Reviews for G to a T
hoppnhorn chapter 1 . 3/5/2012
Where do I even begin with this? OMG I LOVED IT!'s taking all the self control I have to not use caps lock on this entire review! Apologies for being so strange yesterday. I read this, squeeeeeed for about an hour, then I had to hit the road. I love you love you love you for this story and I hope I convey that in this review. Bear with me, I'm very tired and my brain isn't exactly working.

BHAHAHA. Ok, so the swearing at the beginning made me laugh. -"Who's a genius, I'm a fucking genius..."- That is ME to a T. (see what I did there ;) ;) told ya I'm a little odd right now) But I love the set up, made me think "oh holy shit, I'm walking to the Jack's warehouse aren't I? HOLY CRUDDDDD. *cue bouncing and ridiculous amounts of giggling* I was so frikin excited for this and damn if you chose the best setting everrr.

Gunnnnnnerrrr. heh. I just...*swoons* I can't. He's so...goddamn. (I know, my vocabulary is astounding right now)

-Ryder scoffed at the attitude he possessed, the gang including Drake were all well aware of the type of man Gunner was and no matter what; they wouldn't alter a thing. He was key to the business they were running. The boys would naturally assume there was a problem if Drake and Gunner wasn't butting heads at least once a week - that was them in a fucking nutshell- HELL NO YOU DON'T ALTER A THING! He's perfect the way he issss. I only wish he was real, that way I could have him as my grumpy, yummy man. Holy god.

-Frowning, Gunner's stance suddenly became defensive "Me? Fuck is he thinking? With his dick that's what!"- Ya know...the beautiful man makes a very valid point.

-Gunner sneered, no doubt about that "Damn right i fucking hate em, Bones, Billy, Steven, Joe. The lot of them can all kiss my sweet fucking ass and at this moment in time that includes precious little Riley Darley..." He hissed sarcastically.- XD :D XD :D I love love love this man. And STEVEN! :D I wondered what you meant with your comment at the beginning, and I had a massive grin on my face when I read his name. OHHHH im gonna have to think you up something with Steven...

-"Fuck that, i ain't changing for shit. I'll act as always have...if anyone's gonna accept anyone, it's going ta be the other way round..."- I definitely recall doing a silly little dance and giggling yet again. This man and his attitude make me absolutely moronic.

-"Fuck you Ryd, I'm charming as fuck me..." Gunner smirked; the tension between them lessening.- yummmmmmmmmmmm yes. yes yes yes. I vote Gunner. my badge of approval. -"And as graceful as a kick to the fucking jewels..." Ryder joked.- HAHAHAHAH. oh my god I love these guys. Hilarious.

-"Well well if it ain't the apple of my fucking eye..."- OK CUE THE INSANE AMOUNT OF BLUSHING. :) :D XD :) :D XD :) :D XD

-She'd known them for years and was confident with the body she possessed. She knew just how to work all of them if she wanted, Drake always being a little harder than the rest but that was just an extra challenge none of the girls would go out of their way to turn down. Standing at five foot six her figure was lean, toned but possessed the right amount of curves - curves that no man had ever complained about. She worked hard on her body and it showed, in her line of work it had to be just the way it was. Nothing else would do.- WELL WELL WELLLLL. you made me a sexy mama. Many thanks darling! :D

-Her dark short styled hair on a good day framed her face perfectly, right now she couldn't guarantee that... damp and stuck to her face more like, her bluey-green eyes a dazzling shade that sparkled in whatever light hit them; what man in their right mind could resist her?- GAH! I need to hug the crap out of you! XD Thank you girl! So much!

-"Oh and I wouldn't poke the bear if i were ya tonight sweetheart... he's testy..."- OHHHHH IM POKING THE GODDAMN BEAR. and he better poke back. hehehehehehehehehhhh. ok. im officially an idiot. I can't help itttt. you make the hottest OCs. *pouts*

-what used to be irritating and rude she now found alluring and the man overtime had grown into someone she'd picture riding over and over.- OH MY GOD. *blushes* you are making me into a blushing little girl over here. Holy crappp. yes!

-"Ya might as well have G...but hey whatever. And for my lack of attendance, sorry to disappoint but work's been seriously kicking my ass..."- LET HIM HAVE wait, who am I cheering for? myself. GO ME! LMAO. oh heavens...I need coffee.

-"It means that I didn't even get the luxury of a 'Hey, how ya doin?' No i was greeted with a face that looked like a slapped fucking ass and an interrogating tone...definitely not what i need right now Gun!"- *RAWR* i love this story. Wow. that sounds conceited. you know what i mean. ;)

-"Have I told ya how sexy ya look when ya pissed?"- GOOD GOD WOMAN YOU ARE GOING TO KILL ME. (see what I mean about the caps lock. oh boy) XD XD XD

-"Yeah no doubt about that, tomorrow kid's gonna get pummelled by the very things he shoulda been sorting today...that basket is fucking overflowing!"- BAHAHAHAH. love it. You're hysterically funny! :D No joke, I love this banter. Almost as much as I love Gunner. ALMOST.

-she'd fight when she had to - she'd give as good as she got every time but violence like that was one of those things she preferred to leave to the boys.- yuppp. I'm a tough cookie. ;) heh. But I gotta say girl, I loved the fact that Ryder gets to play my knight in shining armor as well as Gunner getting to play mr. fix it. ;) He fixes me goood. :D hehheheh.

-Rachel paused, her eyes just staring at him "Woo-fucking-wie, ya are fucking grumpy tonight..."

Gunner let out a deep laugh, a sound that immediately had her mind distracted "How long ya known me Rach, I'm notorious for nothing else..." AHHHHHHHHH yessss. Best best best. You're making me the happiest girl on the planet right now. lady, i love ya.

-"I do..." Rachel accidentally let slip before she could grab the words rolling off her tongue. Shit...Her mind cursed watching those green eyes of his turn deadly serious; no time to back pedal through the bullshit - he'd catch on quicker than a speeding fucking bullet.- OOOOOOPS. i jumped out of my seat with that one. you know how to make a girl absolutely hang on your words. AHHHHHH. This is amazing!

-"Gun, what are ya doing?"- shut up woman! he's doing what you want him to do! ;) Now I'm chiding myself. LMAO. You know you've hooked me when I'm talking out loud to myself, giving myself advice.

-Becoming lost in his touch, Rachel could feel herself slowly slipping down the material but she cared not; all she wished for was to feel him - inside- WELL. ITS ONLY A SENTENCE INTO THE SMUT AND IM ALREADY A PUDDLE ON THE FLOOR. oh lord the all caps again. seriously girl, goddamn. so hot. sooooo hot. I'm dying. reading again, I'm blushing like mad!

-"Bullshit, Ya playing with me?" She asked, grinding up into his hand as he firmly fucked her with his finger; fuck could he do that good.- Talk about full body shivers. holy mothertrucking CRAP. lady! I'm speechless.

-She couldn't help but catch the devilish smirk on his handsome features as he effortlessly slid from her side to the ground - leaning just in front of her...- AND HOLY DAMN IF YOU RETURN THE FAVOR! oh my goodness gracious.

-completely bare her hard lust filled eyes must've barked an order because he suddenly advanced forward - growling as he went.- OH LORD. the visual. my face is tomato soup red, woman. You are the master. I'm holding in all kinds of curses right now.

-"Get on me..." He purred into the skin of her neck.- ...HERE LIES THE BODY OF RACHEL. SHE DIED BECAUSE SARAH WROTE SOMETHING SO AMAZINGLY SEXY SHE KEELED OVER IN HER CHAIR. omg omg omg omg. I don't even know what else to say anymore.

-she wasn't sure how he would react to her next move but fuck it, she was going for it - they'd got this fucking far and she wanted him more than fucking anything; leaning down she forcefully crashed her lips against his – surprisingly he accepted her, sliding his tongue passionately against hers.- AWWWWW YAY! This is a surprisingly sweet moment in the midst of this SAVAGE FUCKING. *hides* did i just say that? holy damn I need a cold shower. and a massive cup of coffee to clear my head.

-"Cum for me baby – Cum all fucking down me..."His deep and husky voice demanded. There was nothing quite like the release she felt, clutching him so fucking tight she screamed his name; that loud it echoed across the floor. Driving him right over the fucking edge, Gunner groaned feeling himself peaking; clutching his eyes closed at the intensity he released hard inside of her...- THAT PHRASE. it is seriously hot. like, AMAZINGLY hot. No wonder she...I...lost it at that. And I could definitely hear (in my head) me shouting his name and having it echo all over the place in that warehouse. Amazing stuff my dear. I love love love ya.

-Gunner smirked "What can I say darlin, what ya see is what ya get...And I'm anything but a fucking disappointment"

Rachel smiled; turning her head she glanced down at him; her eyes admiring. Her G to a fucking T.- AWESOME ENDING. omg I adore this story so much. You did an amazing job and WHY ON EARTH WERE YOU NERVOUS? You gave me the hottest romp with your OC and I can't thank you enough my dear.

A MENTOR? Girl I'm blushing like crazy! I can clearly remember reading your fics over a year ago, thinking, "I love this story." and I was THRILLED to get to know you and call you my friend. I'm a very lucky Rachel. :D I love ya girl! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D will be receiving Steven time for this. no doubt.