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Nate chapter 96 . 8/2
As always a great chapter, I avidly look forward to the next
The View From Up Here chapter 96 . 7/21
I just began reading this story a couple of days ago and I love it, can't wait for more! The world you have built is amazing with so many connections it some times makes my head sip! :)
Mieco chapter 96 . 7/20
Congratulations on your fantastic work news! I'm glad that things in real life seem to be looking up! I hope that you settling in nicely!

I'm sorry to hear that brissygirl is not feeling well and I hope that she is feeling better soon or at this point.

I read this chapter when it first came out but sadly did not have time to review and I apologize for not doing so sooner. Sometimes real life can be super fun!

I love the way that this chapter was written and I am happy to finally meet Bhan and Bhunidi's head alpha... He is officially no longer a mentioned being that intrigues. Yes I know his name can't spell it for the life of me so instead of attempting I thought it was safer to just mention him in this way. I can't believe that Harry literally ran into him! What a way to meet someone even if he didn't realize who he was at the time. Bhan, wow I am surprised at his scheming... He must have been waiting to do something like this for awhile. I have a question and it might have been answered in the chapter but I missed it but did Bhan sense his alpha and that is why he did what he did at that exact moment?

Poor Harry and all of the situations that he finds himself in, If I was in a room of people that I had only recently meet in such a sensitive moment I would have been freaking out trying to hide somewhere. They and Charlie must have been super mad when they couldn't get to Harry right away but I can understand why they weren't able to due to the protections that were on the house that they were in. So much for all of Charlie's work trying to calm Theo down.

I love all the complexities of this story, I read your dragle song book and was happy to see that all of the complexities are there as well. When you publish the book I hope it's available in Canada as well.

I feel like I am missing something in this review... Like a question that I had thought of. Oh well it'll come back to me later on. But I must admit all your Quinn fans will be sad that his current part is over. Don't get me wrong I like Quinn as well but I also love all of this story.

What's all this questioning about the potential Merrow mate? I take it a plot change made you not want to use Alec? Do you every get driven crazy with all of the questions you get asked?

Thank your for all your hard work! I hope that your real life keeps going well and that everything with your Mother (hoping her health is fine or at least better) and Family are going well!
Youko's Befuddled Fox chapter 96 . 7/17
I'm very happy to read more from you, thank you. :)
battleslippers chapter 95 . 7/9
Leaving this here because won't let me post it on chapter 96-

Random one-shot idea for you, if the inspiration ever strikes: I'd be curious to see a world in which Quinn never had The Accident, retained his Alpha status, and bonded with Harry (instead of Theo bonding with Harry). I almost feel guilty even suggesting that as it would obviously cut Theo out of the circle.. but the curiosity outweighs the guilt.

The more I think about it, the more I realize it probably couldn't have even really worked out that way. How would Harry have gotten to Nevarah? Would they even have gotten along, if Quinn's personality hadn't shifted? But hey, that's what AUs are for. ;) xoxo
battleslippers chapter 96 . 7/9
Oh Harry! I feel like I'm always saying that. ;) I am worried for Quinn and Surajini and their reaction to Harry and Bahn's swift departure. Curious to see how this clan war pans out, and nervous, though I don't *think* you're planning to lead me down the road to heartbreak. But it's too soon to say and maybe you are because plot twists happen and.. egad! Haha. I'm so impatient for Harry's circle to grow, mainly on account of my love for Quinn, Wikhn, Hadrian, and Alec. I am still ever so hopeful that Blaise will join as a lower ranking Gheyo (am assuming here that Hadrian will be Harry's Ace and Wik will be the King, even though I know assumptions are dangerous), even though I think I'm the only one. I just finished a full re-read from the beginning and though I recall Blaise's flirting making Harry semi-uncomfortable initially, he also seems to respond to many people that way. It was mentioned at some point that someone's flirting reminded him of Blaise, though I can't remember now. I'm curious about who Harry physically bumped into in his mission to follow Bahn in this chapter. You tend not to throw in red herrings, and things are always more connected than they initially seem, which is why the interaction stuck out to me. Much as I have a small bit of worry over the social faux pas Harry committed, I actually think at this point, any attention he garners is generally a good thing.. get his name out there, etc. And there are bound to be dragels who don't care as much about official social restitution and whatnot. Anyway, my disjointed rambling aside-THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this chapter! This is hands down my favorite WIP and I cannot express to you how excited I get when I see an update. I'm super excited that the new job is going well and keeping you busy. :) Keeping my fingers crossed that life treats you kindly for a nice long while, and will be keeping an eye out for chapter 97!
ShadowDraconian chapter 29 . 7/9
hey love the book so far but is harry going to get his magic back?
ShadowFireHime-Sama chapter 18 . 7/9
i think harry will end up with his magic back i just don't see him loosing it
Queen of all things Nerdy chapter 96 . 7/8
I know that you probably get a lot of this but I think your writing is fantastic. I'm hooked! There is just one thing I am unclear on. I may have missed it earlier on, but can you explain to me what the pits are? I have a general idea, but I am unclean on some details. Anyway, I love your fic and you are a brilliant author. Hears and Love.
Queen of all things Nerdy
Starkidpotterzyx chapter 96 . 7/8
I've read this story alsmot nonstop for the past couple of days. I mainly was reading on ao3 but when I realized that fan had one more chapter I was desperate to read more. Creaturefics normally annoy me due to the intricate set up but I've really enjoyed this one and it seems like there's still a lot more story to come. I'm looking forward to what comes next
DevilishAngel666 chapter 96 . 7/6
Another awesome chapter. I hope that Harry courts Quinn. He is one of my favourite original characters. With Harry always getting into trouble he would need a healer. lol
guest chapter 96 . 7/3
Wow! That just totally came out of left field. I was expecting more fun - Quinn and Harry bonding. This

For the record, the Kalziks are awesome. I love the little glimpses we got into their family dynamic and how well Bahn just sort of slipped in. As for Bahn's scheming, I can only think that it's completely justified and about time. However, that has got to be the most intense and scary use of the crazy Potter luck yet. Only Harry would unknowingly walk in to a life and death situation but literally run head first in to his knight in shining armor beforehand. Nuts. Completely nuts.

I can't wait to see more Theo/Ithy interactions. I think Theo is going to need all the support he can find to keep from going Grey before the age of 20.
Eagle-Eyes chapter 96 . 7/2
Is there a relationship there that hasn't been explained yet?

Keep writing as life allows...
456snarky chapter 96 . 6/24
It's a good thing that Ithycar showed up. Maybe he can bring them all together now. Poor Harry, he always finds trouble.
MAFITA chapter 96 . 6/24
I loved the chapter! And I'm sooo glad you're back! I can imagine that you're a very busy person in RL, I hope everything is going well for you and that all your family is ok! :) I'm going through a bit of a tough time right now in RL, my dog Cleo has been very sick for the last week and a half, she's had surgery and a blood transfusion so far, and she's still at the vet. She's old (12) so we're hoping that she can make it through. My point is that your story came at just the right time! :) I loved that Harry could hold his own against the alpha! :) The problem with Bahn and all that was a bit confusing but I'm glad that Theo and Charlie managed to get to Harry in the end! I'm not sure if you mentioned it, but I really felt that Harry was feeling really out of place and unsafe during the whole episode until his bonded arrived. I have to say that I really disliked the conversation between Ilsa and Bahn. I like Bahn, but something he said during that conversation made me look at him in a new light that I'm not sure I like very much... :S In any case, I hope that Harry and his circle will not be negatively affected by this whole thing! :S I'm really looking forward to the next chapter! :D Hope to read you soon! Kisses!
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