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KariBookworm chapter 104 . 6/30
This is so amazing! Oh my gosh I havent slept since I found it, and now I just cant wait for the next chapter! You could totally make this into the next big fantasy craze if you wanted, just replacing the Harry Potter bits, you know? The depth and complexity of the plot and characters and Naverah and the dragel and hellhounds and everything is mind-boggling. You have my full respect and admiration.
Ferakin chapter 104 . 6/21
I love this story! This universe is absolutely mesmerizing! I just want to know more about it haha. I'm eager to read more of this as you write it because I have been reading it almost non-stop. Thank you for sharing your beautiful world with us, it really is amazing
Mirage chapter 104 . 6/21
awww wonderful, a new chap and wow was that a lot to take in...
who was the ice element( even when Theo and co did say it is not possible, but i think how unusual Harry is he will really get from each element one or two atleast) who did have a conection started at the viewing place of the air elements...cant wait to see who this is

what is with the vampire, will the khalzik be fast enough to make this blood stones, will Harry have the need to help one with his and Charlies stone? and maye get so some more needed helpeful circle friend connections

and o i unerstand it right, that harry is knocked out because his empathy and possible the bond to Maurice now that the group on earth started to rise the seal sooner, death seems protective or angry with Harry but i hope it is the first one then ithycr and delani have decided to finaly end the other circle who always attack them and there close ones...i really hoe with there strong circle who work well together they are powerful enough, to relly destroy the whole more or less crazy looking one without getting hurt.
and im really unsure about riven, he did feel a try for a bond with Harry many chaps back ..or did i read it wrong..., but did not want to accept it but closed himself of as he did want to stay free... but now he really starts to show some protectiveness a seems to warm up...

awww i cant wait to see where this all goes and what happens next! this Story really is very interesting and great_

i hope you really feel bether soon and health stays up, take care of yourself well (they say some herb and green teas always go well and two apple a day are als nice)_
jewelouderkirk013 chapter 104 . 6/18
This story is seriously one of my favorites. I've read a lot of fanfic from several different universes. This is one of the best I've ever read; the way you have already incorporated several different aspects into a few different sides. Man. I hope you write for pay, you're good enough. I can't wait to see what happens next.
Guest chapter 85 . 6/10
Just a little mistake that I picked up:

Here, Ilsa introduces her father as her birth father, sire, but in Chapter 40 Aracle said that "She's the daughter of the Earth Clan's Chief, adopted daughter, but that's a mere technicality."

Just thought to point it out.

Lovely fic, going to keep reading now!
Cayk Zomby chapter 104 . 6/8
I was absolutely in love with this story! I tend to love anything with dragons in it but this is so complex and scattered it makes sense. Your characters are so developed and individual and the plot has so many sides you almost have to take notes while reading it to keep everything together! I love it!
BlindedHP chapter 53 . 6/6
I was very glad to see the update but decided, yet again, to read through from the beginning (I almost always do this... :P)

Just now realized that I might have missed something the previous hundred times I read this... From Bill's session with Jun, something has been nagging at me and now I know what it is. Jun told Bill that his Dragel had destroyed his Torvak side and if he had not been sealed, he would have been a Dragel. For Percy, she told him that he didn't have a choice, he would be Torvak.

I think, and this is just speculation, that she didn't really give any of them a choice because their creatures had already fought for dominance and the 'winner' had been sealed so she is now unlocking those creatures where possible. She coaxed Percy into choosing his Torvak side but ultimately told him he didn't have a choice, she coaxed George into his Dragel side and then told him to choose and now with Fred the same, she told him to choose but I think she can't really give them the choice because their creatures had already decided. It is also never mentioned which rune she used with Fred, which creature she 'called forth' so we are left wondering what really happened.

Fred heard the same screech of Harry's soul-cry here and I can't think that Jun would really call out his Torvak side in such a case - she told them that the creature called out would then destroy the other one (or she would). She wouldn't destroy a Dragel when he had been subjected to a soul-cry... She wouldn't.

Anyway, just wanted to give my thoughts here.

Going to keep on reading again... :P
Guest chapter 104 . 6/6
Riven sounds sexy for harry i think prince raspen would be awesome for the boys but he seem to beable to fight his bonding but i also kinda like riven because his loneliness fits with harry haren bad ass reaper really amazing i say give up vernon petunia and ron aa well as albus to pay for maury and harry
jessblackberg chapter 31 . 6/6
This is literally one of the best stories I've ever read! The plot is absolutely wonderful, and it's incredibly well written!
littlesprout chapter 104 . 6/5
Loved, loved loved it
Calmzone1 chapter 104 . 6/5
The only idea I couldn’t get was Riven’s approximate age, other than that he is old enough to Mentor Prince Raspen. Love the story, I love going back and re-reading it occasionally. (Which to me is an indication that the story is memorable and enjoyable enough to warrant rereading

I hope you are doing better now, and that life is becoming a bit more stable and better for you.
lesa.blazer chapter 69 . 6/5
Please continue soon
V. L. Crawford chapter 104 . 6/4
Thank you for another great chapter. I enjoyed it very much. I am worried about Harry and Hadrian. Can't wait to read more.
mizzrazz72 chapter 104 . 6/4
Who bargain Harry to Death? Was it Dumbledore?
TruGemini chapter 104 . 6/4
First off, thank you for the wonderful birthday present! I greatly appreciated being able to read this today! Secondly, OMG! This whole thing with Harry is so intriguing and has so many levels! I love it! And further with the plotting of the Deveraine Circle, I'm just beside myself. I love plots of absolute destruction by what people consider light beings. So awesome! I'm excited for the next update!
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