Reviews for Disclaimer Book of Disclaimers
Ven'aranar Angel chapter 3 . 8/21/2014
I like these! Spikala has a few good disclaimers if you want to talk to her about it.
TheDoctorCT-21-0408 chapter 3 . 12/4/2013
I love these disclaimers! They've given me a good laugh, and I like how unique and clever they are :)
LieutenantLonnie chapter 3 . 1/17/2013
I attempted to own Star Wars, but Cody and Rex found out before I could make my move.
AngelAxexinf chapter 2 . 11/15/2012
Here's my disclaimer:
Unfortunately for Star Wars fans out there, I don't own Star Wars, and probably never will. Darn it universe! MAKE ME HAPPY! *sobs in corner* please enjoy :)
My second one: I don't want to say it, but I have to. Because this chiggin universe hates me, I do not own Star Wars, and probably never will.
Number 3 (sorry if this seems like a lot of disclaimers): Man, I wish I owned Star Wars, but I don't...*sobs loudly* LET ME BE HAPPY UNIVERSE!
Numero cuatro(Number 4 in Spanish):*sobs loudly* WHY!? Why can’t I own Star Wras!? I just wanna be happy! LET ME BE HAPPY! (I think you get the picture)
I just took these from my other fanfics and put them here, at first it was Legend of Zelda.
Starscreamgirl13 chapter 1 . 8/15/2012
H hahahahahahahhahha
AaylaKit chapter 3 . 3/24/2012
I used to own Star Wars until George Lucas hired Boba Fett to take it from me.
D.D.O.T.S chapter 2 . 3/14/2012
"Now we return to breaking new at news room." Announcer.

"Breaking news after many failed attempt be the dragon of the stars to own the star wars franchise(dumb bastard) me Dark dragon of the stars is reluctant to we don't own star wars the clone wars."


"I know, I know, I know we are happy to say we'll continue to write after D. serve his jail time hahaha."
The Righterzpen chapter 2 . 3/11/2012
Disclaimer - Hum? I've never really thought about my disclaimer? Maybe I aught to come up with a better one than I've got? "Hey guys here's my lame disclaimer..."

LOL - this could be good!
Queen chapter 2 . 3/11/2012
There must be a lot of funny disclaimers out there - they're always fun to write! Good luck with compiling/coming up with new ones!
Epic Duck chapter 2 . 3/11/2012
I've got one! I've got one!

I couldn't talk George Lucas into trading me Star Wars for a penny and a lolipop,so I don't own Star Wars.
Obsidian Tear chapter 2 . 3/11/2012
Oh, the disclaimers! I love it! Keep working at it.
sunburst223 chapter 2 . 3/11/2012
i can tell this is going to be very entertaining.
Obsidian Tear chapter 1 . 3/10/2012
I love the idea your putting out! Are these from other stories in this fandom, or others too? And there are some really great disclaimers out there.

Thanks for reviewing my story, by the way! It's the first review I've ever gotten, and I appreciate it greatly!

Thanks again,

Obsidian Tear
Shadowclanwarrior chapter 1 . 3/4/2012
This seems interesting. Though I'm still a bit confuse how this works (I can be very slow at times). So this is going to be a bunch of people's fanfics in one?