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agge chapter 102 . 9h
Thank you Scion for another beautiful chapter!
Hope real life is doing you good.
The weather too.

Loved the interaction between Riven and Raspen. Raspen's reaction to the soulscream had me curious if he is also empathic. Wondering why he felt the magic from Harry and Ethan.

Knowing that he isn't part of Harry's soulbonded, I would have thought it shouldn't be an issue. I suspect, The 'not being able to leave alone' issue Prince Raspen is having with Harry and the problem with his seals and everything else, is due to fact that Harry is from the Evenson Bloodline and the working connection of Royals and Evensons have. Kind of like a bleed over. I am also assuming that Our lovable Earth prince realized that.

Having Rian paying attention to the seal removal request and bringing it to her attention seamed like a light bulb moment. Interesting enough of a detail to make Jun put two and two together. Get her thinking that she might have actually met her Grandson. (Which we know she did for about a second).

I like that she went to confront her Father. I keep thinking that he raised Petunia and Lily. To many thing are not adding up with him. But it bothered me that Rian wasn't able to see the names for Harry's circle on the Tapestry. What about Hadrian? I know he wasn't purposely looking for it, but it would be something that would catch his attention and put aside for the meantime to get back to the minute he has time to think about it. Unless he saw the bonded on the parchment.

Could be something to do with Harry's seal, but I see this more as something Jun's Father did to keep her circle away from Petunia Lily and their children.

Liked the character snippets. Had fun with Hadrian. It's good that he has pertinent information to give Lady Mariana, and Lord Cunningham.

Now, if only Hadrian will press Harry a bit on his home circumstance, that would be great. He is getting suspicious. And that is a really good thing for Harry.

I really like Ethan's blunt personality. He reminds me of me. Only difference is, he knows when to use his filter and when not. I really had that problem growing up. Still do at times. But it's great for a number of reasons.
Kind, honest. I love that he is calling on the nonsense and putting it to a stop. He is just what the trio needed at this time.
I'm curious if Harry felt Ethan's magic on his trip up the tower when running to save Bahn.
loopy6588 chapter 102 . 10h
Wow, there are a lot of things going on in this chapter! Where to start?! Random train of thought time!

June's circle is growing on me.

I had kind of forgotten about Molly and Co. and really am at a loss to see how certain characters will/can fit into this story- such as Dean/Seamus and Lavender and Neville and Luna. I'm definitely curious as to how you'll work them in.

Okay all I want right now is for Ethan to pull out his super magical Pareya powers and CALM THEO DOWN. I think he's a great addition to the circle and now he needs to start pulling that Pareya weight. Theo needs a chill pill. A chill pill named Ethan. I haven't seen him relax in chapters! :P C'mon Ethan. Hugs and cuddles time!

I didn't expect to see as much of the Royals as we are and it's nice to have them be more than bland/one dimensional authority figures!

I'm a little (okay, a lot) murky on this whole Cunningham/Maury/Dursley thing. But I can see the Evanston's start to tie into that.

It seems like everything is on the verge of coming together and I really really cannot wait for these pieces to start coming together! So close! Can't wait!
MoonyWormtailPadfootProngs20 chapter 102 . 16h
This story is amazing and I cant didn't wait to see how the story plays out. Is raspen going to become one of Harry's bonded, he seemed to really be affected by Harry. I think it would be cool for harry to have a royal as one of his bonded. Raspen seems to have taken an interest in him and I think it's because he's one of his soul mates.
minu2014 chapter 102 . 6/21
wow...just perfect..
I have never thought about Cederela...Jun's circle is going to encouter Theo's circle?
Qtsarahanne chapter 102 . 6/21
Gah. It's like I'm going to dangle this delicious morsel of amazing fanfic chapter, but ultimately leave you hanging, and I honestly am going through withdrawals waiting in between. Can we get a little ficlet maybe for July, pretty please with lots of chocolate and cherries on top? Love it!
Blakely Evans chapter 102 . 6/21
Ohhhh! So good. I can't wait until Jun meets Harry. It's coming up soon...right?
Guest chapter 18 . 6/21
I'm glad somebody's taking the time to talk to Harry about all this stuff before he's thrown into the deep end. Poor guy's more than a little insecure, especially since his mentor never showed up.

As for the sexual thing... whatever floats your boat, y'know? Harry's a good guy, and he needs people to take care of him... so he's attracted to guys in your fic, should it really matter as long as they care about each other and everybody involved is willing?
Helen chapter 102 . 6/20
absolutely amazing as always, so exciting to have a new chapter up and so much in it, wow. Are the 2 groups youre talking of meeting up the evansons and Harry etc when theyre at the Dursleys? would be nice to see them all meeting!
It seems like Raspen is going to be part of Harry's circle but doesn't want to be because of being Royal and the complications with that? Also seems like he thinks his parents would not approve? does he know something about what is happening at the Evansons main home?
It seems to be hinted at that the Royals know that Harry's upbringing with the Dursley's wasn't the best?
Love the bits with Hadrian in it, hope he gets permission to court Harry soon
Please say nothing bad has happened to Shadow!
Like always reading through this leaves me longing for more, birthday is late August would be amazing to have a little snippet or chapter around then if you can manage :)
Hope that things in life are not so crazy, don't forget to get some sleep in amongst everything going on, writing etc, don't want you getting run down/sick
Elizabeth-HP chapter 102 . 6/20
So much happening, yet nothing is happening...
JBubbles chapter 102 . 6/20

Raspen! Let's start with this sweety prince that has sooo much more to offer us! And how Hadrian had his own time to think of his feelings! And how Ethan simply makes things woooork in the Circle!

I loved how we got to see the Evanson circle, Molly and the others plus Luna and Rolf, we're seeing how they're slowly and surely meeting one another and trying to get to somewhere.

The fabrine infested Evanson's home was spooky as well as the whole black as death eyes from Cedrella, but this is interesting! Not overly clear what's happening but yaaaay for the mystery and excitement!

Thanks for the update!
SlytherinofGreenWellSprings chapter 102 . 6/20
Harry/Theo/Charlie/Ethan oh the cuteness!
KrixLight chapter 102 . 6/20
my goodness. the family gatherings seems to be on the wing. and all headed towards privet drive. i wonder, why didn't george react when jun talked about harry? thank you so much for this chapter.
SunnyandSidesFemme17 chapter 102 . 6/20
Omg! I was so excited to see this story updated I love this chapter
7orion7 chapter 102 . 6/20
This story is so amazing! You are weaving an awesome tapestry. I can't wait to see more.
456snarky chapter 102 . 6/20
wow I didn't see that coming! I wish I had the resources to hire you to just write. Loving the story!
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