Reviews for Plan B
LadyGrelka chapter 40 . 4/20
I am looking forward to the sequel, I know Cas is not going to makes things easy for Michael and the others. I hope that John follows Gabe's order to keep Sam and Dean out of hunting, and that the blood in Sam has withered away.
LadyGrelka chapter 37 . 4/20
Gabe really is a big kid that is for sure, I am not suprised that he would rather stay in the kids room.
LadyGrelka chapter 36 . 4/20
I do hope Gabe is just taking longer then thought to heal.
LadyGrelka chapter 35 . 4/20
I can see why Cas got the impression he did about Gabe and Loki.
LadyGrelka chapter 34 . 4/20
Ya, kinda figured that Gabe was more hurt then he was letting on.
LadyGrelka chapter 33 . 4/20
Ya I say its time to get going, and ya hiding in a church is probably a good idea, I mean I don't think Michael is going to think to look there, that is is people keep quiet about there being angels and hunters there.
LadyGrelka chapter 32 . 4/20
I am just glad she did not try to cut Sammy, Dean and even Cas where bad enough but Sammy would have been too far.
LadyGrelka chapter 31 . 4/20
Well, ya had to know there would be problems with them just appearing out of this air at a hunter bar. But really shooting at a car that has kids into not ok and they better be lucky that Gabe did not smite them, he is protective of those kids.
LadyGrelka chapter 30 . 4/20
Yep, Gabe is defiantly a kid person, well angel. And it does not suprise me he did not give John any warning.
LadyGrelka chapter 29 . 4/20
I think Gabe is a bit rusty in the fighting area, might need to start training or something.
LadyGrelka chapter 28 . 4/20
Well, Raphael is just a crazy in this as in the show. What the hell is Michael thinking, he knows that God sent Cas to the Winchesters and yet he tries to have him taken away.
LadyGrelka chapter 27 . 4/20
Looks like God decided he did not like his original script and decided to throw in a bunch of twists.
LadyGrelka chapter 26 . 4/20
Well, about time Gabe told them who he was. And I have to wonder how Dean knew he was a angel, hmm have to wonder if someone spoke to him in his dreams.
LadyGrelka chapter 25 . 4/20
Well, at least this time Cas won't be burning Pamela's eyes out this time. Wonder why Cas felt a bit sick when he won't up.
LadyGrelka chapter 24 . 4/20
Poor Cas, that was a big job his dad gave him he is after all just a little fledgling, and I get that Gabe wants to look after him but I don't think he is going about it the right way.
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