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captaineighteen chapter 1 . 6/26/2013
Full Name:Darren Logan Kayes



General appearance:Sapphire coloured Eyes with a small scar above his Eye with neat blonde hair

Distinguishing Features:Scar above his eye

Personality:Friendly ,easy going and a little protective a his friends

Fatal flaw:Not able to decide things

Immortal Parent:Pluto

Mortal Parent:Mary sue kayes

Back story . Stepfather abuses him and during his journey to find camp Jupiter, he meets a pack of hellhound and almost died when Chaos saves him and asks him to join his army.


Siblings: Sister that mother had with stepfather

Romance: (if any)NIL

Powers:Able to summon the dead and control precious gems.(sometimes)

Weapon of choice:Dual Swords
hakaeijis chapter 1 . 6/19/2013
Full Name: Ethan Alex Parker

Nickname: Eth, Al, Allie by Jaye (See below)

Age: 14

General appearance: messy black hair with blond of red in it. He had blue eyes, with glasses. He has a fair complexion as well. He has a scar on his upper lip and right eye. He's also pretty short, but muscly. He has piercings on his ears.

Distinguishing Features: Scars and glasses I guess.

Personality: He's very full of himself, arrogant, and loud. He loves the outdoors, sports, and is super athletic. He is considered a full rounded person, music, athletics, and studies he can do it all. He's really talkative to everyone; he's very friendly, but kind of a jerk in a way. He has a great sense of humor, and is generally laid-back. He doesn't care for rule, and is obviously a rule-breaker. He's doesn't have a great attention span. Very immature. He still loves the outdoors, magic, etc. He also uses his imagination a lot. He has been called annoying by a lot of people. He loves music, and always has a pair of headphones. He's an annoying, arrogant, intelligent, well-rounded student, but a lot of teachers hate him for his humor and pranks. Oh and he's also pretty flirty, just to annoy his sister. He's not naïve, but immature, laughing or making inappropriate jokes. He just loves to annoy people. I wouldn't say he's a bad boy specifically, just a trouble maker. I have to stress this, BUT HE LOVES TO ANNOY PEOPLE. He also doesn’t want to hide his relationship with his sister, and believes in homosexuality and incest.

Fatal flaw: Arrogance, he thinks he do everything, he thinks he can save everyone. He doesn’t ask for help, even if his life is on the line, he thinks everything he does is perfect.

Immortal Parent: Erebous

Mortal Parent: Mother: Jeanne Elizabeth Valet-Parker (38) – She was a demigod with a French background. She loves to play with her children, and loves to teach them about different sports and weaponry. Though she won't let them use magic in the house, she hates that.
(Step-father) Francis Vincent Parker (40) – A man who Jeanne later married, he is a clear sighted mortal and knows about demigods, his best friend was one. He lets Ethan run free. There in good terms with each other.
Back story: Well, he lives with his younger sister and both parents in the central areas of NYC. He always knew he was a demigod, his mom told him. They decided to love in an area full of mortals so they could cover up somehow. They lived a comfortable life. Jeanne then met Francis, while doing her morning exercises. Then they got to know each other more and eventually married. They had a child. Francis has a job as a representative of a big company and usually has to go over-seas. So Jeanne takes care of things at home. Jeanne lets Ethan and Jaye play sports and go out in the woods a lot, making their imagination wild.
Friends: Most people, except for a few people who like to make fun of French as bananas.

Siblings: Jaye Lorea parker (She does NOT have to be a main character, just mentioned or something or a very minor character)
Nick name: Aye, Birdie by Ethan
Age: 13
Birthday: August 28th
Appearance: She has light brown wavy hair and dark brown eyes. Her skin color is fair, and she has a bit of freckles. She's also pretty short, and muscly. She has a scar on her collarbone and left cheek.
Personality: Jaye is the nature tomboy. She would usually sit under a tree and play with a dog she just met. She is very friendly and loves to help people. But if you're a really close friend of her, she will pull practical jokes around you and become the funniest girl you will know. She really cares about her brother and loves to joke with him. She knows how to deal with people, and is a people pleaser.
Flaws: Annoying at times, not sensitive about other people, loud, immature, doesn't care about other people. Gets easily jealous.
Extras: She and Ethan love each other incestually. Their parents don't know that they love each other incestually. She goes to visit Ethan as she is also clear-sighted, a trait she got from her father.
Romance: (if any) Jaye, but you could add a twist. Someone who goes along with ‘punny’ jokes and loves bananas as much as he does.

Powers: Umbrakinesis - is the ability to mentally generate and manipulate darkness, deactivated photons mostly in the absence of light. Basically shadow manipulation. He can do shadow travel and he can talk to his own shadow that gives him advice.
Weapon of choice: Dual fledged swords from Stygian Iron.
Extras: Flaws, you need flaws. Annoying, loud, arrogant, selfish, super protective, easily tempered, doesn’t care much for people, judges.
He doesn’t like some people, he just finds them annoying. (not me)He finds Sophie annoying (I just thought it would be funny to see)
I hope you like them!
Oh and please check out my Choas story: Remorse!
Marionette Ame chapter 1 . 5/27/2013
Full Name:Jaxza Atalanta Hunt
Nickname:Jaz, Lanta, Moonlight, Death, Shade Goddess
Age:14(has the same immortality like the hunters)
General appearance:5'3, slim and lithe, a gymnast with catlike features. Has pale skin, waist length black snakes and hair with a few red strands here and there. Red eyes surrounded by a Tartarus black. Has pointed ears, a small nose and a permanent scary grin on her face.
Distinguishing Features:Some of her hair are actually snakes, has a tattoo of an snake on her fore head and a scar that stretches from below her left eye down crossing her lips.
Personality:She is a very kind, generous, sarcastic person once you get past her cold-hearted exterior. She is really serious and makes sarcastic remarks at the wrong time.
Fatal flaw:She doesn't trust many people and the reason for that is her tough and sad past which is mentioned in the Back Story.
Immortal Parent:Perses the Titan of destruction
Mortal Parent:The only information known about her mother was that she was a daughter of a mortal and Stheno one of the gorgons.
Back story:Perses met a daughter of a mortal man and Stheno in Spain when he was visiting one of his mortal children. They fell in love but later when Perses left the woman gave birth to a child but she soon died in a car crash returning from the hospital with a new born girl. The girl was sent to an orphanage but ran away when she was 6 for Perses had sent a message for her to meet him in a park near the orphanage. She was attacked by a Hydra the moment she stepped out of the orphanage. She managed o defeat it but was badly hurt, Chaos reached her before Perses did and there she remained since although she visits her father now and then.
Friends:None since no one has managed to break through her icy exterior except her father and Chaos.
Romance:It's your choice I don't actually care
Powers:She can make anything that causes destruction like hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, etc.
Weapon of choice:Twin pistols that are made of Stygian Iron.

Peacea Outae
JinxKatKazama chapter 1 . 10/26/2012
Full name: Yazmin Walters
Age (16-18): 16
Birthday: 5th of January
Hometown: Washington
Human family: Josephine Walters
Godly parent: Hades
Nationality: American
Hair: Thigh length bone straight black hair
Eyes: Midnight blue that looks black unless you’re up close
Height/Body build: Slim and curvy
Skin color: pale
Scars/piercings/birthmark/tattoos: Crescent scars on her forearms and a large silver crescent mark on her shoulder
Camp clothing: Ripped black skinny jeans, black long sleeved top and knee high black boots and wears the camp T-shirt over her black top to cover her scars
Everyday clothing: Ripped black skinny jeans, black long sleeved top and knee high black boots
Jewelry: Silver necklace with her name on it, and a silver charm bracelet
Make up: she doesn’t wear much make up unless she’s forced into it or wants no one to recognize her so she acts like a Goth with black make-up
-Godly side-
Powers: She can jinx things and make things happen and when she gets angry she can lose control and her eyes go black causing the plant life around her to shrivel up and die, objects around her to fell and shatter or become jinxed causing them to give bad luck to whoever touches them, she can also give people bad luck and she can kill monsters with it (It comes out in black waves)
she can cause good luck to people and things and they come out as electric blue waves
Weapon(s): Stygian Iron sword (Given to her by Nico) and Celestial bronze knife (Given to her when she came to camp)
Disguised as: The sword is disguised as her bracelet
Strengths: she can fight well and picks the right friends
Weaknesses: She can’t fire an arrow, she can sometimes be cold hearted in battle she and doesn’t trust people easily
Personality: Yazmin is a sweet, caring and headstrong girl who cares for her friends but is sad because her three brothers passed because of a disease called Cystic Fibrosis. Yazmin is sad most of the time but sometimes she gets sudden bursts of cheerfulness and she not like Nico or Hazel. She often makes sarcastic and witty comments and gets into trouble because of her sharp tongue, she has a sense of humor and she has pent up anger and sadness inside
Likes: Being alone sometimes and listening to sad songs, Green day, Linkin park and Stand in the rain by Superchick, her friends and family, her guitar, singing, reading, movies
Dislikes: People calling her Yasmin, Spiders, losing friends, being picked on, losing family, water, heights, planes, boats, oceans, accidentally letting her bad luck powers out of control
Friends: Everyone except stuck up people from the Aphrodite cabin and she gets along with the Ares cabin
Enemies: Stuck up people from the Aphrodite cabin
Romance? With whom?: She would go for guys who have a good sense of humor, who are artistic, those who understand her and who are clever
Anything I forgot: she has a step father called Michael, step brothers Malcolm (7 years older than Yazmin), John (4 years older than Yazmin), Harvey (2 years older than Yazmin)
She isn't like most children of Hades, she is often mistaken for either an Apollo, Athena or Hermes camper
She makes herself heard and isn't afraid to show her opinion
Her mother knew that she would be going to camp so she made her learn Karate in order to be protected and she also took sword-fighting classes and can easily over power her enemies
She takes out her pent up anger stress and sadness on her opponents and enemies when she's fighting
Her mother is the daughter of a Swedish diplomat
Her mother divorced her husband, Michael, when she found out that he was cheating on her and she won custody of the children and then she met Hades and Yazmin was born
What Yazmin says often come true like a jinx so people call her Jinx or Lucky
Her fatal flaw is holding grudges, she's a huge pessimist and thinks about the worst
She isn't afraid of death, she believes that it's a" ate way to another life" and mortals find her weird and she was picked on during childhood
Yourmyzing chapter 1 . 10/17/2012
Name:Rebbeca Marie Willson
Apperence:Oval shaped head,brown wavy hair
down to rear end,brown/gold eyes,4'9,weighs
105 pounds
Distinguishing Features:Her eyes attract attention by many people
Fatal Flaw:Thinks she can do anything
Immortal Parent:Apollo/Hermes
Mortal Parent:Vanessa Willson and stepdad David
Backstory:Her dad's Hermes,but her mom
was also in love w/ Apollo so he's her godly mom married David,her stepdad,they had a rocky start 'cause of Becca,but then when she found out her&her brother were demigods they eventually got along.
Stoll brothers,Katie,Chris,other OC's,Thalia
Siblings:Her brother Secel is a demigod too.(is that ok?)
Romance:Percy and a she likes Leo a very little bit
Powers:Singing,dancing,healing,she VERY good at pranks
Weapons:Her small red/brown gem necklace from David who got it from his parents that turns into throwing knives,she's really good,her brown satchel that's a little like Leo's toolbelt but can bring out ANYTHING she needs in a situation
Glowing-MoonPrince chapter 1 . 9/13/2012
Name: Kayleb Thompson
Nickname: Kay, Nature boy
Age: 17
Appearance: 6'1, athlete's body, not overly muscular with olive skin tone, neck length caramel hair, forest green eyes
Distinguishing Features: Fire tattoo on his neck, leaf tattoo on his left bicep, droplet tattoo on his right forearm, tornado tattoo on his chest and his eyes
Personality: Kayleb is mostly snappish and is always on guard, he can be very cold and vengeful to anyone that has hurt those he considers friends and very caring to friends
Fatal Flaw: He never lets anyone into his heart
Immortal Parent: Pan - God of the Wild Places
Mortal Parent: Nikki Thompson (DEAD)
Back story: Kayleb was born in 1878, but was placed in the Lotus Casino by Pan so that he could have a better life, but left once he grown immune to the magic of the Lotus, the only connection he has to Pan are his tattoos that his father gave him on his 16th birthday
Friends: Nobody at first (up to you)
Siblings: None
Romance: (up to you)
Powers: Power over the four elements, limited control over the forest and empathy
Weapon of choice: Chakram
daughter-of-zues chapter 1 . 9/4/2012
Full name : Sabire Genesis Hope

Nickname : Sab, sabi

Age : 16 (immortal)

General appearance : She has straight, medium length, dirty blonde hair that has a black stripe in it and is always in a ponytail. she has bright green eyes that twinkle like the stars. Her skin is not tanned but not Pale either. She is 5'6 and she never wears make up because she despises it.

Distinguishing features : people say that her smile is the most beautiful thing about her.

Personality : she is modest, witty, intelligent, Funny, shy and mysterious. She doesn't like being into the spotlight which is easier said than done when your the daughter of chaos. She is funny, and modest but people don't know much about her except for her name, birthday, dad and where she is from. She doesn't like talking about her past life and finds it hard to trust people because in the past people used her for her powers.

Fatal flaw : she would sacrifice herself to save a person that is in danger.

Immortal parent : Chaos

Mortal parent : Carolina Hope

Back story : She was born and raised in England with her beautiful, loving mother Carolina Hope. When she was 16 an army of monsters came to attack Sabire. Chaos felt pity for Sabire and defeated the monsters for Sabire but her mother had died trying to save her. Chaos gave her a sword (called Omega ) and an indestructable shield. She ran away because she didn't want to go to a care home. Later on a satyr found her and took her to camp half blood. When everyone found out who her dad was, they all tried to get close to Sabire. For the next few years, Sabire was happy. She had tons of friends. One night she overheard all the campers talking about her and not in a good way. She found out that they were using her for her powers and because her dad was chaos. When she ran away her dad found her and offered her the job of being the leader of his army.

Friends : Everyone

Siblings : None (except for the gods and goddesses like Gaia )

Romance : Anyone

Powers : she can control all the elements and can speak every single language (including animal languages).

Weopons of choice : Omega ( her sword ) and her shield.
EmelieBane chapter 1 . 8/12/2012
Full Name: Martha Anne Enderson

Nickname: Mae (for reasons you should be able to notice

Age: 13

General appearance: Thick, brown, curly hair, a little on the chubby side, redish-orange eyes

Distinguishing Features: her hair, and her eyes

Personality: shy, timid, to-herself kind of gal until she gets angered. then she could kill anything in her path

Fatal flaw: revenge: she will do ANYTHING to get revenge

Immortal Parent: Ares

Mortal Parent: left her at orphange

Back story: she never new her mom because she was dropped off at an orphange 2 months after birth

Friends: you choose

Siblings: (mortal siblings) nope

Romance: (if any) nope

Powers: any typical ares kid powers

Weapon of choice: javelin
whitedragon2645 chapter 1 . 8/3/2012
Name: Hero Abalone

Nickname: Pixie

Age: 13

General Appearance: She is TEENY. About 5', with a dancer's physique. Clear, almond shaped brown eyes. Defined,sharp facial features, with a small and delicate nose and jaw. Wavy black hair, cut short with sweeping bangs. Tan.

Distinguishing features: Her smile is always welcome.

Personality: Hero is bubbly. Almost too bubbly. What she really does is hide her sadness with fake cheerfulness. She is always joking, and is ready for anyone with troubles to come to her. She is always smiling and is very excitable. She is the baby of the group and is almost like Percy's little sister.

Fatal Flaw: She hides her emotions too much, and thinks she can stay strong through everything. So, emotional hubris, I guess? One day, it's all going to bubble up and she won't be able to take it unless there is someone there with her.

Immortal Parent: Thesis, goddess of creation.

Mortal Parent: Unknown

Back story: Hero was always bullied as a child, because she was idealistic. Being the goddess of creation, she was an inventor. But lots of people hated her ideas, and they shunned her, called her crazy, you get it. She grew up in an orphanage, and thought she was worthless because of it. But she hid it. Then she was brought to CHB. As the child of a minor goddess, she had to stay in the crowed Hermes cabin. People thought her parent wasn't important enough. So they shunned her there too. But she had some friends. She dated a son of Aphrodite. But for the rite of passage, he broke up with her. And it turned out that he never really liked her. He spread rumors about her, and soon she had no one. She left camp, wandered the streets, defeating monsters until Chaos came for her. After healing with the army, she became trustful once again. But she still kept it all bottled inside.

Friends: Percy, other commanders, other soldiers

Siblings: none

Romance: OC if you want her in the story.

Powers: Can create things with her mind (like, think of creating a chair and you get a chair).

Weapons: Celestial Bronze fans. Hero is also a good hand to hand fighter, as she made a study of pressure points on the body. Hit the right places with the butt of her fans or her hands, and someone could die. The fans can also slash and cut.
Toasterblowup chapter 1 . 6/13/2012
Now that I think about it you could pair Selene with another OC and sorry about everything being messed up my iPod hates me
Toasterblowup chapter 1 . 6/13/2012
To finish

Fatal flaw: Abyss doesn't allow herself to have emotions which causes problems when she let's out her emotions. Selene has the opposite problem and allows her emotions to get the better of her, affecting her fighting

Immortal Parent: Hermes

Mortal Parent: Mary Moon( new OC and this ones dead)

Back story: Their mother died in childbirth and left them with a unloving step dad. He abused them untill they ran away at age 10. They were found 3 years later.

Friends:Abyss: her twin and nico Selene : everyone

Romance: Abyss: crush on nico your decision wether it progresses to a relationship or not. Selene: none

Powers: Abyss who is blessed by both Hades and Hermes can turn invisible and has superhuman speed. Selene who's blessed by Apollo and hermes tends to shimmer and also has super human speed. Weapon of choice: Abyss likes using a celestial bronze knife that appears gold with a black handle. Selene uses hand made bow and arrows made by her sister.

Weapon of choice:

Siblings: Eachother
Toasterblowup chapter 1 . 6/13/2012
Full name: Abyss Moon and her twin Selene Moon.

Nickname: Aby( by her sister) Nickname: Shimmer.

Age:13 ( Abyss is older by 8 minutes)

General appearance: bright wavy blonde hair Abyss has icy blue eyes and a light blue streak in her hair. Selene has pale green eyes and a bright pink streak in her hair.

Distinguishing features: Abyss has a scar on the back of her right hand from protecting her sister from a monster. Selene has a faint scratch on her left arm from when their abusive step-dad broke her mirror and a shard flew at her.

Personality: Abyss is unfriendly, unless you get to know her then she is kind and loyal. Selene is too friendly and at times forgets the great art of sarcasm, but will protect her sister so fiercely it's Name:



General appearance:

Distinguishing Features:


Fatal flaw:

Immortal Parent:

Mortal Parent:

Back story:


Siblings: (mortal siblings)

Romance: (if any)


Weapon of choice:
OshowottandSnivvvy chapter 1 . 5/20/2012
Full Name:Sapheria Barrio Raven



General appearance:medium height tan skin wavy black hair green brown eyes.

Distinguishing Features: Her brownish green eyes and curvy body

Personality:she is headstrong and arrogent also sarcastic (not in a nice way) witty and not trusting also kinda bitchy and can come off the wrong way she has a soft side but she doesnt show many people

Fatal flaw:she is bad at trusting and letting people in since her mom left her and her dad was never there she doesnt dare trust anyone she is very hostile

Immortal Parent:Apollo

Mortal Parent:she lives with her older brother since her mom left them to fend for them selves when the older brother (Jace) turned 18.

Back story:her mom hated her children and didnt like to be around them her older brother mostly took care of Sapheria and when her turned 18 her mother left so that Jace had to get a Job and take care of herself her moms Puerto rican and lives in America she came to camp half blood because she found out Jace was her half brother he wasnt demigod only she was so she decided she had become a burden on her brother and alot of danger had started to attract her so she left


Siblings: (mortal siblings) Her older brother Jace

Romance: (if any)yes...?

Powers:her voice when she sings is sort of hypnotising it makes you feel sleepy or happy she can make it anyway she wants

Weapon of choice: bow and arrow
sibunastoryteller15 chapter 1 . 5/17/2012
Full Name: Helena Danielle Parker

Nickname: Helena, Len-len, Lena, Parker, Helen of Troy

Age: 16

General appearance: Wavy, golden blond hair that goes until midback (usually worn down); bright blue eyes with a hint of green by the edges, laced with thick, long eyelashes; fair skin and slim phisique; naturaly coral colored, cupid's bow lips; a slightly crooked smile that looks kind of cute; generally attractive

Everyday clothing would be neon shirts and shorts with dark hoodies and grey Vans not to mention, a long board close by (she likes riding it almost everywhere)

Distinguishing Features: Her eyes sort of draw you in and terrify the **** out of you when she is mad. Has a striking resemblance to the face that launched a thousand ships, hence the nickname Helen(a) of Troy. She has a thin scar across her cheek bone that is only noticed if you are either looking for it, know her well enough to hear the whole story or have been gawking at her for a while (which would be a lot of guys)

Personality: Not some girly Aphrodite girl nor a super warrior anti-Aphrodite girl. She doesn't constantly think of make up and boys and such like her siblings do. Couldn't care less about the newest fashion trends.

She hates the way she looks sinces it attracts so much attention. She tried dying and cutting short her hair, dark make up, everything, but would always wake up the next day with blond hair, blue eyes and perfect everything else. Now she doesn't even try.

She is laid back and withdrawn. Not very fond of crowds but not for the reasons you think. She just doesn't care for all the people that will only annoy her. She'd rather do things herself and do it right. She has a short temper and a rebel. She stands up for herself but knows the limit. Her sense of humor is a little mean and sarcastic but people who actually know her get why she is like that. She is nice to have around because she snaps you back into reality and keeps you sane and grounded. She does truly care deep down there.

With her close friends she is slightly different but not by much. She smiles a bit more often and talks a little bit more. She is more open to them, but lose her trust thats the end of it.

Fatal flaw: hubris

Immortal Parent: Aphrodite

Mortal Parent: Matthew James Parker

Back story: She didn't used to be the way she is now. She used to be happy and girly and Ms. Popularity. Then a hydra came to her house. It tore up and burned everything. Her dad, being a clear sighted mortal, saw it. He grabbed his daughter and made a run for it. He tried to get her to camp as soon as possible but the hydra chased right after them. In the end it killed her dad, scratched her face (thus the scar) and just disappeared. Helena was shattered and scarred. She completely changed and was replaced by a darker shell of who she was.

What she didn't know was it was all part of the plan. The hydra was sent to destroy everything and everyone she loved but spare her and make sure she made it to camp so that she would become the way she is now. The hydra was sent to break her and everything she knew. Chaos had done this so he could take over her. Slowly he fed off of her anger and became a small part of her. When she gets really angry or goes into battle, he takes over her and she isn't aware of what she is doing.

Friends: she doesn't have many, only a close circle. You choose who you think will get along with her.

Siblings: none

Romance: any nice guy that doesn'n care what she looks like and likes her for her

Powers: powers of Kronos when he takes over her, average powers of a child of Aphrodite such as love magic, charmspeak, ability to speak french, pr skills but doesn't use it much

Weapon of choice: two (one for each hand) hunting knives hidden up her sleeves and slide into her hands with a flick of her wrists. She also has a dual ended blade that only appears as the handle but the blades spring out when held a certain way. She keeps it strapped to her thigh and doesn't always use it.

Her fighting style is silent and stealthy. She fights like an assasin and makes it quick and clean.
The First Maraudette chapter 1 . 4/21/2012
Full Name: Audrey Jay

Nickname: Dee, D.J

Age: 15 (immortal but can die in battle)

General appearance: 4'5" thin and curvy. Very pale with many freckles. Upper back length wavy black hair with side swept bangs, almond shaped emerald green eyes and a scar on her left arm. She has a Heart shaped face

Distinguishing Features: She always wears a silver heart shaped locket with a small picture of her family an she always wears an emeral green hairband

Personality: her personality depends on whom he's with/thinking/talking about. If its about the gods, she becomes cold and uncaring, her eyes harden and she shows no emotion. When she's with her friends and people she cares about, she becomes a completely different person. She turns into the real Audrey, the funny, sarcastic, kindhearted, caring, fun loving, laid back Audrey.

Fatal flaw: Her anger, when she's truly angry, she becomes reckless and that could kill her

Immortal Parent: Hecate

Mortal Parent: Lucas Jay (deceased) and her step mother Alice Jay née Gray whom was very nice to Audrey when she was alive. Also deceased

Back story: when she was 9 her family was killed by monsters. She ran away from the police who was going to take her to an orphanage and ran into a satyr who took her to camp. She waited 6 years to be claimed and when she was, they told her she would have to leave because there was no room in the Hermes cabin and Hecate had no cabin there. She as on the run a few days later when she had a dream and Hecate was in it. When Audrey asked for help and Hecate refused, that's when she truly started to hate the gods. At that time Krinus was only starting his army, she thought about joining him but since he was the father of most of the gods, he must be as worthless as them. That when she made it her life goal to join Chaos.

Friends: Percy, Sophie (if you'll let her be Audrey's friend) any OCs, Chaos.

Siblings: (mortal siblings)

Her twin Lucy (deceased)

Marlene age 12 (deceased)

James age 9 (deceased)

John age 6 (deceased)

And the triplets Ryan (male), Rose (female) and Raven (female) age 4 (deceased)

Romance: (if any) somebody who matched her personality and truly cares about her. You can choose who

Powers: she can control the elements, not as well as a kid of Hephaestus (fire) or Zeus (air) or Poseidon (water) or Demeter (earth) but she can control all of them at the same time

Weapon of choice: a charm bracelet with charms of different weapons. Whenever she needs a different weapon, all she has to do is press the charming to turn it back press the place where it was on the bracelet. It's useful because if somebody forgets their weapons or loses them, she just needs to press a charm to lend it to them. She usually uses two daggers.

If you have anything you want me to add or if you want to ask me something, fell free to PM me. If you could tell me abit about Chaos stories in general I would be really gratefull. I have no idea what they are. I hope you pick Audrey!
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