Reviews for The Thorns of Love
mandiefan chapter 16 . 10/13
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE! I need to know what happens! Everybody is dying for another chapter! Ur the only one who can save us from that!
MandieFan chapter 16 . 9/23
PLEASE UPDATE! We are all dying of suspense!
kkluvzmusic chapter 16 . 9/2
This keeps getting better and better!
mandiefan chapter 16 . 9/1
PLEESE UPDATE! I know how it can be hard updating regularly when you're busy and everything, but I'm just dying for another chapter!
Princess.Leia.D chapter 16 . 8/11
Love it.
Annefan chapter 16 . 8/9
Not sure whether or not to trust Adrian
Missy Manda chapter 16 . 8/7
Oh, and I forgot to mention, congrats on the 200 reviews!
Fireflylover chapter 16 . 8/6
Lovely chapter as normal, But I wish there was more! Update soon! And get Joe in there!
mandiefan chapter 1 . 8/3
Ok so I also emailed the email on the webpage a few days ago and I just got a reply! MANDIE FANS YOU WILL WANT TO HEAR THIS! The reply I got said there are notes saying there are notes saying who she was to be married to etc. They are hoping to someday gather up the sketches for future books and publish something. There's no planned ending but just plans for future books. they ask to patient because there may be a long wait until anything comes out.
I'm sooooo happy right now! this email made my day! I really want to see those notes!
moniquebowman chapter 16 . 8/3
sorry for the late review! and the suspense of my last review! I was thinking that maybe someone should try Bethany Publishing (they're the ones who published the series right?). I mean from a purely business standpoint, if they got it out on the Christian fiction channels there would be hundreds of thousands of people who read the books as kids who would love to read what the ending Mrs Leppard planned was (even if someone else wrote it). And those children who read it would now be adults who would buy themselves a copy. And with technology, at the very least, they could publish e-books at very little cost to them. And there are so many talented writers out there, I'm sure someone could pull it off, especially with 40 books as inspiration! IT'S TOTALLY POSSIBLE! THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN!

Anyway, sorry for the rant hehe. Loved the extra explanation in this chapter and glad that Mandie got free of them! Mandie being kidnapped and held for ransom is so plausible, given that both sides of her family are crazy rich. I don't remember if this ever happened in the series, but yeah a good storyline :) Oh no! Poor Celia! I ship her and Johnathon so much though. And YAS Joe go and get Mandie !

Can't wait for more
Missy Manda chapter 16 . 8/3
Wow. That was super exciting. I've been waiting for this update, and when I saw it I jumped with joy. The whole George Rushton thing was a huge shocker, I'm still getting over it. And Adrian. Wow. You know how to surprise your readers! Can't wait for the next update!
mandiefan chapter 16 . 8/2
Thank you so much for the update! Oh I hope Mandie is ok and that George would just go away! He's so dishonest! I the updates will be more frequent now! Can't wait for the next chapter! I also can't wait to read your next story! You are such a great writer. Your update has also made my day!
MandieFan chapter 16 . 8/2
Thank you soooooo much for the update it made my day! I'm so worried about Mandie. I hope Joe comes in and saves the day3
InTheImprovementOfHerMind chapter 16 . 8/2
This is just getting more and more intriguing! I'm sort of glad that Adrian isn't as bad as he seemed to be... I was sad to think that the sweet guy she met in Europe had such a creepy streak in him, but it looks like he just made the wrong decision with the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time (so clearly he needs to rethink his decision making process). A job on his red herring role, though. I never suspected any of this! I also love how you can continue to incorporate plenty of humor into the story, even though it's a fast-paced mystery/suspense. I like still being able to chuckle at Jonathan or Joe remarks! And I don't know why, but your reference to Uncle John and Grandmother Taft handling Mandie's kidnapping in such different ways really made me laugh, it was so spot on. I can totally see Uncle John being all cool and collected and like organizing an epic stakeout or something, while Grandmother Taft just bursts into the scene, guns blazing, and launching into a painful lecture on propriety... anyway, GREAT update! I love the action, and the fact that Mandie can handle being freakin KIDNAPPED on her own without losing her cool. You've really drawn on her strengths of character! I'm excited for more Jim/John/Elizabeth backstory... and just more of your story in general!
mk4life chapter 15 . 8/1
PLEASE UPDATE SOON! I can't handle this much pressure!
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