Reviews for As the Sun Sleeps
I'm Doxophobic chapter 1 . 5/24/2012
Oh, me! I read this! I'm surprised I didn't skip a word, but that just meant that I found it to be great.

I adored how it trapped (because I hit 'back' after reading the first paragraph of fics) me with its bag of pretty. I love serious fics, with emotions conveyed not so explicitly. There were the little details too, like with the candle to light up the place and the efficiency of magic, which I all really appreciated. They made me smile a little and nod in relief because I know I wasn't making a mistake when I decided to read it.

What probably hooked me into doing so was the 'being strong for too long' (more or less something along that). I already expect someone close to the main character to die, one way or another, after having played S1 and S2, but Tierkreis was different. Tir and Riou must've felt awful, but you could actually hear Sieg's anguish in the game. I couldn't hold back the tears when Cougar and Dirk died, and everyone was emotional.

I can say that Jale/Sieg was an added bonus.

Anyway, this review must end now before it becomes way longer. Thank you for the great read.