Reviews for Chasing Yesterday
Jaye chapter 8 . 4/30
I thought this was more about romance. I’m getting bored with this fanfic smh
Arthellion chapter 23 . 4/28
Still one of my favorite fics of all time. Please continue this my man. I come back and read it every now and then and it’s still so bitter sweet
yochan123 chapter 3 . 4/28
yay time travel fic! it's fun and hope you can continue this!
Aedwards179 chapter 12 . 4/25
they seriously should've taken all the eyes from danzo when they put him on the cell
Scarlette Winter chapter 23 . 3/2
Ahh-will you ever continue writing this story cautiously again? 3 Please come back.
ankitmahat chapter 12 . 12/5/2021
It seems really doubtful that Tsunade would throw Danzo in a cell without even removing the Hashirama cell arm and the multiple Sharingan eyes. Seems extremely irresponsible of her, especially when she already knows that there are root members in the Anbu. But otherwise, good story.
Stormhound12 chapter 13 . 11/24/2021
I liked the part where Sasuke recognizes that this Naruto isn't the same as his, that she hasn't mastered the techniques that take her to the heights of strength. I am a bit confused on how Sasuke has such an intimate knowledge of what she was like post training trip. He knows her way better than someone who wasn't a part of her life at the time, and from the flashbacks I've seen their relationship seems more carnal than a full romance intimacy so I doubt she would share that, and I also doubt that there was anyone other than maybe Hinata that would know that.
Stormhound12 chapter 11 . 11/24/2021
Hmm. I like your writing style, the sentence structures and word choices are very good. But the way you present content is rather hard to follow. Unexplained appearances like Naruto showing up at the end of the Sasori fight leaving us to guess at what happened. The disconnected flashbacks of the past give me kinda an idea of what happened. Though I still don't know if Naruko had a husband cuz there was a random scene where there are two people speaking and someone says he'll kill you if he finds you here. It was just dialogue so no clue about the context. It's not entirely bad, it drives interest with mystery, a solid tactic, but on personal level I've been finding it difficult to deal with in this fic. I don't know how it's different from other fixs that use the same style, but it is. Something about the dynamic between Naruto and Sasuke rubs me the wrong way, but I can't tell what. Overall it's pretty good. Kudos
Stormhound12 chapter 8 . 11/24/2021
Ughh! I really want to see Naruko be a bad ass. Sai was funny. Oh, also, the thing in the first chapter about Naruto vs Naruko naming was really interesting, and I think that roaring light definitely fits better in terms of meaning, but I still like the way Naruto feels in my mouth better than Naruko. Kudos
Stormhound12 chapter 3 . 11/24/2021
I hope to see more of Naruko. Will she become a sage? Get kcm? I probably should find a different fic since the focus of this one is obviously Sasuke and I prefer Naruto, but there's no harm in hoping to get more of her.
Stormhound12 chapter 2 . 11/24/2021
I like the scenes with Naruko a lot. I thought sasuke's use of kirin seemed too easy. Cuz with how you wrote it he sent like 3 fire Dragons up and then made a storm, whereas in canon he had to use quite a few fire techniques and amaterasu to get the temperature up to snuff and even that was hard to suspend disbelief (for me at least. I'm sure other people were fine with it). The snake summoning thing was interesting. I don't think I've seen anything from canon that explores the snake clan, so it was cool to see an elder. Also their knowledge of timetravel seemed fitting. Kudos
Pinkypi chapter 1 . 11/12/2021
Idk why in the manga, bit the only 2 known eternal mangekyo we know of came from transplanted eyes of a dead brother. Izuna dying to the senju and itachi dying of his illness despite technically winning the fight.
Sherodx chapter 1 . 11/8/2021
Namizake-Uzumkai cliche cringe shit? Namizake means nothing. Uzumaki on the other hand is a prestigious clan.
It's like shitty harry potter fanfics with Harry Potter Slytherin Gryffindor Black
Nad19 chapter 12 . 10/25/2021
no, actually he might wait forever
realfan16 chapter 10 . 8/27/2021
DAAANGGGG! seeing Sasuke captured so early was a real turn off but now that i see what you did there i can only clap at the Maestro plot development. *takes off hat* very noice *thumbs up*
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