Reviews for Sick Day
marcus.edwards.3323 chapter 3 . 4/29/2014
mmmmm wooohooooo
marcus.edwards.3323 chapter 2 . 4/29/2014
yep very nice
marcus.edwards.3323 chapter 1 . 4/29/2014
interesting love affair
TeenTitansFanForever02 chapter 4 . 4/29/2014
Aww, so this one's finished? This was cute, and I loved it. I'll read your other one if you want me too. :3 This was awesome. Cyborg tho XD XD XD XD he was hilarious. And the funny thing is, I could soo see him getting away with that if she was sick. XD
jrrel chapter 3 . 10/13/2012
Love how Raven reveals her feelings when she's speaking too fast to really consider what she's saying. Good plot device.
jerel chapter 2 . 10/13/2012
I know it's really OC, but Raven's lines are great at showing how flustered she is. This is also the first fancif I've read where Cy actively intervenes. It's a great plot device. And Cy's last line is great!
LionDreamerAKAfan chapter 3 . 9/14/2012
AWWWWW- Cy u little blue booger, leave the green woodpecker and the purple raven alone...
LionDreamerAKAfan chapter 2 . 9/14/2012
Cyborg- Sorry, Princess. Whether you like it or not, you're kissing that frog. - . .when. . .LINE! ur a FREAKEN GENIUS!
LionDreamerAKAfan chapter 1 . 9/14/2012
xXimmortalXx chapter 3 . 8/5/2012
HappiestClam chapter 3 . 5/14/2012
Yay! I loved it! *flails arms happily*
HappiestClam chapter 2 . 5/14/2012
Yah Cyborg! You go man!
Katwizzle chapter 3 . 3/24/2012
awwww! in the beginning of the chapter i was biting my tongue so i didnt laugh cuz i didnt want to annoy my sisters! this was so funny!
Annab1119 chapter 3 . 3/23/2012
aww how cute
Sunshine-Midnight123 chapter 3 . 3/22/2012
Aww! Sweetest story I've read in quite awhile.
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