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guest chapter 96 . 16h
Wow! That just totally came out of left field. I was expecting more fun - Quinn and Harry bonding. This

For the record, the Kalziks are awesome. I love the little glimpses we got into their family dynamic and how well Bahn just sort of slipped in. As for Bahn's scheming, I can only think that it's completely justified and about time. However, that has got to be the most intense and scary use of the crazy Potter luck yet. Only Harry would unknowingly walk in to a life and death situation but literally run head first in to his knight in shining armor beforehand. Nuts. Completely nuts.

I can't wait to see more Theo/Ithy interactions. I think Theo is going to need all the support he can find to keep from going Grey before the age of 20.
Eagle-Eyes chapter 96 . 7/2
Is there a relationship there that hasn't been explained yet?

Keep writing as life allows...
456snarky chapter 96 . 6/24
It's a good thing that Ithycar showed up. Maybe he can bring them all together now. Poor Harry, he always finds trouble.
MAFITA chapter 96 . 6/24
I loved the chapter! And I'm sooo glad you're back! I can imagine that you're a very busy person in RL, I hope everything is going well for you and that all your family is ok! :) I'm going through a bit of a tough time right now in RL, my dog Cleo has been very sick for the last week and a half, she's had surgery and a blood transfusion so far, and she's still at the vet. She's old (12) so we're hoping that she can make it through. My point is that your story came at just the right time! :) I loved that Harry could hold his own against the alpha! :) The problem with Bahn and all that was a bit confusing but I'm glad that Theo and Charlie managed to get to Harry in the end! I'm not sure if you mentioned it, but I really felt that Harry was feeling really out of place and unsafe during the whole episode until his bonded arrived. I have to say that I really disliked the conversation between Ilsa and Bahn. I like Bahn, but something he said during that conversation made me look at him in a new light that I'm not sure I like very much... :S In any case, I hope that Harry and his circle will not be negatively affected by this whole thing! :S I'm really looking forward to the next chapter! :D Hope to read you soon! Kisses!
7orion7 chapter 96 . 6/24
Thank you for a new chapter. Very well done!
J.F.C chapter 96 . 6/23
I'm happy to learn that your mother is doing well, and that you have managed to find a job. Anyway, concerning the chapter I'm sure that Theo and Charlie might start to develop some guilt upon themselves after this. While they were having fun between each other, they had completely forgotten about Harry, and ended with Harry almost getting killed, kidnapped, harmed, or whatever. So even though nothing really happened, I'm sure, for now, they will start to think twice before leaving Harry alone(In other words, without Theo or Charlie by his side). Hope you update soon.
J.F.C chapter 95 . 6/23
It was nice to read more of Quinn after all this time. Don't know if anybody else has ever told you this before, but your work reminds me a lot of George R. R. Martin, with how many characters you have introduced and given almost equal development and importance. Sadly, that also introduces a negative effect as it has slowed down the story by a lot. Still, no matter how slow the development has been I will continue reading, the only worry I have is that you will end up losing interest in your story without getting anywhere close to the end. 770,982 words and Harry has yet or not even close to even complete his harem. Oh well, let's continue the story and leave the worries for now.
J.F.C chapter 94 . 6/23
Up to the next one.
kaisonsheart chapter 96 . 6/23
WOO! Im glad to see an update :) Good that your family is doing good/better as well. I feel like Ithy is going to end up as some sort of benevolent dad character. I was hoping to see a little more of the Peverells, -wink- :) Best wishes and warm fuzzies for your family and for your beta! Hope everyone is at 100% soon.

J.F.C chapter 93 . 6/23
Yeah, was a reaping? Lol, I have an idea behind it but let's confirmed it on the next chapter.
J.F.C chapter 92 . 6/23
So Hermione is now quite close to Harry, up to the next one.
krabi chapter 96 . 6/23
Long await but it worth. Fun as alway. but when some marrow show please. ps. in Thailand it rain season.
Guest chapter 96 . 6/23
it was a beautiful chapter thank u . i hope read more about harry in next update .XD again tnx 4 update "3"
xider chapter 96 . 6/23
well that was exciting. i only got questions that i know might or might not get answered in the following chapters to come. and i also know quite a few of them have already been asked if not once then maybe a few times. so i wont bug you with them.
J.F.C chapter 91 . 6/23
It has been quite some time since I last read about Ron and Luna. Up to the next one.
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