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brissygirl chapter 99 . 1h
WOW you really packed this chapter full of stuff since you sent it to me! I like the way it flowed too instead of the chapter just being Harry and the Snape's you included Ron and changed things around a bit so it flowed better. I can't wait until we meet the new Pareya and see everyone's reactions to him. *flails* I was a little confused when Severus woke up and it was suddenly day 4 of the Hunt when previously it had only been day 2. I think if you end up leaving the next chapter where it was when I read through it that would be a perfect opportunity to have a couple of chapters to catch up with whats happening with other characters etc and build a bit of suspense. ;)
krabi chapter 99 . 1h
So long and thank for new chapter, when harry meet his bond/merrow, please.
The View From Up Here chapter 99 . 4h
I loved the Harry and Quinn time! I really hope he ends up as part of the circle and I can't wait for the seals to be off Harry so they can figure out whether or not he did make a soul cry! Also, Fred! I can't wait to see him and all of those with him meet up with Harry.

On another note, is Alec going to be showing up anytime soon?

Can't wait for chapter 100! Glad you had a good vacation and I hope your sleep is awesome!
projectjay chapter 99 . 7h
glad you are back safe. great chapter. love harry quinn interaction
Squirrel chapter 99 . 7h
OMG! I almost screamed for joy, when I saw that you updated! I love the way you are weaving this story together and can keep all the characters straight. Thank you for this marvelous gift that you share with us. I hope you will be less stressed from work in the future.
bookworm737 chapter 99 . 8h
So excited to see an update! Thank you!
ForbbidenForest chapter 99 . 8h
I was so excited when this updated! It came in right before I took my driving test, so it helped to calm me down. I like reading about all the side characters, but Harry is my fav! I can't wait to find out what's happening with the favors and the investigation into Harry's home life. I love the development between Quinn and Harry. But Quinn and Kyle's story is so sad. Regardless this was an amazing chapter, and I can't wait for 100!
Mieco chapter 99 . 8h
I loved this chapter! It sounds like real life has been keeping you on your feet, I hope that's been a good kind a busy at least!

Wow you touched base with quite a few others this chapter including Ron. It was nice to see what the others were up to, but it was also really nice to learn some more about Quinn although that scene with Wikhn (yes I know I most likely spelt that wrong but I'm reviewing on my phone so I can check the chapter so I apologize) broke my heart you made it sound so sad for him and now I'm worried. Poor guy.

It's always a good sign of a story if you can make the reader feel all sorts of emotions when reading... Although I hope that you do something nice for both of them soon.

Well I won't bug you too much as you need a break from all that work! I look forward to seeing what happens next.
456snarky chapter 99 . 11h
Happy dance! Thanks for the 'Harry/Quinn' time. It felt right that their relationship moved closer. And it's about time the Snape circle is getting it together. Thanks again for allowing me on this journey through your very brilliant imagination. Excitedly waiting for the next chapter.
Guest chapter 99 . 12h
I'm so glad to see this chapter! I absolutely loved the Harry and Quinn moments! I really enjoy those! I also like the other back stories but would like to see more of Harry's circle and Ilsa's circle because of how close. Also the few small moments of Harry's grandmother(the evens)'s circle. I really would like a few more Harry and his circle plus Quinn and Wikhn moments. I liked seeing the search with Harry. But mostly I'm just so glad to see a new chapter! It was done really well! I can't wait to see the seals being lifted!
mattdombast chapter 99 . 12h
My heart cried for qiunns and winkh and i love that snape ciricle got viktor it would bs nice to see the wizardry world get its ask kicked i felt bad for ron a seconded thats all so looking forward to seeing harry get his bondeds amd more
dandeliongurl chapter 99 . 13h
Ecstatic that you've started to write for the story again. That being said I'd be even happier if you focused more on Harry then other characters in the book seeing as he is the original character you started with. You spent over half of the last chapter telling us the stories of other people. It's good to give your characters back stories, but the reader only needs the major snippets of those stories according to how they relate to the main character. That means you need to pick your main character and stick with them for the majority of your chapters.
DevilishAngel666 chapter 99 . 17h
Love the story! I hope that Quinn and Harry get together because I love Quinn. His story wasn't what I expected as the way he lost his voice. I look forward to the next chapter.
KioshiUshima chapter 99 . 17h
Kyle and Emily, and Dy, and I AM SO HAPPY THEY GET TO BE A BIG FAMILY, OKAY!? I feel bad for poor Wik, of course, cause hashtag abandoned, but ALSO WE KNOW HE'S GONNA HAVE A TOTES GAY SLUMBER PARTY SOON, so I'm okay. It's okay baby pink-eyed fae, you'll get your's. Anyways. Thanks so much for the update! Glad you're back safe and sound!
Myread88 chapter 99 . 18h
Loved the Harry/Quinn moments they are pretty high on my like list in this story :) like the switching, and I hope Hermione and George find Harry soon! they keep missing each other or Olivia is stupid, she already met Harry right?! keep up the good work, welcome back and hope to see more soon :)
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