Reviews for An Unobservable Entity
CentauRita chapter 66 . 11/13
Bella's famous line...

**sighing, out loud**
At The End of another Awesomely Wonderful B/J Story.

Thank you for sharing your talented mad writing skills, your precious time & most certainly your beautiful entertaining characters.

Hoping all is 'write' in your world D

Take Care,
Rita, NorCal Gal
Nicoconsd chapter 66 . 11/2
I'm so excited I found your story. I thought I had read almost all the great Jasper Bella stories but am so glad that I found this and it was so fun. I really liked the creative way you worked with Alice and Edward. I strangely kept saying to myself when is Bella going to mark Jasper's fine ass with a bite of her own! hehe I mean the girls need to be warned off too right? I loved the journey that Bella had to go through to find her way even before she ran into the cullen's again and when she called her dad... oh man heart breaking! I am really looking forward to reading your other stories :)
call us crazy chapter 66 . 10/23
i laughed, i cried, i fell in love with this entire story. truly, i thank you.
Salinia chapter 66 . 10/23
This story was amazing!
Going in my favs!
bearygirl chapter 66 . 10/14
Really enjoyed reading this story, thanks for sharing.
Picky Reader 654 chapter 66 . 10/11
This was another perfect story. I’m not easily hooked into Vampire Bella fanfiction, but your writing style is clean and your grammar flows so smoothly that I’m absorbed into the story. Cornell was a fascinating character that mirrors Jasper in so many ways; his struggle with Bella made me sympathies for him and the fallout was tragic to read. I’m looking forward to reading your J/B trilogy.
Thank you so much for your time and dedication in writing these amazing stories.
Lucyferina chapter 66 . 6/12
Loved it
AlfredxLily7413 chapter 66 . 6/2
i loved it
AlfredxLily7413 chapter 65 . 6/2
Aww I'm happy everything turned out happy in the end
AlfredxLily7413 chapter 57 . 6/2
actually this plan is more fun...i hope jasper dies instead...
AlfredxLily7413 chapter 53 . 6/2
I hope bella dies
AlfredxLily7413 chapter 8 . 6/1
i love the ending
AlfredxLily7413 chapter 3 . 6/1
i'm loving this
Guest chapter 66 . 4/13
Ellie Aluinn chapter 17 . 2/18
Love the asshole thought/comment. Great comeback!
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