Reviews for Submit Your Own Character
ilookhotinblack chapter 1 . 2/25/2015
Name: Sophia nightwood

Age: 15

Appearance: post/5800065700/hailee-steinfeld

Species: vampire

Personality: kind , fun loving , loveable , innocent

When changed: 20th February 2015

How changed: family was attacked my nomads you were only survivor and you got bit

If vampire, red or gold eyes: red

Good or evil: good

Hobbies: shopping , drawing , dancing

Jahvy D. Prince chapter 1 . 6/19/2014
Twilight oc:

Name: Anastasia Romanov-Cullen

Age: 96
Birthday: (turned/ human)
Human- June 18, 1901
Vampire- July 17, 1918

Gender: female

Species: vampire

Clothes: Black short dress, high heels

Personality: authoritative, kind, rude, childish

Vampire ability: Persuasion (control people with your voice)

Human- Romanov (deceased)
Vampire-Cullen family (current)

Interesting facts: has traveled all over the world.

Mate: N/A

Loyalty: Cullens

Strength: powers, reading, dancing, teaching, speed, warfare, peace keeping

Weakness: brute force, fighting, loneliness, untrusting, mentally abused, emotions

Likes: reading, writing, poems, violin, beach, teaching, hunting, sun, battle planing, renesmese Cullen, Bella Cullen, Edward Cullen, Carlisle Cullen.

Dislikes: volturi, nomad vampires, demetri, human blood, werewolves, war, battles, death, lies, secrets

Fears: death, pain, fire, Rasputin, loneliness, family dying

Appearance: (looks exactly when she died at 18... As vampire she is even more beautiful)
Bust- 38 C cups

Hobbies: reading, violin, dancing, singing, drawing, teaching at colleges, hanging out with Cullen

Favorite place: the "Rose Pit" (a large pit filled with roses in the middle of a clearing, close to border of Canada)

Favorite music artist: Edward Cullen

Unique Quirks: everything she does she puts unnatural Grace into it

Sexual orientation: straight

"Better died then Forgotten!"

From: Moscow, Russia

When changed:the night her family died

How changed: During the Romanov killing, Anastasia along with her family are shot and killed, after guards left the evil Rasputin suddenly appears before the slain family, he realizes Anastasia is still alive but barely, he quickly rips her from under her father body, he bites her and carries her far into the woods. After her change he explains his actions to her, he tell her he hates her family and that to make her suffer he took one thing from her that she wanted most...Death!

If vampire, red or gold eyes: Gold eyes

Good or evil: good

Creator: Rasputin
SpellStorm chapter 2 . 6/13/2012
Name: Bree

Age: 16

Appearance: brown-black hair falling to mid-back; gray-blue eyes; tan(ish); average height, below average weight (weighs only about 104 lbs).

Species: shape shifter

Personality: pretty shy, usually doesn't initiate conversation, shies away from confrontation and people who are obviously stronger and/or "better" than her (or so they think).

When Changed: she first shifted about three weeks after Bella became pregnant. She was one of the new wolves Bella mentioned were in the field when the Volturi arrived.

How Changed: she's very confused about it. Nothing really seemed to trigger it. One day she went for a walk in the woods and fell asleep in a tree. Next thing she knows she's on the ground as a giant white wolf.

Good or evil: Definitely good!

Hobbies: reading, writing... that's it. She does enjoy eating contests with the guys every so often, though.

Other: she has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), which explains her avoidance of groups. She mainly hangs out with the pack. Surprisingly, considering how calm and timid she is, her best friend is Paul.
klaralouw chapter 2 . 4/17/2012
Hey! Can we still submit? Please PM me if you are using my character :)

Name: Lana Roux

Age: Fifteen.

Appearance: She is average height and weight. She has very lightly tanned skin with freckles on her arms and dusting her nose and cheeks. She has dead straight strawberry blonde hair that just passed her shoulders and is raggedly layered. She has dark eyebrows and lashes, and dark greyish blue eyes, thin and uneven pale pink lips, and a little too small nose.

Species: Shapeshifter, South African style. Would it be alright is he was an African animal, for example a lioness?

Personality: She's a very curious girl. She's shy, and doesn't talk much with the people in her class. She's really sweet when you know her, she's honest, friendly, loyal, but also unsure. When you get to know her you know that she is really a fun person to be around, but she’s never too outgoing.

When changed:She was changed two years ago when she was 13. She was in a lion attack (if not lion, you chose what else) and it resulted in her being a shape-shifter. Lion-were.

How changed:She was in a lion attack while she was on the Kruger Nasional Park drive.

If vampire, red or gold eyes:Nope.

Good or evil:Good.

Hobbies:She loves to read and write, not poems but short stories. She loves being outside while reading, or just sitting in the fresh air for a breather. She’s not a very active person, and a lot of people think she’s weak because of that.


PM for more :)

deathnoteuser07 chapter 1 . 3/6/2012
Name: gary davis

Gender: male

Age: looks 21, is really over 100

Appearance: is fit with messy blond hair and red eyes (they were originally blue-green).

Species: vampire

Personality: cold, sarcastic, proud, manipulative, strong, holds grudges, desires power

When changed: sometime in the 1900s

How changed: a vampire noticed him dying on the battlefield during WWI, and decided to change him. After he was changed, he was brought to the volturi, and shortly afterwards, he received an offer from aro to join and he accepted.

If vampire, red or gold eyes: red

Good or evil: so damn evil

Hobbies: training, fighting etc.
Choco-Latte Kid chapter 1 . 3/6/2012
Name: Estella Bridget Garcia

Age: 15

Appearance: 5'5", long brown hair, green eyes, light brown skin, quite plump but muscular

Species: Tiger shape-shifter

Personality: Tomboyish, kind-hearted, slightly insane

When changed: N/A

How changed: N/A

If vampire, red or gold eyes: N/A

Good or evil: Good

Hobbies: Listening to music, drawing, playing football

Other: Her father died when she was 5. She lives with her mother and 17-year-old brother (also tiger shape-shifters). Transforms when there is danger about.
MaryAliceBrandonCullenForever chapter 1 . 3/5/2012
Name: Princess Katrina Jessica Volturi

Age: 17

Appearance: Long black hair, very thin, big boobs, very pretty

Species: Vampire

Personality: Very spoilt but is kind when she wants to be, always gets her own way NO MATTER WHAT!

When changed: Changed in 1890

How changed: Was walking home from a party and was spotted by Aro who immediately fell in love with her and made her his mate.

If vampire, red or gold eyes: Gold she convinced the Volturi to be vegetarians.

Good or evil: Good just spoilt

Hobbies: Shopping,kissing Aro, making love to Aro, spending Aro's money and partying also playing pranks.

Other: Katrina is spoilt by Aro but is lots of fun, she is also Princess of The Volturi
LaVonne Cullen chapter 1 . 3/4/2012
Name: Kayleigh Nyte

Age: 15

Apperance: Normal, Dirty Blonde, Blue/gray eyes

Species: Human

Personality: Funny, biteingly sarcastic, easy to anger, caring, family oriented, loyal

When changed: N/A

How changed: N/A

If vampire, red or golden eyes: N/A

Good or Evil: Usually good, but evil when someone she cares about, gets hurt or crossed

Hobbies: Listening to music, reading , writing, and kick boxing

Other: Orphan since she was one year old.
the blue eyes girl chapter 1 . 3/4/2012
Name: alexis williams

Age: 17 { 8]

Appearance: curly dark blonde hair, pretty green-blue eyes, full soft pink lips, 6'2 tall, light tan skin

Species: a hybird { vampire dad and a wolf mom}

Personality:very sweet, kind, good friend, helpful, smart, kind of hyper,

When changed: 8 year ago

How changed: her vampire dad and wolf mom

If vampire, red or gold eyes:blue-green eyes but is want blood her eyes are dark green

Good or evil: good

Hobbies: singing, drawing, danceing, work the mind

LittleMissDreamer7 chapter 1 . 3/4/2012
Okay first off, I just want to say this is an amazing idea and I can't wait for the finished result!

Name: Raella O'Malley

Age: 482 (see how exact I am? Hahaa)

Appearance: long red wavy hair, tall (around 5ft 9) shap cheekbones, Doe like eyes, full red lips, very pale and a few freckles dotted around he face.

Species: hmmm...I'm going to give you a challenge and see if you can incoperate a witch.

Personality: Sly, cheeky, manipulative but very kind to the right sort of people.

When changed: 1547 (She was part of the O'Malley Clan in Ireland...and Practically best friends with Grace O'Malley the pirate)

How changed: Born a witch, it runs in the family (who knows maybe the O'Malleys were magical lol)

If vampire, red or gold eyes: A witch is a sort of cousin to the vampire species and when they pick a side (red or gold) their eyes change into that colour, so one eye red and one eye gold. (I'll explain in the next question)

Good or evil: Radella is sort of like a Robin Hood type. She will do whatever she can to do what the right thing is. So she doesn't have a side. She can be evil to do the right thing and she can to be goo to do the right thing, hence the gold and red eyes ;)

Hobbies: Reading, Scamming people out of money for fun, learning different languages and practicing witchcraft.


She usually travels alone, so the right word would be a nomad. But I would like her to find friends in this and possibly a mate...I'll make one up.

If you need to change anything I'm sure we can negotiate. ;) good luck
misszayy-5 chapter 1 . 3/4/2012
im going to make a couple

name: Elijah Damon DiMarco & Julietsa Catherine Hollan a.k.a. DiMarco

age: Eli- 19 & Juliet- 17

apperance: Eli- straight raven black hair that stops at the tape of his neck with fridge bangs falling in his features with a regular nose & lips.58 ft tall & 128 pounds*he is muscular,but is lanky to. ; Juliet- long platium blonde hair that falls in ringlets to her mid-back with fridge bangs falling in her face.a very curvy body.411 ft tall & weights 115 features small button nose & -tan skin with a hint of blush in her cheeks.

species: Eli-vampire & Juliet-Hybird vampire & human

personality: Eli- is a very sweet & tends to be a bit sarcastic & witty alot,but has a good is very much a gentleman to Juliet,saying sweet things to does tend to get angry & jelous when another male is with her so he is alittle protective. ; Juliet- is very shy & hardly ever talks but when she does it is either somthing sweet or sarcastic & she is a down to earth person who cares for people she when she is angry,which rarely happens she is very dangerous.

when changed: Eli- 1865 & Juliet- 1983

how changed: Eli- was walking around in the woods one night after a fight with his father when he ran across a vampire that was feeding from a smelled Elis scent and it was vampire bite & dranked from ran leaving him to change. ; Juliet- was out walking on the streets one night from her friends house when she was pulled into a man had red leaned down as if to kiss her,but instead bite in her wounderful he heard another vampire pushed him off was killed the vampire & picked Juliet up,running with her in his bite didnt afect her but that night they fell in love.

if vampire,red eyes or gold: Eli- golden & Juliet- icey blue with a golden ring around them
spoopernatural chapter 1 . 3/4/2012
Oh oh! I love these! Since all my twilight ocs are gonna be used in another story, I guess I'll make up a new one...

Name: Xyza

Age: 971, to be exact

Appearance: long, straight black hair, petite size and thin features, but don't let that fool you... Oh and she's pale. Really pale.

Species: vampire

Personality: she hates just about everyone. She could be nice, if u got past the wall that separates her from the world.

When changed: 1057

How changed: you really don't wanna know. So let's just say a vamp attacked her family. That's all she remembers anyway.

If vampire, red or gold eyes: red. Like I said, she hates everyone.

Good or evil: she doesn't have a side. If she had to pick, shed go with good.

Hobbies: besides killing people, she likes to mess with them. It's funny when they scream.

Other: she was changed when she was 16