Reviews for The Hybrid
Sephira Vanya Estelwen chapter 74 . 10/3
This story is really awesome and well written. And I can see how much you've improved through out the story as it progressed. I do hope that you are willing to still finish this story.
BarelyRamsey14503 chapter 74 . 9/14
Oh my goooooshhhhhh! Hurry up and update! *whines* ugh, why'd you have to end this like that?!
Random chapter 42 . 9/13
Creeper alert! Sebastian's a total creeper!
escence chapter 25 . 8/13
BlackbloodedSoul2 chapter 74 . 8/9
Holy crap...That was, well... intense. I loved reading this fic! It was fantastic, and I hope you will update soon! You're such a good writer!
RAM chapter 74 . 8/8
This is freaking awesome! I just started reading this story and I couldn't stop! You portrayed the characters so well! I can't wait for the next update!
RAM chapter 59 . 8/8
I really like your fic. It's amazing!
Valogirl chapter 74 . 7/25
It took me a whole week to read all of this, and now I really hope you write more! This is just awesome, I greatly enjoy your writing, it is fabulous. Thanks for sharing such a great piece of work!
Daughter of Kabegami chapter 74 . 7/15
I am so happy to see you updating the story again! And I enjoyed the most recent chapters very much.
Though I do recommend you either get a beta reader or you read over your story before uploading it. You have had a ton of spelling and grammatical errors.
S-Lioness chapter 74 . 7/15
*pouts* That was so short.
I really don't like this arc, I liked Abberline and Law to some extent even if he is a shady character. Are you going to add Claude?
Update soon
Feline Predator chapter 74 . 7/11
Phew...Hello! It took me a day and a half...but I finally caught up with you! *cue triumphant horns* I found your story yesterday evening and have been a hermit until now. I would like to say that I am enjoying the story so far! I can't wait for chapter you wrote a lot. Anyways, I was wondering...Is Kaitlyn dead in the other world? I kind of forgot...And also if she is, is her soul bound to the Black Butler world? Is she immortal now? (like Sebastion?) And finally will Kaitlyn ever have kids with Sebastion at some point? (By the way I don't mind a M scene, but maybe if you warned people they could skip the scene all together) Gosh I feel like I'm in 20 questions or something. But you know they have just been bottling up for the past 74 chapters...Ya no biggy. OH by the way in the animu I love it whenever Sebastion gets called by Ciel and goes all demonic. Makes me squeal every damn time. Stupid inner fangirl, CALM YO TITS. Ahem anyway...that's all I have to say. Now if you can excuse me I shall go take a nap.
Jeirinxoxo chapter 74 . 7/11
NightmareOnElmStreetFan chapter 74 . 7/11
Please update another chapter.
bored411 chapter 74 . 7/10
ooh! super excited! this was great and i can't wait to see what happens next it's nice to see someone standing up to angela for once, though i wonder if that will backfire on kaitlyn and get her in a predicament like sebastian. i hope not, but can't wait to see what happens next :)
bored411 chapter 73 . 7/10
ooh, that's not good. i wonder how kaitlyn will handle watching sebastian get tortured. can' t wait to see the next chapter though. :)
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