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Blindedhp chapter 70 . 2/28
Ok, so now see and remember that Harry did a soulcry and not a soulscream and the difference between the two, so just ignore my previous ramblings about it... Hehehe.
DJinTheHOUse chapter 1 . 2/27
Love you stories, im turning 18 ON MARCH 15 and i adore you story and the oneshots of it. I love alec, if you could would you be able to right a oneshot about him. This story makes me think of fanfiction for it that is how cool i think it is, not that i would post anything i assure you. I have read all four of your dragel's song and downloaded it to my phone. If you dont or cant im fine cant wait for the next chapters.

Dj out.
Kittens Kat chapter 94 . 2/25
Blinded HP chapter 52 . 2/24
I'm leaving so many reviews that I have to search for chapters that I haven't reviewed on yet (while logged in of course...) and I can't remember which chapters I reviewed on the first four or five times I read this fic... LOL!

Anyway... ""Of course." Fred leapt to his feet. The sudden stabbing pain in his chest, made him grimace. He forced himself to ignore it. There were more important things to deal with now. Important things that would forever rule the rest of his life."
This is a section out of the next chapter which I somehow missed when I read through it a half an hour ago...

The stabbing pain in his chest, is it also Harry's soulcry affecting him? If it is, why would Jun point out the soulcry to George but not to Fred?

Just wondering... :)
Blinded HP chapter 54 . 2/24
The soulcry that Harry emitted to draw Charlie back to life, it affected George as well and you say that a soulcry affects all potential soulmates... Does that mean that George and Charlie are soulmates of Harry but Fred is not? Are George and Charlie the only soulmates or are there others that are resisting Harry's cry the same as George did in the beginning? Does it take soulmates a long time to find the person emitting the soulcry or should they actually be called right to that person's side when the soulcry is emitted?

Could Theo also have been a soulmate but since Harry already called to him with a heartcry, and they were already mated, he was not affected by the soulcry?

Just some things that popped into my head while reading the last few chapters (up to chapter 53). If you can't answer all of them, that's ok, I'm just letting my thoughts out on paper - so to speak...
Blinded HP chapter 49 . 2/24
Another quick question...

With George going to Nevarah with Jun and Regulus, does this mean that Fred and him will not be the same age when they get together again? 4 days in Nevarah equals 1 day on earth (if I remember correctly) so say for example that Fred only goes to Nevarah a month after George left, that means that for George (and Harry), four months have passed, if Fred only joins them three months later then a year would have passed for George and Harry...

Or does time flow the same wherever the Weasley home is located as it does on Nevarah?

Just something to think about...
Blinded HP chapter 45 . 2/23
Me again :)

A few questions:
It sounds like Harry's missing mentor (Mad Maury), put three seals on him. Did I read that right or not? I know that Dumbledore meddled with all the wizarding children's inheritances with that spell he cast but did he also meddle with Maury's access to Harry?

A question on the twins: I haven't read any other fic except for this one - I know about the short snippets and the straight version and so on, but haven't read them - so I might be asking something that has been answered in those fics...
Can one mentor have two mentees? Can Jun mentor both George and Fred when he comes into his Dragel inheritance? Or will Fred have a different mentor? I remember that you said a mentor's bond last anywhere between one and a few centuries - did you mean anywhere between 100 and say 700 years, or did you mean one year and several hundred years (example 700 years). Does a mentor bond ever last for less than a hundred years?

Well, I'll continue reading for now. Thanks again for sharing this wonderful story and I hope that the new chapter gets posted soon!
Blinded HP chapter 34 . 2/23
I'm once again reading this fic - I checked the forum and saw that a new chapter has been beta-read so I'm hoping an update is imminent... :)

Just a few questions:
Who were Draco and Blaise's Mentors? I cant remember that it was ever mentioned in the fic... Was Terius Draco's? Just curiosity on my part... :D

Another question: Later in the fic (somewhere around chapter 90 I think), we find out that Petunia and Lily were Jun's daughters. Now, from some of what happened I get the feeling that Jun meddled with Time and that is why she was gone for such a long time without realising that it had been a very long time. I can't remember if you ever mention exactly how long she was gone from Nevarah but somewhere I remember 10 years?...? Anyway, with the fact that time goes by faster there than on earth, Lily and Petunia would also have had to travel through time for Harry to have been born in 1980. Is this part of the plot? Was it Jun's father who took the girls to earth but not only that, he took them out of time?

Well, I'm going to continue reading once again and if I have any more questions, I'll be sure to leave another review!
Lord Cepheus Black chapter 15 . 2/20
I really hate this 'vunerable-annoying-i-cant-fend-for-myself submissive harry' its annoying as hell..
Guest chapter 94 . 2/18
Are Companions just Friends part of the Circle or the "Sex Part" of the Circle?
Guest chapter 94 . 2/17
Love the Story and also have some Questions.

You said that the "Circle Name", is usually the one with the Most Influence and Power,
So Harry Circle is the "Nott Circle", but the "Evanson and Peverell" are High Nobles also,
So Why the "Nott Circle" and not Evanson or Peverell?

Also since Charlie Dragel Family are the "Prewett", should he not be "Charlie Prewett of the Nott
Circle" and not "Charlie Weasley of the Nott Circle"?

So Far George has Jun (Harry Relative) has an Mentor, Charlie has Princess Ebony, so who
Going to be "Freds"?

Is Harry Mentor alive?

What will the other "Peverell" Members think of Harry?

Do all Dragel have an Gift? because George has (Black Fire), Fred has (White Fire), but you
Ever said with Charlie!

And will we Ever See the "Dragon Forms" of the other's in "Harry Circle"?
wishesdreams chapter 39 . 2/16
I...I just can't anymore. The emotions, the plot, the secrecy, the thrill...I just can't do it anymore. This is a beautifully written story, one of my favorite creature stories now, but I just can't...I'll take a break and calm down before I continue. Each chapter is just full of surprises and questions, I love it. Keep up the wonderful work!
DJinTheHOUse chapter 94 . 2/9
Im a new reader and i love your stories i read this one the straight version, twin terror alot of the other tbdh's i was wondering if you could write one about alec in harrys circle. He seems to be my fav oc. TBDH is know one of my top reads of all time.
InArduisFidelius chapter 8 . 2/4
Question. If this is supposed to be sixth year, why are the twins and Lee still hanging around?
brittney chapter 94 . 2/1
This story is great however I do have a question is Theo done developing dragon wise because it sounds like his true power was being held back because he wasn't ready for it. Also with how quickly Harry is developing it sounds like he'll out power his mates by bounds and since it looks like the aphle and sub rule the circle with equal power then shouldn't dragon be equal or very close to it away. I cant wait for the next chapter this is a great story
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