Reviews for Sunshine Sidestories
FindingWarmth chapter 18 . 7/24
I love how Kakashi socialises with people. Faux casual and manipulative with a layer of "who? Me?" Just lol.

These shorts are amazing! Really looking forward to more!
FindingWarmth chapter 15 . 7/24
How are you so funny? It's practically criminal the way you can write something that no matter how many times I read it, it never stops being hilarious. That is a fucking gift.
FindingWarmth chapter 12 . 7/24
I love that: "grumpy little bad luck charm". Utterly perfect.
FindingWarmth chapter 2 . 7/23
That's... Heartbreaking.
FindingWarmth chapter 1 . 7/23
Camath chapter 18 . 7/17
ksecc1 chapter 17 . 7/15
Awwwww! That is so romantic! I love the Nara family. All of them. And you've created another one for me to love!
ksecc1 chapter 15 . 7/15
The outside POV on team 7 is hilarious.
CheddarTrek chapter 16 . 7/4
I think this is my favorite of the side stories - I can't believe I haven't reviewed it yet! Sometimes I come back and re-read these, or the main story, but I admit I gravitate towards the Kakashi parts. He's an interesting character who works nicely in the slot of mentor, particularly with his history.

Thanks for writing!
Shido-Ore-Sama chapter 3 . 6/2
Ha! Such classic Naruto, good job.
theshazbot chapter 15 . 5/23
Oh, what I would give to see the Raikage's reaction to Shikako's fight with Gaara. His grumbling about 'Konoha plants' would be the perfect background to Tsunade's oozing smugness and Kakashi's pride in his littlest genin. Great work, SQ!
Suyir chapter 17 . 5/22
OH my goodness, this was such a lovely chapter, wow. I absolutely adore Yoshino and Shikaku's backstory. So sweet and cute. The tone and atmosphere was perfect for someone like Shikaku finding love and how he dealt with fussy clan politics. Poor Yoshino, dealing with old, judgy Naras. Oh, I also really, really love getting to see her PoV. It's always really great to see Shikako from other people's eyes. She grows so fast and so exponentially, it's crazy good. I also have his huge spot for adorable baby twin Naras btw. Wouldnt mind to read about them again, haha. Yoshino's worries at the end kills me, gahh. Shikako hides a lot of things out of fear, so poor Yoshino hh. We don't know if Shikako would ever relieve her worries, especially if it never gets brought up. This is why I absolutely love DoS. The characters are wonderful and amazing and you just feel /so much/ for them. Thank you for sharing this with us! And thank you for working so hard for so long to share DoS with us, too.
Grizzmon chapter 18 . 5/14
And then he had to give a present to Kakashi.
Grizzmon chapter 17 . 5/14
They were, somewhat.
Grizzmon chapter 16 . 5/13
Well, so she could have died, so what?
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