Reviews for There Be Dragons, Harry
Sheryle chapter 121 . 5/15
I love this story. I love that someone treats Harry as someone to be loved and treasured. He deserves it.
Sheryle chapter 18 . 5/11
This is my second time reading this story. I love the way Theo refers to Harry as treasure. It is high time someone did. Thank you
Bidstatic chapter 121 . 5/9
Thanks so much for the chapter. I am excited to see what will happen in the court.
Guest chapter 121 . 5/8
So happy to see an is how I destress , keep sane and attempt to keep myself safe from depression that's plagues my everyday.I am sad so much happened to your story and that people are being rude.I hope you are able to keep posting here.I have read and reread your story many times to take in all the details you put up the amazing work and thank for it!
V. L. Crawford chapter 121 . 5/9
Thank you for this update. I hope you continue to post here. I love this story and am so glad that Fred and George have found each other. Are they going to see Harry soon? I sure hope so. Thanks again for the update
Can't wait to read the next one.
V. L. Crawford chapter 120 . 5/8
I must have missed seeing this update when you posted it. It is a good thing I like to read one or two of the previous chapters before ready the newest updates
I loved this chapter. I am really glad that Harry is sending out favors. I also loved reading that Alex knows Harry is for him. I can't wait until both Hadrian and Alex join them. Now I to your newest chapter.
Sheryle chapter 121 . 5/2
I love this story and can’t wait for more
treasoncat chapter 121 . 5/2
Thank you so much for posting! I love your story! I look forward to more chapters
Aggieanimefan226 chapter 121 . 5/2
I love this chapter Fred and George coming back together with parts of Harry’s parental circles. Awesome hope they can get to Harry and help him in his trial. Go Devaines I knew Isla was going to help them to get justice for Harry plus I think Bu would have been like why can their be justice for Harry and their family at the same time in different trails especially to be able to get the ones anchored to the realm so that way justice would be unbiased wish that happened in our realm(see what I did there). By the way love the story I funny enough reread this story a lot so always excited for the next chapter hope you are doing better plus those trolls don’t know a good thing that is in front of them.
to-rainydays-and-comfy couches chapter 121 . 5/1
I’m just happy this story hasn’t been abandoned. Loved the update and eagerly await more. Personally, I don’t like the interface of A03. Feels like a clunky version of FF. But I understand that many have pivoted over. If you made the switch fully I’d follow. I greatly enjoy this story and world you’ve crafted.
minu2014 chapter 121 . 4/30
I really anxiously wait for your storys updates... I think that I liked more is fred and george coming together.
a lot of things is going to become more clear...
Emma103 chapter 121 . 4/30
i think my favorite thing about this chapter. was meeting tauria peverell, and then the part with shrouded one.
treasoncat chapter 120 . 4/14
I really hope you're still posting updates here! I have come to really really love this story!
treasoncat chapter 120 . 4/6
I have come to love this story. Cannot wait to see what comes next!
Tinkerbell1403 chapter 120 . 2/23
I finished this story for the first time now. I love it. Can't wait for an update and hope it's not too long now
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