wow konan.
Btw , i think that the past Deidara and this Deidara (new deidaa? XD what ever) are the same , by everything , not only the looks , Cuz back then (200 years ago) before Deidaa met sasori , he was going to move from his town once he owned enough money and start his life as a man , and if that happened then he would be like now, today . An artist who thinks that art is fleeting
Guest chapter 85 . 8/4
Wow, wat I way to come out :P
Airi-lin chapter 85 . 8/4
Lazy to log in forgive me xD
Ah I love this chapter so muchhhhhh! So much feeling,
I criedddddd ToT
Sasori and Deidara are really meant for each otherr! Huhuhuhu...
Sasori is such a honest man and I really love him for thatttt...even though he is a devil but his love is so pure...huaaaa /cries
I really really really love this storyyyy! Will always be my favourite forever ! Thank you for being amazing Keono-samaaaa!
Guest chapter 84 . 8/1
Wow, never expected this would happen with dei
Cheetah9 chapter 84 . 7/28
Ooooooh~ Sasori is going to get mad if he knew about Eian's and Trevor's actions~
Poor Deidara , he must be devastated about the new "wrong" information :( but sasori is sad too for sure about the whole out burst thing.
Guest chapter 83 . 7/23
Blah blah blah, rant rant rant, translation: great story, I love it, also I can't remember if it was u who wrote it but the linked trilogy was a great one (sasodei and I am very sry for not remembering if it was u who wrote it, it's been forever since I've read it, however if u haven't then I recommend it, this is probably awkward if ur the author) but still, this is a great story so keep up the good work
Cheetah9 chapter 83 . 7/21
OoOoOoh , Yoru looking at Eian's soul with hungry eyes... Or is he looking at his body with hungry eyes? Who knows maybe both~
And Sasori Being the strict father he is xD so cute yes so hot~
Cheetah9 chapter 82 . 7/15
Well , Yoro didn't want to see Eien's reaction in the morning when he finds out that he changed his clothes xD.
I feel sad for Eien , that his father picks some one he recently met over his son :( , oh well , good thing tgat sori apologized for his son !
SpiritNinja03 chapter 81 . 7/9
Will we see hidan again?
Will Eien stop being a brat?
Will there be sasodei smut?
Will Kinabalu stop being a bitch?
Find out next time on:
SpiritNinja03 chapter 80 . 7/1
I would laugh so hard if sasori found out wat they did right away, also great story, love it so keep up the great work
Airi-lin chapter 80 . 6/30
BUT BUT...UNBREAK MY HEARRTTTTTT! (Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton started playing on the background) WHYYYYYYYY NOOOOO! I HATE YOU TREVOR GO AWAY! TOT
I thought I've already could accept their relationship...but- but- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MY HEART BREAKS INTO A MILLION PIECES! /CRIES.
A good story always has a big impact on me.../CRIES IN EMO CORNER
so pardon me bashing your character...I couldn't help it...(I've fallen for yoru-eien harder that I thought...ToT) agdsjashgfkajsfhlaskjlaskj I will go emoing for the rest of the day...k bye T-T
Guest chapter 79 . 6/24
Soooo glad you'll be posting more! :3
I can't wait to see what's in store for everyone. Still shipping Yoru and Eien, however. XD
Thank you so much for continuing the story! 3
AkatsukiMemberWoolfy chapter 78 . 5/30
Man, buying all those drinks in Post-WWI Germany and then not paying for them? That poor tavern made such a loss, especially in the economy of the time! Someone was probably even fired for it XD

Sasori makes it rain when he is drinking *hiccup* *lightning strike*

Good to see an update for this fanfiction, even if it is just a side story - Keep up the good work, and I hope studying is going well -
Frozen Meatballs chapter 78 . 5/29
I admire your insistence to finish this story despite the fact that the number of faves/follows this story has is completely unjust.
Cheetah9 chapter 78 . 5/29
I loved it xD , you should propbly make them get drunk some more because it was so funny hahaha
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