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Goldendream chapter 34 . 8/2/2013
I always cry at Leopard and Willowstar's deaths. And I dont cry often. amazing job!
pls let me leave this website chapter 34 . 5/14/2013
I have one thing to say:
This was brilliant, absolutely amazing. The writing quality was super, and the actual plot was unusual and creative!
Please keep writing and don't ever give up! :zd
x-SwiftyGirl-x chapter 34 . 6/20/2012
Mmm... I really liked this epilogue. It really wrapped everything up, the cherry on the sundae, if you will. Petaltail, Badgerclaw, and Mistrose - all fitting names, though I especially love Mistrose. The next meddy cat being Ambertail is funny, since that's just one letter away from being Embertail. xD

It seems that Willowstar lived a long, happy, fruitful life with her children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. Her tale is complete. I am looking forward to seeing the adventures in ForestClan's next chapter. :3
x-SwiftyGirl-x chapter 33 . 6/20/2012
This was a nice little aftermath chappie. Of course, Willowstar is leading... :) She'll make a great leader. I -loved- the part where she got her nine lives. Seeing Leopard, Mousekit, and Mistybird one last time was a real treat. I still think Petalkit should have died instead of Mousekit, though. To my knowledge he seems to have a lot more personality, and timid toms are somewhat of a rarity in warriors fandom.

Anyway... I didn't realize there were so few cats left! o.o They have annup-and-coming younger generation, though. I'm sure they'll rebuild themselves soon.

Anyway... I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I'm looking forward to your others, especially the sequel! :D
Guest chapter 32 . 6/18/2012
...Whoa, that was AWESOME. I was literally riveted to the screen. Poor Mistybird... *sniff* It really says something about her character, even though her "son" was evil, she still wouldn't allow him to be hurt... ;-; I love her.

The fight was good, though I do agree it was just a bit rushed. I loved seeing Poppyfeather fighting, as she was a character I liked. So Ghoststar's life... is finally taken. And Willow is reunited with her kits! :D I love them. I hope StarClan kills Ghoststar's spirit as soon as he gets to the DF. :I

I'm interested to see what happens next, also.
SwiftintheSky chapter 31 . 6/17/2012
Okay, cool chapter. Forces are gathering for the Big Bad Battle! Though, I'd think Willowcloud would at least ask Shadow where Mistybird is. Knowing her mother would never support Ghoststar, she'd see she wasn't there and wonder why.

Also, I thought Ghoststar wasn't changing anyone's names, only not giving warrior names to any new warriors? Cuz a couple of chapters ago, there was Shadow, Winter, and Grub but then an older warrior, Whiskertail.

But I digress. Fernpaw/Lightning's segment was just as awesome as the first time. Those rogues seemed really random. For a moment I thought they were the ones helping Willow but none of the names matched. Some random guys I guess. :3 I'm interrsted to see where they'll play in later. My guesses are...

a) They'll help in the Big Bad Battle

b) They'll be the main enemies of the sequel

c) Either of the top two and also they're somehow connected to Leopard. (Scout who's "guided by the stars" makes me wonder if they have Clan blood or something. And speaking of Scout, he didn't seem to be with them, so I wonder if he shows up later?)
SwiftintheSky chapter 30 . 6/16/2012
5 moons' hunting rights, blargh. Though that land once supported 3 Clans and now supports a third of that many cats, so I guess the Clan(s) wouldn't starve or anything.

And, THE RETURN OF ARCHER! So his future use in the story isn't anything ebil, it's for Willow's side. Though Willow acts like she can only recognize him from Leopard's story, which is weird because I'm not sure that would be enough to recognize him (until she heard his name?) except I distinctly remember her meetin him in person. She was preggers and he tried to steal her catch (rabbit?) only she ran up a tree so she couldn't get him. Then Leopard showed up and chased him off from the base of the tree and -then- told Willow his connection to him.

But, whatever. I hope these rogues will tip the scales in Willow's favor
SwiftintheSky chapter 29 . 6/16/2012
NUUU, MISTYBIRD! D: At least she's not dead. Yet. :( She's juat gotta survive, mkay? Willow needs to bust her out. Or Shadow needs to tell her Willow's alive.

Also, hm, warrior name removal. Seems a bit pointless to me... Ghosty could just remoe the ceremony but still have the names. But, I suppose he wishes to remoe anything even remotely related to StarClan, crushing all belief in them. Bad kitty. :(

(PS: I think an awesome warrior name for Winter would be Winterfrost. :D)
x-SwiftyGirl-x chapter 28 . 6/14/2012
Hmm... I feel like Willow barely had any reaction to finding her mate and kit dead. She was just like 'eh, they're dead, it's sad but I'm movin' on'. Which shouldn't happen when she JUST found out.

Also, it would've been awesome if she met them in StarClan. Just sayin'.

...and how did her brother's appearance change when Ghoststar took him over? Is he in StarClan? Just wondering. Also, Willowcloud, at this point you really shouldn't care whether or not he's your brother when thinking about killing him, he's evil and you've seen the unimaginable pain he's caused. Also, apparently she -won't- have to sacrifice her kits to kill him? What was that all about then?

Sorry if this sounds negative. Actually, I absolutely love your story. :3
x-SwiftyGirl-x chapter 27 . 6/14/2012

You're so evilllll. ;-; How could you kill MOUSEKIT? And LEOPARD? Grr...

*sniff* Poor Willow...

...Actually, I rather like Fernpaw, even though she just killed Mousekit and Leopard... she's a very unique character, for sure... even if she just made me super sad. :'(
x-SwiftyGirl-x chapter 26 . 6/12/2012
Neat. I liked Leopard's flashback/story thing, and I can't wait to see how he actually has Clan blood. Though I'm guessing even he doesn't know, so perhaps it'll be a StarClan reveal?

And I actually liked the timeskip. It's cool to see how Petal, Mouse, Badger & Mist are turning out. Jerky Badger. :I I can't wait to see how the Clans have gotten along this entire time!
x-SwiftyGirl-x chapter 25 . 6/11/2012
Hm. On the allegiances...

So Spiderfur made it to deputy, eh? Also, WHERE'S THEIR MEDDY CAT? And WHERE'S SPARROW... *cries* Anyway... even if Ghosty doesn't want StarClan believers, which I expect he doesn't, he NEEDS a meddy cat. He needs a cat who can treat injuries or everyone's gonna be dying from greencough and battle wounds and stuff. Now I'm not sure what Ghoststar's end goal is, but I figure it's to rule the Clan(s), not destroy them. And I thought Stonefang was a meddy cat, so what's he doing in the warrior section? You can have a medicine cat who's not connected to StarClan, just look at Mothwing. Plus, I thought last chapter Stonefang said he could be Winterpaw's mentor, so why is she apprenticed to Spiderfur?

So Ghoststar's kit is a calico she-cat named Fernkit. I wonder what she'll be like...? And, Mistybird survived. YES.

The chapter... I NEED to know what happened to Sparrowfur! :(
Guest chapter 25 . 6/11/2012
Hm. On the allegiances...

So Spiderfur made it to deputy, eh? Also, WHERE'S THEIR MEDDY CAT? And WHERE'S SPARROW... *cries*
x-SwiftyGirl-x chapter 24 . 6/11/2012
Awww, Mistkit 3

I already love her. I've always loved the prefixes Mist and Misty, and there's something that's so tragic yet adorable about her at the same time. I'll bet she's important to the plot. :D

And Sparrowfur... NO. Don't die on meee! I LOVE you! You, Mistybird, and Mistkit are, like, my favorite characters!

*sniff* Nevertheless, seeing her POV was great. Oh, I just want to cuddle her. COME BE MY TWOLEG PET.

...Winterpaw? I vaguely remember her being a tom before and mentioning his/her unrealistic name to you, but I dunno. How long has she been Sparrowfur's apprentice? Sparrow JUST became open for an apprentice, when Rust died in the last chapter so...


I'll be mad at you if you kill Sparrow... ;-;
x-SwiftyGirl-x chapter 23 . 6/11/2012
Hmm... how much time has passed since she learned she was pregnant? From the last chapter? A cat's gestational period is 2 months, so at LEAST a month should have passed since she learned she was pregnant... probably more, since that would be equal to a human discovering they're pregnant at 4.5 months in. Though we do have all sorts of crazy technology to detect a pregnancy, so.

Also... the kits' colors seem a bit unrealistic, I find two a bit hard to imagine... Gray tabby with ginger markings? Ginger with darker patches and gray dapples?

...Nonetheless. I'm not sure which is which... Also, the third kit's appearance wasn't really stated. I'm guessing the kit that reminded Willowcloud of herself is a gray tabby and is the she-cat, Petalkit. And Mousekit is the gray one with ginger markings, I think, leaving Badgerkit to be the larger, mostly ginger one. I like the names.

Though what do you mean you never thought of giving them Clan names, Willow? I /distinctly/ remember you asking Leopard about giving the kits Clan names a few chapters back, and he was surprised but agreed to it. Let's see if I can find it... Oh, here it is. Chapter 18: News.


"We'll think of something," she meowed determinedly. "The kits will have Clan names, if that is what you would agree with." She felt relief wash over her when Leopard gave a slight nod. He seemed happy with what she said.


So... yeah.

And Ghostwind's kit is born, cool. Ghoststar, I guess. I'm sure StarClan didn't give him 9 lives... So either he only has 1 still, or the Dark Forest cats found out some freaky way to give him 9 lives. xD


Awesome name. I KNEW he was reincarnated! Though for some reason I didn't expect him to have been alive so recently. And he TOOK OVER their true brother? BA... Also, I was wondering how he had been smart enough to plot for so long... that explains it.

Nuuu, Ruststripe! Nuu, Poppyfeather!

Awesome ending, though.
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