Reviews for Harry Potter and The Master of Time
Guest chapter 17 . 7/13
Abandoned story
Pathseekerme chapter 17 . 7/3
This story is AMAZING! Loved it!
Vanadir chapter 17 . 6/11
Great read so far cookies and props for more chapters
Tobbe chapter 17 . 6/9
Awesome story! You should write real books.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 11 . 6/9
Why doesn't he have the twins scarf the diary, based on the elf hot line info? No suspicion that way?
stacygrrl2002 chapter 6 . 6/9
I could see the terrier, but would think a German Shepherd would be more suited as her tempermennt and her aunt as an auror. Maybe a loyal retriever or even an American collief. Oh well.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 5 . 6/9
Hermione the fox, Susan the dog, and Harry the Raven
stacygrrl2002 chapter 2 . 6/9
Interesting start on an old twist
BratGirl1983 chapter 17 . 6/5
I am really looking forward to the next chapters. Please update :)
davidhatter16 chapter 16 . 6/3
The ring is on the wrong hand. If they were married in Asia then it would be correct but seeing as they are betrothed in Europe the betrothal band would be on the LEFT hand. It’s an easy mistake but the hand the ring is placed on is just as important as the finger. For example the Lord Potter ring should be on the index or signet finger unless it is title gained by marriage as that would result in it being placed on the Thumb as it is a job or it would be on the ring finger close to the palm to signify that it is through a loving marriage. The placement of particular rings is actually why such people as Vlad The Impaler, Son of the Dragon is shown in portrait having a variety of rings on multiple fingers.

In the western world If a position is gained by conquest it goes on the right hand, if it is by contract the left. This evolved regarding marriage as all marriages were by contract regarding a person in a particular position so of course the wedding and betrothal rings both went on the left hand. In the east this was still true the hards were just reversed. As it became that less and less marriages were by betrothal contract the idea of the “ring finger” as well as the old excuse of “this is just what happens” certain rings because less used until now only Signet and Wedding rings are still used and on a specific hand.
JacobPhantom chapter 17 . 5/18
Please update your story soon!
missgsmith51 chapter 17 . 5/12
Reading this far has only convinced me that you truly do need to finish this story. For one thing, you have just brought in Neville and Luna, two of my favorites. That's just mean if you aren't going to let me enjoy them as part of the group!

Please, please think "siriusly" about completing the story. Your fans will thank you.
missgsmith51 chapter 16 . 5/12
Poor Susan. It must feel terrible to think, even for a moment, that H&H were just using her. I think it's good to let her know about Hermione's past and how Susan's friendliness to and acceptance of her really sealed the deal of their wanting her as a friend. And it really did. The help that came along has just been a huge bonus.

I do hope things work out for Sirius. I'd hate to see him lost. Now that they all know, Harry can tell Susan about Cedric at some point, as well. Maybe they can keep him out of the whole mess altogether.

Oh! I think Harry should offer Amelia a dragonhide shirt (actually, a whole bodysuit) as well, don't you? She will be a huge target once things get rolling. It would make her safer. That reminds me ... are they going to harvest the Basilisk? Lots of vests and armor could be made from that. It would also give the Twins major start-up money (their cut for helping) and provide a huge war chest for fighting Voldy and his buddies. Maybe Ginny could even get some counseling to deal with her HP obsession before it becomes problematic.

Okay, it sounds like Virgil has convinced everyone.
missgsmith51 chapter 15 . 5/12
Harry's move from Gryffindor to Hufflepuff put him in a lower-profile, less contentious house, which made his life a lot easier. It also seems to have changed the house dynamics somewhat; all four houses seem to be on a more "level playing field." (The 'Puffs are definitely not looking like the house of leftovers, are they?) The first time around, the hostility between Gryffindor and Slytherin was extreme, and Harry seemed to get a lot of it, less because he was Harry and more because he was a Gryffindor. This time, the hostility seems to be mainly on the Quidditch pitch. Since Harry is not a Gryffindor, he seems to attract less of it.

Draco keeps trying to start something with Harry, but Harry's refusal to react makes Draco look like an idiot. Of course, the three 'Puffs' "hidden responses" are apparently making Draco look even more idiotic. The smarter Slytherins figured out very quickly that Draco was all mouth and no cunning. They also seemed to realize that the best students of all houses in their year were pulling away from the pack, and Harry, Hermione, and Susan were leading them. Careful observation showed them that Harry was smart and friendly and didn't hate Slytherins "just because." They took a chance, and now there is a strong, unified cohort of all four houses in Harry's year. It also seems to be pulling in Slytherins from the years above and below them.

Things are also better because HH&S, plus the Twins, are onto Dumbledore's tricks. This change, plus Susan knowing she is being used, has them all on the watch. With Amelia and the Grangers in the loop, the kids are less likely to be seriously hurt with the adults not finding out about it. Pomona is also less vulnerable to Dumbledore's crapola and will act, if necessary. Maybe things can be quieter at Hogwarts next year. Yeah, right!
missgsmith51 chapter 13 . 5/12
Well, that was pretty slick! They got rid of Lockhart and the Basilisk, Voldy is gone for another year-and-a-half (we hope), Ginny didn't have to spend the entire year possessed by Riddle, no one else was petrified, and Dobby gets to work for the Great Harry Potter. Just think ... Mrs. Granger will never have to dust, vacuum, or do the dishes again. Oh! Since just our five know that Harry is a Parselmouth, we also have hope that Harry won't suffer shunning and abuse if/when his name follows Cedric's out of the Goblet in two years.

I wonder who will be the new DADA teacher. Will it be an Auror? Or will Remus will come early to Hogwarts after the holidays, triggering the whole Sirius/Peter/Werewolf/Dementor mess more than a year early? Maybe Virgil has a plan.
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